Singer-rapper Psy is set to return next month with a much-awaited new single.

The news broke last week, after industry insiders discovered that choreographer Lee Joo-sun, integral in the viral sensation “Gangnam Style” (2012), has been working on new dance moves for the popular performer.

Multiple local media outlets also started to speculate the exact date of his return.

“Actually, Psy completed his new song on the early morning of March 12, after spending months coming up with some creative sounds,” Yang Hyun-suk, the head of K-pop powerhouse YG Entertainment, told KBS “Entertainment Weekly” in an interview last month.

After solidifying the choreography this month, the 36-year-old singer will start filming the music video. However, YG did not mention any plans for a grand comeback show, like with last year’s “Gentleman” showcase.

Meanwhile, Psy has been nominated as one of the finalists for Top Streaming Artist in the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, which will be held on May 18 in Las Vegas. Though the song did not match the hype of “Gangnam Style,” it was still the YouTube’s most viewed clip, with more than 600 million hits.

JoongAng Daily

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The YG Family spent the weekend with about 50,000 of their Japanese fans at their concert in Kyocera Dome Osaka.

During the show, YG artists, ranging from Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi and Winner, offered live performances of their hit songs.

Psy and Akdong Musician did not attend the show.

2NE1 opened the show, performing their new track “Crush.” The foursome also sent fans into hysterics with their debut song “Fire” and some of their latest tracks, including “Come Back Home.”

The boy band Winner, who are new on the scene, took the stage next. The five-man group sang “Go Up” and covered 2NE1’s ballad track “Missing You” in their own unique style.

Hip-hop trio Epik High, on the other hand, took the concert in a different direction, singing upbeat songs, including “Fly” and “Love, Love, Love.” The group also performed “Don’t Hate Me,” the lead track of their first album since joining YG in 2012.

Last but not least, as Big Bang appeared on stage. The five members greeted the fans in fluent Japanese and performed “Haru Haru,” “Blue” and “Fantstic Baby,” among others.

Concert-goers’ attention was most focused on the unexpected collaborations among YG artists; Sandara Park (2NE1) covered T.O.P.’s hip-hop solo track “Doom Dada,” while G-Dragon and CL performed a duet of “The Baddest Female.”

After Osaka, the YG artists will perform at the Tokyo Dome on May 3 and then tour other cities in the region.

JoongAng Daily

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Rapper MC Mong grabbed headlines last week after it was reported that a few entertainment agencies were contacting him to discuss a comeback.

Shortly after the news was reported, more than 3,000 people posted comments under the online articles expressing uneasiness over the possibility.

Over the past few years, MC Mong, whose real name is Shin Dong-hyun, was involved in an extensive legal battle regarding his military exemption, an issue that was dealt with very sensitively in Korea, with many speculating that he deliberately extracted healthy teeth to evade mandatory military service.

Since his physical examination for the military in 1998, MC Mong deferred service six times and had 12 teeth pulled by five dentists.

Although he was found not guilty of any wrongdoing by the Supreme Court in 2012, the 36-year-old has kept out of the public eye for two years, which led many of his friends and confidants to become concerned about his condition.

MC Mong debuted in the late 1990s as a rapper, and expanded his career in the early 2000s as a TV personality, appearing in the KBS reality show “One Day, Two Nights.”

Media insiders, meanwhile, believe his return will depend on his willingness to move on from his past.

JoongAng Daily

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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has reportedly earned a fortune from speculating in real estate.

The 33-year-old had been actively accepting acting projects in a bid to earn money since her split with actor Nicholas Tse, but unfortunately, all her movies suffered from mediocre ticket sales. After reportedly receiving a large amount of alimony, she relocated to Singapore with her two sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse, in late 2013.

Regarding the alimony that she was said to have received, Cecilia proudly clarified that she has 'never spent a man's money', although her repeated appearances on television programmes seem to hint at the actress' need for more funds.

However, a tabloid revealed on Saturday that Cecilia has been making risky property transactions for the past ten years and earned a large amount of money from it. Previously, she received HK$13 million (approximately S$2 million) from the sales of six of her properties. She is reportedly considering to sell her Century Tower apartment, where she is currently residing, for HK$1.8 billion (approximately S$28 million).

According to reports, Cecilia had bought the apartment three years ago for the price of HK$1.28 billion (approximately S$20 million), and is planning to sell the property for five times its original price. If she succeeds in this endeavour, she will earn around HK$70 million (approximately S$10 million).

Adding her estimated profits to the money that she has made through speculation, it seems that the actress can well afford to maintain an extravagant lifestyle even without alimony.

Cecilia Cheung


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"From caring for a dog I learned a sense of responsibility for another life. I also kept learning about its loyalty to us"
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Many animal lovers are very appreciative that the appearance of the TWELVE NIGHTS documentary, it reminds us of several important things:

1. It is necessary for microchip implant on pets. Even one day if the pet is lost, when the shelter inspects the microchip it can contact you so the dog would be spared from being euthanized out of the blue after 12 days (4 days in Hong Kong).

