Rumour has it that Wang Feng will propose to Zhang Ziyi during his concert next month


If the rumours are right, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi will soon become rock singer Wang Feng's third wife, after the latter proposes to her in August.

Their romance journey has not been smooth-sailing. They were first speculated to be in a romantic relationship shortly after Ziyi, 35, split with her TV host boyfriend, Sa Beining, last year; Wang Feng, 43, had also just obtained a divorce with his second wife, Kang Zuo Ru.

Although the couple hasn't had it easy, what with rumours that the actress was the third-party who broke up Wang Feng's marriage, it seems that their love is finally coming to fruition.

According to an insider, Wang Feng and Ziyi have been enjoying a stable relationship after dating for one year. Earlier, it was twice rumoured that the former had attempted to propose to Ziyi, even spending over a billion dollars to buy a yacht, only to be rejected as she wanted to focus on her career.

However, with the sudden increase of actresses ' such as Zhou Xun and Tang Wei ' getting hitched, Ziyi has started to have thoughts of settling down as well. Seizing this window of opportunity, Wang Feng has reportedly gotten his friend to help prepare for a surprise proposal during his concert at the Beijing National Stadium next month.

The singer had originally wished for his 10,000 fans to be able to share the special moment with him, but unfortunately, Zhou Xun cut in line when she held a surprise wedding with her American husband, Archie Kao, at a charity event last Thursday. In order to avoid being accused of copying them, Wang Feng had no choice but to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Sina Entertainment Interview – Francis Ng loves to madly kiss his son Feynman while he sleeps


Source:  Sina Star ‘RenWuZhi’ Magazine, Volume 59


Article originally published 7/8/2014


Translation:  llwy12






Anthony Wong (黃秋生) once assessed his good friend Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in this manner:  “He is truly ‘Wong Yeuk Si (黃藥師)’ [the character from Jin Yong’s novel Legend of the Condor Heroes] – every move he makes is strange , odd, mysterious…you never know what his next move will be!”


Recently, Francis Ng demonstrated one of those ‘strange’ moves!   Personality-wise, Francis is known for being proudly aloof and socially awkward, dislikes conforming to society’s norms, and absolutely loathes constant public exposure– yet ironically, he chooses to participate in a wildly popular TV program that publicly ‘exposes’ him to millions of television viewers every week:  the second season of Mainland China’s highly rated reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿).  Not only that…even more ‘strange’ is the fact that Francis -- who has always been extremely low key when it comes to his family and tries to fiercely protect his son Feynman Ng from the prying eyes of the Media as much as possible -- decided to take everyone by surprise and put his son into the spotlight as well by participating in the program with him.


In preparation for this interview, our reporter had diligently reviewed many of Francis’ past interviews with various media outlets, hoping to understand what to expect when Francis walks in the door.  Of course, the result is unexpected:   Francis saunters carefreely into the room, carrying a small bag on his back, holding a water cup, wearing framed glasses that complemented his casual, playful look.  According to the Where Are We Going, Dad 2 production crew, that’s how Francis is like in real life – basically, he’s a big kid at heart.


Given his personality, many people were interested in knowing ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Coco Chiang's one-year-old daughter was gifted with a Bentley, amongst other extravagant presents


Chinese model Coco Chiang and her designer husband, Dickson Yewn, threw a party to celebrate their daughter's first birthday recently.

The couple invited around one hundred friends and family to join in the fun, and many turned up with gifts for the blessed baby girl ' one of Dickson's business partners even shipped a Bentley from Uzbekistan as a present for her.

Although Coco's buddy, Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai, was unable to attend the event, she gifted the baby with toys and a six-digit red packet. Dickson, 42, jested: '[Our] daughter's red packets will probably only be able to cancel out the cost of the party.'

The guests were also shown a screening of a special television show, Jiang Yi De Qian 4 Hou 6, which documents Coco's journey with pregnancy.

After the screening ended, the Coco, 37, sighed, 'I once contracted slight post-natal depression after childbirth. never watched this show because I was afraid that it would cause mood swings and make me too sensitive. It is a very precious opportunity, to be able to share the happiness that I felt at that time with my family, friends and production staff, now that my daughter has turned one year old.'



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Zhou Xun's supposed ex-lover published an advertisement on a newspaper to challenge her new husband


Barely a day after Zhou Xun had a public wedding with American actor Archie Kao, the actress' 'ex-lover' has stepped up to challenge her husband.

