“What do you think happened to her?” Xiah asked with a concerned look on his face.


            Micky shook his head lightly and just sighed heavily. He then cupped his face with his hands in total frustration.


            Jaejoong lightly tapped Micky’s shoulder as if to say he could handle the problem he was facing. “Don’t worry. The doctor said she’s just exhausted. And her fever is already gone. So she should be okay,” he said with an assuring voice.


            “I don’t get it. How come she was so upset when she arrived here? And I can’t even contact Hikaru now. Her phone just keeps on ringing, but no one answers. I think the reason why Muko’s sick is because of Hikaru. I really need to talk to that witch,” Micky said out loud in anger.


            “Well… that is a possible. But we really don’t have an exact reason yet. So we can’t pinpoint all the blame on Hikaru just yet,” Max said.


            “Well she’s the only reason that Muko is always in a mess. She’s the one making Muko’s life a living hell,” Micky replied.


            “Have you tried contacting Muko’s friends?” U-Know asked.


            Micky shook his head. “Muko’s phone is locked. I can’t open it. And I don’t have her friends’ numbers stored in my phone.”


            Jaejoong couldn’t help but shook his head. “You know, even if the two of you are just in a fake marriage, you’re still responsible for her. You should at least show some kind of concern for the girl. And taking her friends’ numbers is one thing you should have never forgotten.”


            Micky looked at Jaejoong. “Yes, I know. I was just so caught up with a lot of things. It totally slipped out of my mind.”


            “So what are we going to do now?” Max asked. “Are we just going to wait until she wakes up again so we can get some answers? Or are we going to look for the answers right now?”


            “How do you suggest we go and look for the answers, Mr. Wiseguy?” Xiah asked with a teasing smile on his face.


            “Well I know the place where Ah Sang lives. We can go and talk to her,” Max answered.


            “You know, where she lives? How?”  Jaejoong asked in total amazement.


            “Her apartment is near the cake shop where I buy my favorite cakes from. She was telling one of her friends about it and I just over heard her. So that’s how I knew…” Max proudly answered.


            U-Know and Xiah exchanged glances with each other and immediately burst out laughing.


            “My stomach is hurting…. Ohhhh!!!!” Xiah uttered as he continued laughing.


            “Hey, what’s funny?” Max asked curiously.


            Jaejoong laughed a bit as well. “Well, you still managed to squeeze in food into our serious conversation. God, Max… is there anything we can talk about that you can’t associate food with?”


            Max shyly scratched his head. “I was just helping out…. You guys are teasing me again,” he said with a low voice.


            Micky looked at his friends, and momentarily forgot about his problem. He smiled. “Can you guys do me a favor?”


            “What is it?” U-Know quickly asked.


            “Can you guys go to Ah Sang and asked her if she knows anything about the reason why Muko is upset? I am really worried about Muko. I need to find out what’s going on,” Micky answered.


            U-Know nodded his head and smiled. “Sure, we will go and check on Muko’s friends. And you… you just stay here and take care of her. She might suddenly wake up and start crying again.”


            “If she wakes up and suddenly feels hungry, I already prepared a light soup in the kitchen. And  I also prepared a special tea. Give it to her when she wakes up,” Jaejoong added.


            “Thanks,” Micky uttered to Jaejoong.


            Jaejoong smiled and just nodded his head. “Make sure you take good care of her. And don’t pressure her to answer your questions. Give her some time to relax and calm down.”


            Micky smiled as well. “Don’t worry.”


            “Well, come on guys. Let’s change already. We need to find Muko’s friends,” U-Know uttered as he quickly went straight to his room. “We’re leaving in 15 minutes.”


            Half an hour later…..


            “Hikaru… Hikaru…. Hikaru!!!” Muko screamed as she suddenly opened her eyes. She was covered in cold sweat. And her heart was racing so fast that she was finding it hard to breathe.


            “What’ s wrong Muko?” Micky who was nearby quickly sat down on the bed and looked at her with worry. “Why? Did something happen to Hikaru?”


            Muko looked at Micky. But her stare just went straight through him. She wasn’t herself. It was like she was in another place. Yes, her body was in Micky’s room, but her soul was somewhere else… wondering out in the open space.


            “Muko, are you all right?” Micky asked as he lightly shook Muko’s shoulders as if to wake her up.


            It took several minutes before Muko finally responded. She was totally lost. After realizing where she was, she then started to cry again.


            “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Micky asked in total desperation. He was so concerned and very scared. He was worried that Muko might collapse again if she continued to cry. He lovingly took her into his arms and started to caress her head as she cried.


            As Micky held his wife in his arms, his heart was beating wildly. Her soft and warm body next to his, and the sweet smell of her perfume was driving his senses out of control. He couldn’t deny the warm feeling that was slowly creeping into his entire body. He tried to breathe deeply so to stop himself from thinking any wild thoughts.


            Muko suddenly stopped crying, she somehow noticed the heavy breathing that Micky was making. She then slowly looked up at him. And at that exact moment, their eyes met… “Micky,” she slowly uttered. She could see the longing and desire in his eyes. And it was then she could no longer deny her own feelings as well.


            As their lips slowly met… something rushed into Muko’s mind.


            “I want you to give yourself to Micky and bear his child,” – the words of her dying sister.


            Muko felt like she wanted to cry… She was finally giving herself to Micky. But she wasn’t doing it because of her sister’s wish… but because of only one reason…  She loved him… No matter how hard she tried to deny it, she was already in love with him.


Micky’s soft kiss deepened as time passed by. The sensation it was bringing him was enough to drive him into complete insanity. He wanted more and more, and he knew she wanted it as well. The response she was giving him was already enough to say it out loud.


            Carefully and lovingly, Micky started to undress Muko. Only one thing was running in his mind at that moment. He wanted her badly and he didn’t care about the consequences anymore. He wanted her to be his and his alone. He wanted to claim her as his wife… His mind had already lost the battle. All the reasoning and fair judgments were gone. His entire body was already controlled by desire.


            And as they passionately made love with each other…. they didn’t care about the problems that will surely come along the way. All that they cared about was their true feelings. They both needed each other. Their hearts were the ones that were in control. They could tell lies and pretend but at that exact moment… their hearts, bodies and souls were already joined as one.




BORROWED FROM GOD -   chapter 25: CHAPTER 25 25


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