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The Supremes AKA Fast Forward: 3025   (35 chapters)  
Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Wallace Huo, Bosco Wong, Li Qian, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Yip, Leila Tong  
Suki37 great ranking   13544 19-12-2008
The Charade of Deception   (31 chapters)  
Raymond, Tavia, Louis, Jessica, Kevin, Bosco, Leila  
Fungyi_yhww good ranking   76876 22-7-2007
A Taste of Fate   (45 chapters)  
Raymond, Ron, Tavia, Bernice, Charmaine, Kenneth  
Winnie_blueangel good ranking   14371 27-5-2006
A Taste of Fate II: Sassy Phoenix, Stubborn Dragon   (34 chapters)  
Raymond, Tavia, Bernice, Kenneth, Louis, Jessica, Charmaine  
Winnie_blueangel good ranking   12382 30-9-2006
Till the END...   (14 chapters)  
Hu ge, Crystal Fei, Ady, others....  
veevee18 good ranking   10330 6-5-2006
Ads *****   818 6-5-2006
Fungyi Short Stories: Obsessed Fan   (23 chapters)  
Raymond Tavia  
geekygirl good ranking   6871 27-4-2006
The Unfilial Daughter   (33 chapters)  
good ranking   5797 23-7-2006
The Academy 2   (35 chapters)  
RaymondLam, TaviaYeung, RonNg, SammulChan, LeilaTong, BoscoWong  
dinnergame good ranking   12047 12-8-2009
Twins of Brothers: Destiny   (50 chapters)  
Raymond, Tavia, Li Qian, Ron, Leila and Nancy  
Winnie_blueangel good ranking   11162 17-3-2006
The Emperor's Sons   (31 chapters)  
Stephen Fung and Nicholas Tse  
suonguyen ok ranking   3626 11-2-2006
As The Seconds Go By   (37 chapters)  
Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Louis Koo, Athena Chu  
hollipop ok ranking   7839 26-1-2007
End Of The Road   (38 chapters)  
Jessica Hsuan, Louis Koo, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng, Moses Chan  
white1989 ok ranking   7586 25-5-2006
++A World Apart++   (34 chapters)  
Wang ShaoWei, Preity Zinta, Sun XieZhi, Yvonne Lee, Shi YiNan, Arjun Rampal  
Geena_Mist ok ranking   6389 14-3-2007
RETURN TO THE ISLAND   (38 chapters)  
geekygirl ok ranking   3934 9-1-2006
Chinese Paladin - Wan Mei Shi Jie (Perfect World)   (21 chapters)  
Give it a long chance - I get better, I promise hehe! =P  
Believer503 ok ranking   7820 31-5-2006