Raymond Lam's contract with TVB is ending; plans to leave and focus in the Mainland

Tuesday July 22, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: MingPao
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums






Raymond Lam has been with TVB for 15 years, and has always been seen as TVB's "biological son" and beloved child. Raymond's contract with TVB is actually ending this week, and he has decided to leave the company and will not be renewing his contract. He is preparing to start up his own company and establish his own record label, getting ready to put everything in the control of his own hands. Although Virginia Lok, who has always seen Raymond as her favourite, tried persuading him, he has not budged. His reason for leaving is because of his popularity and attraction in the Mainland, not wanting to miss out on his "golden time". He also expressed his regret for not being able to grab the TV King award in his 15 years in TVB. 

Virginia Lok strongly urges him to stay

34 year old Raymond Lam, one of the "Golden egg" artistes, has always been labeled as one of the three "gold-earners", along with Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan. According to the newspaper's sources, Raymond Lam's contract with TVB will be ending in a few days, and has rejected renewing his contract, choosing to become "free". Although Virginia Lok strongly urged him to continue staying, but this time, Raymond has already made plans for his future, and only agreed that if he films HK dramas again, he will consider TVB as priority. But, Miss Lok has not given up, and is still trying her best to persuade him to sign a per-series contract, or sign to the TVBC (TVB in Mainland) management department like Charmaine Sheh did, still hoping to keep Raymond Lam. 

Coincidentally absent from ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0723-00282-005b1.jpg?t=1406060079936John Cusack,  AmandaWang, Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee0723-00282-001b1.jpg?t=1406059787247
0723-00282-001b2.jpg?t=1406059782487Lin Peng finally gets her wish to become an action actress0723-00282-001b3.jpg?t=1406059744269Choi Si-Won, Adrien Brody, Jackie Chan and director Daniel Lee
courtesy of on.cc
International film star Jackie Chan's new film DRAGON BLADE (TIN JEUNG HUNG SI) went to shoot in the Aksai Desert in the Gansu Province. An Oscar Best Actor who was worth US$ 8 million, Adrien Brody in order to work with his idol Jackie Chan was willing to call him to offer his services, since the production began he had to suffer sand storms. The charm of Big Brother truly was unstoppable!

Jackie Chan's new action film DRAGON BLADE also starred Oscar Best Actor Adrien Brody, Hollywood superstar John Cusack and Korean hunk Choi Si-Won. In recent months the production has been heating up.

Winning the 2002 Oscar Best Actor with THE PIANIST, Adrien Brody has worked with famous Mainland director Feng Xiaogang on 1942 and is worth US$ 8 million. Reportedly Adrien has always admired Jackie Chan. When he first learned about Jackie Chan's project, he asked around for Jackie Chan's number and called him to offer his services.

Adrien and the team are currently working in Aksai in the Gansu province. With the unpredictable desert weather they often suffered from sudden sandstorms. Playing a prince in the film, Adrien everyday had to don an "armor" in the heat and brave the sun! When the shoot ran into a big sandstorm, the costumes added to the difficulty of any sandstorm precaution. They could only "tough it out".

However, in order to work with Jackie ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0723-00282-043b1.jpg?t=1406058595742Ekin Cheng, Tyson Chak, He Haopeng0723-00282-043b2.jpg?t=1406058592419Lawrence Cheng
courtesy of on.cc
The weather loves to have fun at the expense of filmmakers. In the summer everyone is dressed heavily for winter scenes, in the winter everyone is dressed flimsily for the summer. Today the temperature took a dive to only ten degrees Celsius, with horizontal wind and rain. We had to shoot a diving scene with Ekin's buddy Fei Wan (He Haopeng)! We knew it was hard on you, Brother Peng!

One type of men's buddies talked a good game but was tender inside. He longed for love but did not know how to love. Often he would come short of succeeding but do more than enough to fail. Fei Wan was the perfect example.

Actually how would a woman see a man's buddies?


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20140723fp06.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com
Director Barbara Wong Chun Chun yesterday promoted her new film GIRLS on Metro Radio. She praised Fiona Sit Hoi Kei for her maturing acting on their third collaboration. In particular this time she played a "playgirl", which was a tremendous challenge.

