Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu, who registered her marriage with Korean boyfriend Choi Jae Sung (nicknamed 'Mr. Big') last November, finally held her wedding banquet in Korea last Friday.

The venue was at Aston House, the location of popular Korean drama Hotelier and also a hot favourite for couples to hold weddings.

Although it poured halfway through the wedding rehearsal and the ceremony got delayed, it was still a heartwarming occasion. Valen was led down the aisle by her father and they exchanged vows in front of family members and close friends.

The couple dedicated songs to each other with the accompaniment of live musicians ' Mr. Big sang 'She' and Valen crooned a Korean song 'I Am In Love'.

40-year-old Mr. Big, a senior manager at S.M. Entertainment, was shy when it came to singing but found courage when the guests gave him a round of applause. The happy bride revealed she had secretly practiced the song two months ago to surprise her husband.

After a tear-jerking speech by Valen's father, her celebrity friends Charlie Young, Angelica Lee, Tanya Chua, Angela Chang, Waa Wei and Fish Leong sang a Chinese classic 'The Moon Represents My Heart' for the newly-weds.



Charlie Young (second from left), Angelica Lee (second from right) and family


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Following his faced pull-outs from as many as 19 endorsers. He is reportedly requested to compensate them NT$50 million (approximately S$2.1 million) in damages.

The 19 companies are split into three groups ' those who had to remove his advertisements and are seeking for compensation, others who are still monitoring the situation, and those like Adidas and KFC whose contracts with Kai have already or are about to expire and thus do not need compensation.

There are news that NIVEA Men and chewing gum company Stride have demanded compensation as well. It is estimated that he has to pay up to twice the amount sought after currently, if another third of the endorsers were to demand compensation.

The manager of the 23-year-old, Angie Chai, said in response, 'The company and Kai will bear the costs. We will go through the hard times together. His mood is still pretty bad so we have not discussed (whether he will bear the entire bill).'

As to previous rumours of the Chinese media industry banning Kai, it will not happen as movies A Choo and Tiny Times 4 will be released as planned. Authorities commended his bravery in admitting his mistake and called him a 'good role model'.


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The singer brought his wife and daughter to Shanghai but kept her 'under wraps'


American-born Chinese singer Lee Hom recently brought his wife and two-month-old daughter on a work trip to Shanghai. To prevent exposing his daughter to the media on the way back to Taiwan, he kept her 'under wraps' with a cloth over her head, only revealing her legs.

Lee Hom also forked out NT$9,800 (approximately S$412) to take a private route out of the Taipei Songshan Airport before heading home.

Despite hiding their daughter, the singer's wife, Lee Jinglei, did not avoid the media but smiled and waved politely.

In addition, there have been worries about his daughter taking the plane at such a young age, but Lee Hom's management shared 'the pediatrician had given the green light, thank you all for your concern.'




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The couple have been open about their relationship and netizens dub them as 'an old married couple'


Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai and beau of four years, Vivian Dawson, were spotted on yet another date recently at a convenience store. The Eurasian model was footing the bill for milk while she waited by the side.

Netizens laughed at the sight and called them 'an old married couple'.

Also, netizens commented on Jolin's outfit ' a one-piece which revealed part of her bra at the back ' that 'it was too sexy for a date'.

The May-December romance between 33-year-old Jolin and 27-year-old Vivian has been smooth and they have been photographed on lavish dates overseas as well as street-dates.

The lovebirds were seen hand in hand roaming the streets of London last month and even though Jolin is busy preparing for new album slated to be released this November, she never fails to make time for Vivian.




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Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang and rumoured girlfriend Zhang Li spent Mid-Autumn Festival together in Taiwan and were said to be meeting his parents although he denied it.

The on-screen couple of Perhaps Love, the Chinese version of Korean variety show We Got Married, spent a day at a beach in Yilan together and are believed to be developing feelings for each other.

Sunny revealed that he admires her character, 'She is competitive and independent, bubbly yet direct and knows what she wants, so she works hard for it and is a perfectionist.'

The 31-year-old, who said he has marriage in mind, had introduced Zhang Li to his father when the crew of Perhaps Love filmed in Taiwan in June, who in turn thanked her for helping Sunny grow and mature.

Sunny added through his manager that 'his friends and grandparents will like (Zhang Li too)'.

His ex-girlfriend, Elva Hsiao, who is currently said to be in a relationship with Elroy Cheo, also gave her well-wishes.



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Five months after Taiwanese band Sodagreen's drummer Wei (Shi Jun Wei) proposed to his girlfriend Sunny at a concert, the couple threw an engagement party yesterday and will hold a church wedding at the end of the month.

