Although the two have split, singer Elva Hsiao still backed Kai Ko up in the midst of his drug abuse case


Following his reportedly dating Elroy Cheo at the moment, left encouraging messages on Weibo and Instagram for both Kai and Jaycee Chan, who was found in possession of marijuana.

'Don't you dare give up, you understand? One mistake won't erase all the good in you. We are all waiting for your return. It may be tough but very soon, you will be safe,' she wrote.

Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu also expressed worry for his 'godson' Kai. The celebrity, who is good friends with Kai's father, posted on Weibo: 'I haven't been sleeping well for the past two days, not sure if it's the time lag or my foul mood. What is done wrong is already wrong, ignore the views of the world. Just make sure you are able to face yourself and your family in future.'

Fellow actor Eddie Peng also hopes for people to give the 23-year-old a second chance, 'He is a talented actor and a polite kid. It is a pity that this incident caused worry for his family and fans. But he has already apologised and I believe he will not disappoint if everyone gives him a second chance.'

However, Mandopop dance king Show Luo condemned Kai for his mistake: 'As a public figure, you have to be a role model. I will not contact anyone who does drugs.'

The music label of singer-actor Alan Ko also clarified on reports that initially mistook Kai for the son of Taiwanese director Blackie Ko, 'Netizens from Mainland are spreading incorrect rumours. Although it is ridiculous, just get your facts right.'


Elva Hsiao's encouraging message for Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan


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Several companies have requested to terminate their contracts with the actor after he was arrested for using drugs


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who is currently serving a 14-day sentence in Beijing after he was arrested for marijuana abuse on Tuesday, is expected to face contract terminations from advertisers that are concerned about his damaged reputation.

As the ambassador of a total of 11 brands, including KFC, Canon and adidas, Kai reportedly rakes in approximately S$4.1 million worth of endorsement fees every year. After news of his drug case broke, advertisers have requested to end their working relationship, which would cause the actor to suffer a S$1.23 million loss in income.

On top of that, the 23-year-old has three movies up for release: Tiny Times 4, A Choo and Monster Hunt.  A Choo, which was scheduled to open in Chinese cinemas in October, is likely to be postponed as a result of Kai's case.

Kai suspended his studies at Chinese Culture University in Taiwan after his debut to focus on showbiz. Rumours are rife that the You Are the Apple of My Eye star might consider entering the military to lie low before making his comeback.

At the same time, some netizens have pointed their fingers at Jaycee Chan, who was arrested together with Kai, for leading the latter astray. According to media reports, the two became friends three years ago and hit it off immediately due to their fun-loving personalities.

The duo was spotted clubbing together on numerous occasions, something which angered Kai's ex-girlfriend, singer Elva Hsiao. The ex-couple is said to have frequently quarrelled over this issue, causing a drift in their relationship that eventually led to their split.

While speaking to reporters, Kai's father said that he does not blame Jaycee for his son's mistake. 



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The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral with many celebrities pouring water over themselves to raise funds and awareness for ALS (Lou Gerig's disease). Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau is no exception and completed the challenge on Tuesday afternoon.

He was nominated on Monday and took up the challenge on a rooftop after he returned to Hong Kong from Beijing.

The 53-year-old also donated US$1million (approximately S$1.24million) to the ALS Association and passed the baton on to superstar Jay Chou, pianist Lang Lang and Hong Kong paralympian So Wa Wai.

Jay was in the studio when he received the challenge and immediately completed the feat despite looking unkempt. The Mandopop star was caught off-guard when his assistant poured water over him before he finished speaking.

Besides nominating lyricist Fang Wen Shan and Taiwanese band Mayday for the challenge, Jay also donated NT$100,000 (approximately S$4,160) to the cause.

Additionally, Taiwanese musician Wang Lee Hom accepted local singer JJ Lin's nomination and named Mayday's vocalist A-shin and actress Zhang Ziyi as contenders.

