Louis Koo was not told about "Out of Inferno 2"
Monday June 16, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/louis-koo-not-told-inferno-2-085200185.html

Rumours are rife that Oxide Pang is planning to direct the sequel to last year's hit movie, "Out of Inferno", but lead actor Louis Koo revealed that he was not told about it.

According to Hong Kong's On CC News, during the press conference of Koo's new movie, "SPL 2" in Hong Kong on 13 June, Koo stated that he did not know about the sequel, let alone to confirm his participation in the movie.

"I didn't even know that there will be a sequel until I read the news," said Louis. "Now I know that they are preparing for it, but it would take a while."

In regards to the rumours saying that Oxide's plan for a sequel is only an excuse for him to save his marriage with wife Angelica Lee, who also starred in the original film, "Out of Inferno", Koo said, "I know nothing about that and I am in no position to make a comment about the issue."

However, the actor expressed his hopes that the original cast and crew will return for the second movie if it is to be realised.

In regards to his new movie, "SPL 2", Koo said that his character has less action scenes this time around and that most of the complicated martial arts scenes are done by Thailand's action star, Tony Jaa, who replaced the original actor of the film, Donnie Yen.

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The Shanghai International Film Festival launched its red carpet opening ceremony on June 14, bringing together heavyweight special guests. Gillian Chung, Vivian Wu and Lin Chi Ling attended the Shanghai International Film Festival together and coincidentally all appeared wearing revealing low-cut night gowns. Hailing from the three different regions of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, the three women posing together raised a lot of attention. However, their appearance side by side also drew many comparisons. In contrast to Lin Chi Ling's height and slim yet voluptuous figure, Lin Chi Ling stole the attention with all eyes and cameras on her. With the limelight stolen from her, Gillian's expression was visibly displeased.

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South Korean singer Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee were spotted at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul, according to local news reports on Monday.

The two were seen having BBQ together after separately arriving at the restaurant, located in southern Seoul.

The famous star couple Rain and Kim recently flew to China to attend the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival and shoot the upcoming Chinese drama “Saint Wang Xizhi,” respectively.

Korea Herald

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K-pop band g.o.d. will expand their Seoul concert nationwide to meet fans from all over the country, according to local reports yesterday.

The five-member group added eight more performances to what was originally a two-day concert on July 12 and 13 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in southeastern Seoul. Shows will now be held in Gwangju, Busan, Daegu and Daejeon to celebrate the 15th anniversary of g.o.d.’s debut.

News outlets reported yesterday that the organizers decided to put extra dates on the schedule because of constant requests for additional concert days from fans for the sold-out concerts.

“G.o.d. is going to captivate the fans by structuring their concert in a way that will show the group’s history and their various musical styles at the same time,” said an associate of the group’s agency, Sidus HQ.

The group will release a full-length album next month.

JoongAng Daily

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K-pop trio JYJ will release its second full-length album for the first time in three years, according to the group’s agency, CJeS Entertainment, yesterday.

The album will reportedly contain tracks from renowned composers from home and abroad and group members Kim Jae-joong, Park Yu-chun and Kim Jun-su will participate in writing the lyrics for it.

“The exact release date is yet to be confirmed,” said an associate of the album’s production team. “Currently, all members are actively preparing for the album.”

The associate also added that JYJ is planning to hold a solo concert after releasing the album, but no details have been decided yet.

During Park’s solo fan meeting, which was held June 4 in Korea to celebrate his 29th birthday, Park said, “I appreciate the fans for sending love and cheers even from unseen places.”

JoongAng Daily

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Pioneering K-pop group Shinhwa delayed the release date of the group’s 12th album to January from the latter half of this year, according to local reports yesterday.

The media reported that Shinhwa will make a comeback in the first week of January and will embark on a tour starting in March. Industry insiders speculate that the concerts will be held on a grand scale to celebrate the group’s 17th anniversary since its debut in 1998.

Following the domestic tour, the group will reportedly kick off a world tour as well.

“In the past 16 years, people described Shinhwa as a long-lasting group with good team work. Now we think it is time to go a step further. We will prove that Shinhwa is nothing like other groups by making a grand comeback next January,” said Lee Min-woo, a Shinhwa member, to a local reporter.

Preparations for the group’s new album will begin in October.

JoongAng Daily

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Singer-turned-actress Jung Ryeo-won renewed her contract with her agency Keyeast, according to the agency yesterday.

“Based on the faith we have built in the past, we are going to continue our partnership. We are going to give full support to show actress Jung’s wide spectrum of acting skills,” said Keyeast in a statement.

Jung, 33 who signed an exclusive contract in 2012 with Keyeast, which is home to many top stars like Kim Soo-hyun and Bae Yong-joon, has shown her versatility in various productions such as the drama “Medical Top Team.”

JoongAng Daily

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JYP Entertainment, one of the nation’s biggest entertainment agencies headed by singer Park Jin-young, teased a photo of their newbie boy group GOT7 yesterday.

The photo, which was uploaded on the group’s official webpage yesterday at noon, included its seven members strolling down the street looking as energetic and cheerful as any teenage boys would be.

It is reported that the soon-to-be-released mini-album’s lead track “A” was produced by singer Park and will have a strong hip-hop and R&B influence.

“GOT7 has come back with a more mature album compared to their debut album released in January,” said the agency.
The seven-member group will hold a showcase tomorrow with their fan club “I Got7” where some of the listed tracks will be performed live in front of their fans.

On Thursday, the group will embark on their comeback tour first on cable channel Mnet’s program “M! Countdown.” The band’s new album is scheduled to be released on Monday.

JoongAng Daily

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Model-turned-actor Joo Ji-hun will make an appearance on a Korean reality show for the first time in six years, according to local reports yesterday.

Movie insiders said that the 32-year-old will appear on the SBS weekend variety show “Running Man” and newly established show “Magic Eye” in a bid to promote his upcoming film “Confession.”

Joo has kept a low profile since he was convicted of marijuana use in 2009 and went public about his girlfriend, Son Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls, after he got back from mandatory military service in 2011.

For “Magic Eye,” Joo will appear as the show’s first guest. It starts airing on July 8.

“Confession,” directed by rookie filmmaker Lee Do-yun, is a noir movie that traces the relationship of three best friends after one of their mothers is killed in an unexpected accident.

The film opens next month.

JoongAng Daily

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K-pop girl group A Pink have officially announced their entrance into Japanese show business.

A Cube Entertainment, the group's agency, said on Sunday that the girls will hold a showcase in Japan in August ahead of their official debut in September. "We have received consistent offers to start work in Japan and finally decided to take the challenge," it added.

Their Japanese debut songs will be a translation of the songs that have been popular in Korea and show A Pink's true character.

The showcase, the girls' first meeting with Japanese fans, will be held at Stellar Ball in Shinagawa, Tokyo on Aug. 4.

Chosub Ilbo

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