The Woes of the Gods of Olympus I part 2

The Woes of the Gods of Olympus - Lynx and Apus

Tavia as herself

Raymond Lam as Zeus

Myolie Wu as Hera

Bosco Wong as Lynx

Tavia completed her end of the bargain. Surprisingly, Zeus really enjoyed her company and returned to the paradise just for her. This baffled the other great gods who couldn’t settle down with one Apus, and their mightly leader willingly bedded the same Apus on several occasions.


With time, Hera found out about Tavia, and her jealously became insurmountable. She always knew that Zeus had affairs with other mortals, demi-goddesses, and minor goddesses. But she only allowed the affairs to happen because she believed that Zeus always returned to her. He never lasted for more than one month with the same woman. However, Tavia was different. Zeus had been with her for more than two months, and it didn’t seem as though he would get sick of her. Hera’s insecurity magnified her jealously, and she sought out Tavia and Zeus.


She journeyed to the paradise and found the two lying naked and leisurely in a grassy area.  Unable to suppress her anger, she approached them and yanked Tavia away from Zeus, “Is this the demi-goddess who had mesmerized you, Zeus?”


“Hera, what are you doing here?” Zeus quickly stood up and ran over to embrace Tavia protectively.


Seeing how Zeus preferred a mere Apus to her, Hera’s anger increased significantly.  She icily stated, “Reclaiming you, of course.”


Zeus looked at her and stated calmly but warningly, “I’ll return home later. Why don’t you just leave now?”


Hera became even more frustrated because Zeus chose to ignore her for a demi-goddess. She used her powers to strike Tavia and hurl her against the tree.


Zeus intervened. “Stop it, Hera.”


“Why should I?” Hera rose her hand and was ready to strike Tavia once more.


But Zeus stopped her in time. “Because she has the grand pardon. If you hurt her physically, you will be punished.  You know the rules.”


Pulling her arm down, Hera resently said, “Smart girl to get the pardon from you. Nevertheless, there are other methods of punishment. Tavia, listen to me and obey. As the queen of Olympus, I now banish you from this paradise and from Olympus. You will no longer have the right to earn immortality. You will be sent down to Earth and live the life of a mere mortal. Your memories of Zeus, of this paradise, and of your past will be erased. You will start life as a mortal baby.”


Hera struck Tavia before she or Zeus could protest and sent her down to a mortal’s womb. Tavia grew up with no knowledge or remembrance of her past as a demi-goddess. She bloomed into a beautiful maiden who captured the attention of Lynx, a minor god of the seagulls. With time, he won her over and courted her. They eventually got married and lived a blissful life.


Over the years, Zeus had forgotten about Tavia; however, one day, when he looked through the crystal lake to observe the events in his domain, he fell onto Tavia and suddenly remembered her. Her face re-ignited his feelings for her, and he decided to pay her a visit. When he appeared to her in all of his glory, she fainted from his overwhelming radiance. Using that opportunity, he restored her memories of the past.


Tavia woke up to a smiling Zeus. Confused, she asked, “Where am I?”


“Earth.” He answered as he impatiently waited for her to regain her past memories.


All of the events of her current life and her past rushed into her: her affair with Zeus and her love for Lynx.


Pulling herself up, she wondered, “Where’s Hera?”


Zeus’s smile quickly disappeared as it was replaced by a dark expression. “Don’t mention her. If it weren’t for her then we wouldn’t have been separated for so long.”


“Zeus, I cannot believe you still think about this woman for after so many years,” another voice boomed.


Zeus and Tavia looked to find the source of the voice and saw Hera standing at the doorway.


His expression grew darker as Zeus demanded, “Hera, what are you doing here?”


“Isn’t it funny how you asked me the exact same question almost two decades ago in the same predicament?” She refused to give him the satisfaction of an answer.


“Remember that she has the grand pardon.” Zeus reminded her.


Hera smiled bitterly as she stated, “How can I forget after the way you threatened to punish me back then? But remember, Zeus, I have my way of getting around to punish her.”


Unaware of the occurrence at home, Lynx returned home at the most unfortunate time. He entered the house to see the two greatest gods of Olympus arguing in his own home.


Seeing him, Hera said, “Lynx, you must be the lad who married this vixen, Tavia.”


Shocked at the two faces in his home, Lynx finally found his voice and answered, “Yes, Tavia is my wife, but she is not a vixen, Hera.” Turning to his wife, he asked, “Tavia, why didn’t you inform me of our famous guests?”


Tavia ran to his side, much to Zeus’ disappointment, and replied, “I didn’t know they would come here.”


Seeing how happy the couple was, Hera more than anything wanted to destroy their marriage.  She smirked as she challenged Tavia, “Tavia, why don’t you reveal to Lynx your love affair with my husband?”


This came as a bigger surprise to Lynx who could only mumble, “What?”


Tavia held onto his arm lovingly as she explained, “Lynx, that was in the past before I got sent down to Earth. You’re the only man I know in this lifetime.”


Seeing their interaction, Zeus became more jealous. “Tavia, I traveled from Olympus to re-unite with you. Are you going to choose him or me?”


Facing her past, Tavia pleaded, “Zeus, that was in the past. It was what you claimed it to be, an affair. We both knew that it would eventually end.”


All hopes that he had for the reunion were gone. “We’ll see about that.” Zeus left as quickly as he entered, but his emotions upon leaving were different from his emotions upon entering. All wonderful hopes for passion were replaced by anger and bitterness and jealousy.


Hera remained behind and stared at Tavia with more hatred in her eyes. “He will never give up unless I get rid of you.”


Tavia clung onto Lynx for protection.


Smiling widely, Hera asked herself, “Now why didn’t I think of this earlier? You caused a drift between Zeus and me for awhile. It’s only fair for you to suffer the same fate.”  Looking at him cynically, Hera stated, “Lynx, rest assured, you will leave a legacy behind.”


Seeing Hera’s expression, Tavia foreshadowed a disaster.  She pushed Lynx behind herself and wondered, “What are you going to do to him?”


Hera threw a force at Tavia and pushed her down, “Never mind you. I will get to you eventually, Tavia. Lynx, since you are a minor god of the seagulls, I will turn you back to your original form and send you to the sky.”


Tavia understood Hera’s intention. “You’re going to turn him into a constellation?” She quickly kneeled down an pleaded, “Please, don’t!  He’s innocent.  He has nothing to do with my relationship with Zeus…that was all in the past.  Why can’t you please leave us alone?”