Wei, third member of Sodagreen to tie the knot, had secretly planned and executed his proposal during the band's Hong Kong concert in April. The drummer shocked everyone, including his bandmates and boss, when he abruptly invited Sunny onstage and went on bended knee to ask for her hand.

Lead singer Greeny Wu, better known as Qing Feng, was reportedly so surprised that he exclaimed: 'How can you not tell us!'

In July, Wei posted photos from their wedding photoshoot and left a sweet message for his wife-to-be. 'What more can a man ask for, when he has a wife like you,' he wrote.



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The Taiwanese actor brought rumoured girlfriend Zhang Li to Taiwan and spent the festival together


Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang and Chinese actress Zhang Li have reportedly been dating for more than half a year after filming Perhaps Love, the Chinese version of Korean reality show We Got Married.

The on-screen couple were said to have developed real feelings for each other after the show, often bickering on Weibo and even spending time together in private.

Although they have already stopped filming Perhaps Love, the two still kept in touch and Zhang Li even followed Sunny on a recent Hong Kong trip where they were spotted shopping and dining together.

On Sunday, both of them then travelled from Hong Kong to Taiwan and spent Mid-Autumn Festival together. However, Sunny clarified she was there to settle her personal matters and took the opportunity to explore Taiwan, not to meet his parents as 'they are overseas'.

In addition, Zhang Li revealed in a recent interview, 'My mum likes Sunny's shy personality. Sometimes I cannot even differentiate if I'm really in love or it's just for show.'

Sunny, who admitted through his manager that he and Zhang Li have good impressions of each other, also shared, 'I feel comfortable around Zhang Li. The more I know her, the more I like her.'

In another interview with a magazine, the 31-year-old said, 'I am already past the age to have fun. It's time to find someone to love and settle down.'




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The Taiwanese singer's rumoured beau wore the same shirt which she had previously worn


Following rumours of Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao and rumoured beau Elroy Cheo semi-cohabitating, new word has been going around that Elroy recently spent the night at her place when he was spotted by sharp-eyed fans wearing the same shirt that Elva had previously worn.

Last Friday, the two attended the opening of Playhouse restaurant which Elva's manager had invested in. Elroy wore a Givenchy T-shirt to the event and Elva had the exact same piece too.

Netizens speculated, 'He must have spent the night at her house and had no (presentable) clothes to wear in the morning, so he wore hers.'

Elva's manager refuted the rumours, then clarified that she had bought the shirt a year ago and Elroy, being a fashionista, must have bought himself one too.



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The singer's three-month baby bump was seen in recent photos taken at a celebration party


Celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan announced last month that they are expecting twins after their three-year marriage. They held a barbeque party recently to celebrate the good news, as well as Mid-Autumn Festival and American rapper Miss Ko's birthday (Sept 5).

Apple from Taiwanese girl group Hey Girl, actress Kuo Shu-yau and her sister as well as many others were also at the party.

Thereafter, Blackie uploaded several group photos which showed Christine's slight baby bump and her radiant smile.

As the mum-to-be was spotted with sweet corn in her hands in every photo, netizens teased, 'We know you're pregnant but can you please put the corn down when taking a picture?'




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Singer-songwriter Wilber Pan is rumoured to be dating Doris Lai, who was previously romantically-linked to Jay Chou


American-born Taiwanese-based singer Wilber Pan has been rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actress-model Doris Lai after she posted a photo of a credit card bill of US$6,728.48 (approximately S$8,436) last Saturday on Instagram with Wilber being the cardholder.

Wilber has recently ended promotional activities for his latest album Crown & Clown and returned to the States for a rest. The photo posted by Doris had the caption 'thank you NY' and the location on the bill was at a pub in New York ' Up & Down.

She first uploaded the original bill but realised his name was revealed. It was deleted immediately and she uploaded another one with a heart over his name. She deleted the second photo later as well.

Doris clarified through her manager last Saturday that she did meet Wilber in New York.

'Our mutual friend got married in the States, so we met at the banquet. There were about 20 of us at the pub. Wilber foot the bill in advance and it was split among the rest of us.'

The 30-year-old also explained she wanted to avoid questions on her relationship status and causing any inconvenience to Wilber, so she deleted the photos.

Doris insisted they were good friends and emphasised she is currently single. She added, 'Wilber and I have been friends for a long time. I even supported him at a variety show during his album release. If we were dating, how can we appear on the same show together?'

Wilber's manager did not respond to the rumours.

The singer, who has debuted for 13 years, had previously been said to be dating Bebe Yang, the heiress of a construction company, for three years.

Bebe was even photographed entering and leaving Wilber's apartment ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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