Chapter 3
Six people were seated around an oval shaped long table. Ron sat at the center master’s seat, with Tavia seating to his right. Sitting to his left was Myolie, followed by Bosco and Raymond. Another young man had taken a seat next to Raymond.

As servants brought out the appetizers, Ron spoke up, “Let me introduce to you all our lawyer, Mr. Kenneth Ma.” His right hand gestured toward the young man right next to Raymond. Wearing a well-groomed suit, Kenneth seemed to be an educated man. He nodded at the rest of the people to acknowledge his introduction.



“Please have a taste at the appetizer,” Ron told his guests as the plates were situated on the table. “I believe Myolie you haven’t had a lot of chances to try fine dining before, right? So you better taste the masterpiece made by our cook Ms. Bernice Liu.”



Myolie took a bite at the crispy spring roll, and said, “The spring roll tasted alright.”



Ron put down his fork as he finished his spring roll. He looked at Myolie curiously and asked, “So what does a painter do? I am never quite into this art thing, but I am curious what in art do you find fascinating. I bet everyone else in the room is interested to learn from you Myolie.”



Myolie looked up from her plate and explained slowly, “It is difficult to explain to someone who knows nothing about art. Plus, not a lot of people appreciate art actually. I guess even if I spend ten hours lecturing about art, I don’t think you will understand much about it.”



“Well, at least we can learn something from the expert like you. I happened to purchase a piece of yours a year ago when I passed by Shanghai,” Ron turned to Fred and said, “Fred, go bring out Miss Ng’s painting.”



“Yes young master,” Fred disappeared into a room and brought back a painting. He set the painting on top of a stool at the side of Ron. Myolie took a look at the painting, and her face immediately darkened. She wondered how did the painting got into the hands of her brother.



Both Raymond and Bosco grasped at the painting internally when they saw it. They knew exactly the reason why Myolie had changed her expression.



A veiled lady was seen stabbing a black dragon shadow in the painting. A few drops of blood were splatted across the front. The veil was colored in bright red. A signature “Scarlet” was scribbled on the right bottom corner.



Myolie bit her lips and reminded silent. She regretted so much for the decision of drawing this painting. She had paid a heavy price and knew not to mess with the mafia ever again.



Unknowing to Myolie’s internal struggle, Ron proceeded to analyze the painting, “I am really intrigued by the drawing. So who is the lady in the drawing? Tavia, do you want to take a guess.”



Chuckled softly, Tavia answered, “I know nothing about painting either. I don’t really know who is in the drawing. Myolie, could you shed some light on this?”



Instead of Myolie, Bosco was the one who responded, “I think Myolie does not want to discuss about this painting, right, Myo?”



Myolie threw a thankful glance at Bosco. She finally said, “This is a cursed painting. It will only bring you bad luck.”



Ron was taken aback by Myolie’s revelation. He dismissed the negative air and said, “There is no such thing as a cursed item. I have bought this painting for over a year, yet I haven’t suffered any bad luck. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, little sister.”



“No,” Myolie said in a dark tone, “I am the veiled lady in the painting. The black dragon shadow symbolizes the leader of the black dragon clan. I created this painting out of my frustration of the black dragon clan sabotaging the art community in Shanghai. And it was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life.”



“Oh, I see,” Ron was startled by the history behind the painting. He gestured Fred to take the painting away.



Myolie added, “If I were you, I would dispose of this painting immediately.”



“Sounds like a brilliant idea. Fred, throw the painting into the trash,” Ron ordered.



Ron cleared his throat and said, “Well, let’s continue to eat our dinner. Fred, bring the main course out.”



The rest of the dinner was carried out in a rather quiet atmosphere. Ron would only talk to Tavia about the dishes while leaving Myolie alone. Myolie was especially pleased about being left alone.






After dinner, everyone from the dinning table gathered in the lounge. Kenneth stood at the center of the room holding a folder. As everyone waited, a woman dressed with an apron walked into the room and took a seat at the closest sofa from the door.



Upon seeing Bernice entering the room, Kenneth announced, “Since everyone is here, we can go ahead and start.”



“Hang on a second. Why is Bernice here?” Ron inquired annoying. He was surprised that his chef would be invited.



Kenneth replied, “Mr. Ng, it is because Miss Liu is a part of Mr. Ng’s will. If there is no other question, I shall begin to read out the will.”



He flipped open the folder and started to read from the first page:



“I, Ng Man Shek, an adult residing at Beijing, being of sound mind, declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. I revoke all wills and codicils previously made by me.



I appoint Kenneth Ma as my Personal Representative to administer this Will, and ask that he be permitted to serve without Court supervision and without posting bond.


I devise, bequeath, and give my estate as follows:



40% to Mr. Ron Ng.

40% to Ms. Myolie Ng.

10% to Ms. Bernice Liu.

10% to St. John’s Orphanage.



Should any beneficiary not survive me by 30 days, his or her share shall be distributed even to the rest of my beneficiaries.”



Kenneth closed the folder and took a seat at the left side of the room.



Different expressions shone on faces of the various people in the lounge. An angry expression was on Ron’s face as he found it unbelievable to only inherited 40% of his deceased father’s wealth. And more unbelievable was that Bernice would have 10% of the share. He asked, “Kenneth, can you explain to me why Bernice would have 10% of the wealth? What was her relationship with my father?”



Kenneth looked at Bernice and said, “I think it is best to ask Ms. Liu as I am not sure about her personal matters.”



Bernice avoided Ron’s gazes and answered guiltily, “My relationship with Mr. Ng was the same as that of with young master.”



Understood the secret meaning in the message, Ron’s rage was almost uncontrollable. He shouted, “How could you sleep with my father, and turn around and seduced me? You slut!”



“I don’t deny my relationship with Mr. Ng. But to the correct, I didn’t seduce you exactly. I just happened to be there when you wanted a woman that night. Am I correct, young master?”



Ron wanted to strangle Bernice as he shot up from his seat. But he remained standing and just stared angrily at Bernice. He felt cheated by the unworthy woman.



Swallowed hardly, Tavia put up a fit at Ron, “So she is one of those women. I wonder how many more did you have? You cheater.” She slapped across Ron’s face and left a red mark on the right side of his face.



“How dare you? Who do you think you are? Even if you were to become my wife in the future, you have no power to control my private life,” Ron returned a slap across Tavia’s face, leaving Tavia stunned at her spot. She covered her face and ran out the room, with tears rolling down her face.



“What a dramatic scene that was. But I finally get to witness the magnificent life of wealthy families,” Myolie commented mockingly.



Ron threw a deadly stare at Myolie and shot out of the room, shutting the door before him with a loud thud.



Ignoring the lingering sound of the loud thud, Myolie asked, “Mr. Ma, so when can we claim the inheritance?"



Kenneth answered matter-of-factly, “After 30 days, you may come to my office in Beijing to sign the paperwork and receive the inheritance.”



“Thank you,” Myolie replied coolly.





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