Trading Yesterday



They were walking along the edge of the beach. The waves flirting with their feet as they danced back & forth. It was dusk & from the looks of it, they were the only lucky ones to witness it as there was no one else present there. They watched the sun slowly hide away under the blanket of sparkling water to let the moon take it's place instead. Their hands were intertwined.

He turned to look at her. To him, the beauty & allure of the scenery they're surrounded by, has nothing on her doll-like features, porcelain skin & silky, flowing hair fluttering in the wind. He silently watched her watch the setting sun before them with an expression of pure, unadulterated bliss. The light from the retrieving sun traced the contours of her face. The sparkle in her eyes was fuelled with the sunlight. Her white summer dress, danced merrily with the wind.

She turned to him with her megawatt smile in place & at that moment he fell more in love with her. He smiled back at her, glad that her smile, the diamond-like sparkle of her eyes & more importantly, her love, was all for him. To say that he felt like the luckiest man on the planet in that moment would be the understatement of the century.

He turned to face her & she followed suit. He lifted a hand to her face & gently tucked away the few unruly strands of hair that'd dared to splatter themselves all over her face. She took a step towards him to close the gap between them & rested her head on his chest to hide the blush that'd crept it's way up her neck at the intimacy of the moment. She wrapped her arms around him & he, in turn, pulled her in closer, enveloping her in his warmth. She looked up at his his closed eyes & the blissful expression written all over his shuai features & mischief found itself glowing in her eyes.

She pulled away from him & quick as a cat, began running away from him. After he finally opened his eyes to find his arms holding the air instead of her warm form, he looked up, confusion & shock finding their home in his deep eyes. She laughed aloud at the bewildered expression on his face & that very instant, his expression changed to a murderous one.

He chased her for a while until he finally got a firm hold around her slim waist & spun her around. He then picked her up in his arms princess-style & dumped her into the water, utterly startling the latter.

She winced at the pain in her butt for a while & then looked down at her dress, it's pristine whiteness a thing of the past. She turned vengeful eyes to him & the look of pure victory on his face got on her nerves. She got up instantly, her butt ache forgotten in her plan for revenge.

She chased him along the edges of the water until she got a proper hold of his arm & tugged hard at it, turning him to face her. Creeping closer to him as a sign of her submission to his wills & wishes, she knew she'd gotten the better of him this time. 

Rather foolishly, he took this as his best chance to kiss her tender, pale-pink lips & wrapped his arms tightly around her so the little minx wouldn't get away again but little did he know that she'd had a plan of her own cooking up in that head of her's.

Just as he thought she'd given in & was closing in for the passionate kiss he was hoping they were about to share, she opened her eyes & mentally prepared herself to follow through with her plan.

He'd already closed his eyes shut --since it was common knowledge that it's rude to stare down the person you're kissing-- & was moving his shy & nervous lips closer to her noticably bolder ones. He would've suspected her intentions had he not been too engrossed in thoughts of the softness & fullness of the very same pair of lips.

That was exactly when an evil glint flashed in her eyes. She lay her hands on his chest & shoved him hard so he'd land in the water --butt-first-- just like she had earlier. His eyes opened as he realized he's falling backwards & the first thing his shock-filled eyes saw was her evil smirk, followed by what he knew was the beginning of a hearty laugh.

She'd have to pay for this.

This would not do. Not one bit.

Just in time, he gripped onto the only thing his hands could find - her arm & held onto it for dear life. Her smiling face turned to one of sheer grimace as she realized how this was gonna end. Damn, she was so close to winning this time but she knew she'd have the rest of her life to spend avenging the ache he caused to her poor lil' derrière. She shut her eyes tight & let her body fall onto his in the salty water.

Her eyes widenned as she felt a pair of lips hungrily tasting hers.

She didn't bother resisting it. She knew she wanted it too. She relaxed against his strong chest. She loved the way his arms held her closely, almost possessively.

She kissed him back, relishing the taste of his lips. The jealous waves were moving back & forth, trying their best to separate the couple but they held onto each other for all the life in their bodies. What started out as a simple kiss, later turned into a passionate one as he slid his waiting tongue into her mouth. They kissed like nothing else mattered at that time for what seemed like an eternity with her petite frame over his. He slowly slid his arm from the nape of her neck to her slim waistline & slipped a hand under her shirt.

