Wedding Dress

Ella has been in the entertainment circle for more than ten years, and at the age of thirty she would want nothing more than tie the knot with the love of her life. Of course she thought of the repercussions this would have on her career, but she couldn’t bring herself to care all that much. After dedicating her heart and soul for that long, she had craved for a break. When her man went down on bended knees after a private home cooked dinner and asked her to marry him, she cried her heart out for hours before saying yes.


Chun had a good six years in front of the camera. And even though he loved it, he always knew something was missing in his life. He put everything on the line by asking his girlfriend of five years to be his officially. It was time. When she agreed after a crying session, he was so happy no words could describe what he was feeling.


This Chun and Ella’s journey from couple to husband and wife.


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Ella Chen and Wu Chun

Wedding Dress chapters
1   11-4-2011
2 Chapter 1   11-4-2011