0824-00282-008b2.jpg?t=14089009011770824-00282-008b3.jpg?t=1408900898614courtesy of on.cc_24MB002_.jpgKo Chen-Tung's father and brother arrive in Taiwan
courtesy of mingpao.com
Ko Chen-Tung remained under detention on drug charges in Beijing. According to Taiwan media reports, Taipei District Prosecutors Office has already joined the Ko Chen-Tung drug investigation. The soonest he is expected to return to Taiwan would be on the 28th. When Ko Chen-Tung arrives at the Taoyuan airport, the Taiwan police is expected to arrest him for further investigation. If confirmed that he has used marijuana, according to the law he could face three years in prison and rehab.

Having visited Ko Chen-Tung in Beijing earlier, Papa Ko two nights ago returned to Taiwan. Papa Ko said that he absolutely would not blame Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming). He said, "A friend is a friend, there is no need to say who is a bad influence on who. A friend is for life."

Has Jackie Chan approached them? He declined to comment. Ko Chen-Tung's parents were rumored to first have to assist the Taiwan police with the investigation before returning to Taiwan, they hoped that when Ko Chen-Tung entered Taiwan he would not be taken away in handcuffs.

Papa Ko yesterday morning around 4AM arrived in Taiwan, many media members have already been waiting at the airport. Papa Ko thanked everyone for their concern. He pointed out that Ko Chen-Tung was in great condition currently and admitted that he has been a poor father. His son now is accepting the punishments that he deserves. As for Ko Chen-Tung's impending Taiwan prosecution investigation, Papa Ko could not help but frown, and did not know how to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0824-00282-027b1.jpg?t=14089004574510824-00282-027b2.jpg?t=1408900454033Andy Hui, Edmond Leung
courtesy of on.cc_24MC007_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
Anita Chui Bik Ka yesterday attended a martial art fitness center opening and revealed that although she was selected to be one of the 43 candidates in Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) actor recruitment, she still tried to keep an even keel about the result. "Next week the next round of 12 will be announced. Right now I don't know what new performance the new round will have, but it should be even more in depth because only the final 12 can see Sing Yeh." Reportedly Sing Yeh held a yacht party and invited candidates to attend. She did not know anything about that. At the time she was in Beijing so no one invited her.


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0824-00282-015b1.jpg?t=14089008412910824-00282-015b2.jpg?t=1408900805764Birds of Paradise0824-00282-015b3.jpg?t=1408900768499Hins Cheung announces that he has lost the battle with the government and has to close his studio0824-00282-015b4.jpg?t=1408900711719Kandy Wong0824-00282-015b5.jpg?t=1408900696223Stephanie Cheng 0824-00282-015b6.jpg?t=14089006936760824-00282-016b1.jpg?t=1408900623121Julian Cheung won Most Popular Song and Most Popular All Around Artist
courtesy of on.cc20140824fp03.jpg20140824fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_24MC001_.jpgJoey Yung claims that she is improving Wilfred Lau_24MC002_.jpgJulian Cheung is trying to stay in shape_24MC003_.jpgKary Ng hopes to be able to spend more time on the Mainland market_24MC004_.jpgAndy Hui says that he would only hold Sammi Cheng's hands when they run the stairs.  When they normally run they would not hold hands like in a three legged race._24MC006_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
Rainky Wai Yu Yui earlier was chosen from 110,000 women to be one of the 42 candidates to participate in Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) audition in Beijing. She two nights ago while attending the Cantonese Song Chart Awards revealed that the audition has been difficult. She not only had to perform a crying scene that Eva Huang Shengyi has performed before and interpreted specific lines with 7 types of expression, she also had to wear a bikini to show off her figure. Wai Yu Yui said that the other girls' figures were great. In comparison, she was lucky to be more even. She was pleased with her overall performance and was confident about the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0824-00282-034b1.jpg?t=14089013847970824-00282-034b2.jpg?t=1408901382148courtesy of on.cc
Artist Rachel Lam Hei Tung and Frankie Lam Man Lung worked on their new film NGOR MOON TING JIN BA! (LET'S STOP FIGHTING!). They would have a teacher student romance. Rachel said, "Man Lung plays our class supervisor. My character likes to cause trouble. In the film I have more than one scene in the rain. They are meaningful but I won't spoil anything yet. When I was little I liked Lam Man Lung, I have never thought that I would be able to work with him. We would have an appropriate intimate scene. (Did you write and star to get close to your idol?) I am shy, on the set I hide behind starting trouble. However I am very happy to work with the handsome and solid Man Lung!" Lam Man Lung in the film faced social pressure for her love. She even busted her had open to relieve the pressure.


