Chapter 2- Sexy meets a hottie..




Hyuna screamed as piles of boxes filled with spatulas dropped onto her..


"Miss?" She could hear the voice of a young girl and the ahjumma calling her from outside of the pile..

Turns out, it was not boxes of spatulas, but boxes of fluffy Angry Birds soft toys..

Still she was suffocated..

"Are you alright?" She heard another voice asked.

"Its okay.. she'll be okay..."

The young girl and ahjumma went away calling the rest of the workers to lift the boxes..

Hyuna who was trying to go back to reality,snapped when a strong arms pulled her from Fluffyland and into the real world..

"ahhhh.." She breathe for air..

She looked at the person who saves her..

"Are you atill in your dreamland,dear?" 

The hand that was swiped in front of her face slowly recover her blurry vision to see her savior..

"Thank you....

"Welcome.. Next time, watched where you are going please...?"

The person walks away, leaving a dumbfounded Hyuna who still recovering her vision and she was focusing at the person who was walking away from her..




Hyuna whined as a bag of frozen peas was thrown at her left cheeks harshly.. She looked sharply at Sandara who was grinning from her stance..

"What the heck, Dara? What's with the throwing?"

"You;re asking me ? Hello.. You are the one that should quit dreaming about a prince charming that never exists! Aigoo, this kid!"

Dara sighed as she slumped beside Hyuna, who was watching Charlie's Angels on TV..

"Man, you really love this sort of movie ain't it?"

"You know i never say not to adventures, Dara.. Its my life.." 

Hyuna was talking but her eyes was concentrating fully at the TV..

"As long as you don't bring dead people or bombs inside this house, i am okay with it.."

Dara munched on the popcorn while watching the TV..

"What time does your shift starts?"

"9.00pm.. Damn, i love cameron Diaz! her moves are a killer! Not to mention the body!.. I would kill for a skill like that.."

Hyuna commented..

"Yah,, yah.. Will you be grateful for what you have, girl?"

Dara glared at her..

"Aish.. stop nagging, it was a dream..."

"You know what? Talking to you is like talking to my fat. At least my fat responded by shaking or wiggling..."

"Ewww.. Why are you comparing me to your fat> Gross.."

Hyuna make a disgusted look..



"Hey, Selena..."

Hyuna greeted when she entered the main lobby of the Grand Sheraton. 

She works as an entertainer at the cafe inside the hotel..

"Hey, Hyuna! Say, Linda want you to pick up something from the Presidental Suite.."

Hyuna furrowed her eyebrows..

"And why do i have to pick it up for her?"

"Dunno.. She said she just want you to pick it up.."

"Aigoo... That girl.. Her father owned this place but she still shy to enter the Suite.. That friend of mine.."

Hyuna shooked his head and went insdie the elevator..


She entered the Suite to find Linda's belongings that consist of her laptop, make-up kit and hair styling kit..

"How could she left these things in here! These things are very expensives..."

She quickly packed all the things and went out the Suite..

She makes sure that she locked the door tightly..

"There.. all locked.." She turned and started to walk to wards the elevator that was just around the corner..

The floor she was at only consists of 4 Suites, which makes it one of the most expensive floor among all the floor at the Hotel. One night in this suite is enough for a trip to Caribbean and Malibu...

She was about to walk to a turn when a young gentleman was walking towards her,wearing a red velvet suit. 

His hair was dark brown in color and it was a rough ones instead of the usual korean-style sleek guy hairstyles, makes him more manly in her eyes..

As the clanking of her high heels was heard through the quiet hallway, she was examining the figure from his legs up to his flat stomach and his torso..

His alluring collarbones..

His perfect chin..

His smooth silky skin..

his sexy brown orbs..

His smirking lips..


"Smirking lips?" Hyuna whispered to herself as she passed by the tall man.. She was walking backwards slowy to examine carefully..

The man has reached the door and took out his room pass.. He swiped it in the slot and the door opened..

He went in and Hyuna stopped her steps..

"Like what you see? "

The man said... Hyuna was confused..

"What? what did he said?" Hyuna said to herself..

"Have a nice day,sexy.." He closed the door and leaving Hyuna to process her brain of who is the owner of that magnificent body and that husky voice..

"Now where did i saw him? Looks like he knew me? Weird..."

Hyuna stepped in the elevator and pressed the ground floor where her workplace is..


In the Presidential Suite 2, the man who Hyuna encounter just now was smiling to himself remembering wht he saw..

"That girl sure looks interesting...But she seems dangerous to me... "

The man wipe his wet face with a towel and looked at the bag full of spying equipment..and firearms...

"Dangerously sexy..."

He smirked...

The Troublemaker -   chapter 2: Chapter 2- Sexy meets a hottie.. 2