Tuesday September 9, 2014 Hong Kong

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Shirley Yeung, who left TVB back in May, was revealed to have signed a contract with rival broadcasting station i-Cable.


According to Singtao Daily, the actress confirmed the news recently, saying that she had just signed a per-series contract with the station, and is currently playing the host for i-Cable's new show "A Hundred Thousand Dollar Hong Kong Beauty".


"I am planning to invite a lot of celebrities on the show to share their romance stories," the actress enthused. "I will also share my views about love, though I have yet to find new love in my life."


Asked if the company is paying her a satisfactory salary, unlike her former employer, Shirley replied, "The fee is very good. I am very pleased."


In regard to her final TVB series "All That Is Bitter Is Sweet", which will begin airing this week, Shirley said that she has no qualms about promoting the drama alongside the cast members if the company is willing to invite her.


"I have already begun promoting the drama on my Weibo anyway," she said.

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Tuesday September 9, 2014 Hong Kong

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Beauty queen-turned-actress Sisley Choi has been romantically linked with one actor to another since joining the industry, which is why her closeness to her "Breaking the Line" co-star Him Law sparked negative rumours.


As reported on Hong Kong's On CC News, the actress allegedly has taken a liking to the actor, who is currently dating TV Queen, Tavia Yeung, and openly flirted with him on the set of the upcoming series.


According to a source, the newcomer was already warned about getting involved in Him and Tavia's relationship, but has chosen to ignore it and continue to pursue the actor.


However, when asked to address the rumour, Sisley, who was filming an outdoor scene at the Sunny Bay station recently, denied being a third party in the couple's relationship, saying, "I understand that this kind of rumours will emerge when filming starts."


Sisley also said that she often met Tavia Yeung in the make-up room and has already clarified the rumours to her.


"She knows the truth," said Sisley.


When asked if the two of them will keep their distance now, Sisley said that she and Him Law treat each other as friends and will not let the rumour affect them.

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Tuesday September 9, 2014 Hong Kong

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Tiffany Chen, Star Entertainment producer and wife of Hong Kong film boss Charles Heung, recently expressed her anger towards an article about Stephen Chow that she believed had slandered her husband.


As reported on Mingpao News, back in April, an online article was written by a self-proclaimed Stephen Chow fan, claiming to give an accurate detail about the actor-producer's life.


In one part of the 50,000 words article, it was mentioned that Stephen's immigration applications to Canada in 1993 and 1996 were rejected by the Canada Immigration Department due to his movie collaborations with Charles Heung, the founder of China Star Entertainment Group, who reportedly has ties with the Hong Kong mob.


It also stated that Charles Heung had threatened to make an enemy out of anybody who wanted to invest in Stephen Chow's project, "Shaolin Soccer", when it was still in the making.


Mrs. Heung, who had just read the article when it was published yet again through the platform of "Art Western District", stated that she and her husband were extremely angry after reading the article.


"My husband usually laughed off inaccurate rumours no matter how much it hurts but this time, it really made him furious," said Mrs. Heung.


Though the director himself said that he has nothing to do with the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Wayne Lai denies "No Reserve" heavy editing

Tuesday September 9, 2014 Hong Kong

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 TVB actor Wayne Lai recently dismissed rumours saying that his long-delayed drama, "Rosy Business 3: No Reserve", will be heavily edited and dropped from the 2014 anniversary drama line-up.


Previously, the series, which also co-stars Myolie Wu, reportedly had to be cut from 30 episodes to only 15 due to explicit content deemed unsuitable for prime-time television – a process that will take a long while, and caused the series to be dropped from the original anniversary line-up.


However, Wayne debunked such rumours during an interview held recently, saying that TVB has never designated any drama to be in its anniversary line-up in the early stages of production.


In regard to rumours that the series will be reduced to 15 episodes due to explicit contents, Wayne said, "How is it possible for a drama to have 15 episodes worth of explicit scenes?"


On the other hand, when asked to comment on rumours about his co-star Myolie Wu's intention to leave TVB next year, Wayne said that he will support the actress's decision, whatever it will be.

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The couple have been open about their relationship and netizens dub them as 'an old married couple'


Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai and beau of four years, Vivian Dawson, were spotted on yet another date recently at a convenience store. The Eurasian model was footing the bill for milk while she waited by the side.

