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A few days ago, Taiwanese female artiste Ruby Lin (林心如) accidentally fell down in her house and her lower chin had more than 10 stitches of needles. However, she continued to bear with the pain when attending the event today and Ruby is indeed a professional artiste. On Weibo, Ruby's working studio posted a message on behalf of her that the accident did not affect her beautiful looks: "Yesterday, Ruby accidentally fell down at home and caused her lower chin injured. As she has not completed recovered, Ruby wear a mask when attending event today and the doctor replied there will be no scar. Please do not worry and the female goddess will continue to remain beautiful."

Ruby attended the nomination for Golden Bell Awards and expressed it can be removed before Golden Bell Awards (金鐘獎): "I will remain beautiful when walking on red carpet during the award ceremony." She hoped that she could become the winner after joining for 20 years.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

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The S.H.E member could not enjoy herself at her wedding in 2011 after suffering from severe burns from an explosion on-set


S.H.E member Selina Jen was badly injured after an accidental explosion on-set while filming musical drama I Have a Date with Spring in 2010. She then wedded her husband, Richard Chang, in 2011 'without recovering fully'.

Selina was 'unable to stand for long during the ceremony and the skin on my legs were hard and taut, I was not able to enjoy myself'. She also shared that their honeymoon to Bali last year was not as relaxing, as it was in the midst of Richard's busy work schedule.

The 33-year-old hopes to hold another ceremony in 2021 ' her 10th wedding anniversary ' to make up for the loss.

The singer felt blessed that Richard, whom she had been dating for three years, did not forsake her after the incident and even told her he was 'afraid to lose her'. The incident had strengthened their love and trust for each other.

The couple have plans to start a family after Selina completes her latest album at the end of the year.

In addition, Chinese actor Yu Haoming, who was also wounded in the explosion, remains psychologically scarred. He even reportedly confessed to 'not having a sex life for four years since the explosion' after a bout of drinking even though he was seen in steamy scenes female co-star Sookie Pan in Chinese drama The Loving Home.

Haoming's father was furious and accused the staff of the drama, whom the actor was drinking with, that they were 'making up stories'.




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The actress-singer may have to be in a wheelchair in the later trimester of pregnancy


After announcing her pregnancy two weeks ago, Taiwanese actress-singer Rene Liu attended a press conference for new drama He and His Sons in Beijing yesterday.

The mother-to-be, who has not acted in a drama for eight years, decided to make a return because of the 'good script and co-actors'.

When prompted about her pregnancy, Rene assured that 'she is in good hands and her family members leave matters to her'. However, the 45-year-old had previously undergone a knee surgery in 2008 and has yet to recover fully.

The doctor advised Rene to maintain her weight or she may have to be in a wheelchair in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

She headed to the gym yesterday and posted a photo of herself covered in sweat but netizens were worried that she may overwork herself. Rene then said, 'Exercising is a good habit. No matter what your state of health is, it's always good to exercise moderately.'



He and His Sons actors Zhang Guo Li (left), Rene Liu (right)


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The Taiwanese actress was spotted taking the train in Taiwan without make-up and her face was 'out of shape'


After disappearing from showbiz for 12 years, netizens have spotted Taiwanese actress Joey Wong in the past month in Yang Ming Shan and Dan Shui, Taiwan. Yesterday, a netizen by the username 'augustpaul' posted several photos of her in a train on a forum.

The photos, which went viral, were uploaded with a caption: '(These) look like the photos seen in the news, but I doubt it is her. Maybe someone could not sleep at night and decided to be her.'

Netizens felt that her face was 'out of shape' and suspected she had gone through a blotched plastic surgery. They even commented: 'I cannot handle this picture at all.'

Journalists then phoned Joey's mother, who admitted that her daughter, who has moved to Canada, did accompany her on the train but did not respond to plastic surgery rumours. She also assured that both she and Joey are well and thanked the public for their concern.

The 47-year-old was also seen attending an activity at a temple on September 13 and shared a Buddhist song she had recorded, which her mother also confirmed.

But she denied that Joey was a devout Buddhist and said, 'Buddhism is good but she did not undergo any religious ceremonies, everyone has their own religious beliefs.'




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M Musical

Super Junior's Sungmin became the latest Korean idol to hop on the dating bandwagon as he confirmed that he is currently dating his musical co-star, Kim Sa Eun. The couple met while working on the musical The Three Musketeers.

The musical has had several successful runs, with fellow member Kyuhyun being involved prior to Sungmin's inclusion.

Korean news agency TV Report released the news in which SM Entertainment declared that the two are in the early stages of their relationship. The musical ended its run earlier this year.

Rumours of the two being in a romantic relationship surfaced after they were seen catching the musical Priscilla together. Numerous couple items such as rings, bracelets and jackets also led to rising suspicion that the two were more than friends.


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Jiro Wang uploaded a photo with the word 'anger' over his face after Aaron Yan said they are 'no longer friends'


Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan recently revealed in an interview that he is 'no longer friends' with former Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, and only kept in touch with Wu Chun.

Following that, Jiro uploaded a topless photo of himself on Instagram with the word 'anger' over his face with the caption: 'My current mood! Anger!'

