Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki recently revealed that she manages her own assets, and so does her husband, musician Jin Akanishi, sparking speculation that the couple may be on the verge of divorce, as they have been rumoured to be facing issues in their relationship.

The celebrity couple had a 'flash marriage' in 2012 and Meisa gave birth to a daughter that same year. However, their management Johnny and Associates has always forbidden their artistes from dating, and after Jin announced the news of his marriage to Meisa, his contract was terminated.

The burden of bringing home the bacon then fell on Meisa's shoulders, and Jin was said to be financially dependent on his wife.

Due to Meisa's busy filming schedule, she had to rely on her mother to take care of her daughter. Meanwhile, Jin was rumoured to have had an affair due to loneliness after his workload was greatly decreased.

Meisa's image is said to have been tarnished by her husband, and is rumoured to be signing the divorce papers in April before she starts shooting her new drama. She had also admitted earlier she has not been in contact with her husband for some time.


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The musical remake of "Goong" boasts an idol-studded cast: ZE:A's Dong-jun, SHINee's Taemin, and the U-Kiss members. What's more is that the entire act will be taking its show on the road, headed for Japan!

Dong-jun, Taemin, and U-KISS's Soo-hyun and Hoon will be taking on the role of Lee Shin, while U-KISS's Kevin and Ki-seop will play Lee Yool.

"Goong" will run from May 10-24th at the Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo.

KBS Global

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J-pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki announced two days ago that she has remarried, and this time, her husband is an American 10 years her junior, from a medical graduate school.

The couple dated for half a year before getting engaged at the end of last year and Ayumi, 36, stressed that she is not pregnant.

In conjunction with Hinamatsuri (also known as Girls' Day), a traditional festival celebrated in Japan, Ayumi declared online that she is 'just married'. They registered for their marriage in Los Angeles in February, and submitted their Japanese marriage application on Monday.

Flash marriages are not uncommon when it comes to Ayumi. In 2011, she married an Austrian male model two years a junior just after dating for four months.

Her fans have showered her with lots of blessings at the news, but as her engagement announcement last year coincided with the release of her single, some netizens felt that this time, it may be a deliberate attempt on her part to gain attention. Some even commented: 'Is she releasing an album this time?'


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Source: Oricon Style
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

Adapted from the best-selling novel by author Hyakuta Naoki, the movie Eien no Zero, starring actor Okada Junichi, has earned 5.9 billion yen at the Japanese box office, attracting over 4.8 million moviegoers during its 37 days of release. Based on the weekend box office ranking, it has been the number 1 movie in the country six weeks running, reaching the 'V6' standing.

The movie opened December 21 of last year. From the opening date up until January 26, the movie has attracted 4,833,562 viewers and has earned 5,961,772,950 yen at the box office. The same results were achieved two years ago when Les Misérables opened December 21, 2012. However, Eien no Zero has already surpassed Les Mis' total earnings of 5.8 billion yen.

At the stage greeting for the movie a few days ago, lead actor Okada Junichi expressed his intentions to reach the 'V6' standing. "Even though I'm a member of V6, it would be even better if we could surpass it."

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The Japanese film "Jinx," starring Hyo-min of T-ara, is set to be released here in February.

Hyo-min is the first member of a Korean girl group to star in a Japanese film, while her group has been expanding its presence beyond Korea and Japan recently to other parts of Asia.

Hyo-min plays a role of a Korean girl who goes to study in Japan after losing her love in a tragic accident. She ends up acting as a go-between for her only friend in Japan by sending messages between the girl and her own first love.

"Jinx" sentimentally depicts the first flush of love among teenagers, while also dealing with the theme of friendship. It will be released in Korea on Feb. 13, one day before the Valentine's Day.

