The Final Petal

"If I never had the courage to love you, I never would have started."

Since childhood, Rainie and Show have been very close friends. They were always there for each other. One person never left the other. They always shared happiness and sadness, good times and bad together. Also, they’ve both secretly crushed on each other for a long time, but no one had the courage to admit it yet. After Show graduated, he left 17 year-old Rainie for college and would come back and visit her once in a while. During senior year of high school, Rainie met Jiro Wang and they ended up befriending each other. Rainie and Jiro would usually study together daily. When Show met Jiro, he didn't really get along with him due to his envy of Jiro also having a close relationship. Later that same year, Show found out that Jiro likes Rainie as well. Years have passed by; Rainie has finished schooling, and is now trying to find a stable job in fashion designing. Rainie and Show still have strong feelings for each other and yet, still no one has confessed. Jiro and Show will have to win over her heart. This is a competition for these men. Both are stubborn and will not give up no matter what. Who will get the girl? The childhood crush or the high school crusher?

***DISCLAIMER: Some chapters may contain mature (18+ rated) contents, please read at your own risk.

Rainie Yang, Show Luo, Jiro Wang.