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0824-00282-026b1.jpg?t=1408903563851Shawn Yue and Nick Cheung get along well off the set0824-00282-026b2.jpg?t=1408903506360Nick Cheung performs an intense daughter rescue scene as soon as he returns to Hong Kong0824-00282-026b3.jpg?t=1408903503031Anglea Wang photobombs Wong Jing
courtesy of on.cc
Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Angela Wang Shiling and Wong Jing yesterday morning gathered at the Yuen Long Studio to continue work on a cockpit scene for FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2). Ka Fai just finished promoting his new film in the Mainland and immediately joined the production upon returning to Hong Kong. Spaking of his "written, directed, starred" ice bucket challenge video, he joked, "That day I was working in Shanghai, I shot it as soon as I got up even before I brushed my teeth! However my challenges to Fat Gor, Wong Jing and (Andrew) Lau Wai Keung were all turned down. Some day at a meeting with Lau Wai Keung he said he would 'cover it' but in the end he still forgot." Ka Fai felt that the society had too many conflicts, he wanted to do something to help people. As for being turned down, he helplessly said, "It doesn't matter, the three of them normally do charity work anyway."

On the set, Little Shiling and Wong Jing were unusually close. Actually while shooting on location in Thailand, they often ran into traffic jams and gradually their relationship grew. Wong Jing revealed, "We had nothing to do in the car, so I told her stories." As for director Lawrence Ah Mon (Lau Kwok Cheung)'s invitation to Ada Wong Chi Hom to perform nude in his new film, her father Brother ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Nicholas Tse wipes away Charlene Choi's tears on "Chef Nic"


67adab27jw1ejes0potjij21w02io1ky.jpg     th_10281857_1200x1000_0.jpg  th_10281854_1200x1000_0.jpg  th_67adab27jw1ejes12td2gj22io1w0qv6.jpg  th_9b8e9875gw1ejbaf8qmg7j20xc4d0kjm-1-1.  th_10281855_1200x1000_0-1.jpg  th_10281861_1200x1000_0.jpg   th_10281856_1200x1000_0.jpg  th_9b8e9875gw1ejbaf8qmg7j20xc4d0kjm-6-1.  th_9b8e9875gw1ejbaf8qmg7j20xc4d0kjm-4.jp  

Source: Ent.qq, Ent.qq, Ent.qq

Translation: mutts @ >http://asianfanatics.net


Produced by Zhejiang Television, Blue Sky Media and EEG (Beijing) Entertainment, China's first movie-level blockbuster show <Chef Nic> broadcast its 6th episode of <Chef Nic>. Nicholas Tse and Patrick Tse continued their father-son Spain trip, this time joined by Charlene Choi.    After filming an RTHK Youth TV Show in 2000, Charlene Choi was scouted by Mani Fok and signed a contract to be an artist under the management of EEG Entertainment. In 2000, she formed the female group Twins with Gillian Chung and started to enter the view of even more people. Besides her singing career, she has also starred in <A Chinese Tall Story>, <Simply Actors>, <Treasure Inn> and many more high box office movies. Her sweet appearance and bright smile have garnered the love and popularity of countless fans. She is even known as Hong Kong's popularity queen. Under the same management company, Charlene Choi and Nicholas Tse have known each other for over 10 years. Charlene Choi and Nicholas Tse have not only collaborated in <A Chinese Tall Story>, <New Police Story> and many other movies, but they also have a very good relationship in their personal lives, resembling like true siblings. In Nicholas' eyes, Charlene has always been a young sister to him, naturally bringing out his desire to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Sunday August 24, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/eason-chan-one-must-never-drugs-001628646.html






 Eason Chan recently admitted that while there is much pressure to do drugs in showbiz, he has never been tempted to try it.