Hera ignored her cries and used her power to dissipate Lynx’s form and sent him to the sky where his seagull form was only visible to the most careful observers, even for Tavia.


“As for you, Tavia, I will return your immortality so that you would have to suffer eternal separation from your husband.  Seeing how your slight beauty has such a dramatic effect on Zeus, I will have to change your physical form as well.”


Hera put a cursed on Tavia, and Tavia aged quickly in a matter of a few seconds. She soon developed a hunchback, and her face and body were covered with wrinkles. Her hair changed from jet black to gray. Her sight was also affected so that she could barely make out the outline of her husband’s form in the sky.


***end of the narrating***

Fungyi Short Stories: Obsessed Fan -   chapter 16: The Woes of the Gods of Olympus I part 2 16


Winnie_blueangel   (1-12-2005)
It amazes me how many fanfics can you put up with at the same time...I came here as soon as I saw your name under the author's column!!! So i'm following this one as well lol...but please update return to the island first cos I'm really into that one at the moment so fingers-crossed there...keep up the fanfics!!! FungYi fans rock AF!!!! now we are taking over the fanfiction muahahaha~
remainanonymous   (1-12-2005)
Aaargh really good. Honestly the style of your writing is great and the plot is unbelievable...I can't even believe its a short story. Its really good. Please update soon!!! Its really good!
Winnie_blueangel   (2-12-2005)
wow geeky girl...found the rest of your 'short stories' in winglin...I loved them all!!!! Just the first one about Tavia being triplets I was a tad confused but great stuff!!!!!!!! Yep I remember to rank your stories...want all FungYi stories at the top rankings!!!!!! Asianfanatics is being taken over by FungYi fanatics muahahaha
Google   (2-12-2005)
MokaGirl   (4-12-2005)
yo geeky ... what a great introduction for a short story ... really good. I can't hardly wait for ya to update. Really interesting plot. Also, just to mention I adore Shanghai era .. I don't know ... maybe bcuz of the ganbling , the style of clothes they are waering , women are so sexy and pretty ... hoooo !!! Really good !!! ..

Still wanna add I'm a bit disappointed with the rest of the cast. I saw you made this FF for a die-hard Noel(Vivian) Leung fan ... hehhehe good new I'm one two .. so I thought I would see her name in the cast listing ... I saw her in Once upon a time in Shanghai .. she was so cute. and she has even died .. and Sunny was still looking for Nnadia .. arg .. thinking about it piss me off a bit .. but Dodo and Adam shared a great chemistry .. loved it ... back on topic, ... I don't like Vincent much. since I saw him in Green Snake I kinda have a very bad impression of him. Still he isn't bad looking himself hehehe ^-^ Oh KSW ( Patrick ) is such a snobby I once mistake his character for Patrick Tam .. I wonder why .. must be I like the pairing of Noel and Patrick .. heeheh ... Still KSW is one boy with hot body ... Don't you feel like switching him for WonBin instead ?? hehehhe JOKE JOKE !!!! Yea WB is my top korean star you see ?? :p ... oh and yuan yuan cute. I don't mind her at all.

I wrote too much already. Please update soon. Did I ever tell ya I love your writing ?? Oh well .. here it comes .. You're one talented writer dear ... Bring on the second chapter soon !!! kiss
geekygirl (the author)   (4-12-2005)
winnie-don't worry, i'm working on fung's part of return to the island, but i want to make it just right so that you can love him all the more. i always forget to log in when i comment in your fic, so many of those anonymous comments are probably mine...still trying to get your fic to be number one.
remainanonymous-it's a short story that's about 70 pages long...i don't think that's too short, huh?
moka-i've written many fanfictions for noel...believe, there are three unfinished and super lenghthy of which i have to rewrite to get tav to co-lead and another, i have to expand tav's character (she won't come in until chapter 25 i think). vincent was really cute in magnificent healers...that's why i'm so crazy about him...believe, he grows on you...didn't think he was cute until i was exposed to him more. i was going to use won bin, but i didn't want to make him a baddie...actually for my next next short fic, he was going to by ray's competition for you know who....hint hint
MokaGirl   (5-12-2005)
oh Geeky, I didn'T want the chapter to end. It was so short now that I think about it .. hehehh !!!! I really like the way Tav keep on cursing about everything. love that part when she told Vinnie to take care of himself and he responded to her to shut herself... so cute ... I won't mind seeing him falling for Tav too actually .. ahhahah I'm greedy ... !! Ray will make KSW miserable bcuz of beautiful Tav , I can feel it hahahh !!! REVENGE TIME !!!! really nice plot ... This story is alredy growing in me .. hahahah !! I must be a fanatic or something ... ^-^

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remainanonymous   (5-12-2005)
This fanfic is going to be 70 chapters? Yay...I mean are you serious or being sarcastic *scratches head* I'm also waiting for you to update RTTI too. But this fanfic is also good itself...I was waiting for you to update it sooner or later!!!
geekygirl (the author)   (9-12-2005)
moka-i'm so glad you've enjoyed this fic so far. i love noel...she's my favorite from her generation, just as barbara yung is my favorite from the 80' for the 00's its gotta be tav for me!!! but i have a few fics where all three appear together so don't fret...noel will be in some of the short stories. i hope you like the transformation
remainaonymous-why must you remain anonymous??? the story is 70 pages long...and each chapter is about 7 pages long except for chapter 3 which is 4-5pages long...i expect this story to be roughly 10 chapters...because i tend to be more descriptive when i modify the story so things become lengthier which is good for ray-tav fans...right?
bellablue   (10-12-2005)
another great chapter, geeky girl! haha, yes when I read that the story was going to be 70 pages long, I was thinking we were in for the long haul (which I wouldn't mind actually), but it's just 10 chapters with 7 pages each, which means we get to read more in each update. YAY!!!
so Tavia is finally transformed into a femme fatale, a seductress, whatever you like to call it and her mission: to break Patrick's heart...oh and to steal Raymond's of course ^_^.
as for Noel, I've never had the privilege of watching her, but she must be good to be able to gain your adoration. as for Barbara, I still can't get over the fact that such a talented young actress with so much potential to be an even bigger legend than she already is ended her life so quickly. sigh...getting depressed :( Tavia definitely has every potential to be a legend herself if she continues to get more opportunities and more breakthrough roles (which sadly TVB is not doing...those dumbasses)
remainanonymous   (11-12-2005)
Its not really a short story nearly scared me!!! Yay 10 chapters!!! Be know where I'm talking about lol *runs away* Anyways your getting to the good parts...please update soon....I really love your story!!! I'll be interested into the part where Ray starts liking her... :D
geekygirl (the author)   (13-12-2005)
correction ladies...i just realize that this fic will be 50 pages long and 6-7 chapters long...still better than an actual short story right? i mean, 50 pages isn't exactly short, right?
remainanonymous   (13-12-2005)
As long as you keep updating I wouldnt have a care for the world...unless you made it real short, or made it a sad ending...or...but I wont go there!

