Get Over You

Hi to all fan fiction readers. This is my first fan fiction ever so I hope you will tolerate my lack of experience and my errors. Please forgive me for the made up things in here e.g. the heirs to the companies, locations

Get over you is a love story between many people mainly between the richer societies. The story line follows the song of Hong Kong Canto pop singer Gem Tang “Get over you” and others. A girl who has just lost her hope in love walks through the streets and every place and the only thing that comes to mind was her love story written in her heart and mind. Despite the fact that she is rich girl who had moved out with her sister into their own apartment, she puts all her background aside as she walks into her dream as being able to work at Cathay Pacific Airways. Her prince charming was put into the position as the heir of Neway a corporation of Karaoke when he was born who just like her, put all his rich lifestyle away and was fated to meet and charm her at the first sight while training as a cadet pilot. She seems to have put everything away but deep inside her feelings slowly reveal one month after the breakup when her sister asked her to purchase the new album of singer Gem Tang. She just can’t seem to forget her first ever love story that was written in her heart. What will she do? You will find that there are many other things behind this not so simple love story that had lead to the exasperating pain in Linda’s heart. Come through the story with the masks and feelings of jealousy, hatred, evil and pure love.

Linda Chung, GEM, Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Janice, Fala, Niki Chow