As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the singer, who spoke to college students as part of the "Speak It!" programme in Beijing, told the audience that being in showbiz means being close to drugs.


"But I have never tried it, though there is much pressure to do so. One must never do drugs," said the singer.


Eason also said that he is lucky to have his wife, Hilary Tsui, who would encourage him to de-stress by exercising instead.


Asked if he would forgive a friend or family member who do drugs, Eason thought for a moment before replying, "I will choose to forgive and give them my support as well, so that they have the confidence to return to the right path."

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Sunday August 24, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/jaycee-chan-gets-drug-underground-artiste-002210247.html






 It was reported that Taiwanese authority has recently received a tip from the Beijing police that the source of Jaycee's stack may have come from a Taiwanese supplier.


According to Phoenix, Jaycee, who is currently in detention after using and keeping more than 110 gram marijuana in his Beijing residence, reportedly confessed that he obtained the drugs from an underground rapper known as "F".


Based on preliminary information from Beijing, Taiwanese police said that F, who performs in night clubs around Taiwan with his rap group, is also a prominent shareholder of two night clubs, which enabled him to meet a lot of mainstream celebrities, including Jaycee.


Reportedly, F already has a drug case in the past, but due to the lack of evidence and his family's strong military background, the police have decided to avoid pre-emptive crackdown.


The police are still seeking for more verification on the matter.

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Saturday August 23, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/sammi-cheng-adds-two-more-dates-concert-041404458.html






Feeling sorry for fans whose money might have been cheated by ticket scalpers, Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng recently announced that she has added two more nights to her upcoming year end concert.


According to Mingpao News, despite adding three more shows to the originally seven-show "Touch Mi" concert, tickets have been selling like hot cakes due to the fact that it's her first concert since opening her last show in 2009, to the extent that a number of fans were unable to get the tickets on time.


This has led to the emergence of ticket scalpers, who sell the tickets up to ten times their original price.


Thus, on 21 August, Sammi held another press conference and announced that two more dates have been added to the concert, making it 12 shows in total.


The singer, who is set to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum from 20 to 22 December, 24 to 28 December, and 30 to 31 December, has now added 1 and 2 January to the show.


"We wanted the fans to see my show at a reasonable price, but I did not expect that it would lead to this [scalpers and scams]," said Sammi. "I hope I will get to hold more fan-gathering in future, so that they won't have to wait for five years to see me perform."

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0823-00282-064b1.jpg?t=1408754605976Paco Wong, Tony Jaa_23MC016_.jpgSimon Yam, Louis Koo and Max Zhang sent their condolences to Tony Jaa for his father's sudden passing.
courtesy of mingpao.com
SPL II (SAT POR LONG II) is heating up in production in Thailand. Although the climate has been rather humid and many scenes required a lot of action from the cast, they did not complain at all despite sweating bullets everyday.

Yesterday when one of the key actors Tony Jaa arrived on the set for makeup as usual, he received a call from his family that his father suddenly passed away from illness. Director Soi Cheang Po Shui, producers Wilson Yip Wai Man and Paco Wong all expressed their sorrow and sent comfort and support to Tony Jaa. Tony Jaa immediately took a few days off from the shoot and returned home that was a six hour drive away from the set. Because Tony Jaa has completed most of his action scenes and his shoot almost reached its end, Cheang Po Shui believed that the film will be completed as scheduled.


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