Friday August 29, 2014 Hong Kong






Somebody has been using Leo Ku's name to advertise a charity event, and the singer is not liking it at all.


As reported on Sina News, the singer, who attended a rehearsal for an upcoming concert alongside Shiga Lin, Mag Lam and Charmaine Fong recently, denied that he will be involved in a charity event in mainland China, after a poster of such event circulated online.


The said poster, which has been posted on the internet, featured a photo of the singer with the title "Film Star and Prince of Love Song Leo Ku Fan-Meeting". It is stated on the poster that he will be performing in a bar in mainland China on Saturday and the profit will be donated to charity.


However, upon close examination, it was revealed that it was not Leo Ku on the poster but a man who closely resembles him.


Leo said, "Many of my friends even contacted me to make sure, since they were surprised when they saw the poster. I have called [EEG manager] Mani to follow up."


Leo said that while he doesn't mind people imitating his style, he dislikes the fact that they are using his name on the poster for publicity.


"I don't want fans to be deceived, so I hope everyone would be careful," ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Nicholas Tse can't do romance with Joey Yung

Friday August 29, 2014 Hong Kong







Nicholas Tse jokingly expressed his regrets for inviting good friend and fellow EEG colleague Joey Yung to record a song and film a music video with him.


As reported on Hong Kong's On CC News, Nicholas, who has been busy promoting his romance film "But Always", recently wrote and produced the movie's theme song "Let Us Go On", and has invited Joey to sing the duet with him.


However, it was only when they started to shoot the music video that both stars realised that it was very awkward for them to play a couple. Nicholas said that he wasn't able to even keep a serious face when the director asked him to hug Joey from behind.


"Joey and I are as close as siblings, so holding each other and singing a love song feels very strange and very embarrassing," said Nicholas, adding that it somehow felt incestuous.


"It felt like a brother holding a sister, and it's very hard to hold back our laughter!"


However, the filming must go on, and EEG's manager Mani Fok had to interfere and made a few suggestions to them. Despite many outtakes, the two stars finally finished the music video in two hours' time.

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"Precious Harmony" is Joe Ma's last series

Friday August 29, 2014 Hong Kong







Actor Joe Ma recently revealed that his upcoming series, "Precious Harmony", will be the last drama with TVB before his contract expires.


As reported on Hong Kong's On CC News, the actor, who attended the costume fitting session in TVB City recently, revealed that he will be playing a mediator between the good and the bad.


"My character is a second generation of the underworld, and my father is a triad chief. In the series, my character is gentler than his peers," said Joe.


He also added that his love interest will be played by Kate Tsui.


When asked if he will renew his contract, Joe said, "It depends. I will decide along the way. But we're currently in negotiation."


"As an actor, I really hope to challenge myself," said Joe, when asked if he will expand his career to mainland China. "But I will miss Hong Kong viewers. So I hope to work between the two."


Johnson Lee and William Chak also star in "Precious Harmony".

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Friday August 29, 2014 Hong Kong







TVB actress Samantha Ko recently expressed her displeasure after a photoshopped photo of her face on a body of a naked woman holding hands with a child circulated online.


As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who attended the premiere dinner for TVB's "Line Walker" recently, stated, "This is not the first time a person did this to my photo. I have kept quiet about it before, but it seems that it's getting worse."


"I feel so embarrassed about it but helpless at the same time. I don't think mothers would appreciate such pranks, and it is very disrespectful to children," she added.


Samantha also encouraged the public to do more charity work rather than wasting their time creating fake photos.


"If they like me, they should support my work instead," said the actress.

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Friday August 29, 2014 Hong Kon







Hong Kong singer Yumiko Cheng recently admitted that her husband, makeup artist Andy Leung, was indeed a divorcé, according to Mingpao News.


Previously, a Hong Kong tabloid published a cropped photo of the singer's marriage registration application and mentioned that Andy's status was written as divorced.


In response, Yumiko, who appeared at the Commercial Radio recently, admitted, "Yes. He was quite young when he married the first time. He was 21 or 22 years old at the time."


"I've already known this fact since we were dating," said Yumiko.


Meanwhile, the singer revealed that she will be holding her wedding at the North Harbour Grand Hotel on 5 September. However, most of the details have yet to be completed.


"The most painful part of the wedding plan is the seating arrangements. Some friends insisted on sitting together. It has given me a lot of headache," she said.

