Stupid Superficial(finished)

If there was a cake on sale, would you buy it?
What if it didn't have any cream or frosting on it?
What if it didn't come with any fillings?
Would you still buy it or even take a sample?

Throughout her childhood and teen life, Ella Chen have been picked on and insulted for her nerdy and geeky appearance. Even at the age of 26, she still recieve the same treatment. But she doesn't mind for she's used to it. At least that's what she told herself every day. And recieving insults and bashing comments from one of her co-workers, Jimmy Lin, every day at her workplace doesn't help either.

However, despite her being single for her whole life due to her looks, she's content with her single life. But her mother, age 60, plead her to get marry and have kids. And when Ella refused to marry, her mother just told her to just have a kid for she's getting old and want a grandchild. She then told her only older sister, Gigi, to have children to content their mother. But even she refused for she doesn't want to ruin her "perfect" model figure over the pregnancy.

Desperate and hopeless, she went to her best friend in the whole universe, Ayaka Komatsu, for advice. Ayaka suggested Ella to go online and sign up for a dating website because Ella isn't someone that any guy would fall for in the glance.

And so, she did. During work at her office as a video game designer for an online company called, "S.H.", she searches for a decent online dating website. Along the way, she came across an online dating game website called, "Fair n' Height." She clicked on the link of it because of its name and later became addicted to the game.

The following night, she went back to her one bedroom, cluttery, apartment and turned on her CPU to play the game again.

Then next morning, she found her CPU missing and a steaming hot guy that called himself "Chun" in her kitchen. Naked!

Where did this guy come from? Have Ella been playing too much video games that it's hard for her to know the difference between virtual reality and real life reality? How will she deal with him?

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Ella Chen, Jimmy Lin, Chun Wu, Ayaka Komatsu

Stupid Superficial(finished) chapters
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WOW!! i've never read a fanfic like this b4. it has a nice mix of everything. Please keep posting!
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at first i was like "where did this storyline come from" but i really like it.
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very cool story so far!
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pretty good.
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Love this FF!!
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heeheh a bit of a cliffhanger, Eh?! I'm eagarly waiting to see what comes next!!
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Wooot!! new chapter. thanks