Ultimate Debut

You are a university student about to graduate dating Aaron Yan from Fahreneheit for about half a year. Having Aaron as a boyfriend was almost like having none and the only to keep you company and enjoy is day is your best friend Tian Xing. The story of a girl making her debut through a way she never dreamt of. 

Hi there everyone! Cupid's Arrow is actually a story I've posted before on Winglin under a different title but since I forgot my password and it doesnt have password recovery, I've decided to post the story on here. 

To be honest, this story was written when 2010 but I ran out of ideas and had it on HIATUS. I'm currently geting inspiration for the fanfic so I'm back to repost it here. the first few chapters are from 2010 and I apologise for the bad grammar. 

I will be posting the first 17 chapters from 2010 over the next 2-3 weeks, and after my last exam (end of November) I will start writing new chapters to post up (: Please comment if theres anything you would like me to add/improve on (: 

YOU reader, Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Jiro, Calvin, S.H.E, Gui Gui

Ultimate Debut chapters
1 Umbrella??? first few chapters are a bit slow and very short but it will improve....enjoy~   9-10-2012
2 Oops… Didn’t Mean to Happen   9-10-2012
3 Ten Minutes is Enough for a Surprise   9-10-2012
4 A Heartbroken Girl P.s for those reading, the new updates after these old chapters are bound to be more creative =P   10-10-2012
5 So Nice   10-10-2012