Micky slowly opened his eyes. He then carefully moved so he could easily stare at Muko as she slept. He then smiled as he gently touched his wife’s cheek. He carefully ran down his finger on the side of her soft and flawless cheek.


            “Are you an angel? You’re so beautiful. I never thought I would be able to meet someone like you,” he uttered in his mind as he continued to watch Muko.


            Muko gently moved that quickly startled Micky. Somehow he didn’t want her to wake up yet. He still wanted more time to watch her sleep. He wanted to watch his angel while she slept so peacefully.


            Muko slowly opened her eyes and was surprised to see that Micky was already awake and was already smiling back at her.


            “Good morning beautiful,” he greeted in the most romantic voice.


            Muko’s heart somehow jumped with joy. She had never imagined that waking up beside the one you love would be the most wonderful feeling that a person can ever have. She sweetly smiled back at him. “You’re awake already? Don’t tell me you have been watching me sleep?” she asked.


            Micky chuckled. Then he gently caressed her cheek again. “I can go on watching you sleep even if it went on for days…. Just looking at you, makes my heart feel so complete.”


            “Oh Micky… you have such sweet words… no wonder so many girls fall for you,” she shyly uttered as she tried to look away. She was feeling nervous just staring back at him.


            He then lifted her face so their eyes could meet. “Yes, I may have so many sweet words that I can easily give away. But I only have one heart, and that my dear… I already gave to you,” he said in a very serious tone.


            Muko felt like she was melting under Micky’s stare.  “Are you really sure… we’re doing the right thing?” she unexpectedly asked out loud.


            “Doing the right thing?” Micky asked back. He was confused on what Muko was talking about.


            “I mean… us… being intimate with each other… We’re only married because…”


            Micky quickly stopped his wife from speaking by putting his finger on her lips. “I know what you’re going to say next. Please don’t continue… We’re not doing anything wrong. Yes, we may have gotten married for the wrong reason. But the fact remains… we are still married. I am still your husband and you are my wife. Even if our marriage started out quite wrong… there is still a chance for us to set things right. Let me show you how I truly feel about you,” he said lovingly.


            “I… I really don’t know what to say,” she uttered back as if totally confused.


            “Just say that you will let me love you,” he said in a husky voice that sent shivers down Muko’s body.


            “Micky, I am new at this… I have never fallen in love. Can you teach me everything you know … about love?” she innocently asked.


            He nodded and sweetly smiled back at his wife. “Yes, even if it takes forever. I am willing to teach you all about love…” he uttered as he gently drew her closer to him and embraced her tightly. “Just promise me that you will always be in my arms forever…”




            It was already noon time when Micky and Muko went out of their room. And as soon as they went out, the other DBSK members’ were already greeting them with mischievous smiles and grins.


            Muko immediately blushed as soon as she noticed the smiles on the other boys’ faces. Micky quickly looked back at his friends with a warning look which made the other boys erase the grins and smiles on their faces. All of them became serious even though their laughter was somehow being suppressed.


            Muko unexpectedly glanced at Xiah’s way. And she saw the way that he was trying to hold in his laughter that his face was already becoming red. She then quickly giggled and forgot about the embarrassment she was feeling.


            Micky was surprised to see his wife giggling and laughing. “What’s funny?” he asked, quite confused.


            “That…” Muko replied as she pointed at Xiah.


            Micky quickly looked at his friend and within seconds also ended up laughing. “Xiah, you look like a ripe tomato…”


            “Huh?” Xiah asked. “Ripe tomato? Me?”


            Max who was beside Xiah nodded, and started to laugh so hard that Jaejoong and U-Know quickly joined in.


            Micky laughed as well. But as he laughed, he gently placed his arms around his wife, which in turn made Muko stare back at him. Somehow she was asking him what he was doing.


            “Don’t you think it’s time we announce everything?” he asked mischievously.


            “Announce what?” Max suddenly asked curiously, while all their attention were drawn to the couple.


            “I just want to tell everybody a very important announcement,” Micky repeated.


            “What?” all the other DBSK boys asked in unison.


            “I just want to announce to everybody that I am making our marriage an official one. No more arranged marriage… I am going to keep this even if the one year agreement passes… I am in love with the wonderful woman beside me… And I plan to spend the rest of my life with her,” Micky said with a happy smile on his lips.


            And as Muko heard those words, her heart somehow became so light with happiness that it was like she was flying. She had heard him say that he was in love with her…. And she knew she also felt the same way.


This was the very first day in her life that she woke up feeling so happy. The most unforgettable day that she woke up with the only man she had ever loved right next beside her. This was going to be start of her new life with him. Everything was already in its right place. She was no longer thinking about her problems. And she wasn’t thinking about the people around her. She was happy with her new life. She was thinking the day was so perfect… but she had no idea, somewhere… a storm was starting to grow…




Here we are baby, we’re going to see your father now…”


BORROWED FROM GOD -   chapter 26: CHAPTER 26 26


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