Wong Chun Chun said, "Fiona said that she has never pursued a guy. This character was able to fulfill her dream. I also through the script taught her a lot of secret techniques, haha!" Director Wong boasted that she has never failed to get a guy. "Guys are very easy to get, you don't need any trick. The more direct you are the easier it is for you to succeed. Thus I constantly 'write tickets' (get numbers) from the opposite sex."

Director Wong praised Shawn Yue Man Lok who played a nice guy for the first time. She revealed because she was "sweet" on Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho), Wallace Chung Han Leung and Lok Jai she invited them to star.


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_23MI012_.jpgSammi Cheng and Nick Cheung clear the set to focus on their bed scene_23MI010_.jpgSammi Cheng and Nick Cheung's intense kiss stuns Jiang Wu
courtesy of mingpao.com
Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi Cheng Sau Na in their new film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG) worked together for the first time. Earlier a mystery screening took place. Their crying scene in a car left a deep impression, because in recent years Ka Fai has not been seen crying so hard in a film. During the shoot the director even ordered the crew to stay away from them to avoid affecting their emotions.

Ka Fai described this crying scene as the one that he cried the hardest in recent years. Recalling the shoot he said, "I truly had a breath of cold air because the shoot took place on the coldest day in winter. During the shoot we couldn't turn on the heater. The director wanted us to remember some heartbreaking and difficult days. The more we thought the more pitiful we became; I really have not cried like that in a long, long time, I really got a headache from crying." Sammi also felt that this scene was fun to perform. She said, "This collaboration with Ka Fai truly had joy, laughter, tears, it actually was emotionally unstable. Sometimes we laughed until we cried, sometimes the tragedy made us sob. For this scene in the car I had to lose control on my emotions, in the end I thought of many, many heartbreaking memories and cried until I collapsed. After the shoot I felt like I fought to victory. Even Ka ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Rumour has it that Raymond Lam will not renew his contract with TVB, due to his girlfriend, actress Karena Ng's dissuasion. Sources revealed that Karena recently got to meet Angelababy, whom she hopes to learn from, when it comes to dealing with her beau.

'Karena has always been envious of Angelababy. She thinks that Angelababy is now a lady boss after Huang Xiaoming set up his own company, and that she gets to pick her assignments,' an insider said.

As a result, Karena is reportedly trying to get her boyfriend to follow in Xiaoming's footsteps and establish his own agency. At the same time, Raymond is also said to be disappointed by the fact that he has never been crowned 'Best Actor' in his 15 years at TVB.

According to Raymond's good friend, the company has given the actor a lot of freedom in developing his career. 'He is allowed to film dramas in China and to take on only one TVB drama each year,' the insider added. 'Negotiation for a renewal was almost completed when he suddenly disappeared, one month before the contract expired on Jul 1!'

The 34-year-old finally showed up when he was 'summoned' to the set of Karena's new movie Qing Chun Dou all the way in Peng Chau, Hong Kong on Jul 5. Although Raymond cheerily admitted that he was there to visit his girlfriend, Karena, who was in a bad mood because of the hot weather, continued pulling a black face while ignoring everyone by talking on the phone.


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Rumour has it that Wang Feng will propose to Zhang Ziyi during his concert next month


If the rumours are right, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi will soon become rock singer Wang Feng's third wife, after the latter proposes to her in August.

Their romance journey has not been smooth-sailing. They were first speculated to be in a romantic relationship shortly after Ziyi, 35, split with her TV host boyfriend, Sa Beining, last year; Wang Feng, 43, had also just obtained a divorce with his second wife, Kang Zuo Ru.

Although the couple hasn't had it easy, what with rumours that the actress was the third-party who broke up Wang Feng's marriage, it seems that their love is finally coming to fruition.

According to an insider, Wang Feng and Ziyi have been enjoying a stable relationship after dating for one year. Earlier, it was twice rumoured that the former had attempted to propose to Ziyi, even spending over a billion dollars to buy a yacht, only to be rejected as she wanted to focus on her career.

