Kim Jae-joong, actor and member of boy group JYJ, sent his support to his former TVXQ colleague Jung Yun-ho during an interview with local news reports on Wednesday.

“Yun-ho, how are you doing? I’m doing fine. Filming a historical drama for the first time is going to be hard. There will be many outdoor scenes and you will need to have a lot of practice at sword-play. Drink lots of water and take care of yourself in the hot weather,” Kim was quoted as saying.

During the interview, Kim also expressed his concerns about Jung’s health.
“Yun-ho once suffered from dehydration when we were working together. I hope he can take good care of his health,” he added.

Jung is currently filming the upcoming MBC drama “The Night Watchman,” which is to follow up Kim’s drama “Triangle.”

A day before Kim’s comment, Jung attended the press conference for “The Night Watchman” on Tuesday, where he complimented Kim’s acting skills, saying, “It is nice to see Jae-joong working hard as an actor.”

Kim recently finished his drama “Triangle” and is to focus on his career as a singer with the newly released JYJ album, “Just Us.”

Korea Herald

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Jun Ji Hyun represented Korea at a Gucci show.

The actress attended the Gucci 2014-15 F/W Collection in Taiwan on July 25.

She wore a Gucci F/W Collection white mini dress with crystal details, and was much welcomed as the Korean rep.

Gucci′s President Patrizio di Marco and Italian fashion star Lapo Elkann were also present at the event this day.

Source: MWave

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Two boy band members are proving that they can make it big in musicals. Fans have lauded performances by Kim Jun-su of JYJ, who appears in the dark tragedy "Dracula," and Jo Kwon of 2AM, who appears in the bubbly comedy "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

◆ Kim Jun-su

Kim plays the lead role of Count Dracula in the musical and makes the most of his singing skills and voice. His uniquely hoarse voice has proved well-suited to Dracula's gloomy personality.

He dismisses previous criticism about his performances in musicals that he could only sing, not perform, and wows fans in scenes where he seduces women or bites off their necks with red glaring eyes, laughing villainously.

His character especially comes to life when he confesses his feelings to his lover, who is reincarnated after 400 years.

◆ Jo Kwon

Jo brings his animated personality to his drag queen character and singing skills to old pop songs from the 80s and 90s, when he was just a baby.

He plays the youngest and liveliest of three drag queens who discover family values while traveling across the Australian outback.

Though Jo previously appeared in "Jesus Christ Superstar," it is "Priscilla" that seems to have really launched his musical career.

Chosun Ilbo

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Singer Lee-teuk, leader of the all-male group Super Junior, completed his military duty yesterday.

The celebrity refused to comment as he walked out of the military base in Inje, Gangwon, where he was being discharged from, although many reporters and fans were waiting to see a glimpse of him.

Lee-teuk previously made clear his intention to walk out of the base without fanfare to his agency, SM Entertainment.

It is said that Lee-teuk wanted to keep quiet as he was once an entertainment soldier.

Many local celebrities were serving their duty by using their talents as singers or actors, but the scheme was disbanded last year after some entertainment soldiers were caught drinking alcohol and visiting a massage parlor.

Although Lee-teuk wasn’t one of the soldiers revealed in the documentary program that initially reported on the issue, it seems that he is trying to keep a low profile as he was also an entertainment soldier at the time.

Many speculate that Lee-teuk also wanted to avoid media attention because of a family issue that was widely reported on by major news outlets in January.

Lee-teuk’s father euthanized his ailing grandparents before committing suicide.

The singer will join his group immediately to embark on its sixth world tour. “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6” will start in Seoul on Sept. 20 with a two-day concert before moving elsewhere, including Japan, China and Thailand.

JoongAng Daily

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Actress Shim Eun-kyung will play the lead role in the Korean version of "Nodame Cantabile."

The Japanese drama tells the story of a cheerful and exceptional classical music student.

Shim said she is a fan of Juri Ueno, who played the title character in the original series, and is thus very happy to take the Korean role.

The drama will air on KBS in October.

Chosun Ilbo


As a Nodame Cantabile fan, I am completely supporting SEK for this role. My choices were either her or Go Ara so I couldn't be more happier haha

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Label S.M. Entertainment made the announcement after she went missing from the group's promotions


Photos: S.M. Entertainment

Korean girl group f(x) made their powerful comeback this month with their third studio album Red Light a year after the release of Pink Tape. They started promoting as five on music shows at the start of July, only for Sulli to mysteriously disappear from the group's stages from July 17.

