Love Me Again (Completed)

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Mike He and Rainie Yang

Love Me Again (Completed) chapters
1 Chapter 1   14-6-2009
2 Chapter 2   14-6-2009
3 Chapter 3   14-6-2009
4 Chapter 4   14-4-2014
5 Chapter 5   15-6-2009
6 Chapter 6   16-6-2009
7 Chapter 7   17-6-2009
8 Chapter 8   15-4-2014
9 Chapter 9   18-6-2009
10 Chapter 10   19-6-2009
11 Chapter 11   19-6-2009
12 Chapter 12   20-6-2009
13 Chapter 13 Warning Adults Content M18/R18   21-6-2009
14 Chapter 14 Warning : Adults Content M18/R18   16-4-2014
15 Chapter 15   23-6-2009
16 Chapter 16   16-4-2014
17 Chapter 17   4-7-2009
18 Chapter 18 Warning: Adults' contents M18/R18   26-6-2009
19 Chapter 19   17-4-2014
20 Chapter 20 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   17-4-2014
21 Chapter 21 Disclaimer: This story is purely fan fiction. All the characters in this story are mere product of my imagination.   17-4-2014
22 Chapter 22   17-4-2014
23 Chapter 23 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   17-4-2014
24 Chapter 24 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   17-4-2014
25 Chapter 25   17-4-2014
26 Chapter 26 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   17-4-2014
27 Chapter 27   5-7-2009
28 Chapter 28   18-4-2014
29 Chapter 29 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   18-4-2014
30 Chapter 30   9-7-2009
31 Chapter 31 Warning: Adults' Contents M18/R18   18-4-2014
32 Chapter 32   10-7-2009
33 Chapter 33   11-7-2009
34 Chapter 34 Warning: Adults Content M18/R18   13-7-2009
35 Chapter 35   19-7-2009
36 Chapter 36 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   20-4-2014
37 Chapter 37   16-7-2009
38 Chapter 38   17-7-2009
39 Chapter 39   19-7-2009
40 Chapter 40 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   20-7-2009
41 Chapter 41   21-7-2009
42 Chapter 42 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   22-7-2009
43 Chapter 43 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   26-7-2009
44 Chapter 44   27-7-2009
45 Chapter 45   29-7-2009
46 Chapter 46   30-7-2009
47 Chapter 47   31-7-2009
48 Chapter 48   1-8-2009
49 Chapter 49   3-8-2009
50 Chapter 50   5-8-2009
51 Chapter 51   8-8-2009
52 Chapter 52   10-8-2009
53 Chapter 53   12-8-2009
54 Chapter 54 Warning: Adults Contents M18/R18   15-8-2009
55 Chapter 55   17-8-2009
56 Chapter 56   19-8-2009
57 Chapter 57   1-10-2012
58 Chapter 58   5-10-2012
59 Chapter 59   10-10-2012
60 Chapter 60 (Completed) Please don't get confused with Mike and Junxiang, they're the same person. After the wedding Junxiang is not using his western name Mike anymore.   23-4-2014


mee.trang   (13-6-2009)
awws awesome start raike23, looking forward to more [:
misenttram   (13-6-2009)
wow. great start
looking 4ward for the next chap
dianna   (14-6-2009)
I love your story so much. Please update soon! I can't for the moment when Rainie and Mike meet each other again.
Google   (14-6-2009)
misenttram   (14-6-2009)
cant wait till they meet again.
misenttram   (15-6-2009)
i think when mike secretly scanning, i think he scanning for Rainie
yee   (15-6-2009)
nice can't wait to read. please update!!
misenttram   (15-6-2009)
love your FF so much
cant wait for the next update
raike23   (16-6-2009)
Thanks everyone for reading LMA, I appreciate the comments a lot.

Hellokitby89, thanks for the invites, I'll check it out.
jinx   (17-6-2009)
Raike! You're back.....goodness, I was waiting for your new story and boy was I soooo very glad!!!!

Nice, nice start, and Mike is falling in love with Rainie....that unforgetable kiss!

Whoa! Can't wait for the next chaps.....GO RAIKE....AS ALWAYS, YOU ROCK!

By the way, I think my dear friend Beng has not seen this yet, and I bet she's gonna love this like I do!
Guest @   (17-6-2009)
hi raike23,love your fanfics, thanks for sharing it with us, can i ask for copies of your completed fics?
raike23   (17-6-2009)
Hey girls, thanks for reading.

