The singer's daughter was seen crying in the preview of the next episode and said, 'Bye, I have to go.'


Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and his two children Joe, 6, and Grace, 3, have joined the second season of China version reality show Dad, Where Are You Going? early this year. But his younger child will now be leaving the show as she bade farewell to co-stars and viewers in the preview of the next episode.

Grace was seen crying and saying goodbye to the other children, 'Bye, I have to go.'

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, one of the fathers on the show, hugged and consoled her, 'Grace is my goddess.'

Gary's management explained, 'Gary respects his daughter's decision and will not force her to do anything against her will.'

The production unit shared, 'Grace will leave the show and will not participate in the last stop of Dad, Where Are We Going?'

In addition, the host of the show, Li Rui, published a book which included conflicts of the show. A portion mentioned how Francis got angered by Gary during their first meeting when the latter told him, 'I grew up watching your movies,' and elaborated, 'Including the ones with explicit content.'

When this was made public, Francis expressed regret over participating in the show as 'he thought he only had to bring his child to the zoo. Now he has become a gorilla (laughing stock).'




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Taiwanese actor Kai Ko receives the highest penalty for celebrities and will be banned from China


According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko finally met his family members in the detention centre after his 14-day detention, his parents, brother and manager Angie Chai visited him yesterday.

Kai and his mother hugged and cried, while his father told him to take responsibility and face the matter bravely. The 23-year-old apologised repeatedly to those who were present and was sorry for letting his family, company, sponsors and fans down. Kai was also worried that his saga will affect movie earnings (Tiny Times 4) and the reputation of his company.

A Chinese character 'Zheng', which means upright, was written by Kai on the wall of the detention centre, a method he uses to count the number of days he has left in the detention centre.

In addition, The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China has announced that Kai will be banned from the China media industry. Insiders revealed the ruling set by authorities to be the harshest for celebrities and may therefore end their showbiz careers.

It is said that Chinese movie Tiny Times 4, who features Kai as one of the male leads, will remove his parts in the film before releasing it in cinemas. As filming has already ended and Kai has a considerably large role in it, writer-director Guo Jingming has yet to make a response on this matter.

Co-starring as Kai's girlfriend in the movie, Amber Kuo clarified through her manager that she has not received any news and will continue to work as usual.

Besides the movie, Kai faced pull-outs from more than 10 endorsements including KFC China. Due to contractual terms, another chewing gum company will investigate the matter before deciding on Kai's endorsement.


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Two other reknowned personalities were allegedly arrested at Jaycee Chan's residence


According to Chinese media, the Beijing police suspect that there are at least 120 celebrities who are embroiled in the drug case involving Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan, due to the latter's wide circle of friends in showbiz and the second generation of the rich. Investigations are being carried out to track down all artistes related to this drug case.

More than 100g of marijuana, which can be made into 250 sticks of cannabis cigarettes, were seized at Jaycee's residence last Tuesday. A gift from Jackie Chan to his son, the luxurious apartment often housed parties thrown by Jaycee.

Recent reports claimed that there were two other people, known as 'W' and 'H', who were caught at the scene. Rumours are rife that 'W' refers to Wang Shuo, a billionaire heir who comes from a prominent family background in China. It is believed that news of his arrest has been played down due to his family's influence.

Meanwhile, 'H' has been widely speculated to be Chinese singer-actress Han Xue, the granddaughter of a Senior General. However, the 31-year-old denied the claims via Weibo and reprimanded the people who have been spreading the malicious rumours.


Jaycee Chan and Wang Shuo.


Chinese singer-actress Han Xue


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Actress Tang Wei and husband Kim Tae Yong released their wedding photos yesterday after a simple ceremony held in Sweden


Following their simple and low profile wedding held in Sweden last month, Chinese actress and South Korean director Kim Tae Yong released their wedding photos yesterday through a Hong Kong public relations company on Weibo.

The post on Weibo said: 'We are honoured that Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong have entrusted us to announce this good news. The two officially became man and wife days ago under the witness of both their parents. They will now face their new journey in life. We wish this couple joy and happiness, and we thank all who have been caring for and supporting Tang Wei.'