2. Adoption instead of purchase directly gives another chance at life.

3. Do not causally abandon the pet. The consequences of being abandoned may be tragedy and pain that you cannot imagine.

4. Do not think that a lot of problems in the society is unrelated to you. Actually everyone has a different level of responsibility.

Producer Giddens Ko said, this film was able to be made because under a poor system people wanted to change it. Thus they opened the gap on the door and entered. Actually, everyone wanted change, but change needed everyone. This film wanted to bring out the idea of sharing the load. After leaving the cinema viewers would not just shed tears but also had a sense of responsibility, because we could not pretend that we did not know the truth. If you disagree with this system, you should think of ways of changing it. The film also did not want to bring out how horrible the shelter conditions were or blame people who worked under the system. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Mandopop superstar Jay Chou wrapped up his Opus Jay World Tour concert in Sydney last Friday amid much fanfare. However, the singer and his entourage were reportedly detained by the Australian customs when he first arrived at the city, as one of their luggages contained 28 pairs of nunchucks.

The nunchucks, which are his staple stage props, were suspected to be 'weapons' and confiscated by the authorities. To ensure the segment went on as planned, Jay sought assistance from the concert organiser to purchase new nunchucks for the show.

Although it was a tall order, the production team managed to buy new sets of nunchucks just before the show opened, with the help of local fans.

The Taiwanese multi-hyphenate will be staging his Opus II concert at the new National Stadium in Singapore on Nov 8.


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Dorian Ho

Olivia Cheng

courtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comTang Wei in Piaget "Couture Precieuse" line's platinum diamond necklace with a "Limelight"series 18K platinum diamond ringSammi Cheng chooses a black Roberto Cavalli dress and a snake accessoryCarina Lau in a Ralph & Russo dress with her husband Tony Leung Chiu WaiLast year's Best Actress Miriam Yeung is much more relaxed as a guest presenterZhang Ziyi in an Armani Prive evening gownKelly Chen is known as the undergarment queen so she is not afraid of wardrobe malfunction (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Siu Chai rides a motorcycle Kay Tse and Richie Jen
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Yesterday Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) host the "Cycle For Million" event and rode his own bicycle the entire way. Midway he even took photos of the scenery and thus finished later than Dante Lam Chiu Yin who started with him.

Siu Chai earlier promoted the new film that he produced MAZU PROCESSION in Taiwan. He also hoped that the film will be released in Hong Kong. Is it worthy making a religion film in Hong Kong? He felt that Hong Kong religious activity atmosphere was lighter because firework was not permitted. However Taiwan's was more exciting. Will he work on a travel program? He said, "The boss is the Hong Kong Tourism Board chief, so I plan to make a movie like BEFORE SUNSET and look at Hong Kong through the ones of someone from Taiwan."


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Sunday April 13, 2014 Hong Kong

Touched by his son Jaycee Chan's hard work in making his 60th birthday event a success, Jackie Chan who was once estranged to the actor and his ex-wife, hinted that Jaycee is now ready to become his successor.

As reported on The Sun, while speaking to the media at the grand opening of the Jackie Chan Museum in Shanghai on 9 April, the action superstar stated, "Though I will continue to make movies, one day I will retire and I will have to find someone who can take over. Now my relationship with Jaycee has improved and I am happy about his position as the CEO."

Jackie admitted that he had been strict with Jaycee in the past, and even scolded the actor in public numerous times to the extent that the latter refused to contact him again.

"But now things have changed. We're closer now and he even helped a lot in organising the charity concert and looking after the important guests. I used to tell him off in the past and now he tells me off instead!" the actor laughed.

When asked if he is fine about Jaycee succeeding him, Jackie said, "I'm fine with it. But I still have to see how it goes in another few years. If things don't go as planned, I will ask his close friends like Nicholas Tse to help him."

In regards to his wealth, Jackie said that his bank account will be empty after he dies, "The money will go to charity and some of it will become Jaycee's."

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Sunday April 13, 2014 Hong Kong

Struggling with body issues since filming her last TVB series, "Tiger Cubs" back in 2012, Jessica Hsuan has finally succeeded in losing her weight and maintaining a fit physique.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress surprised many by appearing slimmer and more elegant in a little black dress at an event held by Christian Dior, which was also attended by actresses Carina Lau and Zhang Ziyi.

When asked to reveal the motivation behind her healthy physique, Jessica revealed that she has signed a contract to film an upcoming beauty commercial and lost 11 pounds in a month to look her best.

She also revealed that her client wanted her to get back to her original figure and 52kg weight, but said that such an attempt would be unreasonable for her age.

"I am looking to lose five more pounds," she said, and added that she has sacrificed a lot of things to achieve her goal.

"I had to turn down social invitations and I avoid eating rice at night. I also exercise every day. My training regime is harder than going to work!" she joked.

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