Netflix is set to debut its first Spanish-language original series in 2015.

The 13-episode run is described as a soccer comedy created by Mike Lam, which will shoot entirely in Mexico.

The untitled project will follow a family feud among heirs of a football club after the owner's death.

Gaz Alazraki - who directed Mexican box office hit We Are the Nobles - will take on the series from Alazraki Entertainment and will use a cast from all over Latin America, including Nobles star Luis Gerardo Mendez.

The series will best serve Netflix's Latin America service and the large Spanish-speaking population in the US.

"Gaz has the disruptive vision and creative storytelling we were looking for in producing our first original series in Mexico," Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos said.

"We're confident our members in a market as important to us as Mexico and Latin America will love this family comedy."

Nexflix recently revealed that it plans to increase its subscription prices for new US subscribers by $1-$2.

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WhatsApp has surpassed the milestone of half a billion users.

The Facebook-owned messaging service has gained an additional 50 million users since its acquisition by the social networking firm.

WhatsApp also confirmed that more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos are shared over the platform each day.

Facebook announced in February that it is to acquire the cross-platform messaging app for $19 billion (£11.9bn), marking the firm's biggest purchase to date.

The social network has offered assurances that WhatsApp's emphasis on user security will not be compromised in the wake of the deal.

However, this has not stopped privacy campaigners from pressuring the firm into declaring what it plans to do with the messenger service's personal data.

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Apple's hardware division has joined forces with Nike to develop a fitness band, according to a report.

The wearable device will be packed with environmental sensors and deliver iPhone notifications to the user's wrist, according to Geektime.

The news has sparked rumours that the recent layoffs from Nike's Fuelband division were influenced by its commitments to the alleged Apple hardware project.

It is unclear whether the smart band is a separate project to the long-rumoured iWatch, with the report speculating that they could be one and the same.

Apple's future iOS products are expected to feature a strong health and fitness focus, supported by an iOS 8 app dubbed Healthbook.

The iPhone maker and Nike have been tipped to launch the smart band in time for Christmas, the same release period that reports have cited for the iWatch.

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Apple has granted all users early access to the latest beta builds of its OS X Mavericks operating system with the launch of its OS X Beta Seed Program.

Users previously had to register as a developer to try out pre-release versions of the desktop software and pay $99 (£59) for the privilege.
Those who sign up for the programme will be granted early access to the latest editions of OS X Mavericks, prior to the completion of the debugging process.

The move, which has drawn comparisons to the way Microsoft tests Windows updates, will see Apple gain thousands of additional beta testers to help improve the software.

Beta testers must sign a non-disclosure agreement to gain early access to the updates, but Apple has not specified how it intends to enforce this.

The iPhone maker is expected to announce a new version of OS X, referred to as Syrah, at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

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More details have emerged about Amazon's long-rumoured 3D-capable smartphone.

According to BGR, the yet-to-be confirmed device will utilise unique gesture controls instead of traditional finger-based touch buttons.

The handset will reportedly display additional details when tilted in different directions, achieved with retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras and sensors.

For example, labels will appear beneath app icons to provide a description of their function, while a gesture tilt in the maps app on searching for a restaurant will apparently show Yelp ratings.

Similarly, a tilt within the Amazon video store will apparently display IMDb ratings over the movie's thumbnail and tilting on a product via may show different image views.

It is claimed that Amazon's smartphone has removed traditional menu buttons altogether for right or left tilts, which will make panels appear over the current screen.

This could work on the Kindle book reading app by opening the X-Ray menu reference tool, while the messaging app will open a panel for quick access to the phone's camera roll.

Other functions said to be on board include a feature that can capture and recognise text on real-life objects using the rear camera and convert the text into a note.

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Nintendo's Miiverse service has been updated on Wii U and 3DS.

Eliminating the ability to post comments in quick succession on somebody else's post, users must now wait three minutes between comments.

"This doesn't apply to your own posts, where you can comment as frequently as you like," Nintendo explains.

Elsewhere, Nintendo has introduced a 'Posts from Verified Users' icon at the top of the Communities screen, which when selected only displays posts by verified users.

Fans can also take advantage of a community search function, which lets users search for communities by software title.

A recent update enabled Nintendo users to post to Miiverse from the 3DS, and use a single balance to pay for items on Wii U and 3DS.

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Watch Dogs underwent thousands of changes after last year's delay, Ubisoft has revealed.

Lead game designer Danny Belanger said that the team spent the past few months tweaking features that were already in place.

"It was hundreds of changes, thousands of changes," he told Digital Spy.

"All the missions were reworked, some more than others. If something wasn't scoring as well in a playtest we wanted to know why. It could have been too hard, or the enemy wasn't at the right place.

"There were also some things in the fantasy of hacking that we didn't feel were strong enough, like the variety of the reactions of AI, so we did add some variety in those things.

"We had a chance to polish these things, or we added a few more things to hack during missions."

Elsewhere, Belanger said that the team decided against adding new features because of the problems they could cause.

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The next Ace Attorney game will take place during Japan's Meiji period, new reports have revealed.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban, which roughly translates to The Great Ace Attorney, will take place between 1868-1912 during the Meiji era, according to Siliconera (via Eurogamer).

The game will star Phoenix Wright's ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo. Images posted by Famitsu show the young protagonist wearing a historical school uniform and carrying a katana.

Suggesting the game will revolve around his training, a caption reads: "I'll become a lawyer... definitely!"

The Great Ace Attorney will be directed by series regular Shu Takumi, who will be joined by Monster Hunter's Shintaro Kojima as producer.

The game is in development for Nintendo 3DS, although launch dates have yet to be revealed.

Phoenix Wright previously appeared opposite Professor Layton in a new adventure for 3DS. The game combined the courtroom elements of the Ace Attorney series with Layton's puzzle solving.

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The Xbox One Japanese launch date has been confirmed by Microsoft.

The next-gen platform will make its Japanese debut on September 4, alongside games such as Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

According to Gematsu (via CVG), nearly 50 companies have pledged their support for Xbox One in the region, including Bandai Namco, Atlus, Square Enix, Bethesda and Ubisoft.

Future releases include Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and Murdered: Soul Suspect, while Japanese Call of Duty distributor Square Enix will also release Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The console will launch in 26 new markets this September, including Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and India.

The list of companies working on Japanese Xbox One content in full:

2K Games
Access Games
Arc System Works
Bandai Namco Games
Bandai Namco Studio
Bethesda Softworks
D3 Publisher
Electronic Arts
From Software
GungHo Online Entertainment
Kadokawa Games
Land Ho
Marvelous AQL
Nippon Ichi Software
Silicion Studio
SNK Playmore
Spike Chunsoft
Square Enix
Take-Two Interactive
Tango Gameworks
Tecmo Koei
Triangle Service
Warner Entertainment Japan

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The inception of a SNES Remix relies on the demand of fans, it has been revealed.

Speaking with IGN, NES Remix director Koichi Hayashida hinted at the possibility of Game Boy or Game Boy Advance titles appearing in the compilation game series.

"Does the marketplace want it or need it?" Hayashida said.

"If we get a big enough cry for that, with a lot of people saying, 'Hey, we'd love to see more of these perhaps for the SNES, Game Boy or Game Boy Advance,' then it would be something we can take a look at."

Hayashida recently explained why NES Remix wasn't developed for Nintendo 3DS.

Meanwhile, NES Remix 2 launches this Friday (April 25) in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

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