First time mothers Annie Wu and Angel Hou shared blissful photos of themselves and their baby girls


After announcing her four-month pregnancy in February, Taiwanese actress Annie Wu has finally given birth to a girl three days ago. Two years into her marriage with high-level executive at Phoenix Satellite TV Aaron Liao, the 35-year-old confessed to binging on anything and everything during her pregnancy.

'Whatever the elders told me I could eat, I would eat,' she added. It was only until the doctor warned her against eating too much that she stopped.

Annie also said, 'This is my first baby and the doctor advised me to go for a natural birth. But the baby was not in the right position, so I had to do a C-section.'

Her close friend revealed that both mother and daughter are well, and that Aaron specially flew from Mainland China to Taiwan to keep them company. The doting husband knew Annie's love for swimming and decided to name their daughter 'Ariel' after The Little Mermaid.

Posting a loving photo of herself and Ariel, Annie wrote a caption on her behalf: 'Good morning to all my grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters. This is little mermaid Mia and I'm 3 days old. I am very healthy and I weigh 3.5kg. Thank you Daddy and Mommy for bringing me to this world!'




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The Taiwanese singer is, however, not in hurry to tie the knot with her boyfriend


Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang attended the press conference of her new album 10th Cyndi on Wednesday. At the event, a video which showed her good friends such as Vivian Hsu, Angela Chang and Elva Hsiao expressing their well wishes was played.

When Cyndi and Yao Yuan Hao's relationship was exposed in 2011, the former was labelled as the third party for coming between the actor and his then-girlfriend Sonia Sui. Cyndi apparently went through a hard time due to the heavy criticism. Thanks to the support from her girlfriends, she gradually got over the uneasiness of being viewed as a relationship wrecker.

During the press conference, Cyndi also announced that she has renewed her contract with Universal Music for two years and her contract terms included a solo concert at Taipei Arena.

Despite the recent trend of celebrity couples tying the knot recently, the 31-year-old, whose romance with Yuan Hao is going strong, insisted that she is 'not in a hurry to get married' as her showbiz career still takes priority at the moment.

Cyndi's new album featured a series of sexy photos that showed off 10 different parts of her body. When asked on her beau's response to the pictures, the singer said shyly: 'He thinks they are all pretty.'


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Rumour has it that Liu Shishi's diva-like behaviour prevented her and Nicky Wu from promoting their new drama in Taiwan


Since they co-starred in the hit Chinese period drama Scarlet Heart and went public with their romance, Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu and Chinese actress Liu Shishi's (also known as Cecilia Liu) have enjoyed flourishing careers.

After filming Scarlet Heart 2, the golden couple paired up again for Incisive Great Teacher, and the drama was well-received in China and is slated for an August broadcast on CitiTV in Taiwan.

However, has all the fame gotten into Shishi's head?

Rumour has it that the TV station forked out a hefty sum of TW$2 million (approximately S$83,000) to invite Shishi, 27, and Nicky, 44, to promote the drama in Taiwan and the actress was less than agreeable about the situation. The couple also refused to attend any other programmes barring the press conference, causing CtiTV to give up on the idea altogether, despite the fact that hotels and event venues had already been booked.

Shishi's management agency, Chinese Entertainment, explained: 'All the terms were agreed upon right from the start; [Nicky and Shishi] refused to appear on shows because [they] were worried that the episode would only focus on their romance and miss the point.'

'[We] will still invite them [to Taiwan], especially because Nicky has an extremely high regard for this drama; [he] even signed 30 sets of the original soundtrack and mailed them to Taiwan,' CtiTV clarified.

When asked to comment on the issue, Nicky's manager replied that it was not something to be talked about lightly.

Additionally, the couple's marriage plans have always been a topic of interest since their relationship was exposed, but both have constantly replied that they do not have concrete plans.

However, when the lovebirds were spotted at the airport in Shanghai ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Actress-singer Vivian Hsu and husband will start working hard for a baby after their wedding celebrations




Taiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu and her husband Sean Lee returned to Taiwan to hold a second wedding banquet after a romantic poolside wedding in Bali last month.


