Simply Complicated


Ella Koon as Charlotte Lam
Ron Ng as Jason Yip
Myolie Wu as Tina Luu
Andy Hui as Daniel Wong
Leila Tong as Janice Yang
Bosco Wong as Michael Kwang
Elaine Yu as Yuki Ma
Wang Leehom as Kevin Yeh

and last, but not least,

Mike He as Theodore Ng


Charlotte Lam (Ella Koon) finds herself falling into deep depression. After the death of her beloved grandfather in January of 2006, she loses her lover/boyfriend, Theodore Ng(Mike He). He dies in a tragic car crash on July 23. When Charlotte receives the phone call about her boyfriend's death, she breaks down, but manages to hold herself up with the support of her friends. Yet one of her best friends, Michael Kwang(Bosco Wong), chooses the very upmost wrong time to ask her out.

Wouldn't you think that someone as bright as Michael would have the brains to not ask someone out after their boyfriend just died? And just when Charlotte thinks that everything is lost and over, out pops a boy that steals Charlotte's heart away. Jason Yip(Ron Ng) is one of Charlotte's co-worker at a high class hotel. He's her boss and owner of the Grand Royale Hotel. But news breaks out and breaks Charlotte's heart when Jason starts to date someone Charlotte really despises, Yuki Ma(Elaine Yu). Yuki Ma, a bossy, stingy, self-centered, and quite a snob. Some would say that she has a very ugly personality. Even Charlotte's two best friends, Tina Luu(Myolie Wu) ,who doesn't know Yuki that much, and Janice Yang(Leila Tong) wonder why Jason would go out with someone like so.

As they watch closely, they clearly see that Jason seems forced to go out with Yuki. Charlotte tries and put that aside and when she does, out comes another problem. Kevin Yeh(Wang Leehom), one of Charlotte's closest friends, tells her that he is about to join a gang. She tries her best to convince him that he shouldn't. What if he dies? Can she really convince this stubborn boy to stay away from joining a gang and maybe die and regret his life? Before you can even answer these questions or think about answering them, out comes another problem! You will find yourself reading about Tina's troublesome times with Daniel Wong(Andy Hui). She finds a boy that she really likes, but yet, he can be a real idiot at times. You'll find what you read funny and what you imagine to be quite true. And what will happen when Janice finally meet Michael, someone she's heard to have good looks, great personality and more? Then you'll find that there are so many things that can make tears well in your eyes as you read on. Dearest reader, prepare yourself with tissues and some good beverage to freshen yourself before you dive into the chapters of this story. Yes. I agree. Why do I agree? Because I know. It's "Simply Complicated".

-Your Loving Author.

Ella Koon, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Leila Ton, Bosco Wong, Elaine Yu, Wang Leehom

Simply Complicated chapters
1 The End of the End What a confusing title huh? How ironic as well. How can this be the End of the End?   2-1-2007
2 Charlotte and Her Job. New job? Her boss? Promotion?   5-1-2007


xxRayL_MichYxx   (6-1-2007)
ooohhh..this isss goooodd....especially your forewordd XD i love Ella with Ron, they're a good couple but i lovee Ron with Leila first and then Ron with Ella XD i still love ur story, keep updating!! oh ya, i forgot to say FIRST!!! my storyyy XD its Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2
Guest @   (9-4-2007)
how do ppl get pics. like that. The one that moves.
Guest @   (28-3-2008)
No more? Hey writer, can you please write more? I want to know what happens to Charlotte, Jason and Janice and the others.
Google   (28-3-2008)