Keep on Loving You (Completed)

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Rainie Yang & Mike He

Keep on Loving You (Completed) chapters
1 Rehearsal Dinner   13-9-2012
2 Old Friends   13-9-2012
3 Last Resort   15-9-2012
4 The Wedding   27-5-2013
5 The Wedding Banquet   11-10-2012
6 The Kiss   20-9-2012
7 Secret Boyfriend   21-9-2012
8 First Day Of Wedded Bliss   24-9-2012
9 Reasons   27-9-2012
10 Friends   29-9-2012
11 Proxy Bride   2-10-2012
12 New Memories   5-10-2012
13 Her Decision   8-10-2012
14 First Time Warning: Adults Content R18   10-10-2012
15 With This Ring.... Warning: Adults Content R18   17-10-2012
16 Ella's Problem   19-10-2012
17 Rock, Paper, Scissors Warning: Adults Content R18   22-10-2012
18 Bundle of Joy   25-10-2012
19 Her Responsibility Warning: Adults Content R18   30-10-2012
20 Seed of Doubt   6-11-2012
21 Invisible   6-11-2012
22 Freedom   9-11-2012
23 Her Wish Warning: Adults Content R18   13-11-2012
24 The Promise   19-11-2012
25 Jealousy Warning: Adults Content R18   23-11-2012
26 Limits   28-11-2012
27 Messed Up   3-12-2012
28 Sheltered Warning: Adults Content R18   6-12-2012
29 Back Off   10-12-2012
30 You're Mine   3-6-2013
31 Back To Reality Warning: Adults Content R18   2-1-2013
32 Lost   21-1-2013
33 Last Wish   27-1-2013
34 Secret Affair Warning: Adults Content R18   3-2-2013
35 Partnerships   8-2-2013
36 Twisted   13-2-2013
37 Backfired   19-2-2013
38 Punishments   25-2-2013
39 Trapped   3-3-2013
40 Repercussion   7-3-2013
41 Manipulated   13-3-2013
42 The Challenge   21-3-2013
43 Realization   25-3-2013
44 Roommates Warning: Adults Content R18   4-4-2013
45 The Best Friend   12-4-2013
46 Race to Yang, Inc.   17-4-2013
47 Welcome Home Baby...   24-4-2013
48 Ghost of the Past Warning: Adults Content R18   2-5-2013
49 Us vs. Yang, Inc.   8-5-2013
50 Chapter 50 - Peter's Secret   14-5-2013
51 Blessing In Disguise   20-5-2013
52 Charade   29-5-2013
53 New Best Friends   10-6-2013
54 Too Late   12-6-2013
55 Karma   18-6-2013
56 For The Baby   24-6-2013
57 Pandora's Box   7-7-2013
58 A Step Back   7-7-2013
59 Away From You   14-7-2013
60 Battle Of the Yangs   22-7-2013
61 First Family Picture   26-7-2013
62 Foolish Pride   31-7-2013
63 Lost Cause   7-8-2013
64 You Love her; You Show Her   13-8-2013
65 Her Guilt   22-8-2013
66 The Plan   28-8-2013
67 Deja Vu   5-9-2013
68 Another Wedding Banquet   11-9-2013
69 Next 24 Hours   17-9-2013
70 Letting Go Warning: Adults Content R18   24-9-2013
71 Fate Sucks?   30-9-2013
72 Scheming Again...   7-10-2013
73 Mistaken   12-10-2013
74 Deceived   17-10-2013
75 Exchange Favors   22-10-2013
76 The Ring   28-10-2013
77 Invites To A Wedding   3-11-2013
78 Road to the Aisle   12-11-2013
79 Reconciliation   16-11-2013
80 Blueberry Pancakes   21-11-2013
81 The Wedding... Again...   1-12-2013
82 Wedding Night Warning: Adults Content R18   6-12-2013
83 His Vow Final chapter   9-12-2013