The actress wedded Archie the night before at the 'One Night' charity gala in Hangzhou, much to the envy of everyone who was present.

Yesterday, a Chinese newspaper printed an advertisement with the headline: 'Archie Kao, do you dare to love Zhou Xun like I do!' Speculations immediately arose that the author, a man named 'Yuan Xiao Ou', was Zhou Xun's ex-lover.

The body copy read: 'Don't let her go on a diet; she has to gain another 2kg before she can be healthy. Don't let her get drunk; if she's drunk, then hug her and don't let go'¦'

'[I will] turn my ten years of love into blessings. If she's fine, I will be her spare tyre for life,' the author continued, and signed off as 'Her prematurely menopausal boyfriend, Yuan Xiao Ou'.

Thankfully, it was quickly revealed that 'Yuan Xiao Ou' is actually the name of the male lead in Zhou Xun's new movie, Wo De Zao Geng Nan You, which will be airing in October, and the notice is just an advertising gimmick .



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Chinese actress Zhou Xun and her boyfriend, Chinese-American actor Archie Kao, surprised everyone at the 'One Night' charity gala in Hangzhou last night, when they said their 'I Dos' on stage.

At 8p.m., Zhou Xun made her first appearance at Yellow Dragon Sports Center. Approximately 30 minutes later, the 39-year-old uploaded a photo of Archie and herself in their wedding dress and suit on Weibo and wrote: 'We got married.'

However, the acclaimed actress deleted the microblog post within seconds after posting it.

Later that night, Zhou Xun emerged on stage via an elevated platform while Archie walked towards her from the side. With their hands tightly interlocked, the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actor announced in his less-than-perfect Mandarin: 'Surprise! I'm extremely happy. Love brought my wife and I together.'

After reciting their marriage vows in English and Mandarin, the couple exchanged wedding rings and shared a loving kiss before everyone. The whole ceremony was broadcasted on LeTV's 'live' streaming website.

Celebrities who were present at the event, such as Chen Kun, Jaycee Chan, Li Yuchun and Han Geng, also went on stage to congratulate the newlyweds.

As Zhou Xun is turning 40 this October, her good friends revealed that the actress hopes to give birth and set up a family as soon as possible.



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When netizens spotted Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming with girlfriend Angelababy during their trip to Maldives, rumours swirled that the 36-year-old had booked an underwater restaurant at Anantara Kihavah Villas resort for his wedding proposal.

The two, who have been dating since 2010, have been continuously plagued with marriage rumours and were even reported to have secretly registered for marriage in 2012, but it all turned out to be nothing more than hearsay.

The model-turned-actress was introduced to Xiaoming's parents in 2013 and seemed to have grown close to them, gave her a black Lamborghini convertible as a birthday gift this year.

When approached, the couple's managers declined to comment on Xiaoming's upcoming 'proposal' in Maldives until the actor cleared the air on Weibo.

'Lately, I have not been filming but my life has been written like a drama by others. And I, as the male lead, cannot even imagine it. This trip to Maldives was to bring my parents on a holiday, not to propose! I have never proposed before either. Filming will begin for me in August and I want to bring my parents to more places. Maybe because I'm getting old, I feel like there is too little time for my family. Perhaps the best gift in this world is spending time together.'

There have been speculations that Xiaoming had plans to propose yesterday (July 14) but changed his mind after the secret was leaked.



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The 39-year-old actress reveals plans to wed her beau and aim for a baby next year


Zhou Xun will finally crystallise her plan to marry her beau, American actor Archie Kao, at the end of the year. The 39-year-old actress posted pictures of their recent trips to Paris, Dubai, Yunnan temple as well as experience with the pandas in Chengdu.

The couple have also met each other's' parents to discuss marriage plans and aim to have a baby next year. The pair, who have been dating for more than a year, will register their marriage in Beijing before holding the ceremony overseas.

According to sources, the actress will be reducing her workload in the next few months to prepare for her wedding and has been rejecting movie offers. At present, Zhou Xun wishes to spend more time with Archie but will make an exception if she comes across an interesting script. Though the wedding and starting a family are Zhou Xun's priority, she emphasised that will not give up acting after marriage or childbirth.

The actress, famous for her role in the Painted Skin movie series, will showcase her singing talent at a charity event for children with special needs in Hangzhou this Wednesday. Her fiancé, who intends to focus on developing his career in China, will also show his support for her at the event where she is rumoured to announce her marriage plans.