Love your update...glad to see Ray starting to develop feelings even though he doesnt know it...kinda reminds me of reality lol
tiffanie   (13-12-2005)
Gosh, your fic gives me some indescribable feeling inside me. It's like how Raymond had grown to love Tavia all these time they spent together, and it was actually himself who pushed her to Patrick. Oh and the part when Tavia misunderstood Raymond just brings a lump to my throat. Poor Raymond, he must be heartbroken.... Now I feel like bashing Patrick up for being so evil. Does that mean Raymond's plan will backfire? I wonder what the plan is anyway. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!! I just can't wait to read another awesome chapter from you! ^___^
Wing L   (13-12-2005)
Glad that you updated in here. For some reason, Winglin hasn't been working for days already.
Anyway, seems like they're both starting to have unknown feelings for each other. Yay!! ^_^ Can't believe that Patrick is such a jerk...or maybe, I guess I can. LOL! I mean, we all know what he's done to Carolina. But what's more frustrating though, is that Tavia actually believes everything that he's telling her. She's been with Raymond for such a long time now, shouldn't she be able to tell what kind of person he really is? Guess love really does make people blind.
bellablue   (14-12-2005)
ah, so many fanfics to catch up on! You're the best, geekygirl ^_^
heehee, Raymond is starting to develop feelings for Tavia...slow and gradual. I like that sort of romantic development instead of the usual whirlwind romance. It's so sweet that he has no idea why he's feeling this way, but aww shucks, I can't believe Tavia was brainwashed into thinking that Raymond's the bad guy here. although, I must say, he's not entirely in the right since he's using Tavia as a tool for his revenge. Let's hope everything gets sorted out in the end and FungYi's love for each other (built upon at least 2 years of communication and interaction) will be able to keep them together.
Azentia   (14-12-2005)
Awesome chappie. I'm engaged all the way chapter after chapter. I love the part where ppl were vying for her attention, haha, Patrick is a big banana head. Tavia's reaction just shows she does really care about what Ray thinks of her aside from being prideful cuz isn't she always wanting to appear tough?

I see the subtle attachment between them. Update.....woot...what a great read.
geekygirl (the author)   (18-12-2005) glad to see many people rooting for my currently favorite tvb couple. yes, this love is a very gradual process so it makes it all the more sweet...and power to all those who are writing fungyi fanfictions, i can't wait for you guys to update your i've been deprived of news about them and series where they actually have a romantic storyline together, i am left to depend on the fungyi forum and fanatics fanfictions to survive. so update soon all of you!
remainanonymous   (18-12-2005)
Yay you updated!! I'm guessing Tavia and Raymond are gonna have ''times'' together with the help of Carolina now isnt she?? Now your bringing the juicy parts lol but I agree with you...I have to depend on everyone's fanfics to satisfy me with FungYi...aya hope FTF promotions start soon!
bellablue   (19-12-2005)
I am totally falling in love with Raymond here...hope Tavia will too as soon as she learns about what he did for her friends. my god, even though Ray is this big shot multimillionaire business man, he's so dense when it comes to love, but I guess that quality sort of contributes to his adorableness. Hopefully Carolina will be successful playing the matchmaker between Tavia and Ray. also, glad that she's finally getting over Patrick and perhaps moving on to Vinny?? anyway, please update soon!!!! I promise I'll try to reciprocate, but absolutely nothing can compare to this fantastic story...well, maybe your other stories ^_^
geekygirl (the author)   (20-12-2005)
remainanonymous-sorry to disappoint you but this fic here is rated pg (for language in the first few chapters) now keep your dirty mind away from my rated pg fic! lol. but i will satisfy your hormones in another of the expanded christmas special will have many juicy scenes...even scenes that make me blush as i think about them...can't believe how dirty i've gotten...
bellablue-are you kidding me? aren't you the one who wrote hong kong heroes? and more? i especially loved how you eventually brought the alcoholic tavia together with ray even though ray was dating michelle. it was a really sweet and romantic relationship and i always looked forward to your updates for don't underestimate yourself...i will read anything you write with RT in it because i know it's guaranteed to be good. update now!
remainanonymous   (21-12-2005)
awww...I was anticapating for something special in the next chapter...tsk got me a wee bit excited there...but your story is getting the best bits...waiting for you to update it soon...and your other fanfic RTTI! dont leave me hanging right there. Anyways, I'd presume your overrated other fanfic wont be posted here right??
Guest@ $c_ip   (23-12-2005)
I'm laughing right now b/c of Patrick getting the deceitful blow he deserves, funny how he just can't believe that 'boy' was actually Tavia. But I wonder if his feelings will suddenly change 180 just b/c she is poor. Well good to se Tav run to Ray, let's hope it works out well.
bellablue   (24-12-2005)
hey geekygirl,
how's it going? boy am i glad Tavia finally realizes who the scum is. Carolina tried to explain, but I guess Tavia had to see it with her own eyes. yes, me also glad that Tavia ran straight to Raymond for comfort and solace. but hmm, wonder what's going to happen now? How is Patrick going to react to the discovery that he was duped by his own partner? How about the progression of Ray and Tavia's relationship? and since this is the sixth chapter, does it mean the next chapter is going to be the last one? If so, please give me a moment as I bury my face into my pillow and go: "NOOOOOoooooooo! I don't want this great story to end!!!!" okay, back again ^_^
anyhoo, wow, you have no idea how honored I am that you think so highly of my stories, especially coming from YOU. yes, I think I've mentioned this before, but I feel like my writing skills actually IMPROVES when I write about FungYi since I feel so passionate about them. Any other couple, I'd be writing like: "Yeah, blah blah blah", but for RT, my brain is going on overdrive, hehe.
Update soon, but not too soon, since that may signify the end *sob*
tiffanie   (25-12-2005)
Oh yes, finally, Tavia realises that she has mistaken Raymond all along. I'm sure her opinion of him will greatly change from now. Patrick should finally get what he deserved too, to realise he's been cheated by his own discrimation of the poor. And like Bellablue, I don't want this story to end!!! But since this is a collection of short stories, I'm sure you'll have more FungYi short stories installed for us in time to come. I'm looking forward to them as anything from you will be fantastic!
MokaGirl   (28-12-2005)
I'm back geeky and I wouldn't miss to add around here. especially for you my dear. I've simply fallen for this story. I don't know. Everything seems to fit one into each other. Maybe I'm mean but I don't really feel sorry for Patrick for being deceived. I so want Ray and Tav to be together ...