Guest @   (24-9-2012)
i'll don't understand when,what started enemies to each other,can u please explain it & why???and sorry for my english grammar,i'm not a perfect.....
raike23   (24-9-2012)
Don't worry about your english, mine's not perfect too. Mike and Rainie both coming from affluent backgrounds moves in the same elite circle in society. Mike had always hated Rainie because he misunderstood her shyness as being snotty or snob. And Rainie felt the same way about Mike, she only hated him more when he tried to force Rainie's sister to marry him. So basically they both have the wrong impression about each other.
Guest @   (27-9-2012)
hope this coming another chapter something jealousy from mike with rainie and another men, for the sake of inlove with her or not....
Google   (27-9-2012)
raike23   (27-9-2012)
Hahaha we'll see :)
Guest @   (5-10-2012)
i am super happy to your another chapter i will always waiting & following everyday your writing stories......hope you've wont stop????
raike23   (5-10-2012)
Glad to have made someone happy today :) thanks for reading.
Guest @   (6-10-2012)
thanks for updating both stories....I wanted to read your other completed fanfics again but they're there any way i can read them again? much appreciated
raike23   (8-10-2012)
To everyone reading this ff thank you. As for the stories I deleted here in AF, if you're a smartie some of those stories are published at the pink house. I haven't decided yet what to do with the rest. If you sign up w/ your acct I'll notify you if I decide to repost.
Guest @   (8-10-2012)
sorry, my smart brain is not screwed on right right now =), i'm not sure where the pink house is
Guest @   (8-10-2012)
Girl I'm sorry but I think you misunderstood. When I said smartie I meant if you're a member of "smart" it's a website we call pink house. Give me you email add and I'll pm you the details.
Guest @   (10-10-2012)
yes, I did misunderstand....foolish me =), email me at
raike23   (17-12-2012)
To all readers of KOLY:

In time for the holidays, I'm going to take a break from updating KOLY and be back after the New Year.

Thank you for reading and see you all in 2013.

Happy Holidays!!!

aZnMuTt   (3-3-2013)
You're stories are awesome!!! I love Mike & Rainie pairings. Keep up the good work.
raike23   (3-3-2013)
aZnMuTt thanks for reading.
Guest @   (26-3-2013)
really love your stories especially this one... the plot is getting exciting... can't wait for updates :)
raike23   (28-3-2013)
Thanks for reading, I'm kind of under the weather right now... I';; update as soon as I get better :)

