Joo Won shared his thoughts on physical contact on JTBC’s Witch Hunt.

While filming the 64th episode of Witch Hunt, Joo Won held a discussion with the MCs on ‘My Girl’s Skinship.’ During the show, a citizen shared his concern about his girlfriend, who was innocent in the beginning but has turned too aggressive about wanting skinship.

Joo Won said, “I also prefer it when my girlfriend is shy about having skinship in the beginning instead of being enthusiastic,” adding, “But she probably can’t continue being shy even after being in the relationship for a long time. It’s natural to become more honest.”

Moreover, when Joo Won appeared during the show, Sung Shi Kyung said, “He is a dongseng with lots of aegyo and naturally has skinship with his hyungs.” Joo Won agreed with him and explained why he does that, bringing out empathy.

Then Shin Dong Yeop said, “Actually, Joo Won is really smart when it comes to that. He purposely has skinship with hyungs in front of people so that he can naturally do the same with nunas,” causing a round of laughter.

Witch Hunt featuring Joo Won is set to air on October 31.


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Actress Han Ji-min will reunite with actor Hyun Bin in the upcoming romantic comedy-drama series “Hyde, Jekyll and Me,” which will start airing in January.

The two paired up in the period film “The Fatal Encounter” earlier this year.

In the rom-com drama, Han will play Jang Ha-na, the team leader of a circus group working for a theme park called “Wonder Land.”

She opposes Ku Seo-jin (played by Hyun), the owner of the theme park, as he tries to scrap the circus show. Ku has everything from fame to fortune but distances himself from society after dealing with a tragic accident.

Jang eventually falls in love with Ku, who has two drastically different sides to his personality, just like Jekyll and Hyde.

The drama series is an adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name.

It will be the 32-year-old actress’s first drama series in two and a half years after she filmed “Rooftop Prince” (2012).

The new drama series will be directed by Cho Young-kwang from “Queen of Ambition” (2013) and written by Kim Ji-wun from “Cheongdam-dong Alice” (2013).

JoongAng Daily

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“It’s Okay, That’s Love” star Jo In Sung has been named the 2014 Style Icon of the Year. Kim Soo Hyun maintained the largest percentage of the fan vote for the awards at 6.5% but was ultimately defeated by Jo In Sung. The 2014 Style Icon Awards were held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul on October 28.

Earlier in the evening, Jo In Sung received a Style Icon Award as the Icon of Healing. Jo In Sung witnessed an increase in his popularity in 2014 due to his role as Jang Jae Yeol, a schizophrenic writer in “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

Jo In Sung expressed his joy upon receiving the award stating,"I think this is especially meaningful."

There were a total of ten style icons who were recipients of awards during the evening.  Style Icons were selected from a total of fifty candidates. Prior to the awards, the top twenty nominees from the results of fan voting were revealed on the Style Icon Awards website.

Sung Joon and Han Groo were the recipients of the first New Icon awards in recognition of their recent performances in Korean dramas.

Sung Joon has become an icon for romance through his captivating K-Drama roles. He won over the hearts of K-Drama viewers in 2014 with his stirring performance as Joo Won opposite actress Kim So Yeon in “I Need Romance 3.” He followed with his role as the conflicted doctor Nam Ha Jin in “Discovery of Romance.”

Han Groo stirred up the empathy of Korean drama audiences with her frank portrayal of Joo Jang Mi in the 2014 tvN drama “Marriage, Not Dating.”

Actor Yoo Yeon Suk of “Gu Family Book,” “Reply 1994,” and the variety show “Youth Over Flowers” was a Style Icon Award recipient.

Go Ara was recognized for her past performances which included the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Having worked with top stars during his debut as an actor, Ahn Jae Hyeon shared some stories about Jun Ji Hyun.

In the upcoming episode of KBS Happy Together, Joo Won, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Kim Ji Min, Kim Na Young, Hong Seok Cheon, and Shin Joo Hwan appeared as guests for the ‘fashion people’ special.

During the filming, Ahn Jae Hyeon was asked about his experience filming for SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars, especially since it was his acting debut.

“I was really happy filming with Jun Ji Hyun nuna,” said Ahn Jae Hyeon. “I made a lot of NGs, but every time, she would say, ‘That happens to everyone when they’re still babies,’ and took good care of me.”

The full episode will air on October 30.


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Exo and members of Big Bang are among artists announced on the first lineup for the 2014 MAMA, or Mnet Asian Music Awards, on Dec. 3.

The event will be held at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo Arena.

Despite the recent departure of its two Chinese members, boy group Exo, who released the digital single “Overdose” earlier this year, will perform on stage.

G-Dragon and Tae-yang of Big Bang will also make it onto the MAMA stage.

Taeyang released his second solo album in June. Its title track “Eyes, Nose, Lips” topped major music charts for its lyrical portrayal of a breakup.

On Monday, the annual music awards hosted by CJ E&M released the full list of nominees for each prize section, from newbie of the year to best solo male artist.

The awards honor musicians through 17 sections. Music fans are able to cast their votes for their favorite musicians or their favorite performances of this year through Dec. 3.

Girl group Crayon Pop, rapper G-Dragon, diva Lee Hyo-ri and lead vocalist CL of 2NE1 were some of last year’s MAMA winners.

