After much talk and conflict, JYJ will be participating at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

According to C-JeS Entertainment on August 20, JYJ will attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games on September 19 at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, where the members will sing the Asian Games official song, Only One.

“When JYJ was anointed as honorary ambassadors, we were promised that JYJ would perform at both the opening and closing ceremonies, but at the end of discussions, we will only be singing one song before the finale of the opening ceremony.

JYJ has fulfilled all duties as the honorary ambassadors, recording the song and participating in the music videos and commercials, as well as promotions. However, in July, the Incheon Asian Games committee revealed a list of performers for the Opening and Closing ceremonies and JYJ was not mentioned, causing C-JeS Entertainment to release a statement asking for the committee to be fair.

SOurce: MWave

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Retired figure skating star Kim Yu-na continues to be Korea's favorite corporate spokesperson, according to a survey by Korea CM Institute, an ad industry researcher.

Kim garnered 15 percent of the support from the 2,400 respondents aged from 15 to 60. Actress Jun Ji-hyun, whose recent television drama "My Love from the Star" enjoyed immense success, came in second with an 11 percent support, followed by K-pop singer Suji, picked by 7 percent of the respondents.

Korea Times

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Boy group Big Bang celebrated eight years of being together yesterday, releasing a photo of all five members on its agency’s official website.

“Only eight years, still a long way to go,” said G-Dragon.

Other members also made comments to thank fans who have stayed by their sides throughout the years.

The group, which debuted in 2006, has become one of the popular idol stars representing the K-pop scene. Its music video “Fantastic Baby” received more than 100 million views on YouTube.

The members said that they will do their best to release another album this year. The members announced the news over the weekend at a concert at Jamsil Sports Complex in southern Seoul.

JoongAng Daily

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Song Hye-gyo has paid off all of the taxes she allegedly evaded, according to The Firm, her legal representative, adding that she didn’t know her former tax firm had handled her expenses incorrectly.

Allegations about Song’s incorrect tax payments surfaced on Tuesday during a hearing for Im Hwan-su, a candidate who has been nominated to head the National Tax Service.

According to her legal representation, Song was told in August 2012 that there was a problem with how her expenses from 2009 to 2011 had been processed.

The actress’s former tax agency investigated the claims after the notification was delivered.

But after leaving the issue with the former company, Song received another note from the National Tax Service saying that they could not trust the submitted documents as there were some issues with them.

In 2012, Song paid the money demanded by the tax authority in full, along with a penalty, which totaled around 3.1 billion won ($3 million).

“She learned about the wrongful handling of her expenses by her former firm, but did not file a complaint because she thought it was also her responsibility to keep an eye on her tax representative,” The Firm said in a release. The agency added that she didn’t know about the issue until she was notified by the National Tax Service in 2012.

Song was again asked to pay an extra 700 million won in April this year for expenses in 2008 and paid the amount completely.

“I’m very sorry that I, as an actress who gets public attention, have not paid more attention on issues related to tax,” Song said in a press release. “I’m very regretful of my ignorance in handling taxes and I will pay extra attention to never repeat such [wrongdoings].”

JoongAng Daily

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After a media source revealed more glaring evidence of a more-than-platonic relationship between Sulli of f(x) and Choiza of Dynamic Duo, reps from both sides have officially broken the silence.

Earlier on August 19th, a well-known media source released photos of Sulli and Choiza enjoying a date at Namsan Park on the night of the "Super Moon" on August 10th. Reports stated that the two then proceeded to a drive-in theatre where they watched the movie "Pirates", which Sulli is featured in.

There have been rumors of the two dating since September of last year. Both sides of the alleged couple had remained pretty silent or vague on the topic. However, both SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture have spoken out about their artists Sulli and Choiza, respectively.

According to SM, Sulli and Choiza have come to depend on each other. Choiza's agency Amoeba Culture was a bit more direct, stating that the two started off as close seniors and juniors in the industry, but came to develop feelings for one another. The two are now dating and ask for the public's love and support.

KBS Global

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Actress Ha Ji-won, star of SBS drama “Secret Garden,” is currently taking auditions to play a role in a Hollywood film.

In a MBC entertainment show “Section TV Entertainment,” which aired on Sunday, she made the comment in a cautious way.