Guest @   (2-5-2013)
been checking out the latest chapter, hope all is ok with you, your english is good, and you have a great storyline, waiting for chapter 48
raike23   (2-5-2013)
Thanks for reading KOLY :)
Guest @   (21-5-2013)
Nice story, started reading it not too long, could stop reading, so I'm finally caught up. What a intense battle from the two ladies, guess the next time they see each other, it'll be in court.
Guest @   (21-5-2013)
Sorry typo, "couldn't stop reading" was what I meant to say. Keep up the good work!
Guest @   (7-6-2013)
Ohh.. It's getting good! Btw the other stories that you have, will you be updating them? Thanks:)
raike23   (7-6-2013)
Thank you for reading. The other FFs I've written are all completed, as for the ones with 0 chapters I have deleted them on purpose and will only be reposted on the pink house :)
Guest @   (19-6-2013)
Truth revealed, at last. Sunny gives me the chills, I certainly hope that Rainie stays far away from him. Also, I love how Mike is so attentive to Rainie even though he is busy.
Guest @   (19-6-2013)
thanks for the update of ur another chapter stories and i'll check it everyday!!!!
Guest @   (5-7-2013)
There's just too much gray in Rainie's life, hopefully she does not stress herself out too much.
Guest @   (15-7-2013)
So sad... I was hoping that Rainie would reconsider her decision, but I can see why she took that route. Will this be this divorce be temporary...Nice update, keep up the good writing.
Guest @   (15-7-2013)
can u be twice a week,to write chapter stories,please?
raike23   (15-7-2013)
Oooppsies sorry to keep you guys waiting for updates... but life kinda gets in the way of my writing sometimes. I'll try my best, thanks for reading KOLY ;)
Guest @   (19-7-2013)
i cant stop reading.,i finish it all in one night..thanks for your wonderful story..
Guest @   (22-7-2013)
so intense, I'm glad the sister are in good terms again. hmm..will Mike to make it in time to see Rainie.
Guest @   (7-8-2013)
is rainie in this post partum depression stage or simply too insecure to believe that Mike loves only her? that ella can change? thanks
raike23   (8-8-2013)
Postpartum stage? I guess any woman who just gave birth (with hormones going haywire) and went through the same thing Rainie did would have that lolz. But basically, she's just head over heels in love with a man she thought who was in love with someone else and trying to be the bigger person by setting him free to be happy but in return making herself miserable... and miserable people tends to be obnoxious...and that's Rainie right now to a T.
Guest @   (23-8-2013)
It is time for rainie to see how devastated Mike is about everything that has happened but most of all her insecurities about the relationship and for their love, Rainie has to make a decision soon before it is too late
Guest @   (12-9-2013)
Excited to read what happens next, is rainie going to come to her senses that she is still in love with Mike.
Guest @   (12-9-2013)
such a cliffhanger! you're making me so excited as to what will happen next... >_<
Guest @   (29-9-2013)
always can't wait for next chapter.........update please:D
Guest @   (1-10-2013)
So much misunderstanding between the two D: I was quite surprised that she is pregnant again. I guess Mikey will have a brother or sister soon. Raike, thanks for writing wonderful stories, they are quite captivating. I hope that you will continue to write because they are really good ;) will you be able to post your older stories as well?
raike23   (1-10-2013)
Hi there thanks for reading, I'm still thinking of a way to re-publish my old writings. I don't know what happened to my AF acct. but I cannot access my profile anymore. All I'm allowed right now is update the FF section and that makes me scared... I don't want to wake up one day and realized I've lost all my writings coz I can't access my acct anymore. I'll let you guys know when I finally decided what to do with the rest of the FFs <3
Guest @   (4-10-2013)
Me too...I would like to read your old stories soon...thank for your hard work
Guest @   (8-10-2013)
Cliff hangerrrrr D: let's see if this scheme of Ella' s works. Hmmm... Im wondering what Mike's reaction will be. Rainie and Mike really need to have a one on one conversation to sort out their issues. Thanks for the update, waiting patiently for the next.
Guest @   (22-10-2013)
About time Mike was able to piece it together and come to the conclusion that its his baby. Its a shame that Rainie has to go through this alone. Thanks for the update, waiting for the next as usual :)
Guest @   (3-11-2013)
Oh poo, u left us on another cliff hanger T.T What kind of trouble is Mike brewing up now. Thanks for ur updates a(^-^)
Guest @   (10-11-2013)
Next chapter please.....
Guest @   (18-11-2013)
i hope that they start talking authornim, dragging too long already i mean the what could have been and the assumption.... sorry just my opinion, i love this story, the only reason i stay with this site. i hope you understand my sentiments authornim
raike23   (18-11-2013)
I understand, don't worry we're getting there :)
Guest @   (22-11-2013)
I really can't understand authornim, sorry i don't get why they just can't talk it out?
Guest @   (10-12-2013)
it's finally complete... great story! enjoyed it very much >_<
Guest @   (12-12-2013)
i keep wanting more.,haha.,such a nice story finally come to the end.thanks a lot.i will be missing ur story
Guest @   (13-1-2014)
woaaa loved the story, thank you so much for this wonderful story.,,it took me a month since i don't read from this site, and that fact i couldn't read from my phone too since this site doesn't have mobile version, so read only when i could use computer, gosh i ship rainie and mike since "devil beside you" and argg love the couple!! they are just perfect for each other,,hahhaha. so i had wonderful time reading this story, and wow i really want to just hit rainie's head with something when she was stubborn and always thought of her pride only!! haha and mike was no better but still better than rainie,,hahha just want to say thank you for this amazing story:D so happy reading this story!! keep it up.
raike23   (17-1-2014)
Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it.

raike23 <3
Guest @   (25-4-2016)
hi! i already read a lot of your stories and it's really great!! <33 RM couple lives! <3 but i noticed that some of your stories are already gone(?) i really want to read all of your stories T-T pls let me know where i can read them all! thank you! <3