JoongAng Daily

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Actress Lee Young-ae, of the hit period drama series “Dae Jang Geum” (2003-04), will receive a human rights award from a Taiwanese organization, according to a lawyer who represents the 43-year-old actress.

The official name of the award is “Fervent Global Love of Lives.” It is given by the Chou Ta-kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation.

Lee is scheduled to visit Taiwan sometime next year to receive her award.

“Lee had a chance to meet officials from the Taipei Representative Office in a private meeting recently to receive a recognition plaque from the Taiwanese government,” said lawyer Lee Jong-mu.

The private meeting was arranged by the Taipei Representative Office as a mark of appreciation because Lee helped out a Taiwanese mother who gave birth to a premature infant last June.

Lee donated 100 million won ($96,000) to the mother who happened to give birth to a baby after she accidentally fell during her trip to Seoul.

The baby reportedly weighed about one kilogram (about two pounds) and was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare liver disease. The child had to go through a number of surgeries, but its parents could not afford the medical expenses. Due to their mounting bills, the couple could not go back home.

“During the recent meeting, Lee was asked to participate in the awards ceremony that will be held next year to receive the human rights award,” the lawyer said.

The news about Lee giving a helping hand to the baby and its parents was covered by Taiwanese media when the couple returned to their home country.

After Lee gave the donation, some Taiwanese online news outlets reported that the couple actually leads an affluent life as they drive a BMW and were allegedly spotted at a Lady Gaga concert that costs 480,000 won per ticket.

Responding to the controversy, however, Lee said publicly ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Half of the tracks from hip-hop trio Epik High’s eighth album have been deemed unsuitable for television, according to broadcasters KBS and MBC yesterday.

Of the total 12 tracks, the disputed six include Epik High’s version of “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” originally sung by Tae-yang of Big Bang, “Life is Good,” “Lesson 5” and “Born Hater.” The broadcasters said that the lewd language used in the songs meant that they couldn’t be aired on their channels.

The trio’s title track “Spoiler” and another song, “Happen Ending,” received the green light from both KBS and MBC, however.

In a similar scenario, Gaeko had some of his music banned from TV screens recently, too. Eleven songs out of 18 on the hip-hop musician’s album were recently banned by KBS.

JoongAng Daily

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AOA is set to release a new album next month, according to the girl group’s agency FNC Entertainment.

“The new album by AOA will be shown to the public at midnight on Nov. 11,” Han Sung-ho, who heads the management company, said in a recent press release.

The record will have six tracks.

This is the first project the eight-member group has completed since the release of “Mini Skirt” and “Short Hair.” The band consistently topped major music shows earlier this year with both hits.

Meanwhile, AOA member Mina is currently starring in the SBS television series “Modern Farmer” as a mysterious college girl who settles down in the countryside, purportedly due to ailing health. But as in many dramas, the character isn’t exactly what she seems. The entertainer has so far received considerable praise for her portrayal.

JoongAng Daily

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Baro of K-pop boy group B1A4 will join a new reality TV show called “Law of the Jungle.” According to an official of the reality TV show series that is airing on SBS, the 22-year-old singer will leave for Palau, an island nation located in the western Pacific Ocean, along with comedian Kim Byung-man, the host of the show.

On “Law of the Jungle,” a group of celebrities will experience the lives of people there who feed and support themselves. The host and guests will then survive on a remote island by going hunting and building their own shelters, too.

Baro, who recently appeared on another reality show, “Youth Over Flowers,” went to Laos as part of the show and viewers loved his candid and bubbly personality.

Along with Baro, Yuk Jung-wan, a member of indie band Rose Motel, Ghanian TV celebrity Samuel Okyere and Australian comedian Sam Hammington will join the trip to Palau.

The Palau team will depart from Seoul later next month.

JoongAng Daily

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For the advancement of web dramas, Jang Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin appeared in Love Cell for free.

Love Cell, which caught attention for its star cast of Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, 4minute′s Nam Ji Hyun, Baek Sung Hyun and more, is gathering interest once again ahead of its release on November 3.

Love Cell includes the main cast of Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, Nam Ji Hyun, and Baek Sung Hyun, as well as the supporting cast of Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Oh Kwang Rok, Ryu Seung Soo, and more. The drama is about an unemployed man, who is determined to revive his dying love cells with an extraordinary romance, particularly with a top star.

Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, and other actors agreed to appear in the drama with no guarantee to help development the web drama market. The senior actors also helped to lead their juniors, creating a good working environment on set.

With such a great cast and plot line, Love Cell, which is taking on a refreshing challenge, is raising anticipation of whether or not it will be create a new milestone for the genre of web dramas.

Hearing about the upcoming web drama, netizens commented, "Oh~ Only a week left until Love Cell,," "From the webtoon to the web drama, I can′t wait for Love Cell," "This is the first time I′ve anticipated a web drama," and "Who knew you could see all of those stars with one click."

Love Cell is based on the popular webtoon released from July 2010 to March 2012. It is a fantasy, romantic comedy about a ′love cell′ cat that looks like a human, Navi (Kim Yoo Jung,) teaching Ma Dae Choong (Park Sung Ho), who has never dated, about love, particularly with ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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