EA has speculated about how much it could make from DLC by the end of the year.

Speaking with Bloomberg, EA's John Reseburg revealed that the firm is aiming to generate at least $1 billion in revenue from add-on content for all its games.

The spokesperson also confirmed that Madden NFL extra content revenue grew 350% in the quarter ending June 30 from a year earlier.

In addition, he noted that the newly-launched Madden NFL 15 will be a "major contributor" to the publisher's income accumulated in 2014.

Available now in North America, Madden NFL 15 hits Europe on August 29 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

EA recently unveiled a new promo for the game, featuring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco.

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PayPal has begun selling iTunes gift voucher codes at 25% off.

The move means that users of the payments service can purchase digital content on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at a reduced price.

iTunes gift vouchers usually cost between £15 and £100, but when purchased through PayPal's Digital Gifts service, they will set you back between £11.25 and £75.

There are a limited supply of codes available, and the offer is only valid until midnight on August 28.

The codes can also be redeemed on the Mac App Store for customers who prefer to use them to purchase software for their computer.

PayPal Digital Gifts also offers vouchers for services including Facebook, PlayStation Network, and the Nintendo eShop, but none of these are discounted at present.

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PSN is currently experiencing connectivity issues, Sony has revealed.

Following downtime over the weekend due to an attempted attack on the service, the firm said it is currently looking into "minor" issues with the network.

Service on PlayStation Network was offline for some of Sunday (August 24), which resulted in scheduled maintenance the following day to be postponed.

Sony explained that while no personal data had been accessed, a group had overwhelmed the network, making it impossible to go online.

Sony's PSN service was taken offline in 2011 after it was hacked and data was compromised.

Sony recently agreed to a $15 million settlement after the last outage.

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Spotify is now available as a free service on Windows Phone handsets.

The application works as a free music streaming player, as well as a means of accessing the premium subscription service.

Like its iOS and Android counterparts, the Windows Phone Spotify app lets users shuffle play any playlist or artist's catalogue, as well as create their own shuffle playlists.

"We're excited to see Spotify made available for free on Windows Phone," said Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Corp.

"This puts a much-loved listening experience in the hands of Windows Phone fans across the world, and beautifully showcases both our platform and the Spotify service."

Spotify, which charges £10 per month for a premium subscription, faces competition from Nokia Mix Radio on Windows Phone.

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Facebook is hoping to provide more relevant stories on the News Feed by measuring the amount of time users spend on clicked content.

The aim is to cut back on content that is not always what it seems - also known as clickbait - to lure users on to their sites.

"If people click on an article and spend time reading it, it suggests they clicked through to something valuable," Facebook's Khalid El-Arini and Joyce Tang explained in a blog post.

"If they click through to a link and then come straight back to Facebook, it suggests that they didn't find something that they wanted.

"With this update we will start taking into account whether people tend to spend time away from Facebook after clicking a link, or whether they tend to come straight back to News Feed when we rank stories with links in them."

Facebook will also factor in likes and comments to decide whether content is worth promoting.

The move will undoubtedly affect publishers who use misleading headlines to attract people, the social networked added.

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Google's Gmail app for Android has been hacked by a team of US-based researchers via a security flaw.

The team exploited a weakness in smartphone memory by disguising a malicious app as another piece of software, with which they were able to breach Gmail with a 92% success rate.

The method involves tapping a handset's shared memory by disguising a piece of malware as a seemingly harmless app, such as wallpaper.

As shared memory is used by all apps, the team could tell when the user logged into certain applications, and was able to steal their user name and password.

The University of California researchers were able to hack a number of other Android apps using the same method, including H&R Block, Newegg, WebMD, Chase Bank, Hotels.com and Amazon.

Amazon's Android app was the most difficult to break into, with the group managing to do so with a 48% success rate.

Google has issued a statement welcoming the project, declaring that third-party research is "one of the ways Android is made stronger and more secure".

Although the tests were carried out on an Android device, the researchers believe that iOS and Windows Phone handsets could be exploited in the same way.

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Apple's iPhone 6 will come with a maximum of 128GB of storage on board, a report suggests.

