Winter Blossom

Plot spoiler:

Myolie is an orphan that was brought into Raymondís family when they were only three. After few years of happiness, the family had to part because of Raymondís illness that had robbed the familyís wealth. With some twist of fate, Myolie end up being brought by Bosco to be his maid, just so he could seek revenge on her. After many years Bosco soon found out that his despiteful of Myolie had unknowingly turned into a love-hate situation, since he begin to understand her more, but yet at the same time he know that she had not forgotten Raymond. At the same time of his realization, Bosco was sent far away to study. Five years later, when he returned home, everything had changed. Raymond had returned for Myolie, but he was not the biggest problem. What is? Read to find outÖ

Raymond Lam
Myolie Wu
Bosco Wong
Jacky Wong

Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, & Bosco Wong

Winter Blossom chapters
1 chapter 1   4-1-2007
2 Chapter 2   6-1-2007
3 chapter 3   7-1-2007
4 chapter 4   9-1-2007
5 chapter 5   13-1-2007
6 chapter 6   22-1-2007
7 chapter 7   29-1-2007
8 chapter 8   1-2-2007
9 chapter 9   8-2-2007
10 chapter 10   22-3-2007


Guest@   (13-1-2007)
Another great story. Update soon and please update ice wall. I really want to know the ending.
Kay (the author)   (13-1-2007)
I'm currently busy with family matter. Once I get more time, I'll update TIW too. =o) Thanks for your comment!
xxRayL_MichYxx   (31-1-2007)
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Kay (the author)   (1-2-2007)
I do have a poster. I just don't remember how to post it up. Anyone know how to put up the poster on the main page? If you do, please teach me how to do it. =o)
Alisya   (13-3-2007)
Hi Kay..
When will u update your story. I have been waiting for it since ur last update.
I really like your story. Do continue.
Guest@   (25-3-2007)
i really love the ice wall and loving marcus and this too when will you update those stories agian???
Guest @   (6-1-2008)
Good story. Update soon.