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0829-00282-044b1.jpg?t=1409256199658courtesy of
New Hong Kong director James Hung's new film THE SEVENTH LIE (DAI CHUT FONG YIN) earlier held two screenings in Hong Kong. James said, "After waiting for such a long time it finally can be screened in Hong Kong. I was very worried that the Hong Kong audience wouldn't be able to accept the American style film language and style in the film. At the first screening, the audience response to the earlier part was more cautious but got much better later. They even cracked up during the dark comedy spot! The second show took place at the art center, maybe because the audience loves film more they put more effort to dig into what I want to express. After the show they even stayed to attend the forum and enthusiastically asked questions. I really thank them for their passionate support. I hope to continue to have good response during its official release (around November)!"

Actor Philip Keung Ho Man also shared his production experience. "James' communication with actors was particularly thorough, giving the character more dimensions. When I work with new directors, I can explore even more in my performance! However this time we shot at a public restroom for three or four days, I have truly never had such fear in my film career!"


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_29ME003_.jpgcourtesy of
Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi Cheng Sau Man worked together for the first time on the romantic comedy TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG) was welcomed by the audience. After a week in release, its box office as of August 27 made HK$9.7 million. It even made 1.51 million on its opening day, breaking the two leads' film openings last summer, BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM)'s 850,000 and UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN)'s 1.41 million. Currently working on a film in England, Sammi was very concerned about the box office and was very excited after learning about the result. She also looked forward to working with Ka Fai for a second time very soon. Ka Fai said that he has not made a romantic film for a long time. In the past two years he mainly made gun fight action films. It was time for a romance and he ran into a lover in Sammi. It was truly too perfect.

Aside from Ka Fai and Sammi, AngelaBaby also opened people's eyes as she was praised for her knack for comedy. She said, "Actually when I was in high school, I had the class nickname Rotten Gag King. In addition this time my co-star was comedy expert Brother Ka Fai, I of course had to remain alert and not to make any mistake! People say I am ugly, I can tell everyone that for the character I can go all out. I don't have the ugliest, only even uglier. It is rare that someone would give you a character that you may not run into. I already did my best this time." Guest star Ivana Wong Yuen Chi also was a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_29MF001_.jpgThe guys perform 80s hits_29MF002_.jpgJordan Chan, Chin Kar Lok, Jerry Lamb, Ekin Cheng, Michael Tse_29MF003_.jpg_29MF004_.jpgChin Kar Lok serenades his wife with WITH ME ALWAYS_29MF005_.jpgCherrie Ying, Yoyo Mung cheer on their husbands
courtesy of mingpao.com0829-00282-017b1.jpg?t=1409258852632Chin Kar Lok kisses his wife0829-00282-017b2.jpg?t=1409258846883The Grasshoppers and Louis Yuen show support for the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS quintet
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Thursday August 28, 2014 Hong Kong







 TVB actor-turned-singer Fred Cheng recently expressed his delight that the first batch of tickets for his upcoming concert was sold out, and he may be adding more dates to the show.


According to Singpao Daily, speaking to the media at the press conference of his upcoming concert "Welcome to My Dream Concert 2014" on 25 August, Fred revealed, "Today is the first day for the online sale and the first batch has already sold out."


"We'll look at the reception first and then consider if we should add another date to the show," said the singer.


On the subject of song selections, Fred said that he will sing all the songs in his upcoming album, as well as renditions of other singers' hits.


However, Fred said that he has yet to decide on the guest appearance list, though hoping that his mentor Eric Moo and the alumni of "Voice of Stars" will be able to attend the concert as a support.


When asked if he would invite rumoured girlfriend Lesley Jiang to the show, Fred smiled and said, "I hope all my good friends will be able to come to the show."


Fred Cheng's concert will be held on 1 November at the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

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The singer's daughter was seen crying in the preview of the next episode and said, 'Bye, I have to go.'


Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and his two children Joe, 6, and Grace, 3, have joined the second season of China version reality show Dad, Where Are You Going? early this year. But his younger child will now be leaving the show as she bade farewell to co-stars and viewers in the preview of the next episode.

Grace was seen crying and saying goodbye to the other children, 'Bye, I have to go.'

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, one of the fathers on the show, hugged and consoled her, 'Grace is my goddess.'

Gary's management explained, 'Gary respects his daughter's decision and will not force her to do anything against her will.'

The production unit shared, 'Grace will leave the show and will not participate in the last stop of Dad, Where Are We Going?'

In addition, the host of the show, Li Rui, published a book which included conflicts of the show. A portion mentioned how Francis got angered by Gary during their first meeting when the latter told him, 'I grew up watching your movies,' and elaborated, 'Including the ones with explicit content.'

When this was made public, Francis expressed regret over participating in the show as 'he thought he only had to bring his child to the zoo. Now he has become a gorilla (laughing stock).'




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