Mayday, who was nominated by many, finally appointed members Masa, Guan You and Stone to finish the challenge on Tuesday before passing it on to Japanese actor-singer Takeshi Kaneshiro, Taiwanese celebrity Jeannie Hsieh and director Chang Chen.




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The Taiwanese singer revealed that she once prayed to 'God of Marriage' before her debut


Mandopop star Jolin Tsai's mother was recently reported to have offered prayers at a fox fairy temple for the singer to have a smooth love life. While speaking to the media at an event on Monday, Jolin commented on the reports, saying, 'This is hilarious. My fans are my fox fairies.'

However, the 33-year-old let on that she once prayed to the 'God of Marriage' before her showbiz debut. 'I stopped praying for relationship matters after entering the industry. I have a smooth-sailing career and I don't have any special wish for my love life,' she added.

Also, Jolin did not seem to be affected by the string of marriage news in showbiz, including rumours of her ex-beau Jay Chou's impending wedding. Although she has been in a stable relationship with model Vivian Dawson for four years, the singer does not intend to walk down the aisle yet. 

When asked on her dream wedding, Jolin admitted that she 'has not considered that much'.


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The Taiwanese trio will develop their careers in different fields for the rest of the year


Members of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, will reportedly focus on their solo activities for the rest of the year, after concluding their 2GETHER 4EVER encore concert in Taipei last week.

On Sunday, the trio performed at a concert organised by mobile video game 'Tower of Saviors'. The show, which was hosted by Selina, is said to be S.H.E's final appearance as a group this year.

Displaying her mature hosting skills in recent years, Selina allegedly plans to solidify her position in the field by taking up the huge role as an emcee at Golden Bell Awards at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Hebe will continue to develop her career as a singer. This year alone, the songbird has performed at the coveted Taipei Arena for a total of six times. Rumours are rife that the 31-year-old will throw her solo concert at the same venue later this year. '[Taipei Arena] is like my kitchen now,' she joked.

As for Ella, the 33-year-old will be working on expanding her acting career. Besides landing a role in new film I Love Binlang, the actress will soon embark on promotional activities for new drama The Lying Game.


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Malaysian singer Fish Leong's 4-month-old son is said to have Taiwanese heartthrob Eddie Peng's features


After has since been sharing photos of baby Anderson on Weibo. Last Saturday, she posted a photo of herself and her boy with the caption: 'Good morning! Anderson says hello to everyone!'

Showing off large doe eyes and blissful smiles, netizens commented on how adorable both mother and son looked. Sharp-eyed netizens even spotted the resemblance between Anderson and Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng and said that 'Anderson will grow up to be a handsome lad'.

It is said that 36-year-old Fish has yet to lose her pregnancy weight even though four months have passed after delivering Anderson. She previously said on Weibo: 'It is so difficult to slim down after giving birth, but Mummy will work hard.'

However, Fish's good friend Jolin Tsai praised her for looking as pretty as ever with her sharp chin and palm-sized face as seen in the photo.


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The proud father made the declaration when he attended an event with his four-year-old daughter


Four-year-old Wu Xinyi (nicknamed Nei Nei) may have yet to officially step into the glitzy world of showbiz but she already has a manager lined up in the form of her doting father, Wu Chun. The 34-year-old was in Macau to attend the fourth anniversary of water-based show 'The House of Dancing Water' on August 14, which was an early treat ahead of Nei Nei's fourth birthday.

The camera-loving tot waved and blew kisses on the red carpet and declared her birthday wish to be none other than, 'Daddy!' The crowd burst into laughter, however, when Nei Nei chose lollipops over her dad immediately after that. Wu Chun then mused that he will not brood over it because his baby girl chose him first.

The Bruneian entertainer let on that he had initially hoped for his entire family of four to attend the celebrations together but his wife objected to it on the basis that their son is still too young to travel.

Sharing that it was the first time he watched the show, he praised it as a world-class show that showcases the performers' strong wills. He added, 'I hope that my daughter can embrace such determination while standing strong on her stage of life, even when she encounters setbacks. Family is the eternal safe haven.'

