G.E.M. Tang's wax figure officially added to the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Museum

Thursday December 11, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: MingPao / SingTao
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Earlier last month, G.E.M. Tang had revealed that her wax figure would be added into the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Museum, and finally, her wax figure has been revealed. G.E.M. appeared at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Museum to host the unveiling ceremony for her wax figure. G.E.M. wore the same outfit as her wax figure, which was a silver dancing outfit that revealed her back, that she wore during her first world tour. The wax figure is a very good imitation of her, even G.E.M. laughed saying it looks like her long-lost twin sister. Facing her own wax figure, she expressed her disbelief: "I haven't seen myself before. When I look in the mirror, the reflection is reversed." She revealed she got hurt in a relationship three years ago, and went to New York to get some distraction. At the time, she went to the wax museum there, and all the visitors there were either in pairs or in groups, but she had to take selfies with the figures by herself. Who knew that she would have her own wax figure now?

There were criticisms, saying that G.E.M. is not at the level to have her wax figure in the museum yet. G.E.M. expressed that she is not unhappy because of this, instead, she is very honoured to be able to join this big family. Although there were many voices this year, no matter if they were support or criticism, she is very thankful and gained a lot. As for many rude photos of people touching the wax figure inappropriately surfacing online, G.E.M. appeared to be quite surprised: "Really that savage? ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Source: Wacow @ Blog163 
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net 

Overachievers - 商戰 (EPS 20-24) - 22 PTS (Peaking at 24 PTS)

Sour Lady - 醋娘子 (EP 01-05) - 22 PTS (Peaking at 23 PTS) 

Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 653-657) - 21 PTS 

Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎 II (EP 07) - 21 PTS (Peaking at 22 PTS) 

Variety Shows 
Tung Wah Charity Show 2014 - 歡樂滿東華 - 18 PTS (Peaking at 21 PTS)

Queen Feast - 女皇的盛宴 - 18 PTS

Scoop - 東張西望 - 18 PTS 

Mysteries at the Museum - 尋覓博物館 - 16 PTS

Sidewalk Scientist - 學是學非 - 14 PTS

(Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)

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_11MC015_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com1211-00282-024b1.jpg?t=1418242154644courtesy of on.cc
The Rose Chan Ka Wun two nights ago booked a screening of her film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI) for her clients. The team presented her with an "actress with the most future award". Ka Wun said, although the award was not official, to her it was particularly meaningful. She said, "The film has been in release for a week, the box office has been decent so I have attended audience appreciation events everywhere. Many people said that my performance was daring in the film. Th audience also were very tolerant of people with past experience. Everyone also understood that the value that the film talked about."

Ka Wun pointed out, the film was a domestic production, a Hong Kong independent film. She hoped that more Hong Kong viewers would support it. As for longing for a film award, she said, "This film of ours has participated in different film festivals, but I haven't had the chance to participate in each one. I hope the film will have a chance to participate in the Hong Kong Film award. I will be happy with a nomination."

Playing an unwed mother in the film, Adrian Wong Chi Ching said that she and Ka Wun were quite close. She gave her a present on her birthday. Chi Ching said, "We want to set up a picnic date. Ka Wun is two years younger than me, but I won't treat her like a little sister because she got into the business before I did. I have a lot that I could ask her about."

Chi Ching said that they often ran into each ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Wednesday December 10, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/cecilia-cheung-denies-allegations-fraud-042500430.html






Cecilia Cheung's camp has recently dismissed rumours pertaining to her case against Haisong Group that accused her of breaching her contract.


Previously, the company has filed a lawsuit against Cecilia and her agency AEG on the basis of contract fraud, saying that they failed to fulfil their side of the contract, which calls for Cecilia's participation on the reality programme, "Muse Dress".


The actress reportedly has already been paid RMB2 million (approximately USD326,155) for her participation before refusing to do so.


However, Cecilia has recently denied allegations that she has received the payment from the company, and that the reports of such doing was misleading and affecting her personal reputation.


Cecilia Cheung's camp stated that they will maintain their stance and will defend their legitimate rights and interests through legal means.


Previously, AEG's president Yu Yuk Hing denied the allegation made by Haisong Group, and said that it was the latter that breached the contract first, which led to their withdrawal.

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Wednesday December 10, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/yumiko-cheng-gets-husband-put-weight-200200074.html






Yumiko Cheng has been eating non-stop since being pregnant with her first child, and has now influenced her husband to do the same.


According to Mingpao News, the Cantopop singer, who attended SEQUIOA fashion event in support of good friend and newly creative director Lilian Ho, stated that she has put on 12 pounds extra weight after four months of pregnancy.


"I recently have a newfound craving for sugary food. I am worried that the blood glucose level will be affected!" the actress lamented.


However, Yumiko said that she is lucky to have her husband, make-up artist Andy Leung, to accompany her in her indulgence.


"My husband is ready to become fat with me. We also plan to shed our weight together after childbirth," the singer enthused.


Though the couple has yet to see the doctor to know the gender of their baby, Yumiko said that she has started receiving a lot of baby clothes from others.

