Lin Chi-ling allegedly froze her eggs at the National Taiwan University Hospital for fertility preservation

Taiwanese top model-actress Lin Chi-ling's close friend claimed that the star secretly undertook fertility preservation measures at the beginning of the year. She purportedly approached Dr. Wu Ming Yi, who specialises in oocyte cryopreservation (egg-freezing), to freeze eight of her oocytes (eggs) at the National Taiwan University Hospital.

Marriage between Chi-ling and her former beau, Taiwan's 'Toilet Bowl Prince' Qiu Shi Kai, had been speculated of for ten years, but never came to fruition.

The friend revealed, 'After Lin Chi-ling turned 39 last year, her mother got very anxious about her getting married and having kids. In order to lessen her worries, Chi-ling went to Dr. Wu Ming Yi for egg-freezing.'

During an interview on Wednesday, Chi-ling neither acknowledged nor denied freezing her eggs. She replied through her manager, 'Aiyo, there's no need to respond to something like this!'

However, Chi-ling had previously expressed willingness to undergo egg-freezing, stating that it was a good way to preserve fertility - which fuels speculation that she has done just that.

When asked to confirm the claims, Dr. Wu clarified hastily, 'I don't know!'


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Celebrities and fans flocked to Taiwanese screen siren Shu Qi's microblog yesterday (Apr 16), to express their well wishes for her 38th birthday. The actress acknowledged the greetings by posting a self-portrait and wrote: 'Thanks~~~'

Although speculations about Stephen Fung's surprise proposal turned out to be false, some netizens believe that the birthday cake seen in one of Shu Qi's photos was handmade by her rumoured beau.

In addition, Shu Qi's good friend, actor Eddie Peng, also shared a picture taken with the actress on his microblog. 'To the kindest and the most gentle movie queen in my heart '“ though you can be very fierce at times '“ I wish you eternal health, happiness and beauty. Happy Birthday!' he quipped.

Meanwhile, It Started with a Kiss star Joseph Cheng was green with envy after seeing his buddy's post and commented: 'I'm envious. I want to take a photo with my goddess too! Happy Birthday!'


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Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang confirmed this January that she is dating Prince (Qiu Shengyi) from boyband JPM, but word has spread that due to their busy schedules and frequent quarrels, they decided to call it quits after dating for one and a half years.

Their relationship was said to have surfaced two years ago, when Prince was seen entering Rainie's apartment. Last February, they were also caught at the Honolulu airport.

However, despite being photographed, the pair denied their relationship, though they continued to display their affections openly. Rainie turned up for Prince's concert last year, and he in turn sang her song 'Take Me Away'.

But their fans did not appear happy with this relationship as 29-year-old Rainie is four years older than her beau. It sparked an online war of words, where both sides criticised the other's idol for not being deserving of the other, and it did not stop till Rainie stepped in to placate both camps of fans.

It is a well-known fact that Rainie will develop rashes on her body whenever she is nervous, and when she heard her boyfriend's name mentioned during interviews last year, rashes would appear on her neck and chest, revealing how much this relationship meant to her.

In January, a reporter even sighted Prince sending her to the dentist.

But since Rainie left for Zhengzhou in China last year for filming, the couple has been struggling with the distance, which took a toll on their relationship.

When Rainie returned to Taiwan after filming, Prince was preparing to leave for Hangzhou to film for his new drama, and the pair was said to have communicated amiably when she returned at the end of last month, and decided to break up.
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Nicky Wu revealed that his kissing scenes with girlfriend Liu Shishi don't excite him

Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu claimed that he didn't feel anything when filming kiss scenes with girlfriend Liu Shishi (also known as Cecilia Liu), causing the actress' fans to be offended.

43-year-old Nicky and Shishi, 26, developed feelings for each other while filming the hit period drama Scarlet Heart. The pair got together while collaborating once again for its sequel, Bu Bu Jing Qing.

In Bu Bu Jing Qing, Shishi plays two different characters, and has a 'time-travel' kiss scene with her boyfriend, set at a large-scale company event that Nicky's character organises. The real and reel-life couple had such great chemistry that they finished the scene in three takes.

