Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong
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Though it has been a while since she has been on TV, Maggie Cheung Ho-yee stated that she will never leave the TV industry.

As reported on On CC, the actress who recently appeared at the premiere of her new movie, "Heaven is for Real" in Kowloon Tong, stated that she has been busy negotiating for new projects as well as assisting her church community.

When asked if she will continue to film TV series despite the fact that HKTV has stopped filming due to its license issue, Maggie replied, "If I say no, then that would be a lie."

"Sometimes you really have the urge to star in a series, but unless you're a script writer and have the ability to gather your own team of production, there's nothing I can do," said the actress.

Maggie also dismissed rumours saying that her asking price is too high, and joked, "My salary is not too high, but I am quite tall!"

Meanwhile, her latest drama with HKTV "Hakka Women" is still in post-production.

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Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong
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Though his conflict with Joey Yung has yet to be resolved, Hong Kong actor Chapman To admitted that the incident has taught him a valuable lesson.

According to Mingpao, the actor who attended the 20th anniversary of STAR Chinese Movies recently, stated that he will be careful with his words from now on.

"I used to think I should be direct in everything and anything. But nowadays, aside from work, I think I am better off not saying much," he said.

He continued, "As a comedy actor, I would try to have some fun in my work sometimes. But I don't have to do that when I am not working."

Chapman also revealed that Joey, who previously said that he is the only person she hates in showbiz, has yet to answer his calls.

When asked if there will be awkwardness if the two of them stumbled across each other now that their friendship is on the brink, Chapman said, "I have nothing to comment. Let's just talk about work. I don't want to discuss other things other than work."

In regards to EEG boss, Albert Young saying that the he and Joey are like two children fighting, Chapman replied, "When an adult talks, other adults should respond. A child like me should not make any response."

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Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong
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Hong Kong singer Mag Lam who suffered a chin injury recently, assured that she is okay and that it is slowly healing.

As reported on Qoos, the Hong Kong singer revealed that the stitches has already been removed and is now only covered with plaster.

She disclosed, "The doctor said that there may be a scar, but I will get laser surgery and exfoliation to remove the scar once it recovers."

In the meantime, Mag said that she will try to hide it from view, adding, "Luckily, it's not that obvious if people look at me straight ahead."

When asked how the injury occurred, Mag said, "Because of my low blood sugar and back pain, I suddenly collapsed and injured my chin last week. Nobody was at home at the time."

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Friday April 18, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: The Sun
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"Good News" newspaper reported this morning that Nicholas Tse made an MV earlier, apart from having Faye Wong, May and Jay Chou in the MV, he himself posed as a boy band member. It seemed he is ready to go back to the music industry. Mani Fok, his manager expressed that Nicholas did have a chance to sing the theme song for the movie "For a life time" and "12 Feng flaovors" for the company. he said "The company want to help him to produce an EP. (How about a concert?) Nicholas has work schedule till end of next year!" On another note, ex- wife Cecilia Cheung was in a life show in the mainland the other day, she was showing her acting skill and she did it so well that she gained so much applaud from the audience.

Musician Eric Kwok, on the other hand accepted a radio interview yesterday. He revealed that he will hold a concert in mid July. It is well known that he gets on well with everybody, he expressed that Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Yumiko Cheng and Edmond Leung will show their support. When asked if Nicholas Tse will appear and how about Cecilia Cheung? He replied"They will be invited, but I can't tell if they will attend together!"

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Kung Fu star Jackie Chan has announced he will co-star with a Hollywood A-lister in the historical epic "Dragon Blade" (TIAN JIANG XIONG SHI). But he remained discreet about the name of his opposite. Chinese media have locked on Mel Gibson to be the one.

The film will be directed by Daniel Lee, who also directed "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon". The film tells a story about Roman soldiers lost in ancient China.

A lot of action scenes can be expected. Chan said he has been preparing the film for more than seven years. He was inspired by the documented evidence of Roman descendants and Roman ruins in Liqian village in northwest China's Gansu province during the Han Dynasty. Chan said the film will have a record-breaking budget for China.

The investment reaches two-billion-yuan, about 320 million US dollars. Investors include Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film & Television Fund, Huayi Brothers and Shanghai Film Group.

Dragon Blade is scheduled for global release in 3D IMAX in China and international markets on Chinese Lunar New Year's Day next year.


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When one is asked to define Cha Seung-won as an actor, the first thing that comes to mind is the 2011 megahit romantic-comedy “Greatest Love.” Cha’s character Jin Dok-go helped shape his reputation as the “King of rom-com,” but at the same time, Cha seemed thirsty for change.

Yesterday, a 30-second teaser video clip of Cha’s new film “High Heel” was revealed on YouTube. Dressed in a classic black suit, the 43-year-old hinted that his new work will be an action film.