Chosun Ilbo

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Source: Oricon
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

V6 member Okada Junichi and actress Inoue Mao attended the opening screening of their movie Eien no Zero on the 21st. Okada will be the lead in next year's NHK Taiga drama Gunshi Kanbee. Okada expressed that he hopes to successfully pass the baton to Inoue, who will be leading the 2015 Taiga drama Hanamoyu. Inoue joked that she doesn't need a good pass, as long as she gets any pass she will do her best.

Playing a kamikaze pilot in the movie, Okada expressed that it was a tough role to act. "After filming ended, it was hard to work on my next project and immerse myself in a new character." However, he expressed his gratitude to director Yamazaki Takashi for his support and understanding.

The movie blends the past and present together, as the story is told from the point of view of the grandson. Wanting to learn more about his grandfather, he tries to discover the truth about a man who excelled as a pilot, but was more afraid than anyone else of dying. Also attending the opening screening were actor Miura Haruma and author Hyakuta Naoki.

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1. LOVE (Arashi) - 796,525
2. B'z The Best XXV 1988-1998 (B'z) - 583,230
3. B'z The Best XXV 1999-2012 (B'z) - 573,050
5. Teppen Tottande! (NMB48) - 419,231
6. FEEL (Amuro Namie) - 382,684
7. JUKE BOX (Kanjani8) - 373,019
9. Superfly BEST (Superfly) - 322,204
10. TIME (Tohoshinki) - 298,389
11. Love Collection ~mint~ (Nishino Kana) - 282,763
12. Love Collection ~pink~ (Nishino Kana) - 274,012
13. Good Ikuze! (Kis-My-Ft2) - 273,250
14. Baradon (Ikimonogakari) - 270,508
15. Yoshu Fukushu (MAXIMUM THE HORMONE) - 269,379
16. MIRACLE (Sandaime J Soul Brothers) - 268,999
17. Matsutoya Yumi 40 Shunen Kinen Best Album "Nihon no Koi to, Yuming to." (Matsutoya Yumi) - 265,056
18. TAKE ME HOME (One Direction) - 263,709
19. Nanda Collection (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) - 250,490
20. BUMP OF CHICKEN I [1999-2004] (BUMP OF CHICKEN) - 247,506
21. BUMP OF CHICKEN II [2005-2010] (BUMP OF CHICKEN) - 235,772
22. 5TH DIMENSION (Momoiro Clover Z) - 235,431
23. LEVEL3 (Perfume) - 234,294
24. JINSEI X BOKU = (ONE OK ROCK) - 216,180
25. I (Ikimonogakari) - 214,487
26. ALL TIME BEST ALBUM (Yazawa Eikichi) - 192,116
27. Unorthodox Jukebox (Bruno Mars) - 186,825
28. Summer Ballad Covers (May J.) - 183,875
29. Heart Song (Chris Hart) - 179,478
30. kusabi (KAT-TUN) - 179,126
31. sakanaction (Sakanaction) - 168,189
32. LAND (Yuzu) - 163,519
33. Funky Monkey Babys 5 (FUNKY MONKEY BABYS) - 163,289
34. [(an imitation) blood orange] (Mr. Children) - 162,768
35. Amachan Uta no Album (V.A.) - 160,732
36. Super Best Records -15th Celebration- (MISIA) - 153,469
37. The Past Masters vol.1 (Golden Bomber) - 151,255
38. Red (Taylor Swift) ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1. Sayonara Crawl (AKB48) - 1,955,162
2. Koisuru Fortune Cookie (AKB48) - 1,479,036
3. Heart Ereki (AKB48) - 1,260,792
4. So long! (AKB48) - 1,132,853
5. EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai Wo Aisuru Tame~ (EXILE) - 1,012,407
6. Calling / Breathless (Arashi) - 881,192
7. Choco no Dorei (SKE48) - 671,623
8. Utsukushii Inazuma (SKE48) - 661,557
9. Bokura no Eureka (NMB48) - 557,802
10. Endless Game (Arashi) - 557,217
11. Sansei Kawaii! (SKE48) - 496,124
12. Kamonegikkusu (NMB48) - 457,435
13. Girls Rule (Nogizaka46) - 452,310
14. Baretta (Nogizaka46) - 423,417
15. Joy!! (SMAP) - 395,087
16. My Resistance ~Tashikana Mono~ / Unmei Girl (Kis-My-Ft2) - 377,055
17. Peace to Highlight (Southern All Stars) - 339,575
18. Hesomagari / Koko ni shikanai Keshiki (Kanjani8) - 334,632
19. Kimi tono Kiseki (Kis-My-Ft2) - 309,762
20. SNOW DOME no Yakusoku / Luv Sick (Kis-My-Ft2) - 306,433
21.Seifuku no Mannequin (Nogizaka46) - 306,430
22. Kimi no Na wa Kibo (Nogizaka46) - 306,202
23. Melon Juice (HKT48) - 295,967
24. Suki! Suki! Skip! (HKT48) - 291,876
25. BURNING UP (EXILE TRIBE [Sandaime J Soul Brothers VS GENERATIONS]) - 287,874
26. Namida no Kotae (Kanjani8) - 286,657
27. Ki Su U Ma I ~Kiss Your Mind~ / S.O.S. [Smile on Smile] (Kis-My-Ft2) - 262, 737
28. Come on A My House (Hey! Say! JUMP) - 242,314
29. Mistake! / Battery (SMAP) - 235, 076
30. Jiyu e no Shingeki (Linked Horizon) - 230,810
31. Mystery Virgin (Yamada Ryosuke) - 219,871
32. Mada Namida ni Naranai Kanashimi ga / Koi wa Nioeto Chirinuruwo (Kinki Kids) - 202,409
33. Kokoro Sora Moyo (Kanjani8) - 192,573
34. Dance My Generation (Golden Bomber) - 177,565
35. Preserved Roses (T.M. Revolution x Nana Mizuki) - 175,828
36. EXPOSE (KAT-TUN) - 173.400
37. Real Sexy! / ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The official fan club of Ayumi Hamasaki announced on Friday that the 35-year-old singer is engaged to a 25-year-old male medical student at the University of California, Los Angeles. She added to her fans, "As my partner is an ordinary student, I would be very happy if you could watch over us quietly."