You can check all the FFs I've written here at AF just click on the author "raike23" and you'll get the complete list.
Almontel   (17-6-2009)
thanks,raike, i am already loving your FF!!!
Almontel   (17-6-2009)
ah...that was sad...leaving her like that without saying good bye, i wonder if he even knew what she did for him, punghing Hebe..ha ha ha...that made me laugh!!!
Almontel   (17-6-2009)
ha ha ha...soooo funny...why do guys like to look at a girl's chest....can't wait for the next chap..raike, pls update soon!!!
Almontel   (17-6-2009)
there should be a fly now about ready to go in their open mouths...ha ha ha..good for Rainie and Mike...i'm just picturing it and i love this scene!!!!
please update soon, raike!!!! thanks so much for sharing another wonderful FF!!!!
misenttram   (17-6-2009)
it getting interesting
wonder what Hebe gonna do.
misenttram   (18-6-2009)
Dean in this one too
cant wait for the next update
darby   (18-6-2009)
Jinx dear, how can I ever escape Raike's FF. I've been a damn follower of her FFs since her Destiny. SHE KNOWS IT. Of course I love it just like the rest of her FFs ( though I have my personal favorites,he,he)
jinx   (18-6-2009)
Oh my, what a tangled web! But I sure like the way Mike really is in love with Rainie and Rainie suppressing her feelings for him.

Is Dean her current boyfriend? Can't wait for the chap when Mike learns about this....go Raike, make Mike utterly jealous...hah! serves him right for hurting Rainie before (",)

jinx   (18-6-2009)
Hi Beng, love your "Leap of Faith" but I've been a silent reader but I promise to make it up when I read your next chap (",)
misenttram   (18-6-2009)
oh my
rainie is engaged with Dean
wonder what mike gotta do?
Guest @   (19-6-2009)
Good job Raike23! I love all your stories! keep up the good work!!!
Guest @   (19-6-2009)
Addicted to your stories!!
jinx   (19-6-2009)
She's engaged????? How could that be?
jinx   (19-6-2009)
I should say Peilin gave Mike the sanest advice!

Next please.....
misenttram   (20-6-2009)
mike is so cute
look like he was having fun in the photoshoot
looking forward for your next updated
jinx   (21-6-2009)
Ohhhh, that was so intense and very sweet of Mike!

I know the last two chapters would also be Beng's favorite!

Love it as usual.....(",)
jinx   (23-6-2009)
Will he really call her?

Arghh, it seems like trouble is coming their way soon....nest chap please (",)
jinx   (24-6-2009)
Whoa! Mike has some guts, poor Dean!

Yayyy, love it (",)
jinx   (25-6-2009)
Uh...oh...Dean is stalking Rainie, is he getting a bit dangerous?

Next chap please (",)
Guest @   (25-6-2009)
y did u leave da story hanging lik dat?!
next chap pliz~
asap!! =D
Guest @   (26-6-2009)
jinx   (26-6-2009)
Dean is getting obsessed to the point of insanity!

He's getting real please!
Guest @   (26-6-2009)
mike's brothers is so funny and cute

Guest @   (27-6-2009)
i dont know but i LOVE your characters!!! hahhaha omg you sex scene is SO real... (in my head) HAHAHAHAH keep it up!!
jinx   (28-6-2009)
Junrong is very sensible, good brother!

Mike should tell Rainie's parents immediately lest Dean spill their secrets.....nice one (",)
Guest @   (28-6-2009)
ur updates r really fast good job i think there is more of mike jealousy and hebe's evil side coming up. can't wait. keep going.
misenttram   (30-6-2009)
oh yah
everything seem good now!!!!!!!!!!
misenttram   (2-7-2009)
if i were mike i would said yes
misenttram   (5-7-2009)
Mike is a very very caring boyfriend.
it make me want to have a boyfriend.
update soon
jinx   (5-7-2009)
Why do I have a feeling that Mike joining the e-biz will create problems in his relationship with Rainie?

But Mike is such a caring hubby.....i just can imagine hi8m!!!!
jinx   (7-7-2009)
This is sooo exciting.....uh...the irony of it....Ken and Kelly helping them out....utterly crazy!

Avaa   (8-7-2009)
Oooohhhh... Stuff it, Mike! It's not that she gave the boy her phone number or a peck on the cheek. She's just being thankful for his help.

I think Mike is a bit insecure in his relationship with Rainie, I know hes working hard, waaay too hard, towards that to build a strong and lasting one, but I hope his insecurity does not stifle Rainie in the process.

Good work, girl.

jinx   (8-7-2009)
Whew! That was hot!

Yipeee, they're married relief!
Guest @   (8-7-2009)
hey!very very nice update!=D
jinx   (10-7-2009)
I always like the way you write Mike and Rainie's lovin'! It's like seeing them doing it in front of our naughty but when it's RM it's awesome lovin' (",)
Guest @   (11-7-2009)
o.O Mike Mike Mike
trying to keep Rainie for himself lol :D
love it ^^
hope you update as soon as possible :D
Guest @   (14-7-2009)
OMG Ariel... on their way... come on!!
jinx   (20-7-2009)
Was Rainie raped by Dean or Peilin came in time to save her? I just got confused......can you please clarify, thanks (",)
raike23   (20-7-2009)
Raped by Dean???? NO WAY!!!! Hahaha sorry but my heart could not take that. No, Peilin came in time.
jinx   (21-7-2009)
Yeah, thanks, I too can't imagine that will happen to Rainie!