The 39-year-old wowed the crowd in a Vera Wang gown, TASAKI Balance pearl necklace and a diamond ring worth approximately S$8,200, S$14,600 and S$47,500 respectively.


Vivian lovingly held her husband’s hands during the interview, which also marked the Singapore-based businessman’s first ever media appearance. Sean appeared nervous as he smiled and complimented his bride, “She is caring, beautiful and sincere.”


Not leaving Sean out, Vivian also showed her appreciation for her husband. “He fills the bathtub for me to bathe, and blows my hair when he’s free!” she said.


She even revealed how they would massage each other, “unlike how they do it in spas.”


“I will kneel on his waist and he will use his elbow on me,” she shared.


The radiant lady also sheepishly admitted to gaining 7kg since February which caused her mother-in-law to suspect that she’s expecting. “She said I was skinny and told me to eat more. My husband loves food so he took me on a food tour around Singapore,” explained Vivian, who had registered her marriage in the city-state in February this year.


Following the ceremony, the couple intend to work hard for a baby. Vivian hopes to bear him a son as Sean already has two daughters from his previous marriage.

The filial daughter-in-law will also live with her in-laws in Singapore, whom she said treat her like their own. Vivian has been ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Jolin Tsai's name was craftily inserted into Vivian Dawson's new endorsement by the advertisers


Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai recently made a free 'appearance' in her boyfriend, model-actor Vivian Dawson's property advertisement.

The couple has been dating for four years, since Vivian, 30, was still an unknown male model. This year, he finally had his first big break through the popular Chinese movie Tiny Times 3, which garnered favourable response in Mainland China.

His new-found popularity helped bag two endorsements in China, which are estimated to bring him TW$29 million (approximately S$1.22 million) in earnings.

As the pronounciation of his Chinese name, 'Jin Rong', is similar to the name of a housing estate in Kaohsiung, he was offered a million-dollar endorsement deal for the property.

The ad was printed on newspapers recently. In order to attract attention, the advertisers sneakily inserted Jolin's name into the body copy through a clever pun ' thus getting the singer to 'endorse' their product without forking out the TW$8 million (approximately S$330,220) that Jolin, 34, usually gets for an endorsement.

When Vivian found out about this on Monday, he declared that he was not told of the advertiser's crafty move. His manager also claimed that they have already contacted the other party; the advertiser has agreed to pull the advertisement and change the body copy.

Jolin is currently busy preparing for her new album, and her manager declined comment on the issue.



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Barely four months after Taiwanese sweetheart Rainie Yang and boy group JPM member Prince (Qiu Shengyi) ended their relationship in March, it seems the two lovebirds have found their way back to each other.

An insider revealed that although Rainie, 30, initiated the breakup as they have been spending most of their time apart, Prince did not give up on her. In fact, he became even more persistent in wooing her than before, paying extra attention to her news and inviting her to his birthday party in April. Rainie eventually appeared at the special event, sparking rumours of their reconciliation.

On July 9, reporters spotted the 25-year-old heartthrob bringing supper to Rainie's house late at night, only leaving at 2p.m. the next day.

That's not the only time he was spotted there. After Rainie attended a party with her friends on July 10, Prince personally drove her home, and once again stayed until 2p.m. the next afternoon. A day later, he returned to Rainie's home, where they stayed together for the next three days.

When asked to comment on the matter, Rainie's manager responded that the singer is currently single. She claimed that Prince's presence at Rainie's home was due to a housewarming party that she was holding after moving house recently, while Prince's manager declined to comment on the artiste's private life, claiming that he is not clear about Rainie and Prince's current relationship status.


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He dabbles in magic tricks and occasionally performs them for fans at his concerts or on TV programmes, like CCTV's Spring Festival Gala in 2011.

Jay Chou is reportedly so fond of the craft that he intends to throw a magic-themed wedding in January next year. A move which was said to be inspired by his judging stint on Chinese reality show, The Great Magician, which is set to air this weekend.

