One Last Chance


Hi guys. Ahm…this is my first time to write a fanfiction for Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu. Well, I’m an ultimate fan of them. Who wouldn’t be? Haha. I decided to write anyways because Meteor Garden is again airing here in the Philippines. I’m just going to make this short. Well, maybe, who knows? Because you know, I’ll be busy when classes start (heck). Sooooooo, here it goes. Hope you’ll also love this one the way you loved all the JnB fanfics! Enjoy! ^__^V

Cast: (as themselves)

Barbie Xu X

One Last Chance chapters
1 Prologue   14-5-2014
2 Chapter 1: The New ‘Her’   14-5-2014


Guest @   (15-10-2014)
r u going to continue?
Guest @   (21-4-2016)
why start a story & leave it unfinished? I just hope for the author to be in the best of health & remember this & be able to continue & finish it up.