hey, ... are you sure you don'T wanna change the rate of this story. you can make a special chapter with a big notice on it. So no one will blame you. really ... [ boy i'm not convincing ... ] look like I miss some story on the fungYi thread. I'll go take a look. Geeky, YOU, UPDATE = MUST ok ?? ^-^ love !!!
geekygirl (the author)   (30-12-2005)
remainanonymous-oh, believe me, my R rated fanfic will be posted in this fanfic website...hmm...but don't expect too much with the love scene...remember, i'm a beginner at writing such dirty things...and to think that i was once pure.
guest-hmm...good point...i will be sure to incorporate patrick's changed feelings for tav in the next chapter...
bellablue-ah, i underestimated my own wordiness. there will be another chapter to know, i realize that this is not such a short piece after all. 50 pages! chapter 7 will tell you how patrick reacts to being played the fool! i definitely had fun with that scene. but man, kwon sang woo is pretty's just too bad i'm such an obsessed RT fan
tiffanie-are you sure you don't want to come to the "dark side"? we RT fans have some pretty crazy and wild, you're a cool RL fan though...and i really enjoy your stories...but i would be a committed reader if you wrote more about RT hint hint!
moka-patrick's character is not written to be pitied (well, unless you're a super deep and kind hearted person who believes that his life is hard because he doesn't know what the true meaning of love and happiness is and blah blah). i can't change the rate of this story...but as i mention, i promise the next fic i place up (in it's own link, it will not be a part of the short fics as i'm afraid the scenes might get that fic deleted) will be hot, hot, hot...i should really stop making such promises. i have no idea how to write sex scenes, but for RT, i will make that sacrifice. even if it means going against christianity (okay, not that extreme but i do feel guilty).
i hope you all enjoy chapter 7!
MokaGirl   (30-12-2005)
ohhh, Tav left the house already. I want Ray to look for her or something, or get him drunk and tell Tav that he loves her ... hahahha that's too much ... I hope Patrick will wake up one day. Or not what about Vince and Carolina pairing. Not that bad actually ... hehehe ... I want more geeky !!!!
bellablue   (31-12-2005)
WOOOOHOOOO!!!! *dancing around like a dork once again* there's another chapter!!!!
boy, if I ever get the chance to meet you, you better watch out cuz I'm going to attack you with a hug that will most likely suffocate you to death ^_^.
glad to know that despite finding out the truth, Tavia still loves Raymond, but why hasn't he gone to look for her?? Don't tell me he thinks his casino is more important than her because if that's true, grrr!!! Heck, it shouldn't even be a touch choice! anyway, since TVB gives up really crappy ending for FungYi, I really hope you have a good ending for them.
have I told you that I ADORE and am quite ENVIOUS of your fabulous writing skills?? If you are willing, please accept me as your pupil *bowing down and offering you a cup of tea* ^_^ Of course, the disciple can never surpass the teacher, but if I had just an inkling of your talent, I will die happy.
Wing L   (31-12-2005)
Like how the two men are fighting because of Tavia. Reason being good or bad, atleast we know that she has a great effect on both of them. And she's finally admitted to herself that she has feelings for Raymond!!!! *jumping in joy* I agree with the rest of the crew...where's Raymond? He should be running after her like there's no tomorrow. :)
I know that you won't dissapoint us with Ray giving up Tavia for the sake of money and status. ^_*
Wishing you a happy new year!! Best wishes always!!
geekygirl (the author)   (2-1-2006)
here's the final chapter to lady of retribution...
moka-of course raymond will search for's a fairytale ending...sort of...and vinny and caroline??? hmm...
bellablue-i'm the ultimate dork! believe me...and i sing and dance like one too...anyhow, what are you thinking??? you're writing and style is to die for...stop embarassing me like that. we'll see if the casino is more important to or money? and i saw your update...kelly is hilarious...i would never have the guts to do that to my boss
wing-yes, i love it when men fight over tav as that does not happen too happen in her's always the girls fighting over raymond...what gives? happy new year to you too!
P!nkLady   (2-1-2006)
Beautiful ending! Good job! Are you going to start another ss?
Wing L   (3-1-2006)
An all over happy ending for everyone. ^_^ I loved the scene of Tavia running out in the rain towards Raymond. So romantic!! Sigh...TVB definetely needs scenes like that for FungYi. Actually, I'll enjoy ANY scene that TVB gives me as long as it has the both of them...happy endings included of course. ^_*
Waiting for you to start on something new soon!
bellablue   (3-1-2006)
AWESOME, two great endings in one day...I'm going to sleep REAL well tonight with lots of sweet dreams (about FungYi of course)
wow, it is truly amazing how much Tavia and Raymond have affected each other over the course of two years and even though there were some misunderstandings and conflicts along the way, they have cultivated such a strong and beautiful bond with each other. again, simply amazing. The running and kissing in the rain is a REALLY nice touch and you wrote out the scene very well and with lots of detail. again, another FungYi fanfic to be remembered for a lifetime ^_^
me...good writing? I didn't think it was possible for us to be in the same sentence. I still have much to learn and you have taught me so much through your stories, so thank you, teacher, thank you from the bottom of my heart...(sorry if I sound cheesy, but I really do sincerely mean it ^_^)
boy, now I'm feeling kind of bummed that your two awesome fanfics have ended, but I really do hope that you will continue writing more fabulous FungYi (make sure it's FungYi, okay, with a side dish of your other fave couples) fanfics.
anyway, what a nice way to start off the new year ^_^
MokaGirl   (4-1-2006)
ohh it ends ... already ... so fast. ... yea people I'm greedy for good stuff can you see that ? [ hehehe ] that was really good. Loved your ending. Thumps up for your great works. ( PS : loved that scene under the rain. Man, You DO know how to tease us hein ?? ) I'm already asking for another story. I'm so bad. :devil:

