The actor held a press conference in Beijing after his release to apologise for his misdeeds


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was released from detention this morning (Aug 29), two weeks after being busted for smoking marijuana. His parents arrived at the detention facility half an hour before he was due to be released, where a large media crowd had gathered to catch a glimpse of the star.

Upon his release at midnight, he was whisked off to his Beijing hotel in a squad car, where reporters awaited his arrival. The large group of media reportedly ambushed Kai once he disembarked, where he is said to have hurled vulgarities at them and was pulled away by his security team before the situation got out of hand.

At 2.30pm, the actor held a press conference to apologise for his misdeeds, which was also attended by his boss Angie Chai and his parents. Breaking into tears soon after speaking into the microphone, the visibly emotional 23-year-old started, 'I did wrong; there's no explanation, no reason nor excuse. I was plain wrong.'

He continued, 'I was very fortunate to have been given so many chances and everyone has been very supportive of me throughout my career but I never realised that my success doesn't just belong to me, it belongs to everyone who loves and supports me.'

Kai added, 'The trust that everyone had in me ' directors, fellow actors, crew and so on has been broken and I can only say that I'm sorry to them and I never thought I would feel so upset because of the consequences of my actions on them. ('¦) To the fans who have supported me, I've disappointed you and I've done wrong. I'm definitely in the wrong and did something illegal; never emulate my actions.'



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Taiwanese super girl group S.H.E recently wrapped up their encore concert in Taipei, where they announced that member Selina will be holding a solo concert soon. Looks like fans have more to look forward to now as the 31-year-old has declared that she is in the midst of recording her first solo album.

Selina revealed that she will be releasing her first solo effort at the end of October and posted on her micro-blog, 'I always get a cold whenever it comes to recording periods and my voice ends up really nasally in the songs. This time, it's even worse.'

According to reports, she has been coughing for close to two months and has tried remedies from both the East and West in a bid to recover. There was a period of time in which she was worried that there would be long-term effects to her voice but she has recovered since then.

She shared yesterday (Aug 28), 'I'm thankfully feeling a lot better and it's time to enter the recording studio! (My) colleagues hid in the studio to give me a surprise and even game me these My Melody dolls so that I won't be alone during recording ~ How thoughtful! I hope that it will be smooth sailing from now!'


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The mother of three collapsed due to giddiness while filming variety show Here Comes Kangxi


Dee Hsu, the host of Taiwanese variety show Here Comes Kangxi, collapsed suddenly on Wednesday when filming the programme due to giddiness. The 36-year-old was believed to have begun filming from noon till evening when she felt uncomfortable and fell to the ground in spasms.

The production unit was in shock and cancelled the recording of the show. The incident led to rumours of the mother of three expecting a fourth baby, but her manager denied those speculations.

She explained it was due to fatigue after Dee brought her daughters for a 10-day vacation. Dee returned to Taiwan on Tuesday and was still suffering from jet leg. In addition, she started work immediately, worked the entire day and was tired.

Her manager added, 'Dee Hsu had already felt faint when she stepped into the studio. She probably did not eat dinner and had low blood sugar that day, so filming was cancelled.'

Dee Hsu, who is alright now, went home to rest without seeing the doctor as she did not have any schedules yesterday.


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BEIJING: Actor Kai Ko, who was arrested for smoking marijuana on Aug 14, was released after 14 days of administrative detention in Beijing at midnight on Thursday (Aug 28), Chinese media reported.

A large crowd of reporters and photographers gathered around the police station as Ko left the building, accompanied by a small group which included his parents. Ko and his party quickly departed but were greeted by more reporters at their hotel, and had to jostle their way past the crowd to reach the lift to their rooms.

"Smoking marijuana is illegal and harms both you and the people around you. I don't want to make the people around me sad again," said Ko, in an interview with a Chinese media outlet, his first following his arrest.

"I'll never smoke marijuana again, and hope the people in my life won't have any more contact with drugs. I feel there is no cause or reason for this. I made a mistake. I have to face up to it, accept responsibility for it and correct my mistakes."

Ko will hold a media conference to apologise for his actions in Beijing on Friday afternoon, and is scheduled to return to Taiwan in the evening. He will hold a similar media conference in Taiwan the following day, and may have to meet with the Taiwanese authorities to assist them with their investigations into the matter.

Unlike Ko, Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan, who was arrested with Ko on Aug 14, faces the more serious charge of providing a venue for drug use. It is unclear when he will be released from detention.


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Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin celebrated his 31st birthday in a low-key manner yesterday. The In Time with You star, who spent the day working, posted a photo on Weibo and wrote: 'I wish the best for everyone and for the world. Thanks everyone for the concern.'

Following Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko's arrest for marijuana abuse, Bo Lin was placed in the spotlight as suspicions of his involvement in the case arose. Long-time buddies with Jaycee, Bo Lin often partied at the former's residence in Beijing. After Kai entered the picture, the trio became known as 'the three musketeers' and regularly hung out together.

On the day of the arrest on Aug 17, Bo Lin happened to be at a fan meeting in Beijing and had no clue that his good friends had been caught.

To prove his innocence, Bo Lin has been very cooperative during the investigation. Although he was aware that Jaycee and Kai smoked weed, he claimed to play no part in it as he 'hates drugs'.

Worried about Bo Lin's implication in the case, his fans had been leaving comments on his posts. 'Please don't disappoint us. You are the only one left. Hang in there,' a netizen wrote.