I waiting for the time when Mike learns what Dead did to his precious wifey......I bet hell will break loose (",)
jinx   (23-7-2009)
Yeah, Rainie's right he'll be a bigger fool if he cheats on her with that.....LYC girl!

Sorry, I still can't get off my anger towards that girl after reading an article from the pinkie thread .... anyways love the update as usual!

Have a safe trip (",)
Guest @   (23-7-2009)
jinx, wat about ariel lin on pinkie thread? I'm interested, you know even if I haven't read it yet, I am so angry with that girl!!ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
she's not pretty at all, hehe.,
Guest @   (23-7-2009)
Raike23! ur such a goooood writer!!!!!!!!!!
tnx for writing RM fanfic!!
gudluck on ur trip!!!=D
i will wait till u come back!!hehe,
just can't help!!=D
ais   (27-7-2009)
I enjoy reading story. Great story.
jinx   (28-7-2009)
Dang! What is Dean thinking, messing up with Mike so soon?
jinx   (28-7-2009)
Dear guest@,

Girl you have to see for yourself Ariel's interview, check it out on Smart english. And you can give your violent reaction too (",)
jinx   (29-7-2009) gosh...what's it gonna be, poor Rainie!

I think Mike did the right thing to Dean, it's a pity he did not hit him smack on his would've been worth it!!!!

my bad....
Guest @   (30-7-2009)
I LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS!! HE OVERREACTED! She needs to just worry about her.
jinx   (30-7-2009)
Peter is right, you know! And Stephen knows his son so well. I hope you won't make it easy on Mike...poor Rainie!
Guest @   (31-7-2009)
hey., nice update!!!!!
wondering if Rainie has other personality/character.,
is she and her family has a secret personality?
are they rich?
jinx   (1-8-2009)
I think Mike needs to be punished a little....
jinx   (3-8-2009)
Raike, i'm taking back what i! hu! hu!

Don't let anything happen to Mike....this is more than Rainie can take at the moment....
Guest @   (5-8-2009)
hi there...cant wait to read wut will happen to d 2!!! kekekekeekekee........
jinx   (5-8-2009)
Very cunning......what Mike can do for the love of Rainie (".)
Avaa   (8-8-2009)
Auwww... Why did you have to stop there?
I was just about enjoying their banters.
Hurry back soon, please...

Thanks for updating.

Guest @   (8-8-2009)
This temporary amnesia sure has it's the bickering (",)
Guest @   (10-8-2009)
:O Hebe! pfft she wishes Mike's still in love with her
Can't wait for the next update!!
Abby023   (11-8-2009)
LOL! Mike Rainie... and S.H.E
Abby023   (11-8-2009)
S.H.E as bad girls??? wow
jinx   (12-8-2009)
Oh, crap! Another misunderstanding on the way. Seems like Anne is turning to an evil mother-in-law........cautious Rainie!
jinx   (15-8-2009)
Mike's gonna be busted soon!

Rainie's heart is melting....but if she learned of Mike's deception, i don't know what she'll do....
jinx   (17-8-2009)
He's quitting the decision Mike!
ais   (17-8-2009)
wise decision at last.....
Guest @   (18-8-2009)
He's going to give up his career for Rainie
>< I hate that Hebe!!!
jinx   (19-8-2009)
Oh, that made my eyes's a good thing Anne realized the hardship Rainie has to endure for the love of Mike (",)

Love the update!
misenttram   (26-8-2009)
Raike23 where are you???
update soon :D
Guest @   (27-8-2009)
oooh...raike23, i miss ur daily update! hope to read ur update soon..keep up d good work!!!
raike23   (29-8-2009)
Girls, Im just too busy w/ work right now....once I get the time I'll be back. I'm so sorry.

misenttram   (3-9-2009)
oh works
I am scare of that word
it give me a chill

well update soon :D
Guest @   (8-9-2009)
awhh!! what happened?? Y you not updating!! i miss you!! please come back!
Guest @   (27-9-2009)
Can you post it more please, want to know the ending.....
Guest @   (11-10-2009)
Hey girl! Plz come back! There is a lot of your fans ut here! Plz tell us ur ok?! We are worried about u! Why did you delted some of ur posts?? I didn't even got a chance to read them! Come back!
3la   (21-1-2010)
LOL! such an awesome horny storiy XD it's pretty good and i like it lots^^
Ermmm...exactly how many chapter are there completed???
Guest @   (22-2-2010)
where's the continuation of this story???
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next chapter plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....cant wait....good luck and thanks
yoo euntine   (10-10-2010)
update soon pleaseeeee...!!!
i love u'r RM FF o___^