The swordsman....

Ming china was filled with corruption, the influential eunuchs of the imperial palace all have their eyes on the ultimate prize; the Sun flower Manual. The recent disappearance of the Sun Flower Manual from the the Imperial Palace sent a shockwave to the martial arts world, as many clans begin their treasure hunt for this Manual. High ranking officials all suspect each other, the murder and bribery of martial arts factions along with government officials is common. Linghu Chong, from the Wa San sect was sent to meet with one of his Masters' friend, only to find out the true nature of the Martial arts world and the ferocity of Political warfare.

~Prepare for the exciting fan made depiction of the awesome legedary wuxia novel; the smiling proud wanderer; and the super awesome movie series, the Swordsman. In this fanfiction, there would be the retelling of the movie series and novel in plain english words that would promote the exciting emotions that the more eloquent orignal novel can never give the reader. Ontop of the retelling, there would be fan added details that would take the entire story to the next level~

The characters from:
The smiling proud wanderer
The swordsman series
Fictional charac