Chapter One- Where it all begins

chapter 1




"Damn it!" Hyunseung cried as he tried to escape the high security lock down.

Today is the day Hyunseung was going to be taken down by the company because of his lack of judgement and failing to do the task in his past missions. The company really didn;]'t give him the chance this time.

Not after he messed up the Venice Breakdown mission. He almost killed his partner, Wayne when sailing through the sea, running from the goons of Cilandra..

It was not entirely his fault, his partner was just too slow..

"Oh shit.. I hate this infrared thing.." He was just getting out from the lockdown room into the main gate.

Then, he just remembered something..

"Gotcha..!" He reached  for a pole next to the gate with his long legs, trying to avoid the infrared that was blocking his way..





The sound of a noisy alarm clock filled Hyuna's room with its noisy and loud sound waking her up..


not a mere second, the clock was rested on the floor with the parts scattered all over place.. Then, the sheets on the bed begun to move and soon revealing a milky white thigh that was hanging from the side of the bed..

Soon, the owner of the body gets up andsat on the floor with her face sleepy and still feeling groggy.. Her eyes was examining her room,making sure she was in the right one..

Then, she moves her feet and accidently touched the parts of the alarm clock that was scattered on the floor..

"Shit it..! " Hyuna picked up the broken alarm clock that cost her almost 100,00 won.. 

She stare at the clock..

"Oh no! Now i have to buy a new clock! Damn it!" 


She grunted and fall her back on the back in frustration..


After the series of arguing whether to buy or not to buy a new alaram clock, Hyuna finally made her way to a convenient store that sells all kind of stuffs ranging from houseware to clothes..

"Excuse me.. "

Hyuna asked..

"Yes, can i help you sweetie..?"

A middle aged woman with a plump face smiled at Hyuna..

"Where can i find alarm clocks? I kinda broke mine so.."

"Tiring day at work eh? Aish.. there's nothing more tiring than have to buy a single alarm clock everytime we broke one.."

Hyuna smiled..

"Go staright and turn left at the red counter there.. You'll find the clock right next to your left.."

"Thank you..."

The woman smiled and nodded after Hyuna bowed to her..

"Such a nice ahjumma.. Now where is the clock?"

Hyuna went to the direction shown by the ahjumma.

When she was about to turn right, something happen..


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