Chapter 3- Fatal Attraction



Hyuna was in her dressing room when Dara walks in..

"Yah! why are you here?!"

"Wae? you don't like to see me here? " Dara strut her frowned look on her down face..

"Aniyo... I am just surprised to see your face here.. You don't usually come here, you know?"

Hyuna smiled to coaxed Dara..

"Fine.. Are you on break?"

"Yeah.. i am.. I will come back to the stage for another half an hour.. Why?

Dara smiled.. Something croseed her mind.

"Hey.. Let's go have a drink before i resume my shift.."

Hyuna brushes the lining of her dress..

"Girl.. you just read my mind! let's go..!"

Dara dragged her outside harshly accompanied by some noises by Hyuna complaining her to stop dragging her like some child..


"Excuse me,sir. Can i get you anything?" 

A waiter asked a young man wearing an Armani T-shirt and white trousers.

The young man looked over his book and took the menu from the waiter's hand.

He browse the menu, looking over the selection of wines..

"I would like a wine.. Do you have Sauvignon Blanc'?"

"Yes, sir. We do.. Anything else,sir?"

The guy closed the menu and put on the table,

"That will be all...:"

The waiter bowed and went away..

"My..My.. Do my eyes deceived me?"

A voice was heard by the guy. He look up and saw a man was smiling at him. He was a well built man, with a perfect body. He was wearing a lounge suit.

"U kidding me?"

That guy said..

"Well, i am certainly not wrong.. Fancy seeing you here.."

"Me to, Siwon.."

The guy named Siwon sat in front of him. The same waiter came to them to take orders..


"Dara! Stop pulling my hands! It hurts you know..."

Hyuna rubbed her sore hands effect from Dara's strong grip.. Dara grinned..

"Hehehe.. Sorry.. Let's go.."

Hyuna did not move as she was massaging her sore hands..

"Come on.. THe drinks is on me.. Come.."

Hyuna's face lit up a bit..

"Let's go..."

"I knew that would cheer you up.."

Dara and Hyuna walks in the Bar and sat on the seat near the bartender. Hyuna's friend, Gwanghui greets them..

"Hey girls.. Can i get you anything?"

"Me? The usual, G.."

Hyuna responded..

"How about you, dear?" Gwanghui said to Dara..

Dara smirked. Hyuna shook her head as she was making her flirting move at Gwanghui..

"Man.. that girl sure can flirt anywhere..!" Hyuna thought to herself..

Hyuna was browsing the surroundings..

She saw a lot of new customers and also regular ones that used to stay in the hotel..

As she was browsing the customers, her eyes caught on a person..

'That guy looks cute..'

She said. she examined him carefully from top to bottom.

'SMart guy. Know how to dress and hot..'

Hyuna smiled to herself..

As she was busy examining,


Dara slapped her shoulder hard, bringing her back to reality..

"What the hell?" 

Hyuna glared at Dara...

Dara grinned at her..

"Don't get mad at me.. You are the one who was in your own fantasy land.. I don wanna be the one who have to put a bucket under you when you're drolling.."

"HEy!  I don't droo;!"

"Tell it to the people who didn't live with you.. I do and i stick to my statement.."

Hyuna snorted..

"I was just looking at that guy.. I seems to have seen him somewhere.." Hyuna pointed at the guy..

"wOW! That guy is hot!" Dara contorted..

"Not to mention rich.. He is the one of the customers who stays at the Presidential Suite, Alone.."

Hyuna looked at Gwanghui.. He is known to be the info counter when you want to ask about anyone that comes in as the customer in this hotel.

"He is a bachelor.. If i am a girl, i already booked the week with him.. i mean look at him.. He's hot and rich.. Did i mention that he is ALONE?"

Gwanghui said to Hyuna and Dara.

"Interesting... He looks like a charming fellow.."

"Careful.. I also heard that he is a gay.. He treats woman like crap and the guys like his GF. I dunno if its true but a lot of people were talkin about it.."

Hyuna let out a sigh..

"Sad.. He's hot, rich but a gay.."

Hyuna sighed again..


" So i looked over the system and clearly there's a person that was messing around with the system.."

"What? what do you mean?"

"Well, Hyunseung, All the data that u and I recover from the Venice Breakdown mission was deleted from the system." Siwon showed him the evidence from his iPad.

"Suspect anyone yet?" Hyunseung asked. He already knew that someone was behind this mess..

"Not yet, but what i cn tell from this is the person who does this must be a genius.. He uses the new prototype of theTrojan virus. That shit can corrode any infromation and destroyed it.." 