However, with the sudden increase of actresses ' such as Zhou Xun and Tang Wei ' getting hitched, Ziyi has started to have thoughts of settling down as well. Seizing this window of opportunity, Wang Feng has reportedly gotten his friend to help prepare for a surprise proposal during his concert at the Beijing National Stadium next month.

The singer had originally wished for his 10,000 fans to be able to share the special moment with him, but unfortunately, Zhou Xun cut in line when she held a surprise wedding with her American husband, Archie Kao, at a charity event last Thursday. In order to avoid being accused of copying them, Wang Feng had no choice but to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A popular web cartoonist created a 10-second short clip parodying Jolin Tsai's 'Wu Niang'


Recently, popular web cartoonist 'Byebyechuchu' made a 10-second video spoof of pop diva Jolin Tsai's hit song 'Wu Niang'. The short clip attracted attention, praise and shares from a large amount of netizens, and was even shared by Jolin herself!

The main character in the short clip sports a rocket-like hairstyle, and dances comically to the lyrics of the song: 'I don't rest on snowy and summer nights. The years are blurred [as] I crush the sandglass of time [with my foot].'

At the very last moment, he literally steps on a sandglass ' and howls in pain as blood spurts from his blistered foot. The humourous take on the song saw the video going viral amongst netizens.

The parody attracted more than 20,000 likes on Facebook after being uploaded for only two days. Many people commented that they 'laughed till they teared' and 'didn't just watch it once, but repeatedly pressed the replay button'.

On Sunday, Jolin got in on the fun by sharing the post on Facebook, jokingly lamenting: 'Don't be like this.'

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Taiwanese veteran host Mickey Huang celebrated his girlfriend, actress Summer Meng's 23rd birthday at a restaurant in Taipei last weekend. According to media reports, Mickey ordered a Longchamp bag that is imprinted with the initials of Summer's English name last month. The 42-year-old also personally picked the colours of the tote which is worth NT$26,500 (approximately S$1,105).

'The bag was specially customised for my girlfriend. I wish that she would continue to work hard and that her career would scale to greater heights,' he said.

On Sunday, the couple arrived separately at an eatery called Jiyuan Café. To ensure that the lovebirds could enjoy their date in peace, reporters were stopped by the staff from entering the premise.

Afterwards, Mickey claimed that another friend of his was celebrating his birthday that day. Similarly, Summer's manager reiterated that it was a 'group party'.

Mickey and Summer's romance first came to light last November. Although the actress' parents allegedly objected to their relationship, Summer openly professed her love in March. She also expressed her wish to set up a family by 30, her plans matching with Mickey's previous declaration to become a dad when he turns 50.

When it comes to marriage, Mickey said that he would 'let nature take its course'. 'She is so busy with filming these days that she doesn't even have time to meet her parents. She'd focus on her career for now,' he added.





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0722-00282-050b1.jpg?t=1405977394481Shawn Yue and Louis Koo takes a break from the heat0722-00282-050b2.jpg?t=1405977371807666 tattoo0722-00282-050b3.jpg?t=1405977342683Wang Xuebing0722-00282-050b4.jpg?t=1405977339656Tong Liya
courtesy of on.cc
Shawn Yue Man Lok, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Mainland star Tong Liya starred new film HUSTLE (MAI SING) earlier shot in Tsim Sha Tsui. Director Ringo Lam Lan Tung called in a favor as famous Mainland actor Wang Xuebing flew to Hong Kong to guest star for a day. The temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius. Ah Lok and Goo Jai had to wear jackets and pants. During rehearsal they were already sweating bullets. Working on two films as of late, Goo Jai due to lack of rest had no expression. An avid tattoo Fan, Ah Lok removed his long sleeved shirt and showed off the "666" tattoo on his arm.

Director Lam was very tense throughout, running back and forth to rehearse and study the story with the actors. When Wang Xuebing finished and left, Director Lam flashed a rare smile, hug and conversed with him. Sam Lee Chan Sam earlier while working on the film was injured and bleeding. He did not respond when the reporter called but finally replied with a text message, "I am fine, please relax." Later he revealed his injury online, "Even an injury can't stop our progress."


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