Meeting Mike He (completed)


Hello!!! Welcome and thank you for reading my fanfic, Meeting Mike He. Enjoy!


Mike He and Rainie Yang, lovers who met by destiny puts on a show for Mike's fans to keep his fame and get attention from his father. The father he never knew, who lefted his mother and him when he was young.

Rainie, an ordinary girl who lives in Japan who was tricked by her own mother to go to Taipei to get engage with Ken zhu. While she refuses, she runs away and accepts to be Mike's rumor girlfriend.

Rainie, on the other hand has a friend in Taipei, Cyndi Wang. She works for the reporters and demands news from Rainie about Mike.

Rainie is a big fan of Mike but because of his rude and cold attitude towards her, she hates him with passion. Will they fall in love or will they go their own separate ways at the end when the truth is exposed to the public? 

Copyright 2007

Please do not use or copy story without writer's permission.





Starring: Rainie Yang, Mike He, Ariel Lin, Cyndi Wang, Ken Zhu

Meeting Mike He (completed) chapters
1 Life in Tokyo CHAPTER 1 meeting mike he   7-10-2010
5219 Little Girl CHAPTER 2   7-10-2010
5220 Running away CHAPTER 3   24-6-2007
5221 I don't know him CHAPTER 4   24-6-2007
5343 Beautiful moment CHAPTER 5   24-6-2007
5344 No where to go CHAPTER 6   24-6-2007
5366 Stubborn and terrible CHAPTER 7   7-10-2010
5367 Bad guys CHAPTER 8   7-10-2010
5368 Meet the press CHAPTER 9   7-10-2010
5369 i'm such a fool CHAPTER 10   24-6-2007
5388 The unexpected kiss CHAPTER 11   24-6-2007
5389 why why why CHAPTER 12   24-6-2007
5399 Blue Moon CHAPTER 13   24-6-2007
5401 meeting ken CHAPTER 14   24-6-2007
5404 just want to tell you CHAPTER 15   24-6-2007
5405 Two timer CHAPTER 16   24-6-2007
5408 the truth CHAPTER 17   24-6-2007
5410 i'll be faithful CHAPTER 18   24-6-2007
5411 the birthday gift CHAPTER 19   24-6-2007
5412 the bet CHAPTER 20   24-6-2007
5417 kiss in the rain CHAPTER 21   24-6-2007
5418 i don't like him CHAPTER 22   24-6-2007
5419 The promise CHAPTER 23   24-6-2007
5420 Lost puppy CHAPTER 24   7-10-2010
5421 Interview with KC-news CHAPTER 25   24-6-2007
5423 Ken takes over CHAPTER 26   24-6-2007
5427 just a show CHAPTER 27   24-6-2007
5431 He's your father CHAPTER 28   24-6-2007
5432 silly girl, let's go home CHAPTER 29   24-6-2007
5433 Fans in Japan CHAPTER 30   24-6-2007
5434 who are you looking for? CHAPTER 31   24-6-2007
5441 Good bye CHAPTER 32   24-6-2007
5450 listen to me CHAPTER 33   24-6-2007
5451 Regrets CHAPTER 34   24-6-2007
5452 Time flys by CHAPTER 35   24-6-2007
5453 i really like you CHAPTER 36   24-6-2007
5455 designer lilly CHAPTER 37   24-6-2007
5456 Rainie & Pin meets CHAPTER 38   24-6-2007
5458 And we meet again CHAPTER 39   24-6-2007
5459 Not here to stay CHAPTER 40   24-6-2007
5466 happiness CHAPTER 41   24-6-2007
5467 friends CHAPTER 42   24-6-2007
5468 meet Vic CHAPTER 43   24-6-2007
5474 did you ever.... CHAPTER 44   24-6-2007
5475 Punishment CHAPTER 45   24-6-2007
5476 my pair CHAPTER 46   24-6-2007
5477 I missed you CHAPTER 47   24-6-2007
5478 I promise CHAPTER 48   24-6-2007
5482 I'll think about it CHAPTER 49   24-6-2007
5500 what if.. CHAPTER 50   24-6-2007
5501 Three months CHAPTER 51   24-6-2007
5502 Sorry Pin CHAPTER 52   24-6-2007
5503 CHAPTER 53 ENDING   19-8-2007