They have also given out wedding cakes in a three-layered box printed with their English names. It was accompanied by a card with the message, 'Love made our world complete, thank you for your blessings.'

Tang Wei and Tae Yong are said to hold an official ceremony this fall and will only invite their relatives.

The two, who have been dating since last October, first announced marriage plans early last month and drew talks about Tang Wei being a third party and even pregnant.

The rumours of a shot-gun marriage were dispelled when she was slated for promotional activities for new drama The Golden Era and discussions for new shows.



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Chinese actress Zhou Xun and husband Archie Kao returned to the former's hometown for a private wedding banquet


After their surprise wedding at the 'One Night' charity gala in Hangzhou last month, honeymoon in the United States, and officially registering their marriage last Thursday, Chinese actress Zhou Xun and husband Archie Kao reportedly held another banquet last Saturday.

This time, it was a low profile one at Zhou Xun's hometown, Quzhou, coincidentally on the Chinese Valentine's Day (seventh day of the seventh lunar month).

That evening, the 39-year-old actress turned up at a hotel in Quzhou clad in a red dress while Archie was dressed casually. The banquet was a heartwarming private affair where the couple posed and took pictures with their guests.

One of Zhou Xun's relatives even praised her on Weibo: 'Zhou Xun is a good lady! Being kind is part of observing our traditions. It is time for them to lead their lives together and bear a child!'




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Korean stars are said to have taken China by storm, but how much of that claim is hype and how much accords with the facts has not always been clear.

Kim Soo-hyun, who became a top star in China thanks to the Korean soap "My Love from the Star," is reportedly earning 10 million yuan or W1.65 billion for each commercial he does there.

His colleague Lee Min-ho gets paid 8 million yuan per commercial.

But while their agents make it sound as if the two are among the most highly paid stars in China, they actually earn rather less than their Chinese counterparts.

According to the People's Daily, Jackie Chan is the highest paid star in China. He recently made 16 million yuan for appearing in an electronics advert. Zhang Ziyi usually gets 15 million yuan and Andy Lau around 12 million yuan. Fan Bingbing reportedly makes 8 million yuan, a little less than Kim.

Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun, who starred in "My Love from the Star" alongside Kim, is said to have made 6 million yuan from a drinking water commercial recently that provoked a storm in a teacup.

Chae Rim, who is to marry Chinese actor Gao Ziqi in October, is more highly regarded in China than in her home country. She earns around 4 million yuan per advertisement.

How much stars get paid for commercials is not the only barometer of their popularity in China. Frequency of web searches is also a good indicator, and there Kim and Lee do stand out.

The Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange tallied up the daily rankings of the most searched celebrities on Baidu, China's largest portal site, for two weeks from July 7. Kim ranked fourth and Lee 10th, while Chan and Lau did not get a look-in.

Among Korean women, Jun came in ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Chinese actress Tang Wei and husband Kim Tae Yong exchanged vows in Sweden two weeks ago


It was a flash wedding for the Lust, Caution actress and South Korean director Kim Tae Yong. After announcing that they will tie the knot this fall, the two were said to have held a simple banquet at a farm in Faroe islands, Sweden on July 13 (Swedish date), and their agencies have confirmed this news.

The two held a simple and private affair with just a table full of candles, and only invited their Swedish friends. Their family members will join them at the official wedding this fall.

They chose the venue as it was where famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman previously lived when he was alive and the lovebirds, both from the movie industry, wanted to create a special memory.

Netizens have spotted Tang Wei on a wheelchair yesterday at the Sydney airport with Kim pushing her from behind. As the former appeared radiant at her recent event in Shanghai and had no reason to be on a wheelchair, this raised further doubts over the rumours of her two-month pregnancy.

However, several reporters have noticed bandages around her right leg in the past two months and suspected that she might have injured herself slightly while filming.

Tang Wei's ardent fans also refuted these speculations and said, 'She has hurt her leg once and even visited the hospital. It must be a relapse this time round.'



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The Chinese actress, who will be tying the knot with South Korean director Kim Tae Yong this fall, has caught the attention of the media with her belly bump at a skincare endorsement event in Shanghai on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old graced the event with a body-hugging dress and two-inch heels, unintentionally revealing the bump. This raised eyebrows as to whether she is indirectly announcing her pregnancy.

