Cupid Sister [BeBu]

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Hai.....this is my first story that i'm posting on here. I hope all of you guys can understand my story later, coz my english's not good enough. But becoz my love for BEBU is so strong, even my english is poor, I'm finally post a story to support all BEBU lovers. And of course the main lead is Aaron Yan and Hebe Tian. So this is the forewords, hope you guys enjoy the story ^^v...............

-Genie Zhou as Genie Yan
She's Aaron sister,beauty,rich, cheerfull, not smart but not stupid also, and she really love her friend Hebe. Have a crush to Sungmin,one of Aaron friends.

-Hebe Tian
She's smart girl,rich, kind, beauty and she love her friend Genie.She's the only daughter in her family.

-Aaron Yan
He's so smart in everything. Handsome, cool, quiet, kind, rich. He's have a girlfriend, Reen Yu.

Other cast:
-Reen Yu
Aaron girlfriend's.Smart, Beauty and popular in uni.
Aaron friends:
-Sungmin suju, Donghae Suju, and Eunhyuk Suju.

Hebe and Genie friends:
-Rainie Yang and Kwon Boa.


Genie P.O.V

Finally school's over. The lesson is so bored. Now, me, Hebe, Rainie and Boa in the way to mall, coz we decide to go shopping before back home. Then suddenly, a car approach us and stop. From the car, 4 guys walk down toward us. It was my oh-so-Smart brother and his friends.

"Hai Genie !!" Sungmin oppa, say hello to me with his cutessss smile who can melting my heart. he's Korean so called him oppa, that have same meaning like gege.

"Hai Sungmin oppa!!"I said with a smile on my face. I have to put a cute cute cuteee face in front of him because he's like a cute girl hahaha.

"So i think this is your friends, right???" he asked me with those smile again. Can he's not smile like that ? it can make me faint every second."Why didn't you introduce your friends to us???"

Oh ya why am i so stupid. I nodded and begin to introduce my friinds to them."This's Boa!" i'm pointing at my friend who have brown haired."This is Rainie!" i'm pointing at my friend with ponytail and have cute face."And this is Hebe" i'm pointing at my lovely friend Hebe.

"Wah Aaron, I don't know that your sister have so many cute and pretty friends" Donghae oppa said. he's korean also. He's so handsome and cool guy.

"You guys better stop flirting with my sister and her friends!! We have to go to practice now!!!" That was my brother Aaron Yan. he's so annoying, I haven't enough staring at Sungmin oppa yet TT.

"Oh come on Aaron !! Like I don't who's you staring at since we talking just now". Eunhyuk oppa teased my brother, korean also. He's very very cool guy. I don't know what he mean.

My brother get annoy hahah"What are you saying?? Come on guys!!" He said as he walk in to the car first.

"He's so easy to get annoy. OK girls we have to go now. Nice to meet you all, Bye!!" with that Sungmin oppa and his friends walk in the car and gone.

"Huh so fast!!" I said abd sighed. We continue to walk.

"Wah Genie, they're so hansome and cool" Rainie said so enthusiasm. Yeah they're handsome and cool, and I'm jealous of my brother because everyone like him.

"Yeah. And your brother is so cool. Is he alredy have a girlfriend ?" Boa asked.

"Too bad, he's taken. But i don't like his girlfriend. I wish they're breaking up faster". Hebe,s seem so quiet.

"But you see??" Rainie asked."I noticed your brother always looking at Hebe direction" with that we three turn to look at Hebe.

"What???" Hebe asked dumbfound. Huh sometimes she can be stupid.

"Rainie, are you think Aaron ge like her??" Boa asked.

"Maybe. Hebe's pretty and smart girl". Rainie said, while I noticed from corner of my eyes, Hebe's blushing.

Am i seeing is right??? Hebe blush. That's mean she's like Aaron ge. OMG !!! I have to do something with this. And also it can make Aaron ge and Reen break up hahahahahaaaahaha


to be continue......

Genie Zhuo, Hebe Tian & Aaron Yan

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