In the film, Cha teamed up with celebrity filmmaker Jang Jin, who he worked with in the 2007 film “My Son.” Jang also wrote the recent play “December: Unfinished Song,” which follows Korea’s legendary folk singer Kim Kwang-seok’s story. He also produced Saturday Night Live Korea from 2011-12.

In the film Cha will play a detective who encounters a mysterious situation.

In addition, he will also be back on the small screen in SBS’s new drama series “You are Surrendered.” By no coincidence, he plays a veteran police officer at Gangnam Police Precinct in southern Seoul, where he will guide the fledgling detectives Lee Seung-gi and Go A-ra.

While “High Heel” will be released in the latter part of the year, he will first return to the television by the end of April.

JoongAng Daily

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Super Junior-M, the Chinese-language subunit of veteran K-pop idol group Super Junior, won three major awards at the 2nd Yin Yue Tai V Chart Awards held in Beijing on Tuesday.

The awards are organized by Yin Yue Tai, an online video-sharing website, considered to be the Chinese equivalent of YouTube.

Super Junior won the awards for best Korean performer and best Korean group, while Super Junior-M won Chinese album of the year.

“Thank you for your support,” said the group in a statement. “We hope to show you our best in our coming albums as well.”

Super Junior-M is comprised of Super Junior members Sung-min, Eun-hyuk, Si-won, Dong-hae and Kyu-hyun, along with ethnically Chinese members Zhou Mi and Henry. It is focused on the Chinese market.

They celebrated their awards by singing their latest songs “Break Down” and “Swing” at the award show.

In addition to Super Junior-M, another K-pop group to win on Tuesday was Exo, which took home the award for Korean album of the year, for “XOXO: Kiss & Hug.”

JoongAng Daily

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With the nation reeling from Wednesday’s ferry disaster off the southwest coast that has nearly 300 people feared dead, the Korean entertainment industry canceled major events yesterday to offer condolences over the accident.

R&B singer Lena Park, also known as Park Jung-hyun, had been readying a large press conference for her new album “Syncro Fusion” for weeks. But because of the tragedy, Park decided to cancel both the press conference and the release of her album.

“It is a national disaster we’re talking about,” said an official at her agency, Blueprint Music. “We are still discussing how to reschedule the album’s release date.”

Many other high-profile K-pop artists also canceled events. Rapper Junggigo, famous for the recent hit love song “Some,” said that he also plans to hold off releasing his new digital single “I Want You.” The song, a collaboration with the hip-hop artist Beenzino, was supposed to hit music stores yesterday.

Similarly, singer G.Na dropped plans to launch another teaser yesterday for her new song “Pretty Lingerie.”

Some industry analysts said that the entertainers’ response was in part due to the criticism they have encountered during past tragedies. When a national disaster happens, the public gets extremely sensitive about celebrity behavior.

For example, the rookie fashion model Hur Jae-hyuk posted a photo on his Facebook page yesterday of himself submerged in a bathtub full of water, and many Internet users were outraged, calling the image “thoughtless.”

“I had no intention to upset anyone,” apologized the model, “I wasn’t aware of the accident because I don’t have a TV at home.”

He deactivated his Facebook account afterward.

But the most striking event happened on Wednesday night around 8 p.m., when the most-searched term on the popular search engine Naver turned ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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It's been pretty quiet on the 2AM front, especially regarding the leader Jokwon. Once a fixed face on a majority of the TV variety shows, Jokwon has been pretty hard to catch. Well, fans can now see him in an upcoming musical.

According to reports, Jokwon will star in "Priscilla", a musical adaptation of the movie "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert". The singer's appearances will start from July 3rd at the LG Arts Center in Seoul.

The story line for the comedy musical revolves around three cross-dressing men who embark on a journey together across the Australia outback, that will eventually change their lives forever. Hit songs from the 1980's and 1990's, including those from Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, are used in the show.

Jokwon will play the role of one of the three leading cross-dressers, Adam. Adam is known to be a troublemaker, played by Guy Pearce in the original Australian movie in 1994.

This is Jokwon's return to the musical realm, after playing Herod in the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" last year.

KBS Global

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The popularity of EXO hasn't slow down. If anything, it's sped up. The group's upcoming concert in May was sold out in less than two seconds.

According to reports, ticket sales opened at 8 PM (KST) on April 16th, and in a mere 1.47 seconds, "From, EXO #1: The Lost Planet In Seoul" show was completely sold out.

Fans had apparently even practiced their speedy clicking sills through an online game called "Ticketing Practice Game", where they sharpen their skills in clicking on the screen. The incredible influx of web traffic on the ticketing site even caused the site to crash.

EXO's now sold-out Seoul concert will take place on May 24th and the 25th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

KBS GLobal

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