Luv hun.
remainanonymous   (4-1-2006)
I guess the FungYi obsession turned you over aye? You used to be pure??? hehehe Glad to see everything sorted out and happy that Tavia and Ray got together at the end...aww it must of been embarassing with people staring at them but I love the just makes things more romantic! I'll be on a look out for the R rated fanfic :D Congratulations for finishing!!!
geekygirl (the author)   (12-1-2006)
and so it to story 2...i love to modify all of my stories so spare with me for another month before i come up with a new one. hope you ladies have not read this yet.
p!nklady-i want yours updated as well!
wing-i'll be happy with tvb the day they pair ray and tav up properly, but i guess i can't be too choosy...=(
bella-i hope you don't mind that i recycle my previous fics??? i do try to make them different...believe me...i invested more than 20 hours into modify lady of retribution. i love the kissing in the rain me super cheesy.
moka-that was a fast ending??? i was so tired by the end of it and it was suppose to be a short fic was RTTI funny how that turned out.
remainanonymous-believe me...i'm still a prude compared to my friends but i used to be purer. your demands have made me perverted...=P
bellablue   (12-1-2006)
hey, I don't mind you recycling fanfics at all, especially since you're modifying them anyway so they're new to me! I know you're super busy, so I totally appreciate that you still take time out of your schedule to bring us even more great FungYi fanfics.
anyhoo, I do recall reading this in your noel leung collection and I thought it was hilarious...well, I better not say too much although you will probably make lots of changes anyway.
soooo glad that you're writing (well, sort of) another FungYi fanfic. can't wait for your next chapter.
Guest@ $c_ip   (12-1-2006)
I'm Moka !!! I know I'm not logged. I waited to read this fanfic. I updated it into the FungYi blog. But still haven't read it. And it's now past 2 in the morning. Man !! That was good !!! May it sounds like Sleeping Beauty the starting, I don't mind at all. I might have never said before but I used to read a lot and a lot of fairytales GIANT BOOK. the kind that has over 300 smalls stories into it. Your story started to bring back my childhood memory. I can't thank you enough for that gift. I'm happy. NO .. I'm honored to come across a writer such as you. My my, I wanna read more from you. Geeky. I simply love your writing. Darn you make me envious .. that's crazy !!!! :D
geekygirl (the author)   (16-1-2006)
bellablue-wow, you've actually read the noel collection? well, i'm planning to continue "as of now" eventually so be on the lookout for that...
moka-me too! i love fairytales and greek mythologies...i would try to check out every book on them. i loved fairytales sooo much that i even took a course in scandinavian fairytales (they were bizarre).
P!nkLady   (18-1-2006)
Beautiful fairytale :O It's so breathtaking! Update soon!!!
bellablue   (18-1-2006)
LOL, Raymond is sooo full of himself, but what can you expect from a handsome prince who knows he can get any girl he wants...except for Tavia, right, who wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for his looks. Anyway, yep, you provided the link to noel's collection and being the huge fan that I am of your fabulous writing, I simply had to read everything that you ever produced. Hmm, am I bordering on psychotic here? well, don't worry, I won't be one of those crazy fans who stalks you...or will I? hehe, loving this short story, so please continue. I'll try to get my update in as well, but suffering from a severe case of writer's block and perfectionism here (a deadly double combination that can render any writer powerless), but I will definitely try. Laters!
geekygirl (the author)   (29-1-2006)
p!nklady-glad you like this fairytale! are you gonna update???
bellablue-yes, i am still waiting for you to update...forever so it seems. don't worry about being a perfectionist because i'm sure whatever you put out is still quality...looking foreward to it soon, i hope.
bellablue   (31-1-2006)
hello sifu! It's been quite a while since I've talked to you, but soo happy that you updated. LOL, I really love Tavia's character so very much here. I'm really sorry that I can't stay and chat, but in order to keep to my promise in the FungYi thread to update by tomorrow, i must get to work pronto. Anyway, hope you had a GREAT lunar new year and see you around AF!
geekygirl (the author)   (6-2-2006)
bellablue-i see you here and in spcnet...but i can never get enough of reading your comments in fungyi or tavia's thread...ever. so glad to see you support our favorite actress through and through!
@ $c_ip   (10-2-2006)
It's so cute how all the fairytales are included in the story. Reminds me of childhood...LOL...something I've been missing for years. ^_*

Thank god Princess Tavia was on scene to guide the Prince to the right princess, otherwise, Sleeping Beauty would still be "asleep" this very day. HEHE

Princess Tavia and Prince Raymond kissed!!!...They kissed...they kissed...they kissed! *jumping up and down in joy* LOL.

Anyway, since we're in ancient times...does this mean that they now HAVE to get married??

Update soon!
Wing L
P!nkLady   (10-2-2006)
They kissed! Whoohhooo!! That was fast! Update soon :)
bellablue   (11-2-2006)
WOW, I just love how your writing is so flexible and changes so fluidly to match the genre that you're writing. I mean, most people have only one style that they stick with, but, I am soo honored to be your unofficial disciple ^_^
This should definitely be considered a classic fairy tale, man. I mean, most fairy tales can be plain weird (I know because I have in my possession a two volume anthology that contains some pretty far out stories. I mean, it's like, WHAT where does writers smoking, you know?), but your story is so sweet, funny, and most importantly, makes sense! and I love how you incorporate actual fairytales in there, what with Snow White and all.
LOL, why, I'm quite honored that you think of my comments with such regard. Tavia certainly deserves our respect and adoration and I am more than happy to assist you, Moka, remainanonymous (or should I say...neverland? hehe, hope my conclusion is correct), P!nkLady, and a whole bunch of other fans with good taste in spreading the love for this one of a kind actress. I don't care what anyone says, SHE'S definitely the one with the most talent and potential out of all the newbies, not to mention her very admirable squeaky clean image in an industry full of spotlight stealers and some seriously bad "acting" skills. Haters don't know good acting if it bites them in the rear and who cares about them anyway...gosh, I'm so bitter ^_^.
can't wait to read more and thank you for updating, sifu *bows head in reverence before making a grand exuant* ^_^
bellablue   (11-2-2006)
ah, LOL, after rereading my comment, realized there's a whole bunch of typos...please replace "where does" in the 4th line with "were those", hehe.
geekygirl (the author)   (14-2-2006)
wing-i like the way you think...kissing in the old days pretty much means that you're engaged to that person. i'm also a huge fan of fairytales.
p!nk-yeah, that was fast...but i had to squeeze it in. there was too much bickering and not enough lip action. =)
bella-thank you so much for the's really quite generous...abundantly generous but i'm just glad that my stories have made sense thus far. i read every single fairytale and greek mythology (my other are of interest long ago) when i was young and can never get enough of them regardless of whether or not they made sense. i was foolish then and even now. lol. i am in total agreement with you, Tavia really is a one of a kind in TVB. sigh...actresses were like that back in the golden 80's but have became endangered in the land of TVB. really, tvb should have tight security to preserve this endangered actress...
P!nkLady   (14-2-2006)
What an uber uberCUTE ending!!! I love it :) Good job GG! Hope to have a new story of you soon!!!
Wing L   (14-2-2006)
The perfect ending to a perfect story. This V-day present is much much better than the calorie-packed chocolates and the flowers that can only stay alive for less than a week. ^_*

Looking forward to reading more wonderful works of FungYi from you.