It is the first time Tang Wei is greeting the press after confirming her marriage plans. Although she has previously cleared the air about a shot-gun marriage through her manager, the rumours appeared to be true.

Responding to queries on her speedy marriage, the Lust, Caution actress said, 'I believe no woman will miss her chance to change her destiny. If you treasure it, it may change your entire life.'

Tang Wei further added that her wedding will be a simple one where only family and friends from both sides will attend, but remains tight-lipped about her wedding date.

She dismissed rumours of rejecting job offers due to her pregnancy and explained, 'I am still selecting scripts. As an actor, acting is part of my life and helps me broaden my world view. I will not give up on that.'

Tang Wei simply responded with a smile when asked if she will only take up non-action packed roles in future.

The bride-to-be, whose favourite Korean dish is ramen instead of kimchi, also shared that she is working hard to master the language.



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Rumour has it that Wang Feng will propose to Zhang Ziyi during his concert next month


If the rumours are right, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi will soon become rock singer Wang Feng's third wife, after the latter proposes to her in August.

Their romance journey has not been smooth-sailing. They were first speculated to be in a romantic relationship shortly after Ziyi, 35, split with her TV host boyfriend, Sa Beining, last year; Wang Feng, 43, had also just obtained a divorce with his second wife, Kang Zuo Ru.

Although the couple hasn't had it easy, what with rumours that the actress was the third-party who broke up Wang Feng's marriage, it seems that their love is finally coming to fruition.

According to an insider, Wang Feng and Ziyi have been enjoying a stable relationship after dating for one year. Earlier, it was twice rumoured that the former had attempted to propose to Ziyi, even spending over a billion dollars to buy a yacht, only to be rejected as she wanted to focus on her career.

However, with the sudden increase of actresses ' such as Zhou Xun and Tang Wei ' getting hitched, Ziyi has started to have thoughts of settling down as well. Seizing this window of opportunity, Wang Feng has reportedly gotten his friend to help prepare for a surprise proposal during his concert at the Beijing National Stadium next month.

The singer had originally wished for his 10,000 fans to be able to share the special moment with him, but unfortunately, Zhou Xun cut in line when she held a surprise wedding with her American husband, Archie Kao, at a charity event last Thursday. In order to avoid being accused of copying them, Wang Feng had no choice but to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Sina Entertainment Interview – Francis Ng loves to madly kiss his son Feynman while he sleeps


Source:  Sina Star ‘RenWuZhi’ Magazine, Volume 59


Article originally published 7/8/2014


Translation:  llwy12






Anthony Wong (黃秋生) once assessed his good friend Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in this manner:  “He is truly ‘Wong Yeuk Si (黃藥師)’ [the character from Jin Yong’s novel Legend of the Condor Heroes] – every move he makes is strange , odd, mysterious…you never know what his next move will be!”


Recently, Francis Ng demonstrated one of those ‘strange’ moves!   Personality-wise, Francis is known for being proudly aloof and socially awkward, dislikes conforming to society’s norms, and absolutely loathes constant public exposure– yet ironically, he chooses to participate in a wildly popular TV program that publicly ‘exposes’ him to millions of television viewers every week:  the second season of Mainland China’s highly rated reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿).  Not only that…even more ‘strange’ is the fact that Francis -- who has always been extremely low key when it comes to his family and tries to fiercely protect his son Feynman Ng from the prying eyes of the Media as much as possible -- decided to take everyone by surprise and put his son into the spotlight as well by participating in the program with him.


In preparation for this interview, our reporter had diligently reviewed many of Francis’ past interviews with various media outlets, hoping to understand what to expect when Francis walks in the door.  Of course, the result is unexpected:   Francis saunters carefreely into the room, carrying a small bag on his back, holding a water cup, wearing framed glasses that complemented his casual, playful look.  According to the Where Are We Going, Dad 2 production crew, that’s how Francis is like in real life – basically, he’s a big kid at heart.


Given his personality, many people were interested in knowing ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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