Apple is reportedly planning to expand the iPhone 6's NFC capabilities beyond the realm of mobile payments.

A recent report by The Information suggests that the Cupertino company is eyeing the fields of building security and public transportation as potential avenues to extend the functionality.

Apple has allegedly held talks with HID Global and Cubic, companies that develop building keycards and transit fare systems respectively, with a view to integrating their systems with the iPhone.

The Mac maker has already struck up a deal with Starwood Hotels to allow owners of the upcoming Apple Watch to access their room with the device, but this system is powered by Bluetooth rather than NFC.

The NFC chips on board the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have so far been limited to the Apple Play digital wallet service, which is expected to arrive in the UK next year.

Other manufacturers use NFC to sync their handsets with external accessories, such as speakers, but it is unknown whether Apple will ever embrace this.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has opened up about why the iPod Classic was discontinued last month.

The company executive said that the music player had to be retired because manufacturers are no longer making components for them.

"We couldn't get the parts any more," he told the Wall Street Journal. "They don't make them any more."

He added: "We would have to make a whole new product... the engineering work to do that would be massive."

Cook went on to say that the current level of demand for the iPod Classic was not high enough to justify maintaining the product.

The iPod Classic helped kickstart the digital music revolution back in 2001, enjoying a hugely successful 13-year lifespan.

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has confirmed that the video company will launch a music subscription service in the near future.

The Google-owned firm was expected to unveil its answer to Spotify over the summer, and although it has failed to materialise so far, the executive insists it is still on the agenda.

Wojcicki told Re/Code that YouTube is working on the best ways "to give people options" when they sign up for the service.

This is thought to allude to the pricing tiers and subscription packages on offer.

YouTube's music subscription service is expected to differentiate itself from the likes of Spotify and Deezer by granting users access to concert footage and music videos, a move that could make the issue of pricing more complex.

Previous reports suggested that YouTube's new platform will be called Music Key, although this is yet to be officially confirmed.

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Twitter has announced its latest financial results, reporting that sales doubled and its user base increased by 23% during the three-month period in question.

Although the microblogging service's sales were up by 114% to $361 million (£223m), this was not enough to prevent losses of $175 million for the quarter.

However, Costolo is optimistic about Twitter's prospects, adding that he is "confident in [its] ability to build the largest daily audience in the world".

The declining share price was attributed to unrealistic investor expectations and high competition from Facebook.

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Telltale has named the first episode in its upcoming Game of Thrones series.

The first Game of Thrones entry will be titled 'Iron from Ice', according to a Telltale post on Twitter.

In a follow-up tweet, Telltale's Job J Stauffer said that story details would be revealed later today (November 11).

Stauffer specifically mentions the Forrester clan, while the title suggests that the game will take place in the Ironwoods.

Telltale's Game of Thrones will take place at the same time as the main story in the books and HBO's television series.

Like the developer's other franchises The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, the point-and-click adventure will feature player choices that influence future plot elements.

Telltale is also collaborating with George RR Martin's personal assistant Ty Corey Franck on the project.

It was recently confirmed for a 2014 release, although exact dates and details are yet to be revealed.

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Video games are not making consumers more violent, a study has found.

Playing video games coincided with a fall in violent crime perpetrated by those in the 12-to-17 age group, according to an examination carried out by Stetson University psychologist Christopher Ferguson.

"The degree to which laboratory studies faithfully capture the media experience is also debatable," wrote Ferguson in a research paper based on the study's findings.

"Many such studies provide exposure to only brief clips of media, rather than full narrative experiences, in which violence exposure is outside of a narrative context.

"The resultant aggressive behaviors are also outside a real-world context, in which the aggression appears to be sanctioned by the researchers themselves, who provide the opportunity for aggression."

Ferguson continued: "The close pairing of clips of media violence with sanctioned aggression asks may also set up demand characteristics that may explain the small effects typically seen from such studies.

"The degree to which such studies, regardless of their inconsistent results, can be generalised to societal aggression remains debatable."

Violent video games were previously targeted by a community in Southington, Connecticut.

Before cancelling a protest, a group called SouthingtonSOS encouraged members of the public to hand over violent media, including music, films and video games, in return for a $25 gift certificate.

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Diablo 3 will not support cross-platform play on consoles, Blizzard has confirmed.

Lead designer Kevin Martens told GameSpot that it's not possible to merge the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems.

"We didn't build it that way, so the two ecosystems are closed," Martens revealed. "I'm trying to give you the most definitive, least PR answer there is, and that is no, we can't do that.

"What the Xbox and PlayStation networks do is different than what does."

Martens also ruled out Seasons play on consoles, explaining that it requires always-online support.

"Seasons requires always online, and that's one of the major differences in the ecosystems there," he continued. "For seasonal conquests and things to be what they are, everyone has to be playing on the same levelled field.

"That's a great example for something that doesn't work for consoles."

Diablo 3 is out now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

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The Black Glove has failed to secure Kickstarter funding.

The new project from former members of BioShock studio Irrational Games only managed to generate $216,517 of a $550,000 target.

Development studio Day For Night Games has vowed to "fight like hell to keep it from being cancelled".

"We believe in the game and you all have shown you do, too," the studio continues.

"We're beginning to talk to all the publishers who have reached out over the last few weeks. We have a few other ideas, as well.

"It may be weeks or months before we have news to report, but we intend to be back with more as soon as possible."

The Black Glove is a first-person title in which players are hired by a 1920s theatre named The Equinox.

It falls on the theatre's new curator to help improve the creations of three artists by delving into the past and interacting with "fourth-dimensional space".

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At least two unknown Tony Hawk games are in development, it has been revealed.

The former professional skateboarder has, once again, partnered with Activision to bring new titles to consoles and mobile devices in 2015.

"I'm currently working with Activision on a console game for 2015 (along with a new mobile game)," Hawk said on Twitter.

"I think fans of THPS [Tony Hawk's Pro Skater] series will be hyped."

Hawk is also working with the publisher on Tony Hawk's Shred Session, which is scheduled to debut this year for iOS and Android.

His latest release was 2012's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, an update of the original 1999 and 2000 games.

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Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime has spoken out against online harassment.

During this year's opening ceremonies at BlizzCon, Morhaime encouraged attendees to oppose hate and harassment within the gaming community.

"Over the past couple of months, there's been a small group of people who have been doing really awful things," Morhaime said in his speech (via Polygon).

"They have been making some people's lives miserable, and they are tarnishing our reputation as gamers. It's not right."

Morhaime also credited BlizzCon as a "great example of how positive and uplifting gaming" can be.

He added: "Let's carry the good vibes from this weekend out into the world all year round.

"There is another person on the other end of the chat screen. They're our friends. Our brothers and sisters. Our sons and daughters. Let's take a stand to reject hate and harassment.

"And let's redouble our efforts to be kind and respectful for one another, and let's remind the world what the game community is really all about."

Morhaime's comments coincide with the recent actions of the GamerGate movement, which has been accused of supporting harassment of women within the industry.

Tropes vs Women author Anita Sarkeesian appeared on The Colbert Report last week to argue why she thinks GamerGate is a way to attack women in the gaming industry.

Following personal threats after the release of her latest Tropes vs Women episode, Sarkeesian was forced from her home in August.

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