Repair service GeekBar has obtained a schematic apparently detailing the iPhone 6 models on offer, listing a top-tier version packing 128GB of Toshiba-branded storage.

The smaller capacity 16GB and 64GB models are said to include NAND flash storage manufactured by Toshiba, Hynix and SanDisk.

However, there is no mention of a 32GB iPhone 6 on the document. Apple was previously tipped to discontinue its 16GB handset to make room for a larger capacity option, but this new information suggests the 32GB model could be for the chop.

Apple's latest iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets come in 128GB variants, but bringing this storage capacity to its iPhone line would be a first for the range.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6 alongside a larger iPhone Air at a press event on September 9.

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Rocksmith 2014 could be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One.

A listing for the interactive guitar teaching tool has been spotted on the website of the North American ratings board (ESRB).

Rated 'T' for teen, the post lists PS4 and Xbox One versions, citing mild fantasy violence and mild lyrics.

According to CVG, Zavvi is also advertising new-gen versions of the game, although release dates aren't currently listed.

Ubisoft is yet to officially announce plans to release upgraded versions of Rocksmith 2014.

Dubbed the "fastest way to learn guitar", Rocksmith 2014 is the follow-up to the original Rocksmith for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The sequel was compared to Assassin's Creed 2 by creative director Paul Cross, who believes that it fully realises the team's original vision.

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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition has ended The Last of Us Remastered's all-format chart reign.

The PS4 version of Blizzard's action role-playing game is the biggest launching console version to date, outselling the original Xbox 360 console release by 500 units during the same week one launch period.

The Ultimate Evil Edition sold 47% of its units on PS4, 32% on Xbox One, 13% on Xbox 360 and 8% on PS3.

Naughty Dog's updated version of The Last of Us drops to second, above Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, which climbs to third after launching on PlayStation consoles.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Call of Duty: Ghosts drop to fourth and fifth, while Watch Dogs falls to sixth, its lowest position since launch.

New releases include Tales of Xillia 2, which enters at ten above an EA double-header of Titanfall and FIFA 14.

The top 20 in full:

1. (-) Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition (Blizzard)
2. (1) The Last of Us Remastered (Sony)
3. (15) Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (EA Games)
4. (3) Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Microsoft)
5. (4) Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)
6. (2) Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)
7. (5) Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (Sony)
8. (6) The LEGO Movie Videogame (Warner Bros Interactive)
9. (8) Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)
10. (-) Tales of Xillia 2 (Bandai Namco)
11. (10) Titanfall (EA Games)
12. (7) FIFA 14 (EA Sports)
13. (9) Battlefield 4 (EA Games)
14. (11) Sniper Elite 3 (505 Games)
15. (12) Tomodachi Life (Nintendo)
16. (14) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Warner Bros Interactive)
17. (16) Forza Motorsport 5 (Microsoft)
18. (13) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Ubisoft)
19. (17) Terraria (505 Games)
20. (19) Skate 3 (Electronic Arts)

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Destiny has gone Gold ahead of its September 9 launch.

Bungie announced the milestone on its blog, confirming that game discs are being pressed and packed into crates ready for release.

However, the developer also said that due to the online nature of the game, "it still feels like we are just getting started".

"This is not even our final form," the blog continues. "Though Destiny may be basking in the gold light of release, we're already looking ahead to the next milestone, and the next one after that."

Bungie will showcase the game at this week's PAX Prime event in Seattle, before internally testing the launch version of the game.

"This weekend, we're going to start testing the launch version of Destiny. We know you'd love to help, but this golden moment is meant for us alone.

"Don't be too jealous, because we'll wipe our Guardians one more time before you get to meet them.

"Ogle our activity status all you like, but please understand that we're preparing the launch pad for you in private."

Bungie has also promised to update the website before launch, before reminding fans to reaffirm their clan allegiances when the game is released.

Destiny will be available on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3.

Its launch will be followed by 'The Dark Below' expansion pack in December.

Publisher Activision recently announced that the Destiny beta was played by more than 4.6 million people.

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