World's Finest- The Saga Continues. (COMPLETED)

Dedicated to all the Michelle, WM, and World’s Finest fans.

Special thanks to ZamRain who made this awesome poster for me.

"From the first day I met you, you became my everything, you are my world"
~Gui Hai Yi Dao~

Wallace Huo- Gui Hai Yi Dao
Michelle Ye- Shang Guan Hai Tang/ Ye Xuan
Li Ya Peng- Duan Tian Ya
Gigi Lai- Li Zi
Roger Kwok- Cheng Shi Fei
Tammy Chen Yi Rong- Princess Yin Luo

Minor roles:
Shirley Yeung- Yang Si Qi
Raymond Lam- Lin Fung
Michelle Yim- Black Widow

This fanfic is basically a continuation of the World's Finest. I suggest if you haven't seen it, you should perhaps find a review of it somewhere, it will help you understand everything better. I do apologize in advance for any errors. I am not Chinese so my translation of names and such may not be accurate. World's Finest is probably by far my favorite ancient series. I was also so moved by the love story of Yi Dao and Hai Tang that I decided to write this fanfic. I think they deserve another chance together...yes? This is my first fanfic as well as the first story I written since...4th grade? Enjoy!

Wallace Huo, Michelle Ye, Li Ya Peng, Gigi Lai, Roger Kwok, Tammy Chen

World's Finest- The Saga Continues. (COMPLETED) chapters
1 Chapter 1   16-5-2007
2 Chapter 2   25-5-2007
3 Chapter 3   25-5-2007
4 Chapter 4   25-5-2007
5 Chapter 5   25-5-2007
6 Chapter 6   8-6-2007
7 Chapter 7   25-5-2007
8 Chapter 8   8-6-2007
9 Chapter 9   25-5-2007
10 Chapter 10   25-5-2007
11 Chapter 11   25-5-2007
12 Chapter 12   25-5-2007
13 Chapter 13   16-5-2007
14 Chapter 14   25-5-2007
15 Chapter 15   8-6-2007
16 Chapter 16   8-6-2007
17 Chapter 17   20-6-2007
18 Chapter 18   20-6-2007
19 Chapter 19   4-7-2007
20 Chapter 20   9-7-2007
21 Chapter 21   2-8-2007
5663 Chapter 22   17-7-2007
5664 Chapter 23   22-7-2007
5703 Chapter 24   28-7-2007
5704 Chapter 25   28-7-2007
5725 Chapter 26   2-8-2007
5757 Chapter 27   2-8-2007
5767 Chapter 28   8-8-2007
5854 Chapter 29   8-8-2007


shengli   (10-4-2007)
thanks4 ur fic..i'm a WM fan,,,pls update soon!!
Rain_84   (14-4-2007)
Ahhh, WF2, with Michelle finally appearing, please update soooooooon, I support your fanfic 1001%!!!
Rain_84   (14-4-2007)
btw, I like gigi lai as well, so its perfect you inserted her!!! :D owww i cant wait for updates... :P
Google   (14-4-2007)
Rain_84   (16-4-2007)
yes, you updated! and thats 4 chapters in a row! haha i'm loving every part of it! And I'll never have enough updates! so yeah, see ur updates sooN! I really wanna know what happened to michelle~
Rain_84   (22-4-2007)
Oh u finally updated! I checked like everyday! The update is great! So happy and finally I know what happened to Michelle!! Thanks and update whenever you can! I'll be waiting! :D
Shortie703 (the author)   (22-4-2007)
Awww, you are so sweet Rain! I'll try to update whenever I can, but it seems like most of my updates with be on the weekends. :(
Shortie703 (the author)   (27-4-2007)
Sorry guys, looks like I won't be able to update for another two weeks. :( I have all sorts of things going on. I will resume on May 12. THANKS!
Shortie703 (the author)   (27-4-2007)
OH! and I promise I will come back with more WM scenes!
Guest @   (12-5-2007)
shortie!!!.... update? *blink blink* hehe :)
Rain_84   (16-5-2007)
Yeay, u updated, I like how you describe their fights :D
imaosirkim   (27-5-2007)
how is she going to be alive?
Shortie703 (the author)   (30-5-2007)
Read and you'll find out. :P
Rain_84   (9-6-2007)
Ahah, I'm still reading!!! So please continue posting! hehe... I din noticed u updated on the 25th~! awww, but great I read 3 chapters in one go and love it, are u writing a triangle between Lin Feng and Wallace and Michelle? That'd be really nice!!!!
Rain_84   (19-7-2007)
No, I don wan the story to end soon... haha I just caught up with everything and here I am commenting again.:) There must be about a gazillion of things that cud happen so pls dun end it soon, I still am more interested in WM hehe... everything is still a mystery to me, so I'm waiting to be enlightened... and its so good to hear that u'll finish it, I was afraid of being hanged in mid air! Gambateh!
Rain_84   (28-7-2007)
your story is getting more and more exciting... I just like the way u describe them fight, this is really, really like world's finest 2!!! ahah, I just cant bear to watch WF again eventho ur FF makes me miss it, cos everytime she ends up dying... hope u update soon!
Guest @   (31-7-2007)
is this gonna be a WM fanfic? or something else. hopefullyy she's gonna be back to her normal self, shang guan hai tang not ye xuan =DD cant wait for ur next chapter
Rain_84   (14-8-2007)
ah, its completed without me realizing... hehe, and happy ending for everyone! yeay... i will go read ur new fic soon!
Guest @   (13-10-2012)
I love Michelle ye, can't enough of her. I watch her movies even i don't understand chines. This story is wonderful! I love WM, love the hap y ending.
Thank you so much.