Questions on Nei Nei's future in showbiz have also been prompted, especially after her appearance on Chinese reality show Daddy is Back. He shared, 'Actually, she gets very nervous. Normally she talks nonstop but she was probably taken aback by the camera flashes just now. If she can get used to it, she will probably have an easier time as a celebrity.'

He added that he has no objections to her joining ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Mandopop superstar Jay Chou and his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan are reportedly on a beach vacation at the moment, as part of the latter's 21st birthday celebrations. Rumours are rife that the multi-hyphenate is planning to propose during this holiday.

Throughout their three-year relationship, Jay has brought Hannah overseas on various important occasions. The couple was previously spotted in Europe, United States and Japan.

At an event in June, Jay promised to marry his girlfriend before turning 36 next January, sparking rumours that wedding preparations are underway. According to Taiwanese media, Hannah was so impressed by reknowned photographer Liang Su, who was also Vivian Hsu's wedding photographer, during a recent assignment that she hired his services for her own matrimonial photoshoot.

However, Liang Su has denied the claim while Hannah's company refused to comment on the artiste's personal affairs.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jay's fans, who had openly opposed to the relationship at first, have come to accept Hannah as their 'sister-in-law'. Some even expressed well wishes on the actress' birthday while others created composite wedding photos of the two.

Sources also revealed that Hannah earned the likes of Jay's mother with her good culinary skills and caring nature. Besides managing her boyfriend's diet, the actress-model would also regularly pack food for her future mother-in-law when she goes out, a virtue which allegedly did not go unnoticed by Jay.




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The trio expressed affection for one another and even announced 'good news is on the way' for Hebe


Taiwanese girl group S.H.E gave it their all at their second 2GETHER 4EVER concert at the Taipei Arena two days ago, as 'we don't know when the next concert will be'. Breaking out in song and dance, the three ladies displayed their affections and even openly smooched one another in front of everyone.

For their last concert night, they invited their senior and fellow label mate Taiwanese rock duo Power Station as guest singers. Selina and Ella, who are now happily married, even played matchmaker for Hebe and Power Station's You Chiu-hsing since they are both dog-lovers and share the same quiet personality.

Thereafter, the two added that good news was on the way for S.H.E, but made it clear that they 'are not pregnant.' To prove their point, Ella did a split on the spot and Selina rubbed her tummy.

The 'good news,' according to the members, turned out to be Hebe's upcoming solo concert, to which the 31-year-old joked, 'Yeah so unlucky (to hold a concert without them).'

Selina, who completed a 10-km marathon in June after recovering from her burn injuries, expressed her desire to be Hebe's back-up singer while Ella unabashedly recommended Hebe to invite her as guest performer.




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Taiwanese band Mayday donate funds raised from their 'Just Love It!' charity concerts to the less fortunate


Taiwanese rock band Mayday's 'Just Love It!' charity concert is in its third year running. This year, the quintet have chalked up approximately S$4 million to help the underprivileged in Taiwan.

They have held four such concerts this year with Kaohsiung being the first stop, followed by Beijing, Shenzhen and Yilan. The Kaohsiung performance on July 27 together with the last performance and an after-party auction held in Yilan last Friday night, raised NT$56.94 million (approximately S$2.33 million) in total.

As the amount missed NT$57 million (approximately S$2.337 million) by NT$50,000 (approximately S$2,000), the members persuaded drummer Guanyou to top up the remaining.

Several Taiwanese celebrities who had recently donated to aid in the crises that hit Taiwan ' Kaohsiung gas pipe explosions ' were criticised for not disclosing the amount of money they donated.

In response, Mayday's vocalist Ashin said, 'Kindness does not have to be shown openly, it is the thought that counts.'

He even requested for Guanyou to be photographed with a certificate of donation and explained, 'We want to make the donation amount transparent, so please help to spread this on Facebook and Weibo.'

Besides the NTS57 million raised, concert organizer B'in Music also contributed NT$5 million (approximately S$20,000) worth of celebrity merchandise and charity goodie bags for sale.



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