Saturday April 19, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: The Sun
Translated by: R.E.D@

Superstar Faye Wong and Le Ya Peng have been divorced for quite some time now, but they still keep in touch with each other. Yesterday Faye attended a live art exhibition in Beijing in which Le Ya Peng has a part in it. She dressed casually for the occasion, mingling among the guests and took pictures with them. She even put her signature on the signature board. Faye listened to the detail explanation about the art work and showed her support whole heartedly to her ex husband!

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Saturday April 19, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Source: The Sun
Translated by : R.E.D @

"Hot leg Goddess" Sharon Chan, Elena Kong and "Sam Gor" Michael Mui were filming "Line Walker" in the studio city yesterday. They were shooting the scene where Sharon got thrown into the car boot by Micheal Mui. Sharon revealed in the series, both her and Elena Kong will have water scenes. Earlier there was report that Elena Kong had problem with her lungs, however, Elena stressed that she had flu and her cough damaged some of her muscles and ribs, causing her pain. She is having Chinese medicine to help her to recover, but she cannot do strenuous work. Therefore, her role in the water scene has to be done by a stunt person. "I am actually living a normal life, but just not able to run or shout out loud. The doctor is hoping I will get better in 2 to 3 month's time. I am OK at the moment, and the shooting will be finished at the end of the month. I will have 80 days off afterwards. I have already planned my holidays to go to Southeast Asia.

Sharon disclosed that she has been working almost non stop for a while, she hardly sees her boyfriend. The reporter commented that once when they get married, they can see each other day and night. Sharon said although she desperately wanting to get married, there is no plan for the wedding bell yet. She said "We are very casual, we might get married just like that when the time is right because we are both workaholics. (Having kids early too?) I want to make sure my health is good first, and ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Saturday April 19, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Chloe.C @

Kristal Tin, who has been in the industry for 20 years, finally fulfilled her dreams and held her first concert at Kowloon Exhibition Centre on Thursday night, attracting many good friends' suppor: Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, and more. Husband, Chapman To supported as her personal photographer for the night, taking pictures of his wife's best moments. William So and GJ were her guest performers.

On stage, Kristal cried five times, and even said loving words to her husband on stage: "We got married in 2005. In these 9 years, we've been through so much, with ups and downs, but I know these experiences will make our relationship much stronger... this next song, is what I really want to say to the current you, Chapman To, and to the you in the next 10, 20, even 30 years: I will never let you feel alone."

During an interview afterwards, Ah Tin expressed that she was most worried that her crying would affect her singing: "I was so scared I couldn't sleep. I went to the doctor, the doctor gave me some safe medicine. I took one pill. Before going on stage, I was really nervous, but at the same time I was also looking forward to it."

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The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed film THAT DEMON WITHIN (MOR GAING) was selected to the Taipei 2014 Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival closing film. He and producer Candy Leung Fung Ying went to Taipei to meet the audience. Although Nick Cheung Ka Fai did not take time to head to Taiwan, almost 1,000 viewers received masks from the event and transformed into "Cheung Ka Fai". When Lam Chiu Yin stepped into the cinema he was surprised to see an audience full of "Cheung Ka Fai".

Lam Chiu Yin kept praising Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Cheung Ka Fai for their exciting performance. Cheung Ka Fai was excellent, with a high level of comprehension. He was almost the source of his inspiration. Now as long as he had new ideas and creativity a character that would be suitable for Cheung Ka Fai naturally flowed into his mind.

As the Easter slot began, two days ago two Hong Kong films opened, including the fresh out of oven Cheung Ka Fai and Ng Yin Cho starred, Lam Chiu Yin directed film THAT DEMON WITHIN and the Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred THE ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP: CHUNG SUN JI MOON). THAT had a decent opening, with HK$1.42 million it became the box office champion of the day.

As for Chi Tan's THE ICEMAN, its box office was not displayed on the Hong Kong ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Hacken LeeEkin ChengAlan Tam gives thumbs up to Mr. Nice Guy Cheung Yiu WingUncle Yiu Wing's oldest son Cheung Wing Hong presents incense sticksPaula TsuiLiza WangNg Yu, Chan Suk Fun, Ho Lai Chuen (right) and other funeral committee members meet the pressKenneth ChoiGeorge Lam, Sally YehEdmond Leung, William So, Paco WongSusanna KwanJenny TsengLyrics to YIU WING ENTERTAINMENT
Uncle Yiu Wing's family photo in the program
Fun Nei has an accident as she parks
courtesy of on.ccJoey Yung ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong

Hong Kong actress-turned-singer Maggie Cheung will be making her music debut at a music festival next month.

According to Yes Asia, a representative of Maggie's music label, Music Sky stated that the 49-year-old actress will be performing at the Strawberry Music Festival, to be held in Beijing and Shanghai in early May.