Siwon explained it..

"I told you i was innocent.. I knew it.. I finished the mission in Venice but somehow, someone was messing around with the evidence.."

Siwon drank the wine and munch on the croissants..

"So, any people who suspected?"

Hyunseung nodded.

"I kept thinking who would want to mess around with it.. I planned to track Tim Wales.."

"The creator of the Trojan's prototype? why? do you think he was involve?"

"Dunno yet..but i will find out the day after tomorrow.. He'll be checking in as Harold Grimson.." Hyu seung sipped his wine and put his glass down. Siwon pour more wine inside his glass..

"You're fast.. How did you get that info?" Siwon looked sharply at him..

"I got my ways.."

"Does that 'ways' have to do with girls? Coz i think i can see one staring at you now from the bar.." Siwon smirked..

Hyunseung sipped his wine while stealing glances of that girl Siwon talked about from the corner of his eyes..

He saw a girl in a red mini dress sitting at the bar with a girl wearing a black halter dress with white leggings.

'Hurm... this is unexpected..'

He said while looking at her..

"I have to go to the gents.." Siwon excused himself, leaving Hyunseung alone..

Hyunseung sipped his wine again and put it down.

This time he immeadiately look at Hyuna's direction who was looking at him..


"Oh my!" Hyuna said when that guy suddenly look at her..

"What's the matter?" Dara asked..

"That guy.. he looked at me..!"

"Maybe because he could feel that someone was checking him out.." Dara smirked..

"Oh my..mymy..." Hyuna said while fanning herself..

"Relax.. Go talk to him.. Flirt with with him.. use everything you got, girl! " Dara commented..

"Well.. I.. huh? Where did he go?" Hyuna said as she looked back and see that the guy is not there..

"Hey, Jillian. Where is the guy that sit on the table just now?"

"That table? Oh.. he left.. and didn't leave a tip.. Not to mention he is rude.. Damn i wanna punch him.." Jillian grunted and went back in the kitchen..

"Well.. i guess he really didn't like girls..." Dara said..

"Let's go,, My shift about to start.." Hyuna said and grabbed her purse..


Hyuna's POV

Phew! Another tiring day!

"Its sweet of  Linda to let me spend a night at her Suite.. I can never walk back  like this.. My feet aches a lot..

This probably the times when i curse at heels.. huh! typical..

Aside from the tiredness, i still cannot forget about the guy i saw at the bar..

Who is he? Why does he look attarctive to my eyes?

Snap it Hyuna..

I went inside the elevator and hit the 7th floor. Inside the elevator there are a couple and the girl was drunk being carried by a guy..

They stopped at the fifth floor and went out. They started to kiss to each other parts of body. Leave them longer and they probably have sex in here...

Phew! Thank God!

Just i was about to push the close button, a hand stopped the elevator. I was shocked and quickly pushed the open button.repeatedly..

"Omo! Mianheamnida.. I didn't see you there.." I said while bowing slightly..

"It's okay,dear.."

I look up..

I was stunned..

It was...


The guy that i saw at the bar!

I looked away and hide my blush.

My heart pounded fast when i saw his eyes..

"Have we seen each other before?" I asked

'Yes.. at the seventh floor..when i was checking in my room.."

Oh my! now i remember! I looked back to check him out..!


"Really? i knew it! i know i have met you somewhere.." I smiled happily..

"My name is Hyuna.." I hold out my hand to shake with his hands..

"Hyunseung.." He took my hand..

I though he was going to  shake it but then he..

kissed my hand passionately..

did he fall in love with my hand?

"oh, Mr. Hyunseung.. Such a gentleman you are.."

Hyuna said..

"Who could resists such beauty?" He said and smiled..

I look away, hiding my blush..


The sound of the bell, indicatng we reached the floor..

I walked out and saw he was walking out as well..

"Did you.."

"I stay at the Presidential Suite..You?"

He asked..

"I stayed at the Suite for a night.." I looked up at him..

We both arrive at my suite first..

"This is where i stay.. Nice meeting you.."

I bowed..

"Pleasure is mine.." He kissed my left hand and the back of my hand..

I was watching him kissing my hands passionately when..



I froze..

He smirked looking at me and walked away, suave..

I quickly close the door and locked it..

A heat rushed through my body and my fce..

I could feel my cheek burning hot

and my heart skipped a beat..


The Troublemaker -   chapter 3: Chapter 3- Fatal Attraction 3