That was when it all hit home. Realizing where things were heading, she tensed. He stopped immediately & looked at her with sorry eyes. She rolled herself off of his body & laid on her back, panting on purpose to regain her breath after the seemingly never-ending kiss. He turned his head to face her, panting for the same reason.

"Bao qian [sorry], Cheng Lin.....I didn't mean to............I just got carried away in the moment." Was all she heard him say almost breathlessly. Once recovered, she turned on her side & placed a finger on his lips to stop him from saying anything further. His curious eyes met hers.

"It's okay" her hand now moved from his lips to caress his cheek & his expression visibly softened, "It isn't your fault. You don't have to apologize. I'm not the least bit mad at you. I couldn't even if I'd tried." She let out a small laugh. He smiled back at her, pleased at her reply. She did the same & all was well. Until.......................................................


Author's Note: For those as imaginatively retarded as I've recently found myself to be, below is how I pictured the beautiful sunset featured in the forewords. I like photography too. This is the sunset view offered at Chowpatty Beach that's situated in the hustling, bustling city of Mumbai, India.

Also, credits to Yumi from for that fantabulous new poster of mine. Thanks for pouring your sweat & blood into it's making, Yumi. I can't thank you enough!


Starring: Rainie Yang, Wong Yau Nam, Ethan Ruan & others

Rainie, Yau Nam, Ethan, Mike


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ohh, i like it!

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Please update soon, soo nice!!!!
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To Guest @ I glad you like my story & hope you continue to.
To Guest @ I've updated soon enough. Though I'll try my best to keep it coming. I'm happy to see you like it. Thanks for spending your time reading my work :D
To Guest @ I'm sorry that you're not fond of the pairing in this but I hate the MikexRainie pairing. I can't stand them at all. At all, I tell you. I'm a fan of the RainiexKingone pairing.
Hope you'll still like reading my story though.
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Thanks for the link to the Arjoe ff. I started Regresa a Mi but you haven't updated it :(

Hmm..which of the gorgeous men do I like for Rainie? I prefer Kingone>Ethan>YN :)

till the next chap! :)

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Wei, need your updates!!!! Looking for the next chaps, by the way can you make a Rainie poster with the three guys!!! thanks.....jia you...
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To Guest @ I'm sure you probably liked the ArJoe ff. The author is a friend of mine. She's an awesome writer & also my mentor.
Thanks for reading my other story too. There'll be an update for that too tomorrow, if I can handle it.
You a RainiexKingone fan too? I'm absolutely in love with 'em.
Awww.....poor YN came last in the list. I hope that idea changes eventually.
I pray I didn't scare you away with my latest chappie. Hope to see your reply to the latest update! :D Thanks for the support.
To Guest @ Hope the new chappie doesn't disappoint. I've applied for the poster. It should be done soon enough. Hope you like the update :D Thanks for the support.
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ohh, so her past/the one waiting for her is Ethan? :( That's so sad...

Well, Kingone better be in Rainie's future :P hahaha, yup, yup, saw both DBY and WWL and thought, why do they continue pairing her with MH? Can't they see the chemistry between Rainie and Kingone? Ugh!

Anyway, don't know much about YN except he's also another cutie that's why he's my last choice, hehe. Well, with your fic, who knows? I might root for him in the end :P

Thanks for the update! Till the next chap!

You write beautifully :)

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OMG, I love Ethan....just can't get
enough!!! Please update soon...jia you =)
Inaara   (5-9-2008)
To Guest @ Yup, Jing Tian is Ethan's Chinese name. So that makes him the one from her past.

I glad to meet another RainiexKingone fan like myself. Well but about pairing her up with him in this? You'll have to see for yourself but I will be posting up a RainiexKingone FF. It was my first attempt at one. I'd taken it down for a lot of reasons but I'll be posting it up here once I'm done with my current stories.

Well, I hope the new chapter helps you get a little more comfy with YN. don't have to thank me for updating. I write to help my soul. So I should be thanking you instead for bothering to read my work.

Thankies, that's the sweetest compliment a reader's ever given me.
I hope I can live up to your expectations.

To Guest @ Ethan's a cutie. I don't blame you for liking him.

Anyway, I've updated as soon as I could. Thanks for stopping by though :D
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oh no...I felt Ethan's heart breaking when Rainie had that toe-curling moment with YN!

Whew! Good thing they came up with the wrong conclusions, hehe! I'm still rooting for Ethan (well, that is until you'll probably confuse me if and when Kingone appears, LOL).

