Mir, Onew, Joon  and Key are on the bus coming home from school,Mir and Joon are the first to get off the bus. Key is on a different bus to the others. 
When they all eventually get home, no one is in sight, no one is in the street or even in the houses, They give a call to each other to meet up at Onew's place. 
Mysterious things stat to happen as they go back to Mir and Joon's house (Joon and Mir are cousins). 

More description in the story :) hope you enjoy!!


Key: What was that? Mir: How am i supposed to know.. lets get outta here.
BangYongGuk: Mir~~ -husky voice- where are you going~ im not gonna hurt you. 
Onew: Mir get back in the car right now! Mir: ohk ohk, i was just checking if anyone was there, jeez.
Key: Guys! where are you? Mir: Did you hear that? Onew: Yeah, lets check it out. 

**They were some short parts in the story to come*** 

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Nightmare chapters
1 Home Time Coming home from the bus when no one is home.   25-7-2012
2 The Room They are at Mir and Joon's house watching movie's as something creepy is stalking them.   25-7-2012
3 Crash!!   25-7-2012
4 Found~   25-7-2012