The show will see nine magicians pairing up with nine celebrities, and participants will learn magic tricks and perform it with their mentors. Jay, the magic enthusiast, was said to have met with six magicians in private to discuss the details of a performance too.

When Jay's manager was asked to verify rumours of his plans to throw a 'magical' wedding, the latter confirmed that the superstar is currently preparing for a magic segment in the CCTV show, but did not comment if he'd be showcasing his talents during his wedding.




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A popular web cartoonist created a 10-second short clip parodying Jolin Tsai's 'Wu Niang'


Recently, popular web cartoonist 'Byebyechuchu' made a 10-second video spoof of pop diva Jolin Tsai's hit song 'Wu Niang'. The short clip attracted attention, praise and shares from a large amount of netizens, and was even shared by Jolin herself!

The main character in the short clip sports a rocket-like hairstyle, and dances comically to the lyrics of the song: 'I don't rest on snowy and summer nights. The years are blurred [as] I crush the sandglass of time [with my foot].'

At the very last moment, he literally steps on a sandglass ' and howls in pain as blood spurts from his blistered foot. The humourous take on the song saw the video going viral amongst netizens.

The parody attracted more than 20,000 likes on Facebook after being uploaded for only two days. Many people commented that they 'laughed till they teared' and 'didn't just watch it once, but repeatedly pressed the replay button'.

On Sunday, Jolin got in on the fun by sharing the post on Facebook, jokingly lamenting: 'Don't be like this.'

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Taiwanese veteran host Mickey Huang celebrated his girlfriend, actress Summer Meng's 23rd birthday at a restaurant in Taipei last weekend. According to media reports, Mickey ordered a Longchamp bag that is imprinted with the initials of Summer's English name last month. The 42-year-old also personally picked the colours of the tote which is worth NT$26,500 (approximately S$1,105).

'The bag was specially customised for my girlfriend. I wish that she would continue to work hard and that her career would scale to greater heights,' he said.

On Sunday, the couple arrived separately at an eatery called Jiyuan Café. To ensure that the lovebirds could enjoy their date in peace, reporters were stopped by the staff from entering the premise.

Afterwards, Mickey claimed that another friend of his was celebrating his birthday that day. Similarly, Summer's manager reiterated that it was a 'group party'.

Mickey and Summer's romance first came to light last November. Although the actress' parents allegedly objected to their relationship, Summer openly professed her love in March. She also expressed her wish to set up a family by 30, her plans matching with Mickey's previous declaration to become a dad when he turns 50.

When it comes to marriage, Mickey said that he would 'let nature take its course'. 'She is so busy with filming these days that she doesn't even have time to meet her parents. She'd focus on her career for now,' he added.





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Emotions ran high at S.H.E's encore concert last Saturday, as the trio recalled their 13-year journey


S.H.E has been in the music scene for almost 13 years, since they released their first album on September 11, 2001. With the anniversary drawing near, all three members got extremely emotional at the 2GETHER 4EVER CONCERT in Kaohsiung last Saturday.

Hebe Tien revealed her feelings by saying ' feel like crying' while Ella Chen added: ' never thought that it would take so many years for us to be able to hold a concert in Kaohsiung.' Selina ended off by saying, 'My youth is S.H.E.'

While they were belting their hearts out on stage, Selina Jen expressed her hopes that the songs would bring up the fans' memories of S.H.E: 'Maybe you will remember who once attended a fan sign with you; who you went to a concert with?'

Ella took a trip down memory lane as well, as she performed Rene Lai's 'Hou Lai' during her solo stage. This was the very song that she had sung in the finals for the 'Universal Talent and Beauty Girl Contest' in 2000. Although she was eventually eliminated, that competition gave rise to the S.H.E of today.

She choked up as she sang the song, saying, ' feel like crying a little because I'm moved; there are many emotions coming to me. This is a song that is very important to me; it paved the way to my journey.'

As for Hebe, the chic singer maintained her usual performance style, leaving the stage immediately after her solo song without interacting with the fans.

Afterwards, Selina took off a part of her skirt on stage, transforming her outfit into a tight mini dress within one second. She laughingly said, 'Now that [the condition of] my body is getting better and ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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