Hugs and kisses, and of course, happy V-day! :)

Winnie_blueangel   (15-2-2006)
hey geekygirl!!!! you sure are fast in updating nowadays!!!!!!!! keep it coming!!!!!!!!
bellablue   (15-2-2006)
LOL, a great ending! It does sound a bit rushed, but yay, a very happy ending! Raymond ends up with Tavia and Leila has found herself her own knight in shining armor.
omg, I LOVE greek mythology! I could spend hours just reading the entire geneology of all the Greek gods/goddesses and their respective stories. The most fascinating one has got to be Oedipus the King, although that really isn't a deity story so much as a tragic play (and a nasty one too if you consider some of the contents). but anyhoo, yeah, out of all the myths out there, greek ones are the most appealing to me. I think it's cuz those gods have a lot of imperfections and they sort of reflect who we ourselves are, even though they are supposedly more powerful than us.
LOL, so true so true about Tavia. The future of TVB does indeed look bleak without her since everyone else, with the exception of Leila and even Myolie (who's acting is admittedly a bit exaggerated at times and don't even get me started on some of her fans, but she's not so bad), pretty much have mediocre acting skills at best. There's just nothing appealing about their acting that you can otherwise find in the original fadans or actresses from the 80s/90s. sigh, remember the good old days cuz I do...
anyway, such is the greedy person that I am, but I sure hope you have another story in store for us!
P!nkLady   (15-2-2006)
Geeky, can you tell us already what your next story will be?

Oh and Bella, speaking of Greek mythologies, Oedipus was the story about a guy who accidently killed his own father, married his mother who then hung herself? It was a story my teacher told during a Latin class in my 2nd year of secondary school.. she told a lot of stories, but I forgot like 60% of them...
asalie   (16-2-2006)
Just finished reading both stories and I gonna say I really enjoyed reading them both. Both are written in different styles which once again showcase your talent in writing. If only I have some of yours. :P
Anyway I really love lady of retribution. Its always nice to read about love bypassing class differences. Very well written even though I couldn't imagine Kwan Sang Woo playing Patrick.
An imperfect fairytale have such a twist in the end. So glad that both Tavia and Leila managed to find their true prince charming.
Continue updating your short stories. Hee. :)
geekygirl (the author)   (20-2-2006)
i'm glad you enjoyed an imperfect fairytale. yes, i know the ending was rushed but i was just too eager to get prince raymond and princess tavia together so i sacrificed the quality of their relationship for a fast happy ending. so sorry. i may fix the last part later when i can come up with a deeper ending for those two.
the next will be a series of greek myths (which i'm totally obsessed with) which i am still in the process of writing. yes, i will update provocative lust but short stories are so much easier for me to handle than lengthy ones. but i will concentrate on pl and update a chapter by hopefully tuesday. thanks for your support.
remainanonymous   (20-2-2006)
aaarrgggh cant believe ive missed the ending! Fortunately for me it wasn't an episode where I would slap myself from complaining that I missed it but glad to read that Tav and Ray got together in such circumstances where they wernt gonna linger on about his engagement with Leila. Your new one sounds very interesting...there's gotta be a catch in there somewhere and theres gotta be something about her 3 favours in your story isnt there?
Wing L   (22-2-2006)
Glad to see another short story from you. All of your works are absolutely TERRIFIC! ^_^
So cute how Ray has fallen head over heels for Tav. With a flick of her hand, she's able to get her way with him. HAHA
Update soon. Looking out for updates on BOTH your stories. :)
Guest@ $c_ip   (24-2-2006)
fascinating, simply fascinating. hmm, here's my predictions: Hera is going to get crazily jealous that Tavia has Zeus' affection and will do something horribly bad to her like she did to Io and a whole bunch of other poor women. can't wait to find out what's going to happen next. and my god, you have a crazy imagination! so envious <_<

roseyredroses   (28-2-2006)
oh whoa... the stories are great!! update please? thanks!! = D omg... the Zeus(Raymond) and Tavia thing... is soo.. romance-ish.. i like it. LOL
geekygirl (the author)   (28-2-2006)
remainanonymous-you didn't pick up the catch for the 3 favors? or were you wondering if the three favors will somehow affect tavia in the future? just wait and see!
wing-zeus (ray) is just horny...ah those olympian gods and their flaws are so fascinating.
bella-hera does have a temper...i'm impressed by your knowledge of greek myths!
roseyredroses-romantic? zeus and tavia???? really? not lustful?
My Melody   (28-2-2006)
Aww.. is dat the end to the olympus story?? Or did I mistook it??
Ermm.. Hera is sorta >.< .. she should be punished!! hahahaha..
Btw.. commenting on the Imperfect Fairy.. hahaha.. I LOVED the ending..
ahhaha.. I didn't read it until u posted up the new short story..hahaha..
didn't noe u ended it..hahaha.. ^-^;;
The ending was sweet though!!
Update soon!!
Love ur stories!! Btw.. are u gonna start a 'long' story soon?
bellablue   (28-2-2006)
W.O.W! This story sounds soooo authentic, I can scarcely believe that it's not actually part of greek mythology. *sob* I'm actually rooting for Bosco and Tavia right now because their love story is sooo tragic. hmph, so typical of jealous Hera to do something so heinous like that just because Zeus has a wandering eye <_<. Hoping against all hopes that there would a happy ending here for Tavia and ____ (still trying to decide Raymond or Bosco, hehe) Actually, i think it would be impossible for Tavia and Zeus to be together unless Hera is out of the picture and we know that ain't going to happen anytime soon, SO...totally psyched if this were to end with BT.
lol, i hope you don't mind me bringing up a subject that may irk you, but I'm a bit surprised that you chose to use Myolie instead of Charmaine to portray Hera, seeing your dislike of her and your practice of using actresses you despise to portray villains (which I must say is definitely a productive and therapeutic way to vent one's anger ^_^ I really should try it sometimes). I apologize if I sound like I'm questioning your choice of cast, which I assure you is not my intention at all since I'm neutral to both Myolie and Charmaine (though liking Myolie slightly better, hehe). I just wanted to bring it up, but if it upsets you in anyway, please disregard this and feel free to curse me out.
anyhoo, yep, me is an avid reader of greek myths so I am bit familiar with some of the stories and what crazy stories some of them are. so wishing that somehow this story could be added to the collection since you remain so true to greek mythology. those ancient greek storytellers would be proud.
Winnie_blueangel   (28-2-2006)
So Tavia was the 'old hag' in the beginning? lol your story sounds so good geekygirl...I think I should term you the ancient fanfic specialist...where in the world did you get all the inspiration? The way you wrote everything out so beautifully is amazing! And I've got to say...I lOve Greek Mythology!!!!!

