Beautiful Girl

This is a story about a girl. A girl named Ella Chen that got into a car accident and ruined her face. A surgeon found Ella in the woods near a tree. And then took her in and worked on her face. Little did she knew, that the surgeon made her look like her crush, Chun Wu, due to a picture she had of him during the accident. What is she going to do now that she looks like her crush? How will she deal with looking like a guy?

Back with a new story! Finally! Do comment if you're reading this. To motivate me to keep writing, I might delay do to school starting soon but who cares. As long as I update right? RIGHT?

Ella Chen as Chun Wu?

Beautiful Girl chapters
1 Chapter 1   14-1-2011
2 Chapter 2   4-3-2011
3 Chapter 3   4-3-2011
4 Chapter 4   4-3-2011
5 Chapter 5   24-4-2011
6 Chapter 6   24-10-2011


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