Well, I still wanna thank you for sharing your story with us and also for entertaining us :)

Till the next chap!


Lai-Ni   (6-9-2008)
btw, that was me : Guest :)
Inaara   (17-9-2008)
To Lai-Ni: You're still all for the EthanxRainie pairing, eh? I sorta am too but I just don't know who she should get with. I like all three guys for her. Kingone, YN & Ethan. I'm just so lost!

Kingone has already appeared if I'm not mistaken. Well, I'm not saying anything beyond that!

lol........I still want to thank you for reading my stuff eventhough I'm not very good at it. I figured this was the only way I could improve.

I had no idea it was you all along. Didn't I add you on AF?

Anyway, the next chapter's here & a new guy's in. Don't ask me who but there is one.

Enjoy :D
To Guest @ Have I lost you already?
Lai-Ni   (18-9-2008)

Who's the geeky "creep?" Can't be Kingone coz he doesn't resemble Ethan! And he's already in the story? What?!?!? Did I miss it? This new guy though knows Rainie from before.....even before Ethan (assuming that Rainie and Ethan were not childhood sweethearts). What is so dangerous/scary about her past that she's having nightmares and seems tormented about it? Maybe you should update more so you can give us some peace of mind? :D

Well, I never did like YN, haha! Hmph, serves him right:P Sorry, can't help it. Rainie is bothered about YN seemingly losing his interest in her yet cries to Paul because she misses Ethan? Hmmm....

Inaara: did you add me as a friend here on AF? I'm pretty much a newbie here so I'm still learning how to navigate the site. I might have subscribed to your ff in Winglin too :)

Inaara   (24-9-2008)
That query of yours will be answered very soon. If you're confused about why I picked who I did pick for the 'geeky creep's role, I'll let you know that for some reason I've always thought the 'geeky creep' & Ethan resemble each other in little ways. Especially the smile. The whole teeth-flashing grin thing.
Kingone is still in the story. Though he'll get a smaller role this time & he definitely won't end up with Rainie.
About the new guy, I'm not saying anything now. You'll find out soon enough. You never know. Mike could just be Ethan in disguise....*evil laugh*
Rainie & Ethan were childhood sweethearts. About Rainie's scary past, you'll find out later. I don't wanna kill the mystery.
lol......anxious, are we? I'm trying to increase my update speed & finish this story before I lose the passion to write it or it'll end up exactly like 'Regresa A Mi'. Forgotten forever in a corner of winglin & AF.

I agree with you. YN does deserve what he's getting. Though I still feel bad for him 'cause Rainie'd kept him hanging mid-air all this while. He did that only to get her jealous. Well, congratulations to him 'cause it worked but she's also pissed off & that I guess is the only thing that didn't work in his favor.
Basically, Rainie's just confused about her feelings like most of us in her place would be. She has always loved only her Jing Tian & has had 'toe-curling' moments only with him earlier & the fact that she never really saw YN as a potential boyfriend earlier didn't help. So that night on the bridge, her nerves began acting up & confusing her 'cause that feeling is one only Jing Tian had been capable of evoking in her. So the fact that YN's proximity did that to her was confusing to her. Am I making sense?

But above all of that, she considered YN a close friend all along & the fact that he was ignoring her was irritating. She's too naive to understand that he's avoiding her only because he's hurt by the fact that she's never responded to his feelings for her.

And yes, I did add you as a friend here on AF 'cause your name's showing in my friend list. lol......I know what you're going through. I took pretty long myself to get used to AF since I'm only used to my beloved YouTube & Orkut but once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake.
Thanks for commenting & please do tell me what you think of the new chapter.
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r u indian?? i m 2... glad 2 know that i'm not the only taiwan drama lover.
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You might find yourself deluged with comments now that you've added Mike to your characters :) I do like Kingone-Rainie but unlike you, I can tolerate Mike-Rainie pairing, haha! Esp coz you're making Mike's character seem like a lost puppy, and lost puppies are irresistible :P

Thanks for adding me in your friend's list.

Fabulous poster!

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uppps...sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't logged in, that was me....

Lai Ni
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Whatever it is Inaara for as long as Rainie is the lead I don't care whoever she ends up with.

I love the story....and I just wonder if its you who posted "Trading Yesterday" in another version at Winglin.

More updates please....