There was no response from Zhou Xun's agency with regards to the confirmed date of the announcement.


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The former EXO member is rumoured to be in a relationship with Xu Jinglei, who is 16 years his senior


Former EXO member Kris (Wu Yifan) made headlines again yesterday, when Chinese media reported that he is in a relationship with Chinese actress Xu Jinglei, who is 16 years his senior and the director of his first solo project â a movie titled Somewhere Only We Know.

Following Krisâ sudden withdrawal from the South Korean group in May, reasons for his exit have been widely speculated online. The report yesterday claimed that the 23-year-old was assisted by his rumoured lover, Jinglei, to depart from SM Entertainment.

According to an insider, Jinglei was attracted to Kris since his EXO days. Despite the huge age difference between them, the two were said to get along well and Kris was allegedly very reliant on the actress.

However, Jinglei was reported to have secretly tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Taiwanese singer Stanley Huang last July.

As a result, some netizens questioned the credibility of the news, saying that it is a marketing tactic for the movie. After learning about the reports, Jinglei said that she is âspeechlessâ and posted on her microblog: âIs this a joke? From overseas friends?â

Meanwhile, Kris has yet to comment on the rumours.



Stanley Huang and Xu Jinglei


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0703-00282-001b2.jpg?t=1404443828462courtesy of

Congratulations! Another goddess announces her pending marriage! The 34 year old Mainland star Tang Wei yesterday through her management company announced that she and the 44 year old LATE AUTUMN Korean director Kim Tae-Yong are engaged and plan to wed in Autumn. LATE LATE AUTUMN enabled this China Korea romance to sprout. They became friends and after working together again last October they took their relationship further. In their statement they said that they learned another language for the other, to them it was the happiest moment. They even said that film was an important witness to their marriage.

"Because of film we meet and get to know each other, then we go from friends to lovers. In the future we will even call each other hubby and wifey. Although we both went to study a foreign language, this to us is the happiest moment. We believe that this made us understand, respect and admire each other more. Film is the most important witness to our marriage, we thank every friend who support us! We also wish that when your destiny arrives, you would not miss it." This China Korea romance started with LATE AUTUMN, now they choose to wed in Autumn and it is truly very romantic.

Tang Wei's sudden wedding announcement inevitably attracted pregnancy rumors, but her manager stressed that the bride to be was not pregnant yet. The engagement was because they love each other, they want to give each other an identity and begin a new chapter in life. As for whether Tang Wei will retire or reduce production after marriage, her manager said that Tang Wei still has not considered her work arrangement, right now she is enjoying her happiness first. In their eyes, Kim Tae-Yong ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A netizen claimed to be in possession of compromising videos of Huang Yiqing and various women


Chinese actress Huang Yi and her businessman husband, Huang Yiqing's ugly split has been the talk of the town lately. Their ongoing fight saw yet another twist on Tuesday, when a netizen claimed to be in possession of Huang Yiqing's compromising photos and videos.

Last month, Huang Yi, 34, filed for a divorce after claiming that she was a victim of domestic abuse, while Yiqing openly denounced her on his Weibo account, calling her an adulteress.

On Tuesday afternoon, a netizen named 'Revealing the truth about Andy Huang (Yiqing)' posted on Weibo: ''Received shocking sexual photos [and] videos that [Andy] took of himself [and others, some are] secretly taken. [You] can tell that the first two videos are from the camera in his Lamborghini [back in] 2012. The others are sexual videos that he has taken for the past two years. Through the file names, [you] can see that Andy had even labeled [them] with various women's names; he slept with so many women while Huang Yi was pregnant.'

'[I'm] posting a mosaicked photo to salute this Edison Huang (reference to Edison Chen, a Hong Kong celebrity whose compromising photos were leaked in 2008)! Andy [must be retarded], to not hide [his] videos properly after taking them,' the netizen added.

The photo that was attached to the post showed a series of file icons. Videos were labeled with names of various women, such as a musician called Xu Beibei, Huang Yi's good friend Hao Lei, and her rival Huo Siyan. There was also a picture of Yiqing posing with Edison.

According to reports, the same netizen had previously exposed evidence on Yiqing's numerous infidelities.

Yiqing calmly refuted the claims on Tuesday night, commenting 'conduct yourself well', 'stop fooling around~ ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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