Teardrops of an Angel

He watched as she slowly crumbled to the ground, hugging herself fiercely, as if afraid that she was going to fall apart. A soft whimper left her throat; soft and tortured. That seemed to be the catalyst. Her body shook violently as she now let out endless sobs, each one piercing through him. His arms were aching to hold her, to comfort her as she had once comforted him. His heart longed to take away her pain as she had once taken away his. Yet he could do nothing. So he watched, helplessly, as teardrops after teardrops fell from the eyes of the woman he loved, the angel who had always smiled brightly for him. They slid down her face, sparkling like diamonds, and splattered on the floor, shattering like the pieces of her soul.

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Horikita Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Tegoshi Yuya, Masuda Tak

Teardrops of an Angel chapters
1 Chapter 1   22-1-2011
2 Chapter 2   1-2-2011
3 Chapter 3   2-3-2011


tammi   (25-1-2011)
just thought id drop a comment that i really enjoyed reading chapter one! it was absolutely hilarious!!!

maki is sooo cute how she gets a little carried away in her thoughts. ahahha!!! and how she sucks at insulting ppl. kya...shes sooo cute!!

tego and massu seem really adorkable too!! they're like lil kids. I'm not sure about Pi and Kame yet though.

ps you should consider posting this fic in other sites too to get more readers!!
tammi   (2-2-2011)
yay!! another update!!

once again, i really love the boys interactions. tego is sucha cute lil child and massu is such an adorkable idiot!!

what is this pi is feeling?? he seems to be the sensible one! and kame, im glad he had a heart to heart with maki, gives me more of a bg of their life stories. so now im really curious! what do these boys do? and it sound slike kame doesn't have a good relationship with his parents...

hmm..can't wait to find out more about their bgs and read more character interctions!
tammi   (2-3-2011)
YAY!! a new update! its been a while so really missed ur story.

hheheh, tego is sucha cutie!! "NOO!! I WAS FRIST!!!" lol!! bet the boys WERE shocked though considering maki and kame weren't the best of buddies from the start.

anyways, glad to know pi and maki have gotten to a new level of their relationship as well. pi-chan is sooo cute!! ehehhe. he thinks she's unique, in a good way!! woohoo!!!

and mao and juns relationship is soo cute!! they would never break off the engagement. they love each other too much!!
Google   (2-3-2011)