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Fred Cheng won't put high hopes to win TVB Awards

Wednesday December 10, 2014

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/fred-cheng-wont-put-high-hopes-win-tvb-200400226.html






 Hong Kong actor-turned-singer Fred Cheng recently joined the cast of "Overachievers" to promote the series, after it continues to experience lacklustre ratings.


As reported on Mingpao News, the singer recently appeared at a promotional event held in Tseung Kwan O to sing the series' theme song "Surrender", prompting a lot of fans to come and give their support.


With the large number of supporters, Fred seemed to have a high chance of winning Most Popular Drama Song at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards.


"I am only 50 percent confident about winning," said Fred, however, when asked about his chance of grabbing the award for the category.


"I feel that there are a lot of great songs this year. I will not put too much hope into it, but I will also continue to promote it," he added.


When asked if his appearance at the event was part of his effort to get some votes, Fred laughed and said, "This is arranged by the company."

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Wednesday December 10, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: MingPao / WenWeiPo
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums



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Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng's relationship has persisted for many years. Last year, there were rumours that the two had secretly gotten married in Bali. Although they've been asked many times by the media, they still did not admit it. Recently, Sammi's father held a calligraphy exhibition, and Andy gifted a flower basket with the identity of "son-in-law" and even addressed it to Sammi's father as "Father-in-Law"; seemingly making their marriage public. The night before, Andy attended Yahoo Awards Ceremony and admitted that he already follows Sammy to call her father, "Daddy". As for their "marriage" rumours, he only expressed that "Only the two of them need to know, as long as they are happy", finally admitting for the first time that he has married Sammi.

Won't celebrate first year marriage anniversary

When Andy was asked about the flower basket gifted to "Father-in-Law", he laughed: "Didn't think you guys would ask. I didn't see it. Holding a calligraphy exhibition is a big thing, but because I was busy, I asked Sammi to help me prepare flowers. I didn't know what was written on it. That's pretty good." (You usually call him father-in-law?) I call him Daddy like the others." Asked if they are already married? He tacitly admitted and replied: "Okay la, as long as we both know and we're happy, (marriage) is just a word (phrase)." How will you celebrate your one year marriage anniversary? Andy replied: "No special celebration. (Celebrating at the HK Coliseum?) I just helped them organize the tickets, very tough work!" 

Hold banquet to make parents happy

Earlier, Andy had taken out 40,000,000 HKD to buy property, is it Sammi that gave him good luck? Andy said: "If I play soccer then ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Tuesday December 9, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/nick-cheung-wins-best-actor-yet-again-035600287.html






Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung has recently won another Best Actor award for his role as a washed-up boxer-turned-mixed martial artist in "Unbeatable".


As reported on Oriental Daily News, the actor, who accepted the accolade at the 2nd China International Film Festival's awards ceremony in London on 6 December, expressed his happiness for the honour, saying, "Each and every one of the awards that I get represent the audience recognition of my work, and I am very happy about that."


The actor also expressed his determination to work even harder in the future to improve his performance.


This is the seventh Best Actor award for his role in the Dante Lam movie, and his 16th nomination as Best Actor throughout his career.


Meanwhile, Hong Kong director Peter Chan won Best Director for his abduction movie, "Dearest". The movie also grabbed Best Picture.

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Tuesday December 9, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/wayne-lai-chooses-freedom-over-wealth-042200785.html






Preferring his freedom rather than wealth, three-time TV King, Wayne Lai stated that his real life is different from the life of luxury in his drama, "Overachievers".


In an interview with HK Headlines, the actor stated that true happiness to him is to live freely - both physically and mentally.


"Happiness is to have the physical freedom to do anything I want, and the freedom from mental stress," said Wayne.


He continued saying that many wealthy celebrities, including actors such as Andy Lau and Tony Leung, may have a lot of money, but lack freedom of movement, as they will always attract the media and public attention wherever they go.


"But I can go about doing my routine with no hassle at all. I can go shopping or buy snacks at food stalls with no problem," said Wayne.


The actor, who believes that money is just a means of security, stays true to his philosophy and even has his family live in a rented property near Sheung Shui, while his own residence is rented to others.

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Tuesday December 9, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/linda-chung-hopes-win-most-popular-actress-042800530.html







Linda Chung had recently expressed her wish to win the Most Popular Actress award at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards.


As reported on Mingpao News, the actress made the comment following viral postings of an alleged leaked winners list, which stated that Charmaine Sheh is to be the TV Queen, while Linda will win the popularity award.


The "Tiger Cubs II" actress, who attended the TVB Gala Dinner recently, stated that winning the popularity award will be an achievement for her, since her role in the aforementioned series is different from her usual good girl characters.


"The transition [from a good girl] had been a great challenge for me," said Linda.


When asked if she would be disappointed if the award ended up being given to someone else, Linda said that she will not mind that much as she has never won before.


The actress also expressed her full support for TV Queen rival, Charmaine Sheh to win the coveted award.

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