Although the intimate scene is under much public scrutiny, Nicky expressed that he 'feels nothing when filming kiss scenes (with Shishi).' Shishi's fans felt indignant on the behalf of the actress, and they even jokingly told her to 'discipline' him.

As Shishi is currently filming for The Imperial Doctress, she will only be able to take enough time off to attend five events, while Nicky '“ who is now shouldering the burden of promoting the drama '“ is set to appear at 20 different events.

The stars' managing company filtered through all questions from the media in order to ensure that the spotlight was not overly focused on Nicky and Shishi's romance. Nicky, too, hopes that the sequel can gain audience's approval.

Nicky and Shishi have enjoyed a fairly low-profile relationship since they went public in November last year. Hence, their joint appearances are highly anticipated by the media.

Bu Bu Jing Qing will be airing in China starting next ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The Taiwanese-based heartthrob is participating in celebrity parent-child TV programme 'Daddy Return Home'

Taiwanese-based Bruneian eye candy Wu Chun sent shockwaves when he announced late last year that he is a father to a two-year-old girl, when no one knew anything about his wife, whom he had dated for 18 years.

Two weeks later, he announced again that his wife had given birth to their second child '“ a boy. Subsequently, he became less private about his family, and even posted photos of his daughter online.

Just recently, he brought his first-born daughter Nei Nei to China to participate in a parent-child reality show Daddy Return Home, which is slated to air at the end of this month.

He appeared at the press conference in Beijing yesterday, during which a teaser video of him bringing his daughter around town was aired. He took her out to play, eat, changed her diapers and even coaxed her to sleep. At the end of the day, he was so tired that he exclaimed: 'It's not easy being mummy!'

When asked why he was so willing to bring his daughter onto a reality show, he said: 'Since I've already announced that I'm married with kids, there's pretty much nothing else to hide, and I actually really want to share with everyone the relationship I have with my children, so this time I'm very confident of spending time alone with my daughter.'

A similar programme Dad, Where Are You Going? produced by Hunan TV had also invited Wu Chun to participate, but he declined.

So why did he agree to participate in Daddy Come Home?

''Dad, Where Are You Going' has too much outdoor activities; it's not suitable for my ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The singer's photo was used unlawfully to advertise for sexual dysfunction and infertility

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Lee Hom's fans were horrified when they found their idol's picture being used to endorse andrology at a hospital in Henan, China.

The star's picture was found on an advertisement for sexual dysfunction and infertility treatment at the Gong Yi Eastern Hospital, and fans lamented, 'How can we accept this, we'll have to submit a complaint!'

This is not the first time the singer's photos have been used illegally to advertise products, and fans were enraged that the hospital went as far as to use Lee Hom as an unwitting spokesperson for andrology.

They sighed, 'Using other people's photos without asking them for permission shows that they've lost the righteousness that medical practitioners ought to have!'

Adding on to the controversy, Lee Hom attracted flak for posting on his Weibo: 'Bringing chinked-out to the whole world, performing in New York tomorrow!'

Netizens who did not approve of Lee Hom accused him of insulting the Chinese, chastising, ''Chinked-out' is a severely derogatory term towards the Chinese. As an ABC (America-born Chinese), what is Lee Hom hoping to achieve by using the term to describe his songs even while he is aware of the racist and insulting meaning that it holds?'

Amidst the public outrage, China's main search engine Baidu stepped up to support Lee Hom: 'Chink is indeed a derogatory term for the Chinese, just like 'negro'. 'Chinked' (in past tense) represents that the era of Chinese bumpkins has ended. The 'out' following it expresses the idea that this has all come to an end.'

Netizens bombarded the post with protests right after it was uploaded, stating, 'I support Lee ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A man impersonating as the Mandopop singer makes use of JJ's name to earn thousands of dollars

In recent years, Chinese TV has been rolling out programmes that involve ordinary folks impersonating celebrities, and some of these 'imitators' have been found to resemble the stars themselves, such as Nicholas Tse and his impersonator.

Recently, a Chinese DJ named Fan Yixian has been found to be posing as Taiwan-based local singer JJ Lin. Imitating JJ's hairstyle in his sixth album, Yixian went on stage when the host called him 'JJ Lin' and even performed.