The couple had gotten engaged on Thursday. According to a source linked to Hamasaki, she is not pregnant. The two had met during the New Year's holidays through a friend, and began dating around spring.

Hamasaki had told fans that she had married Manuel Schwarz, an Austrian actor living in America, in Las Vegas on January 1, 2011 (about four months after meeting him). However, she announced a year later in January 2012 that she had gotten divorced. Hamasaki had not registered her marriage with Schwarz in Japan, so her upcoming marriage with the medical student would be considered her first in Japan.

Hamasaki had just shot a music video for her song "Feel the Love" in Los Angeles with DJ Hello Kitty.

Hamasaki is also writing and singing the "Pray" theme song for Buddha 2: Tezuka Osamu no Buddha ~Owarinaki Tabi~, the second film in the planned trilogy based on the late Osamu Tezuka's (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Idol group Morning Musume will get a new name from Jan 1. Tsunku, the 45-year-old singer-songwriter turned record producer, who formed the group in 1997 as the lead act of Hello! Project, made the announcement Friday on his blog.

Tsunku said the group’s new name would be Morning Musume ‘14.

Explaining the reasons for the name change, Tsunku said that questions about the group such as “When was that particular song released? “or “Which generation of Morning Musume was that one girl from?” will now be instantly discernible as each year and all corresponding songs will belong to specific future generations of the band.

Thus, under these new naming guidelines, the year after next will have the band changing its name to Morning Musume ‘15, and so on.

Tsunku assured fans that “we will try the new naming system for a time, but if it ever becomes too confusing, we may drop it altogether.”

Morning ‘14 is scheduled to release their 55th single and the first single under their new name on Jan 29.


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