“There is nothing decided yet, but I’m taking auditions,” said Ha.

“The genre [of the film] is also not yet released,” she added, saying that nothing is confirmed yet.

Many reports have mentioned her gearing up for her going to Hollywood in the past. As she is now done with her most recent work, MBC drama “Empress Ki,” local industry experts again are wondering what work she will land to make a Hollywood debut.

JoongAng Daily

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Singer and actor Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, asked his fans not to visit him while he is filming in the studio on Saturday.

The first filming of SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” started over the weekend. The drama will be the actor’s first appearance on the small screen since he was discharged from his military duty in July of last year.

He said he appreciates the fans’ love, but he’s worried that having too many visitors could hinder filming.

“Since I’m not the only one making the drama, I feel sorry for other staff members,” said Rain on his Twitter on Saturday.

“Also, I feel sorry for my fans because I can’t say hi to each and every one of you and talk.”

He also added his apologies to the fans who came to see him that day.

“Hope you show much love for the drama, and I feel good thanks to many fans who always show they care.”

The drama, which is set at an entertainment agency, starts on Sept. 17.

JoongAng Daily

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Actress Park Si-yeon is returning, staring in a TV Chosun drama scheduled to air in September. The drama deals with various aspects of love and marriage.

Park will play a woman who becomes a single mother by choice.

"I heard that being a single mother by choice is different from being a single mother by circumstance because the former decides not to marry and be single," Park said. "I think the general notion about marriage has changed greatly these days and there are various forms of marriage or living independently, so there could be single mothers who don't choose to marry," she added.

Park's return wouldn't be possible without her family's support. She became a mother in September 2013 and decided to focus on raising her child for some time.

"If my husband expected me to just stay at home taking care of my daughter, I would," Park said. "But he likes when I work, and he knows that I'm happy when I'm working. He said that it's my decision, and he will support me whatever I decide."

Since getting married in 2011, she has tried to make her marriage the best thing in her life. She enjoys the rare moments to rest, sometimes having a glass of wine with her husband on days when her daughter goes to sleep early.

"I'm trying hard to have a great marriage. If you don't want to make an effort, you should live alone," she said. "You must make an effort to live with someone."

Chosun Ilbo

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Last weekend, South Korean boyband EXO travelled to Nanjing, China to perform at the opening ceremony of Youth Olympic Games. However, the group was stopped by customs officers at the airport, as there were reportedly issues with the contents of their luggage.

When the airport staff requested that the members open their luggage for checks, EXO's manager refused to oblige and showed his displeasure by scolding the security guards. He also allegedly kicked the table and luggage, which hit some fans who were standing nearby.

In the heat of the moment, EXO's manager shone light into the fans' eyes to prevent them from snapping photos. A fan's camera was even knocked to the ground, heightening the chaotic situation. Eventually subdued by airport security, the manager was forcefully brought away from the scene.

Although the EXO boys did not get embroiled in the scuffle, Chinese member Tao was seen looking distressed as he constantly turned his head to look for his fellow group mates while being escorted out of the airport.

Meanwhile, some witnesses have pointed out that the dispute was, in fact, caused by the airport staff's bad attitude. Tao and Luhan were also said to have tried mediating between both sides, but to no avail.

After news of the incident spread like wildfire on the Internet, S.M. Entertainment clarified that the conflict was between the airport staff and bodyguards, and not EXO's manager. 'The police was not involved. Everything was resolved without problems at the airport,' a representative stated.





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None of the members of Super Junior are taking a summer vacation this year, according to Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, so that they can focus on the group’s upcoming album.

It has been speculated that the record could come out as early as later this month. The group’s leader, Lee-teuk, who was discharged from the military recently, is ordering the group to pay full attention to preparations for the latest release.

“Soon after Lee’s discharge, the members of the group have had a different attitude,” said one industry official in the report. “They are really set on guarding the good name of Super Junior by putting in their best efforts.”

The new album comes about two years after the boy band released its sixth full-length album “Sexy, Free & Single” in July 2012. After the album release, the group will perform in the “Super Show 6” concert at Jamsil Sports Complex in Songpa District, southern Seoul.

The group will embark on its world tour after the two-day show starting Sept. 20.

JoongAng Daily

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