Guest @   (19-5-2007)
Guest @   (19-5-2007)
I love this ff, do update soon.
i wonder what will happen next.
From Mike
Guest @   (7-6-2007)
I love it, please update quickly!!
Google   (7-6-2007)
Guest @   (9-6-2007)
lol, some bashing on Mike, huh ^^
Iīm sensing a LOT of trouble there ;)
Guest @   (9-6-2007)
Oh my goodness, that was hilarious^!!!!!!! I absolutely adore this chapter!!
Great job!
Guest @   (10-6-2007)
"You want to make it ugly, Iīll make it ugly"
Seriously, I loved that line!!
Wooow, this is getting serious, I so love this story!!
Guest @   (11-6-2007)
Great fanfic!Hope you update soon :D
Guest @   (11-6-2007)
lol, i loved it, but whatīs with the daughter thing ?
Looove it!!
Guest @   (11-6-2007)
lol, soo cute, I really like it!!!
Guest @   (11-6-2007)
I love their bickering, so cute!!
What are Kenīs intentions, I am intrigued, totally love your story!"!
Guest @   (11-6-2007)
oh oh, Ariel the ex?
Well, thatīs interesting, I love the storyline!!
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
i hope you update soon! =D i really love this fic. it's one of the most well written ones and it's really realistic! =]
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
I really like it^^
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
I Like Joe ;)
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
Nice chappie!!
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
Wow, that chapter was amazing, I was honestly baffled when Ariel came on stage, never in a million years would I have expected that, wow, Rainie is totally starting to fall for him!!!!
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
I liked it, you kinda went a little overboard with the OMGīs but other than that, really good ;)
Guest @   (12-6-2007)
wow, I get weak in the knees, kissing scenes in the rain are my favs, I loved it!
Guest @   (13-6-2007)
itīs sad that she canīt speak openly about her past, itīll only cause more heartbreak and trouble, but I guess she just wants to shelter herself
But them being together is all cuteness combined ^^
Guest @   (13-6-2007)
So so sad, I hate that asshole Ken, arrggh, such an idiot
Please give me my happy ending ;)
Guest @   (13-6-2007)
DIE KEN DIE!!!HE DIDNT EVEN EXPLAIN CORRECTLY!!HAHA..its not like she knew she was going to get married to him..btw..i really dont like ken and rainie together..MIKE AND RAINIE ALL THE WAY!
great story!keep updating :D
Guest @   (14-6-2007)
so sad, I really wanna cry
Guest @   (14-6-2007)
poor rainie
Guest @   (15-6-2007)
wow, she really is getting bullied like crazy, poor her :(
Guest @   (15-6-2007)
THE FANS HAVE GOT TO DIE's their personal life anyways
lol...great fanfic!keep updating <3
Guest @   (15-6-2007)
GirlFromMars   (16-6-2007)
oh man that was sad, she really really was in love huh
GirlFromMars   (16-6-2007)
I liked it but I would have wanted to know what happened in France
GirlFromMars   (16-6-2007)
what's this guy doing?!?!?!?!?! Engagement?!?!
Alarm clocks riiiinging
GirlFromMars   (16-6-2007)
wow, they met again, this is soo tense, OMG keep updating, don't leave us hanging in there!!
GirlFromMars   (16-6-2007)
wow, they met again, this is soo tense, OMG keep updating, don't leave us hanging in there!!
Guest @   (16-6-2007)
Tha tension is killing me. Keep up tha good work!
Guest @   (17-6-2007)
GirlFromMars   (18-6-2007)
I love this fic!
GirlFromMars   (18-6-2007)
Ooooh, this is getting juicy, the paparazzi catching them in a hotel, hehe
GirlFromMars   (18-6-2007)
Noooo, this is sooooo sad, please make them get back together!!!
GirlFromMars   (19-6-2007)
is that Vic character going to be a potential love interest?
I hope not ;)
GirlFromMars   (19-6-2007)
Wow, Pin was really being gracious and I respect her for not pulling off a freak show with the whole sobbing thing.
I loved it!
GirlFromMars   (19-6-2007)
OMG, cliffhanger!!
GirlFromMars   (19-6-2007)
Soooooo romantic, I loove this fic!!!!
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aww, how cute, I love them being together!!!
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I hope mike and rainie won't have any problems anymore
Guest @   (21-6-2007)
pleaaaase, update! :P
GirlFromMars   (22-6-2007)
loved it, their conversations are always really cute!!
Guest @   (22-6-2007)
wish that mike and rainie will ends up together finally
it is sad if they broke up again...
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lol,soooo cute!!
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Gosh, what are rainie and joe trying to do on mike? I want MR 2gether lah. Update pls
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They are getting marry. Aww, that's what i wish for their real life too. I really hope and want them as a real couple .
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dun tell me something is gonna happen between MikeRainie ....
update soon
Guest @   (24-6-2007)
i hope you can write another MR's ff
anyway, this is a nice story for me
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OMG, how can you do this to me!!!! It's so close to the ending and you drop that bomb on us?!?!?!?!?! OMG, I'm dying right now!!
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Awwwww, I loooooved it!!!
This chapter was the perfect ending, I especially loved the last part, lol, sooo cool!!!

Great job, thnx for the lovely story!!!
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love this
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I like the last part where rainie was in the hospital. Oww, they were so cute.
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Tha ending was perfect. I loved it.
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love it
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thanks for completing it!
awesome fanfic:D
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dS sTorY riLy mOveD mE!..i aDmiRe fan123 fOr wRitiNg sUch a vrY gOod sTorY sTarRinG mY faVe tAiwaNesE cOupLe=)!
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LOVE this fanfic!!!!
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its really goOOOOOOD thanks for the ff..
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REALLY. this story is sooo GOOD. i love everything about it. i wish someone would make a drama series out of this with the same casts!!!! I love ur work. xD
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i'm srry. (another comment) this story is too good. i absolutely love the ending... the scene where rainie gives birth is funny. i llllooovveee this soo much. pls continue writing more stories <33
Guest @   (27-5-2008)
i love it hope they will both fall in love, and end up together forever.
please update.
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is this a new drama/love story series for mike and rainie?
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I like the scene in the soccer field. It's so romantic!
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funny ending, but a nice story, i really enjoy reading it. this would be one of my favorite rm fanfics
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i really enjoy reading it!!

Guest @   (25-7-2008)
message fr:fan123

im glad you guys enjoyed the story. :DD
chu-chai   (30-1-2009)
hahahah i can just imagine how rainie looks like while saying all of her lines during the labor :P I really love your work! seriously! :D They should take to the screen. The best fan fic i read so far :D im thinking of printing it so my friends could read it or if not, just send them the link. i admire you work. you should make more :D
Guest @   (2-11-2012)

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woaaa, loved the story, enjoyed reading this,,aheheh, it's cute and sweet story, thank you for writing this story :D they always joke around with each other..
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