The DJ's lack of clarification on his real identity led to an uproar among many JJ fans, who subsequently criticised Yixian for lip-syncing, and called for him to stop tricking people. Some had even called for JJ's management, Warner Music, to take action. A Beijing spokesperson from Warner Music responded and said that legal actions will be taken when needed.

Yixian, who was once warned by JJ's management, mostly performs at nightclubs located in the outskirt areas of China, and sometimes, he would go by the name 'JJ Lin impersonator' and thus escaped legal implications. It is said that it would take a long time to gather sufficient evidence to sue him.

When reporters spoke to Yixian's manager, he said: 'We've spoken to JJ's manager about this '“ impersonation is permissible, so we are not going against the law here.'

He added that when JJ's manager saw Yixian's photos and heard his voice, he found great similarities between Yixuan and JJ himself. Yixian rakes in about NT$38,000 (approximately S$1,500) per performance, and is speculated to have earned a whopping NT$7 million (S$287,000) under JJ's name for the past two years.

Yixian once ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Wen Zhang was spotted with wife Ma Yili for the first time since news of his infidelity broke

Chinese actor Wen Zhang's affair with co-star Yao Di was revealed last month, destroying the actor's family man image and inciting public outrage. However, his wife, actress Ma Yili, was extremely forgiving towards the issue. She stated online that marriage is something 'to be cherished', hinting that she had already forgiven her wayward husband for straying from their marriage.

Speculation about the state of their marriage was raised when the actress was seen enjoying steamboat with her two daughters and parents recently, with Wen Zhang missing from the picture.

However, assumptions that Wen Zhang and Yili's marriage was failing were debunked when netizens claimed to have spotted Wen Zhang and Yili at a ski rink in Beijing, where they stood watching their eldest daughter skate on ice - as if nothing had ever happened.

On the same day, netizens also spotted 'third-party' Yao Di participating in a film shoot as per normal.


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The Taiwanese singer's infamous fan Yuki suggested that they had a one night stand

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao has been bought a S$1.7 million apartment near his residence.

Yuki has also posted on Facebook and Instagram a few times, sometimes to confess her love for him, and at other times, to mock him. Her actions and mood have been seen as erratic and yesterday, she suddenly posted on Weibo: 'I've never harassed you, but you don't dare to admit it. If I say we had a one night stand, you won't admit to it even more, isn't it?'

In response, Jam's manager, Summer said: 'She's so rich, I'm sure she has a mirror at home right?'

'We have already given a warning for Yuki's ridiculous behavior,' Summer said. 'If she refuses to repent, we will ask for more compensation for tarnishing Jam's image. She has the right to daydream, but if those daydreams affect the artistes image and public appetite, we need to ask the judge to return everyone their peace.'

She posted around 20 long posts in two days, and very often, it was her expressing her disappointment towards the judicial system in Taiwan. Summer stressed that she would make an appeal.

When asked about the one night stand, she said with a deliberate mysterious tone: 'I promised Jam I won't tell; you can ask him yourselves.'

Jam responded and said he is not afraid of rumours, and wants to concentrate on recording a short video with his father for the John Tung Foundation, on quitting smoking and drinking.


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Wei proposed to his girlfriend during a celebratory concert for Sodagreen's 10th anniversary

Taiwanese band Sodagreen celebrated their 10th anniversary by holding three consecutive concerts in Hong Kong. During one of their stops at Hung Hom, Hong Kong, Drummer Shi Jun-Wei (Wei) abruptly invited his girlfriend, Sunny, on stage, after which he got on bended knee and whipped out a ring, proclaiming his love for the latter before the audience.

The drummer confessed sincerely, 'Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful.'

After hearing their idol's passionate words, fans started encouraging Sunny to accept his proposal, screaming 'Marry him' at the top of their lungs. Although she was initially a little stunned, Sunny managed to bashfully eke out 'I do.'

Sodagreen lead singer Wu Qing Feng (Greeny Wu) didn't forget to make a friendly jab at his buddy in spite of being touched, joking, 'I can't believe you made your girlfriend go on stage without makeup on.'

According to reports, the members had not known of Wei's plans to propose before he actually did it. After the proposal successfully ended, they immediately clamoured to congratulate their friend. Wei will be the third member in the band to get hitched, following acoustic and electric guitarists He Jing-yang (A-fu) and Liu Jiakai (Kay).


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