Her absence was initially brushed off by label S.M. Entertainment as a severe cold, but her continued nonattendance caught the attention of fans, who wondered what was going on behind the scenes. What raised suspicions further was that the other members have not been mentioning her in their winning acceptance speeches on the music shows that they were promoting on.

On July 25, S.M. Entertainment released a statement on the group's official page stating that Sulli will go on hiatus with immediate effect due to physical and mental exhaustion. They also stated the spreading of malicious rumours about the 20-year-old as one of the main reasons for her hiatus and expressed that her hiatus was carefully decided upon after much deliberation and advice from doctors.

In addition, they declared that f(x) has concluded Red Light promotions as a group despite them only promoting for three weeks instead of the usual five that most idols go through with. The quintet will however still be attending the label's group concert, SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Seoul on August 15. Members Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal will also continue with their individual activities.

Prior to her announced hiatus, Sulli has been plagued by rumours of her dating fellow celebrity Choiza, who is 14 years her senior. The two were initially seen taking a stroll while holding hands in September last year, but the rumour was quickly refuted by ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Lee Teuk will be leaving the army on July 29.

According to SM Entertainment, no special event will be held on the day of his release.

The agency said through a press release on July 25, "Leeteuk will be released from the army on July 29, but he will not be holding any interviews or special events on the day."

"We made this decision at his request, so we hope you understand," it said.

Leeteuk entered the army as an active-duty soldier on October 30, 2012.


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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong revealed his thoughts on dating.

Kim Jae Joong recently attended an interview with the August issue of magazine @Star1 and was asked if he currently has a girlfriend.

When the interviewer asked, “Don’t you have a girlfriend that you’re hiding from everyone?” Kim Jae Joong answered, “A hidden girlfriend. Even if I had one, she would run away,” and laughed.

Kim Jae Joong said, “I spend the nights at the filming site and have been preparing for JYJ’s comeback at the same time. There’s even a joke saying that our drama team doesn’t spend any money on lodging, because the filming has been continuing throughout the night almost everyday. We get busy washing up at saunas afterwards.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s full story will be included in the August issue of @Star1 set to be published on July 22.


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Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won will be acting opposite each other in upcoming film Today’s Love.

The romance film Today’s Love has confirmed casting Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won and will begin filming at the end of July.

Today’s Love is the new project from director Park Jin Pyo, who also directed You’re My Sunshine, Voice of a Murderer and more.

Making his big screens debut through the film, Lee Seung Gi will be acting as ‘Jun Su,’ who always gets dumped by his girlfriends.

Moon Chae Won, who will be making her comeback to the big screens in three years since War of the Arrows, will be acting as weather caster ‘Hyun Woo,’ who has a chatty and tough personality that contrasts her physical appearance.

Lee Seung Gi said, “The love story that can be seen in everyday life seemed interesting and it’s a genre that I personally prefer so I’m anticipating. I’m also happy to be working with director Park Jin Hyo, whom I’ve always liked and respected. I’m excited but feel pressured at the same time, since it’s my first time filming a movie but I will work hard as an actor without being greedy.”

Moon Chae Won said, “I liked the fact that it has humor at the same time as telling a warm and realistic love story that everyone might’ve experienced once in their life time. I hope I can show another side of actress Moon Chae Won through this project.”

The film will premiere in 2015.


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Jun Ji Hyun is the undeniably a queen when it comes to being an advertisement model.

Korea's Advertising Research Institute conducted a study regarding domestic advertiser's top candidates as the best advertising models for the month of June.

Hallyu actress Jun Ji Hyun grabs the top spot as this month's best advertising model, maintaining her position in the top three for the first half of 2014.

The results were highly influenced by the popularity of her drama "Man From The Stars," which became a hot topic among advertisers.

Following Jun Ji Hyun in second place is ice skater Kim Yuna, gathering 9.15% of the total votes. She has maintained her spot in the top three during the first half of the tear, placing first in January, second in February to April, and third in May.

Third placer miss A's Suzy, with 5.89% of the votes, is likewise maintaining her status as a top advertising model. During the first half of the year, she managed to grab a spot in the top five, placing fifth in January, third in February to April, and second in May.

Actor Lee Seung Gi becomes the only male in the top five, placing fourth for the month of June. Kim Soo Hyun comes in sixth, gagman Yoo Jae Suk places seventh, and top star Won Bin grabs the eight spot.

KDrama Stars

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