Although the actor-singer did not state the reason, netizens suspect he was responding to Aaron's statement. Fans left encouraging comments for him to stay strong for his dreams.

Aaron's revelation sparked heated arguments among Fahrenheit fans as they felt he was trying to draw the line between himself and the other three members.

He clarified on Facebook last Saturday (Sept 20): 'Will you continue banging on a wall after getting hurt from knocking on it for years? All emotional ties, including family, romance, friendship or even relationships with your pets, need to be managed and maintained. If you are the only one taking initiative, it would be like banging on a wall.'

The heated exchanges continued and Aaron further posted: 'Who wants to grow up without being able to say the truth? It is because one can finally speak the truth and bear the consequences that one has finally grown.'


Photo taken from Jiro Wang's Instagram


From left: Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen


Aaron Yan (left), Jiro Wang (right)


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The singer's manager refuted claims that he had gone for a wedding photoshoot in Shanghai


Wedding details for Mandopop superstar Jay Chou and rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan have been garnering wide media attention ever since the singer promised to get married by next January.

Recently, Jay was said to have gone for a wedding photoshoot in Shanghai, and offered the studio a lump sum of RMB$2 million (approximately S$410,000) to promote the photos.

Employees of the studio had previously claimed that the 35-year-old approached them first and offered them the money but these rumours have been refuted by his manager. His record label, JVR Music, will not hesitate to take legal actions if necessary, they said.

'Our company did not, and will not, offer any money to wedding photo studios to promote Jay Chou's wedding. We will take legal actions against the false statements in news reports by employees of the studio,' said JVR Music in an official statement released to the media.

It is believed that Jay intends to hold his wedding by the sea but he will focus on album preparations first as it 'cannot drag on further'. Although he also added that the wedding 'cannot drag on further' as well, Hannah revealed that he has yet to propose.



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A Chinese programme, which was scheduled to feature Qin Han's proposal to Annie Yi, was banned from airing


Taiwanese artiste Annie Yi has reportedly been blacklisted by Chinese broadcasters, following her show of support for the Southern Weekly incident, a conflict between the newspaper and Propaganda Department of Guangdong Province regarding press freedom last year.

Last Saturday, an episode of Chinese variety show Happy Camp, which was supposed to feature Chinese actor Qin Han's proposal to Annie, was allegedly banned from airing. Previously, the singer-actress' parts in China's Got Talent were edited out after she was dropped from the programme last year.

Responding to queries on Happy Camp, Hunan TV explained in a Weibo post that the broadcast of a programme is dependent on the channel's schedule. Although the statement dismissed rumours that Happy Camp has ended its run, it did not make any mention of Annie's role in the station's decision to cancel the broadcast.

Unaware that the programme did not air on Saturday night, Qin Han wrote on Weibo: 'Having fried chicken with beer. It's a pity that I can't watch Happy Camp in Korea.'

Shortly after, Annie replied to the post: 'I can't watch [the show] in Taipei too. Let's watch it together when you are back, Qin oppa.' However, the singer-actress was found to have deleted her comment after learning that the programme was not aired.


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The Taiwanese singer and her Korean husband held a celebration in Taiwan after their wedding banquet in Korea


Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu and Korean husband Choi Jae Sung threw a belated wedding banquet in Korea two weeks ago, with showbiz BFFs such as Angelica Lee, Charlie Young, Tanya Chua and Angela Chang in attendance.

The newly-wedded couple then flew to Taiwan on Sunday (Sept 21) for a celebration with Valen's family and friends.

The event was held at Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei where her father-in-law and sister-in-law specially attended as well.

When Valen and Jae Sung knew that members of the media were outside the private ballroom, they came out to pose for photographs and even kissed each other lovingly.

The bride happily shared that her relatives were very satisfied with Jae Sung and her grandmother even praised him for being 'so handsome'.



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Aaron Yan reportedly claimed that Fahrenheit went their separate ways due to internal conflict


Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan revealed in a recent interview that he only keeps in touch with former Fahrenheit groupmate Wu Chun these days because the latter truly treats him as a buddy, and that he is 'no longer friends' with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, reported Taiwanese media.

During the interview, Aaron also exposed the real reason behind Fahrenheit's split in 2011. The 27-year-old allegedly claimed that Jiro and Wu Chun's 'fight' to be the group's leader caused internal conflict which eventually led to the latter's departure.

Back then, Wu Chun was touted as the most outstanding member in terms of looks and popularity, a situation which made Aaron feel sidelined. As the youngest member in the group, the Fall in Love with Me star felt neglected when his bandmates expressed their wish to shed the 'idol image'.

'Did they consider my feelings? Did they think about how am I going to survive [in the industry]?' Aaron cried.

Shocked by his revelations, some fans harshly criticised the singer-actor for his comments. On Sep 22, the heartthrob addressed the controversy with a Facebook post.

He wrote: 'Will you continue banging on a wall after getting hurt from knocking on it for years? All emotional ties, including family, romance, friendship or even relationships with your pets, need to be managed and maintained. If you are the only one taking initiative, it would be like banging on a wall.'

His post left die-hard Fahrenheit fans disappointed, with some slamming him for playing victim. 'I wasn't trying to point fingers. If I sounded like I was, that is your own interpretation. Don't take my words out of context,' Aaron commented in response.



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