A female staff died from a fire accident that occurred in the drama making site of JTBC’s “Slave Women,” local fire station said on Saturday.

The 35-year-old victim turned out to be one of the production staff surnamed Yeom. She failed to escape from the burning building that was one of the drama’s local settings in Jeongok-ri, Jeongok-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi Province.

The fire fighters found Yeom’s body from the second floor of the building, and transported it to the nearby hospital.

Due to heavy damages in the production facilities, JTBC decided to indefinitely push back the broadcasting of the second episode of “Slave Women,” originally slated for Friday night.

Launched on Dec. 12, the period rom-action drama is broadcast every Friday and Saturday.

KPOP Herald

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South Korean actors Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Min-ho might appear together on a Chinese television show, a local news outlet reported Sunday.

According to the reports, the names of Lee and Kim were written on the accidently-revealed guest list for the New Year’s special program of the Chinese broadcaster Hunan TV.

The list also included other K-pop idols such as a former EXO member Luhan, Super Junior’s ex-member Hankyung and After School member Nana.

The Chinese TV network admitted that it asked the aforementioned stars to appear on the show. “But we have yet to receive final confirmations,” said an official from Hunan TV.

The two popular actors are reportedly mulling over whether to star in the Chinese show.

Kim, 26, rose to stardom for his lead role in the SBS drama “My Love From the Star,” playing an alien who comes to Earth and ends up falling in love with big-name actress Cheon Song-yi, played by actress Jun Ji-hyun.

Lee, 27, also gained immense popularity after playing the lead part in the SBS teenage rom-com “The Heirs.” Lee earned high acclaim by playing Kim Tan passionate about his love for Cha Eun-sang, played by actress Park Shin-hye. The actor’s first lead-role film “Gangnam 1970” is to be released nationwide on Jan. 21.

KPOP Herald

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Actor Lee Sun-kyun has chosen a romantic-comedy film as his next project.

According to film industry insiders on Monday, the 39-year-old actor, who is currently shooting “Angry Lawyer,” has signed for “Love is Virus.”

In the romantic comedy, Lee will act out the role of a man who invents vaccines to counter a deadly virus that kills people who are not in love.

Since Lee has been appearing in a series of action films in recent years, he reportedly chose a romantic comedy for a change.

Lee is not new to this genre, though. With the 2012 hit “All about My Wife” and drama series “Pasta” (2010), he cemented his image as a romantic guy.

JoongAng Daily

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The music scene in 2014 was not heavily dominated by a single singer, unlike in previous years, but saw various genres of music being highlighted instead.

Listeners rediscovered music from the 1990s, for example, as singers from the era made their return to the entertainment scene.

And apart from idol singers who clothe themselves in sexy outfits and sing similar, upbeat dance music, new musicians with distinctive characteristics carved out names for themselves.

A month prior to the 2015 Golden Disc Awards, one of the nation’s longest-running music awards, Korea JoongAng Daily affiliate Ilgan Sports introduces two of the nominees.

Akdong Musician, also known as AKMU, have been deservedly nominated for musician of the year. When the brother-sister duo launched their first studio album, “Play,” in April it pushed aside music by veteran signers on major music charts because it is flawless.

The record’s eleven tracks were all written, composed and arranged by the brother in AKMU, Lee Chan-hyuk, and most placed high on major music portals’ best-selling lists.

Along with the title track “200%,” two more songs, “Give Love” and “Melted” also, became huge hits, making April a good month for AKMU.

One more surprising thing about the duo is that they are still teenagers.

Apink is one of the girl groups of the year because they have settled as a mainstay in the music scene.

Having started out in 2011, the six-member band was overshadowed by a sea of other girl groups who often adopt sexy image and outfits. But Apink have stuck to their philosophy by performing songs that remind people of first love.

The members’ music career began to bloom this year with the release of “Mr. Chu.” With the cute, upbeat dance song, the girl group grabbed awards from weekly music shows on domestic broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS. They also advanced to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Actress Han Hyo-joo recently signed on her next movie, “Haeeohwa.”

In the period film, the 27-year-old actress will play the role of a versatile gisaeng, or female courtesan living in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

The title of the film means a flower that understands human language, but it also refers to a reigning beauty.

More detailed information about the plot has not yet been released but the film will start shooting sometime in the first half of next year.

Han first entered the spotlight in 2003 after winning a beauty pageant organized by a food company.

Since then, she has appeared in numerous features, but she began to focus more on films rather than drama series a few years ago.

She is currently shooting “Beauty Inside” and has just finished filming “C’est si Bon.” The two will be released next year.

Han’s recent projects were “Cold Eyes” (2013) and “Love 911” (2012).