Sigh~ dont' get me started on LWOLAP....Ray's character is really crap there and I gave up after one episode...TVB should really take a look at your 'return to the island' and start filming it to save their falling ratings from bad scripts!

Keep the great stuff coming!!!!

And if possible reunite Zeus with Tavia ^.^ okay maybe I'm asking too much....
roseyredroses   (1-3-2006)
whoa, i have to say that hera is evil! lol... great stories!! i love it!
Winnie_blueangel   (2-3-2006)
Between you and me geekygirl we gotta think of a way to have ALL FUNGYI FF at top of the charts for 'Best Stories'...why in the world is the supremes still up there? And how on earth did she manage to get 3 stars? I've been waiting for ages and mine just can't pull off more than 2... we gotta come up with something....

oOOHhh upDaTe SOON!!!!!
remainanonymous   (3-3-2006)
Oh my gosh who would of thought so much could happen in one chapter? It wasn't till I read winnie's post that I've realised that woman could be have one more chapter left dont you? I'm not that familiar with Greek Mythology but I can be smart enough to say I know Hera and Zeus but you made me more intrigued in this subject. So sad to see Lynx die so innocently though...curse Hera...whoops!!! hehe
geekygirl (the author)   (11-3-2006)
MyMelody-thanks. i also enjoyed an imperfect fairytale. and here's the final part to the greek myth!
Bella-we think sooo much's almost not even funny. i couldn't bring myself to use an artist i dislike for hera's role because that artist would ultimately be paired up with ray. hera has her reasons for being so insecure, but things will return to normal because that is the gods' nature. they have affairs but always come back to the spouse...and i just can't imagine charmaine being married to ray...shudders at the horrific thought. =) i love fungyi but if i am forced to pick another actress to pair ray up with, it would be myolie, bernice, or nancy...=P
winnie-lol! tvb should take a look at all of the RT fics and use the same cast we picked. then we'd have a quality storyline and eye candy (aka RT chemistry). but alas, tvb is ran by a group of blind idiots. PS your story will be top soon! belive, i'm rating your story high frequently. i still don't understand how the ranking system work because you have more comments and readers per chapter then ahem...
remainanonymous-really? you're not familiar with greek mythology? hee hee. it's quite interesting in a trashy way, but more fascinating is the simplistic way in which the greeks explained nature and how things came about (such as all the evil and bad emotions in the world came about because pandora opened a box which contained them)...quite interesting, really.
Winnie_blueangel   (11-3-2006)
lol geekygirl...still emotional that Zeus only liked Tavia cos of her beauty but at least she ended up wtih Bosco...can't wait to see them in Casino Turbulance!!!!! Yep I have been ranking Fungyi stories quite frequently!!!! Can't wait for your next ff!!!!
My Melody   (13-3-2006)
Awww.. this ending was so nice!!! Bosco and Tavia turned into constellations.. ^-^;;
neva expected a BT ending.. it's nice though~~
hahahhaa.. hated Hera though~~ hahaha..
mmm.. so wat's going to be ur next project??
Any plans to start a long story?? hahaha~~
s.h.a.z.z.a   (19-3-2006)
aloh!!! I don't think you'll remember me but I was a reader is your past story 'Return to the Island'. You are amazing for writing such amazing stories. Thank God Myolie wasn't the protagonist in 'The Woes of the Gods of Olypums' or I might have offence if she is like your idol. Nonetheless that's beside the point, I just thought was would be nice to tell you how amazing of a writter I think you are. Well Done and keep up the good work!
geekygirl (the author)   (22-3-2006)
winnie---yup, fungyi fics must take over fanfiction and eventually the world!!!! kidding, i'm quite proud that we have as many fics up there in the best fic thread...keep up the excellent work
MyMelody-yes, i do have a plan for a long story...just haven't figured out the direction yet because i don't want to make tav's character detestable...just interesting and different.
shazza-wow, thanks so much for the compliment...i am very flattered especially since when the comment comes from another writer! i don't mind myolie at all...but i definitely like tavia a whole lot more.
Winnie_blueangel   (22-3-2006)
I just read your latest short story...hehe I got to say I have this weird feeling that I've read this somewhere before...? Possibly from my early Winglin days...hmm...I dun mind a re-read hehehe... So happy so many fungyi updates...

Yeah Fungyi would rule the world!!!
hollipop   (22-3-2006)
woohoo! thanks geekygirl! I really liked this short story when I came across it in Winglin!
Winnie_blueangel   (22-3-2006)
I thought my eyes were going blind when I read bellablue updated but why geekygirl's story turned into 2 stars? I swear it was three before!!!!!

That's it...I have my suspicions of who the jealous folk is... I mean with the view of 'the supremes' there is NO WAY it is still remaining number one right? I KNOW someone ranked 'bad story' for my neo-genesis too...not that I mind if she/ he read it but I haven't even post a single chapter up at the time... at least be reasonable!!!!!

