Forbidden Love

Hebe Tien was once Van Ness Luo’s wife. Not long after she gave birth to a pair of non-identical twin, Van Ness goes bankrupt, after he was tricked by Barbie Xu, the owner of Xu company. barbie (a widow) has a child who was about the same age with the twin.

The situation went worse and worse. Hebe had no choice but to leave her husband, with one of her children to a little village, living a peaceful life with her daughter.

On the other side, Van Ness married Barbie. He swore to himself to avenge Hebe one day when they meet again. And he built a school, Luo high, which then became the most popular school in Taiwan.

The children of the two parents grew up together, along with another girl called Jolin Tsai. One of their children, Cyndi, and their childhood friend, Jolin eventually fell in love with Show.

Meanwhile, the child Hebe (Rainie) took earlier grew up as an intelligent, hard-working girl. She was offered a scholarship to the famous Luo high.

There, she met Show, Jolin and Cyndi. And the square love was slowly formed.

What will Rainie do, learning that Van Ness was actually her biological father? And what will happen to the relationship between Show and Rainie after learning that they are somehow siblings? Who is actually Rainie's blood-related sibling? And how will they overcome the problems if the fact is that Cyndi was actually Rainie's sister? Will Rainie give up him for Cyndi?

Show Luo-Rainie Yang-Cyndi Wang-Mike He-Jolin Tsai-Jiro Wang-Hebe Tien

Forbidden Love chapters
1 New school = New adventure!   15-7-2011
2 Being his personal driver   29-7-2011
3 Jealous over Cyndi   15-8-2011
4 Our secret place   10-9-2011
5 First Kiss   27-9-2011
6 Fears   9-10-2011
7 Don't Blame Me If I fall In Love With You   30-10-2011
8 Confession At The Ball   14-11-2011
9 Confession after the ball   18-12-2011
10 He Came!   3-1-2012
11 I'm sick of you   26-6-2012


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i like your story...pls continue writing it..thanks
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Cool! It's interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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Hi all, this is andrinayang, thanks for your comments. I truly appreciate it

Now i'm planning on creating a story for again, show and rainie. It's a 10 chapter story for the christmas eve. What do you guys think?
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RS4ever   (15-8-2011)
Um.. is Show unconsciously started to worry abt her? lol ^^ and abt Cyndi and Jolin, I hope they can find their own partner soon and stop bothering with Show, annoying body, haha :P

Be waiting for the next chaps and if you are going to create another story of SR, then i am so going to read it xDD
Good luck ~~ =)

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hi! well, it's nice. I love this. But, Cyndi is rather annoying, in my opinion. Anyway, just send it to the editor. I'm sure it will get a huge response from the buyers.
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love our fanfic. better based on real life will be greater and cooler! :3
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sorry, but I'm puzzled why a lot of fanfiction that make the story Rainie older than Cyndi, Rainie though much younger than Cyndi. and sorry I also think Rainie is more cute, beautiful and graceful than Cyndi.
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hahaha ... I'm not bothered's all just confused. maybe because the face Rainie too baby face so I feel that way. but honestly I'm impressed with you because you can speak with either United Kingdom, while I do not (though we are the same as in Indonesia)
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Awesome, it's really nice. I'm not confused. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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I like it!! Keep updating! Thanks for writing it :D
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Err cyndi is fricken annoying here!
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Can't wait for the next chapter! I HATE CYNDI WANG
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First kiss haha!! can't wait for the next chap!! SR <3333
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Your story is confusing, i cant get who is speaking which part, can u make it clearer
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hey anyway, when you are writing a character POV, please show that you are telling us who POV you are talking about, it getting confusing, but still gd job, update soon
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update soon pls, can't wait to see more SR <3333
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can't wait to see more SR scenes, eww!! how will show react :)))) update soon
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im still hoping your another chapter to continue this story...
Guest @   (9-3-2012)
im still hoping your another chapter to continue this story...
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what happened to forbidden love,why you will have no one avid fan reading this stories...
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PLEASE FINISH! i want to know what happens next!