JoongAng Daily

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MBC’s popular reality TV show “Real Men” plans to produce a second special series featuring female celebrities. However, Hyeri, a member of the group Girl’s Day who appeared in the first special, is not slated to return, according to industry insiders.

“We talked about having Hyeri in the second season but she could not take time for the shoot because she is currently appearing in a new drama series,” a confidant close to Hyeri told the media.

“Real Men” originally featured male celebrities, though the first special edition in which Hyeri and five other female television starlets experienced Army life, became a huge hit in August and September.

Hyeri started out as a member of Girl’s Day in 2010, but was quickly overshadowed by its other members in her early career. She started to turn heads, however, with her candid and affable personality when she appeared in “Real Men.”

After her appearance in the reality TV show, her popularity soared and she was signed to endorse a number of products, from instant noodles to clothing.

During a talk show, the 20-year-old said she had recently bought a house for her parents in Songpa, southeastern Seoul.

Hyeri also joined the new drama series “Sunam Girls High School Detectives” on JTBC.

In the mystery drama, which centers around five high school girls, the Girl’s Day star plays Lee Ye-hee, who is obsessed with her looks. The drama series begins airing on Tuesday.

JoongAng Daily

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Wednesday December 17, 2014 Hong Kong







Despite his nomination for the Best Actor category at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards, Him Law, confessed that he never had any confidence about winning the coveted title, and was rooting for Roger Kwok instead.


In an interview with HK Headlines recently, the 30-year-old actor, who has been nominated for his role in "Tiger Cubs 2", admitted that he does not feel qualified to be nominated based of his experience as well as seniority.


"I feel embarrassed about being listed along my seniors, though I am also happy to be recognised. It's a mixed feeling," said Him.


The actor added that he never considered himself part of the TV King race.


When asked about his own views on the TV King race, Him expressed his hopes to be nominated in the top five again in five years, to have a bigger chance to win in another five, and finally winning it after fifteen years.


"I will be 45 by then," he added light-heartedly.

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Wednesday December 17, 2014 Hong Kong







 Though earlier rumours alleged that Priscilla Wong has been sidelined by the company due to internal politics, her recent victory at the TVB Anniversary Awards proved otherwise.


According to On CC News, the actress, who won Most Improved Actress at the 47th TVB Anniversary Awards held last night, expressed her delight and thanked her mentors, TVB Executives Catherine Tsang and Sandy Yu in her speech.


Priscilla mentioned Catherine as the person who has helped her career, while Sandy was the one who singled her out when she was just a student.

"My weakness hasn't changed that much, but fortunately, my strengths are still here," said the actress.


Meanwhile, boyfriend Edwin Siu, who wore a white suit to match Priscilla's own white dress, smiled proudly as the actress expressed her gratitude to her loved ones.


Meanwhile, Most Improved Actor winner, Louis Cheung, thanked the producers and management team for casting him in "Black Heart White Soul, as well as his wife, Hong Kong singer Kay Tse, for her support.

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Wednesday December 17, 2014 Hong Kong







 Charmaine Sheh and Roger Kwok may have won the most coveted awards, but it was Ram Chiang who got the biggest cheer from the audience as he was named Best Supporting Actor for his role in the Wong Cho Lam comedy, "Come On, Cousin!", Asian Universe reported.


"20 years ago, I was on this stage as a singer. Now 20 years later, I am on this stage again, but as an actor playing a singer. I am a professional actor now!" said Ram happily, as he accepted the award.


The actor, who witnessed a sudden rise in popularity after singing the parody version of his hit song, "You Needn't Be Acquaintances to Meet With Each Other" with Rita Carpio, in one of the scenes of the series, thanked the comedy actor for giving him the opportunity to show his comedic talent, thus enabling him to win such an award.


"He [Wong Cho Lam] told me, "Let me lead you and I will take you to the finish line!", and he was a great jockey indeed," said the 53-year-old former singer, while Wong in the audience shed a tear.

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Charmaine Sheh surprised to repeat 2006's victory

Wednesday December 17, 2014 Hong Kong







 Newly reigned TV Queen Charmaine Sheh stated that she originally thought she would not win the coveted title when she won Most Popular Female TV Character category.


According to On CC News, the actress, who accepted an interview with popular host Maria Leitao after the ceremony, stated that she was surprised and overjoyed to win both awards, and felt déjà vu as she experienced the same thing eight years ago.


By this, Charmaine referred to her double victory at the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2006, when she won both TV Queen and Most Popular Female Character for her multiple roles in "Maiden's Vow".


"It was a challenge to play my character [undercover agent Ding Siu Ka] in "Line Walker", but I know they created the role for me," she said.


Asked if she plans to win the award again next time to become a three-time TV Queen, Charmaine replied, "I don't think about winning awards when filming a series."

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