Zelo's First Love

Main Characters
Zelo from B.A.P

Characteristics: funny, lovable, and friendy 
Personality: Bubbly 
Strengths: Dancing and rapping 
Hobby: Skateboarding 
Height: 180 cm 
occupation: Rapper/ Dancer in B.A.P ( idol group)
Nationality: Korean

Name: Kimberly Lee
Hobby: Reading, break-dancing, piano, skiing, K-pop music
Height: 5 ft 
Personality: Quiet, Sweet 
Appearance: Cute like a doll with curly hair, brown eyes and a slim stature
Nationality: Korean/chinese/Canadian 


 It was the start of highschool and Zelo was tired as a tied up rope. He had spent hours looking into the new dance moves and coordinations he and Jung up had devised. It was a good five hours spent on the new Mv but what he really needed was sleep. 
"Ding dong" 
The bell rang for a duration of 5 mins and the whole classroom became silent as Ms. Jung strolled across the classrom with her menacing measuring stick. 
seon-saeng-nim: "tap, tap" 
                         " Zelo-sshi, would you care to explain why your head is dead like a rock on the                              table?"
Zelo:                  " bwoah .... sorry... I wasn't in the right of my mind?"
seon-saeng-nim: " In that case GET OUT and reflect untill I agree to let you in... GO!" 
Zelo:                   Sigh...not again :(   ( Inner thoughts) 
Back to narrative 
Zelo looked to his side and saw a adorable girl with curly brown locks and brown eyes, looking like she just jumped out from a manga book. She glittered in his eyes and his mouth dropped open to how beautiful and sweet someone could possibly look at the same time. His mind became blank as he heard a distant screaming from Seon-saeng-nim telling him to get up and leave the classrom. 

................to be continued..... Dear readers I hope you support this new writer :) and enjoy the story.... :D 

Cast: Zelo, B.A.P and Kimberly Lee 

Quote: "Love is all but a foreshadow of the Autum

Zelo's First Love chapters
1 Zelo's First love, first time .... Meets the girl of your dreams   22-9-2013