Love Letter

Rainie Yang, a kind-hearted girl met a boy in her childhood. When they were about to separate, the boy gave her a heart-shaped necklace to her.

The youths promised to meet each other again on Rainie's 23rd birthday. It was unlucky of them, that the boy was the man Kashii (rainie's sister) was going to marry. To make the matter worse, her best friend since childhood fell in love with him and decided to get rid of her.

Rainie Yang - Show Luo - Kashii Yu - Jolin Tsai - Mike He - Wilber Pan - Ariel Lin - Barbie Xu

Love Letter chapters
1 Our meeting   11-6-2011
2 So, he is the one?   15-6-2011
3 Yes or No?   20-6-2011
4 Goodbye...   27-6-2011
5 Let us begin the show   4-7-2011
6 End of my friendship   15-7-2011
7 Kashii's death   22-7-2011
8 Is it love or pity?   29-7-2011
9 Revelation   6-8-2011
10 Staying in his house   19-8-2011
11 Another son in Luo family?   27-8-2011
12 I'm not in love!   10-9-2011
13 Misunderstanding   17-9-2011
14 The evil returns to the angel's place   23-9-2011
15 Am I Really Your Daughter?   1-10-2011
16 There Will Always Be Tommorow   7-10-2011


XtremeSR   (11-6-2011)
Your story is really untidy, for each character sentence, make a new paragraph and for every paragraph, enter twice and use mozilla firefox to post, it better
andrinayang   (11-6-2011)
Ok, but i am using mozilla
HyungJaeSama   (12-6-2011)
Very interesting for a first chapter !! Good luck for the next
Google   (12-6-2011)
HyungJaeSama   (12-6-2011)
Very interesting for a first chapter !! Good luck for the next
XtremeSR   (12-6-2011)
Remember, SR writer, comment on my story too, see how it goes, and it good to see one more SR writer on AF, it fantastic
hellovina   (15-6-2011)
I love your story! Keep updating! xD
Dang, I hate jolin for this.. And rainie's mom...and kashii..
-_______- what an evil mom..
Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!
andrinayang   (16-6-2011)
thanks. There is one reason why she's so aware of Kashii, you'll find out in the other chapter. I will keep updating, the storyline is till season 3, it will take long to finish publishing the entire story
Guest @   (29-6-2011)
I dont know why, but i'm addicted tp the story... please update faster, i know you're updating it fast, but i just cant stand to read the next chapter
Guest @   (29-6-2011)
fate is so cruel... please let show and rainie know the truth already....
jamilaluv   (18-7-2011)
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andrinayang   (22-7-2011)
@jamilaluv hi there. I truly thank you for appreciating my story. I know you are trying to be good. But, may I ask, when you said 'i saw your profile today in the site and became intrested in you' what do you mean by that? i mean... you know, I didnt update my profile at all. Anyway, nice to meet you
Guest @   (29-7-2011)
hi!thanks for updating your story though you're busy with senior high..dont worry!senior high is the most exciting year..keep it up!!i enjoy ur school days...
Guest @   (30-7-2011)
Guest @   (9-8-2011)
wow i like it.....
Guest @   (16-8-2011)
please update more faster. I'm starving to know the truth about rainie
andrinayang   (1-9-2011)
Hello! I'm on a holiday now. And i suddenly was inspired about a new storyline. It is to mix momo love and ToGetHer, which stars Cyndi and Rainie respectively. At first, I thought that DBY and Love keeps going would be better, but the supporting casts in both momo love and ToGetHer suits me better. But, the thing which I'm unsure of is about the role, should I call Jiro in his real name or Shi Lang and Mars? I would like to call him by his real name, but it will be a little bit confusing to differentiate him from ML and TGH. Please give me suggestions, okay? Thanks! ^^
Guest @   (24-9-2011)
I am not bored! Really! Please continue:)
Guest @   (1-10-2011)
please update more faster.!!!! i love your story
Guest @   (1-10-2011)
can't wait for the next chap, update soon
Guest @   (7-10-2011)
Jolin just pissed me off in dis story ><" be waiting 4 ur next chap, update soon :)