The singer, who will be performing a 40-minute gig with a five-piece band, has been rehearsing and preparing for the festival. She will also be singing her own composition at the event.

Among the other singers who will make an appearance at one of China's biggest outdoor music festival include Anthony Wong, Crowd Lu and Song Dong Ye.

The music festival will be the platform for Maggie to showcase her unique low-pitch vocals and distinctive music style again, after the recent criticism about her singing ability.

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Louis Koo thinks "Overheard 3" is controversial
Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong

Hong Kong actor Louis Koo believes that the third instalment of the "Overheard" franchise can be considered a controversial movie.

According to Mingpao, the actor stated that he was surprised when he got the script for the first time.

"If you read it between the lines, the story is very controversial," said Louis. "A lot of conversations in the movie are like landmines that can trigger explosions of social discussions!"

The actor also stated that he was very careful in delivering his performance, saying that if not done correctly, it would lead to other issues.

"I won't even dare to think why the directors would have written it this way," said the actor.

"Overheard 3", which also stars Sean Lau and Zhou Xun, features the topic of the conspiracies behind real estate deals.

Director Felix Chong and Alan Mak stated that the real estate business has a lot of secrets that most filmmakers have not dared to discuss in their movie, and that they hope to do so in "Overheard 3".

Alan Mak stated, "Filmmakers have a certain burden to carry. To us, lighter subjects would not be interesting."

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Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong

Several new movie stills from Dante Lam's latest thriller, "That Demon Within" features its antagonist character Nick Cheung in a fire scene, gazing at the camera with parts of his face brunt and peeling away.

It was also revealed that the scene was one of the most dangerous scenes they had filmed for the movie and would usually require a stunt double, though in this case, the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor was determined to do it himself.

As reported on QQ, Nick recently explained the reason for his persistence to film the scene on his own, despite the fact that they were faraway shots and his character was wearing a mask.

"Everyone has a different way of behaving, from the posture, to your gun-shooting technique, to your character's murderous aura," he said.
However, Nick admitted that playing the role of evil villain Hon Kong in the movie was not as physically exhausting as his role in "Unbeatable", though added that it still drained him mentally.

In regards to his burn effect make-up, Nick said that he has no issues with putting it on, though the removing part was much more troublesome.

"The fake skin was glued on and it required special makeup removal liquid to be removed. The process took hours and my entire face felt stiff and reddened by it," he said.

When asked if he is confident to win his third award next year for the role in the movie, Nick said, "This time, my role is not that big. I think [lead actor] Daniel Wu would have a higher chance of winning. Awards aren't the most important thing for an actor. But ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong

It is natural for an actor to be affected by a character they played or a scene they performed, and the latest to experience such an emotional conflict is none other than TVB's own senior actress, Charmaine Sheh.

According to On CC, the actress who is currently filming her new drama, "Line Walker" alongside Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, and Sharon Chan, recently turned to her Weibo to express the psychological repercussions of performing such a dark scene.

Charmaine, who plays an undercover cop that joins the triads in the upcoming series, posted a message on Weibo late at night and shared, "I filmed an extremely terrifying scene today, and it was too horrible to think about it again."

The actress said that the scene required her to perform physically and mentally to an extent that she is now suffering from insomnia.

"The horrifying feeling is still there. I kept recalling it and thinking that I could have done better. The thoughts keep spinning in my mind," she said.

Meanwhile, "Line Walker" producer Man Wai Hung assured that Charmaine has done the best in her performance, saying, "She had exceeded expectations, beyond the calibre of a TV Queen!"

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Kara Hui wants to invest in "The Midnight After" sequel
Friday April 18, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: https://my.entertain...-090400577.html

Hong Kong actress Kara Hui recently revealed that she is interested to invest in the sequel of the post-apocalyptic movie, "The Midnight After".

According to Mingpao, the actress who recently attended director Fruit Chan's birthday celebration alongside other cast members, stated that Janice Man, Simon Yam, and herself, are looking forward to play executive producer for the sequel and share the box office profits.

"To me, this is a kind of encouragement for the Hong Kong film industry," the actress said.

When asked if she would increase her salary, the recently awarded Best Supporting Actress stated, "I never thought about a raise after winning an award. When I made "Rigor Mortis", I left it up to the production company."

"Not everything in this world has to be about maximum profit. Sometimes you need to give rather than ask. My achievements came from Hong Kong, thus when I am needed, I would put in an effort," Kara added.

She also denied allegations saying that she was complaining about not having a lot of offers after her Best Actress win back in 2010 for "At the End of Daybreak".

"I apologise if I sound as if I am complaining. But I was only expressing my hopes to make more Hong Kong films," Kara said.

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