That's it I'm going for revenge....OMG I think it gets me more heated up seeing your ff being de-ranked more than seeing my own going down in ranking... *rolling up sleeves and tightening fist* dun worry I'll avenge your ranking once and for all...muahahah (lol I'm going evil...)
Winnie_blueangel   (22-3-2006)
i went over and I feel so bad...I dun think I can actually be ruthless enough to rank them 'bad story' omg... I'm too soft hearted...*sniff*
s.h.a.z.z.a   (23-3-2006)
kekeke Tavia is so what reminds me of myself and my obession with Raymond =P Though I'm sure my mother is far beyond allowing me to fly to Hong Kong in search of him.
aaww Raymond loves Tavia already, hiay lets just hope she notices soon.
now I'm flattered that you actually consider me an author that's capable of flattering you......that's a bit confusing =P
waiting for your next update!
xfantasy   (25-3-2006)
Wow, really good fanfic! I really like the ''An Imperfect Fairytale'' Story! It's really good! I hope you''ll update more short stories of FungYi.. Really looking forward to it :) I ranked your ff as Good Story, and I hope I helped you with getting three starts, because you definitely deserved it!!
geekygirl (the author)   (14-4-2006)
hollipop-sorry for the delay in the just trying to attract more RT fans while buying time to write my new fic.
winnie- i know what you mean...i don't have it in my conscience to stoop as low as some artists' fans...which is why i have to emphasis who much classier our group is. =)
s.h.a.z.z.a.-it's okay. when you become a working woman, you will be able to fly to hk and search for raymond all you want.
xfantasy-thanks for helping me get the 3 stars...hope the fic was worth your extra time!
Winnie_blueangel   (15-4-2006)
this new chapter I have not read from winglin yet!!! hehe.. fungyi fungyi fungyi... sure great to have a fan like you!!!! Wonderful fanfics!!! Absolutely wonderful!!! hehe im insisting these fanfics I'm reading are the next best thing to a Fungyi happy ending series from TVB!!!! TVB needs to learn something from us heheeh

And yes totally agree...Fungyi fans are a different class!!!! I think its little doubt we are the group of most educated fans around!!! hehe

geekygirl (the author)   (15-4-2006)
winnie-you haven't read this fic yet? yeah, that makes me happy because then i will feel less guilty for reposting, especially knowing that i will be able to provide you with a fic to read while you take a break from writing. =)
Winnie_blueangel   (15-4-2006)
lol Raymond is so cute..'tell me who is better looking..him or me.." haha
geekygirl (the author)   (16-4-2006)
winnie-yes, our ray is big-headed...but despite that, he's crazy about tavia
Winnie_blueangel   (17-4-2006)
lol Ray is sooooo cute!!! Now I would think I would be head over heals over Ray if he was like that in real life...lets not go onto what he's like in real life hahahaha

hehe I also see hollipop is leaving everyone hanging for not posting chapter one to <The Charade of Deception> be a lil more patient and if I seriously dun see hollipop to the point when its truely worrying then rest assured yyh and I have chapter 1 and 2 from holly already! But she'll be back soon I have faith! wait until she sees our fungyi fanfic posted already!!! hehe I can imagine her excitment...

Yes geekygirl you are my fanfic saviour I one else is updating! I'm at the point of 2 etc... lol...haven't started re-reading my own yet...i'll be off to update another chapter to A Taste of Fate 2..

By the way I am dying to write a steamy Fungyi scene but the delegated parts I have been posting in <The Charade of Deception> dun require it!!!! aw.... later...even if I have to FORCE the scene in somewhere I will..hahaha

reminder your lent will be over SOON!!! hehe

remainanonymous   (17-4-2006)
Finally read your conclusion to The Woes of the Gods of Olympus and winnie was right and it comes all so clearly now! Although the real people Fung and Yi didnt end up together I really loved the way you ended the story. Tavia was able to end up with Lynx where she had been carefree when they first got together and in the end too. Gosh the story sounds so realistic I'd feel like I have to tell my grandchildren one day hehehe

I remember reading obsessed fan on winglin and absolutely loved it. I better not spoil it for the others. But I enjoy the lightness and what he did when Tavia went away. Continue the great work!!!
geekygirl (the author)   (20-4-2006)
winnie-at this point i don't even know what kind of guy i want but if he's anything like ray in this fic then of course i'd be all over him as well!
remainanonymous-so glad to see you remember this story? then please keep the ending a surprise for our winnie.
Fungyi_yhww   (20-4-2006)
its winnie..sorry for abusing my use of the fungyi account co-writers but im too lazy to sign out and then come back for a comment!

Great Fungyi moments!!!! Thanks for updating geekygirl!!! I'm so grateful for a fanfic pleasure other than my own..sadly not many people are updating...keep it coming!
remainanonymous   (20-4-2006)
Of course I remember this story!!! It's one of my favs! And yup I'll defintely keep it quiet :) BTW everytime I read the last line of your latest chapter I always seem to get a giggle out of me. If only she thought that in real life hehe
RTR_BMS_lva   (21-4-2006)
update soon! hoping for a new story soon. love RT 4eva!
s.h.a.z.z.a   (25-4-2006)
lmao, I love Tavia she's so damn cute! "I wonder what his like in bed..." lol I'll wonder with her =P
By the way, don't temp me, cause the next thing you know, as soon as I get a job I'll be on the next flight to HK in search of Raymond. But by then he'll probably be happily married to Tavia and I won't have the heart to break them apart.
geekygirl (the author)   (27-4-2006)
winnie-2 more posts to go and then this story is done!
remainanonymous-that's only because you have a dirty mind...btw, have you thought about posting your fanfic in this thread intstead of winglin? can you pm me the link to winglin?
geekygirl (the author)   (27-4-2006)
oops, i hit the button too quickly!

rtr bms-i will have anothe fic coming out...been busy with life, work, and a role playing fanfiction more recently.
shazza-good for you! but by then, i'm sure you will find someone better for you than ray!
remainanonymous   (27-4-2006)
:D is all I can do without spoiling it. I hope you start a new story after this!
Fungyi_yhww   (27-4-2006)
okay I'm abusing the use of the fungyi account again! It's winnie and I'm too lazy to change back to my other one cos I just posted chapter 6 to TCOD !!!!!!! haha I thought I was reading things..heard he was great in bed hahaha omg who did he go out wif? I thought it was only TAVIA he's interested in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmm I need a good reason for this haha!!!
s.h.a.z.z.a   (29-4-2006)
LOL heard he was good in bed hey? And who had the pleasure of knowing? Tavia should be worried about why someone knows his good in bed and not the dance class girls.
So....who was he with? Better not be another girl or I'm going to have to hunt him down for Tavia LOL.
Guest@   (1-7-2006)
wow...thnks.,i hav jus finish reading one of ur short stories!!!haha.its good.lov fungyi so much!!!!
sw33typi3   (2-4-2007)
wow is been so long
so ur not gonna update tis anymore?
Guest @   (24-3-2008)
maybe the writer passed away and cant write
MANGO.   (30-11-2008)
^Wow...I don't think that would be something nice to say =\
Guest @   (10-11-2009)