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The singer's daughter was seen crying in the preview of the next episode and said, 'Bye, I have to go.'


Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and his two children Joe, 6, and Grace, 3, have joined the second season of China version reality show Dad, Where Are You Going? early this year. But his younger child will now be leaving the show as she bade farewell to co-stars and viewers in the preview of the next episode.

Grace was seen crying and saying goodbye to the other children, 'Bye, I have to go.'

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, one of the fathers on the show, hugged and consoled her, 'Grace is my goddess.'

Gary's management explained, 'Gary respects his daughter's decision and will not force her to do anything against her will.'

The production unit shared, 'Grace will leave the show and will not participate in the last stop of Dad, Where Are We Going?'

In addition, the host of the show, Li Rui, published a book which included conflicts of the show. A portion mentioned how Francis got angered by Gary during their first meeting when the latter told him, 'I grew up watching your movies,' and elaborated, 'Including the ones with explicit content.'

When this was made public, Francis expressed regret over participating in the show as 'he thought he only had to bring his child to the zoo. Now he has become a gorilla (laughing stock).'




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The singer jumped out of nowhere to grab the bouquet from the ladies who were standing in line for it


Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee and his girlfriend of 17 years finally tied the knot on Monday in Bali, where he reportedly spent HK$5million (approximately S$800,000) for the grand affair.

Many celebrities joined the couple in celebrating this occasion and rumoured lovers Elva Hsiao and Elroy Cheo also attended the event together. The bouquet toss from bride Fan Jiang saw Elva, Hong Kong actress Niki Chow, Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang and many others line up for it.

To everyone's surprise, Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo jumped above them all to grab the bouquet and the guests exploded in cheers and laughter. The 35-year-old, who had previously revealed his wish to get married and have three children, took a celebratory photo with the newlyweds and the ladies who 'lost' to him.

The wedding was filled with song and dance by celebrities' children and singers who attended. Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, Show, actors Nick Cheung and Eric Tsang as well as Hong Kong band The Wynners, which had Kenny and Alan on the lead vocals, gathered to sing for the couple.




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Husband Blackie Chen had misunderstood the meaning of artificial insemination and gave the wrong information


It was a blunder on husband Blackie Chen's part ' he and his wife, Christine Fan, had conceived naturally, contrary to what Blackie had said about undergoing artificial insemination.

Christine had announced her pregnancy on social media on Sunday and there were hearsay that the couple had gone through artificial insemination to conceive twins, to which Blackie had even confirmed.

However, 38-year-old Christine clarified it was 'artificial' only because she had consumed ovulation pills and used injections to stimulate ovulation so that her chances of getting pregnant will be increased.

It was said that the singer took her first injection in May before injecting Blackie's semen into her, but she failed to conceive.

Christine then underwent the process a second time in June, receiving more than 10 injections, before the doctor confirmed the presence of eggs and encouraged the couple to give it another try, and she successfully conceived.

The doctor explained that artificial insemination is the process whereby the sperm of the male is selected and injected into the oviduct where the eggs travel along. Although Christine ovulated with the help of medicine, it is still considered a natural process.


In addition, Blackie's grandmother was overjoyed when she heard that her grand-daughter-in-law is pregnant. His brother already has children, so the elder always told Blackie, 'My greatest wish is to see you have children.'

The loving husband also revealed he will travel to 'as far as Kaohsiung to buy whatever my wife craves for.'


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The two rumoured lovers attended Hong Kong actor's wedding celebrations in Bali and were teased to be practicing for their own


Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao attended Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee's wedding celebration party last Saturday and the ceremony yesterday in Bali with rumoured beau Elroy Cheo. They were even teased to be going through the ceremony as a form of practice for their own wedding, to which Elva shyly denied.

It was her birthday on Sunday and Elroy was said to have celebrated the occasion for her in Bali as well, gifting her a branded coat worth NT$200,000 (approximately S$8,200) with a caring message: 'You can wear this when you are at work.'

He is also preparing another present at the moment but Elva has no idea what it is, and there are guesses that it may be jewellery such as a ring.

The 35-year-old, who had previously expressed her support for ex-boyfriend Kai Ko in the face of his drug case, reportedly toured Bali with him in 2012 after her birthday too.




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The Taiwanese singer and husband Blackie Chen opted for that as the former was under too much pressure to conceive naturally


Celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen are finally parents after tying the knot three years ago. They shared the good news on Facebook on Sunday and nicknamed their twins 'Big Panda' and 'Small Panda'.

Christine revealed through her record label Linfair Records that she only knew of her pregnancy when she went to the hospital for a check-up after slipping in the toilet. The doctor told her she only had an eight-percent chance of conceiving twins at her age of 38, and the singer joked, 'The fall was hard, but miraculous.'

It was believed that Christine's weak body took a toll on her during the pregnancy where she had serious morning sickness and even bled severely during her sixth week. She has since put on three kilograms in order to provide sufficient nutrients for 'the pandas'.

However, there were rumours that the couple had undergone artificial insemination to get pregnant, to which Blackie admitted.

He said, 'Christine was under great pressure before she got pregnant due to public concern and the fact that her female friends are already expecting. We have worked very hard before succeeding.'

The two wanted to have children before they get older and do not wish to reveal too many details, 'we just want to share our joy.'

In addition, Christine will be releasing her new album this year and will proceed with recording as usual, but the exact release date will depend on the mother-to-be's health.



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