Netizens laughed at the sight and called them 'an old married couple'.

Also, netizens commented on Jolin's outfit ' a one-piece which revealed part of her bra at the back ' that 'it was too sexy for a date'.

The May-December romance between 33-year-old Jolin and 27-year-old Vivian has been smooth and they have been photographed on lavish dates overseas as well as street-dates.

The lovebirds were seen hand in hand roaming the streets of London last month and even though Jolin is busy preparing for new album slated to be released this November, she never fails to make time for Vivian.




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Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang and rumoured girlfriend Zhang Li spent Mid-Autumn Festival together in Taiwan and were said to be meeting his parents although he denied it.

The on-screen couple of Perhaps Love, the Chinese version of Korean variety show We Got Married, spent a day at a beach in Yilan together and are believed to be developing feelings for each other.

Sunny revealed that he admires her character, 'She is competitive and independent, bubbly yet direct and knows what she wants, so she works hard for it and is a perfectionist.'

The 31-year-old, who said he has marriage in mind, had introduced Zhang Li to his father when the crew of Perhaps Love filmed in Taiwan in June, who in turn thanked her for helping Sunny grow and mature.

Sunny added through his manager that 'his friends and grandparents will like (Zhang Li too)'.

His ex-girlfriend, Elva Hsiao, who is currently said to be in a relationship with Elroy Cheo, also gave her well-wishes.



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The actor is reportedly displeased that media attention has been diverted to his drama co-star Niki Chow


Popular Chinese drama The Virtuous Queen of Han held a celebratory dinner last Tuesday, where lead actress Niki Chow and boyfriend, Chinese actor Jeremy Tsui made a joint-appearance. Lead actor Raymond Lam, however, was missing from the party, even though he was supposed to be in the list of attendees.

While both the director and producer said that they would need to 'find out' the reason for Raymond's unexplained absence, the crew claimed that it was the first time the actor failed to turn up for an event without prior notification.

'We only found out that he's not coming slightly before the reporters. He had promised to make it if his schedule allows, even saying that he would stay till the end of the event,' a member of the staff added.

According to Hong Kong media, Raymond and Niki are currently on bad terms, after vying to perform the drama's theme song previously.

Although it was initially stated that Raymond's 'Behind the Glory' will be used as the theme song, the production team reportedly wanted to change it to 'With You, Our Love is Perfect', a duet by Niki and Richie Jen. This was mainly due to the actress' skyrocketing popularity as well as Raymond's departure from TVB.

Displeased to have the limelight taken away from him, Raymond allegedly threatened to boycott all promotional activities, if his track was not chosen as the theme song.

The singer-actor may have gotten his wish in the end, but media attention remained on Niki and Jeremy, after The Virtuous Queen of Han became dubbed as the couple's 'token of love' ' which is believed to be the reason for his absence at the celebratory party.



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Five months after Taiwanese band Sodagreen's drummer Wei (Shi Jun Wei) proposed to his girlfriend Sunny at a concert, the couple threw an engagement party yesterday and will hold a church wedding at the end of the month.

Wei, third member of Sodagreen to tie the knot, had secretly planned and executed his proposal during the band's Hong Kong concert in April. The drummer shocked everyone, including his bandmates and boss, when he abruptly invited Sunny onstage and went on bended knee to ask for her hand.

Lead singer Greeny Wu, better known as Qing Feng, was reportedly so surprised that he exclaimed: 'How can you not tell us!'

In July, Wei posted photos from their wedding photoshoot and left a sweet message for his wife-to-be. 'What more can a man ask for, when he has a wife like you,' he wrote.



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The Taiwanese actor brought rumoured girlfriend Zhang Li to Taiwan and spent the festival together


Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang and Chinese actress Zhang Li have reportedly been dating for more than half a year after filming Perhaps Love, the Chinese version of Korean reality show We Got Married.

The on-screen couple were said to have developed real feelings for each other after the show, often bickering on Weibo and even spending time together in private.

Although they have already stopped filming Perhaps Love, the two still kept in touch and Zhang Li even followed Sunny on a recent Hong Kong trip where they were spotted shopping and dining together.

On Sunday, both of them then travelled from Hong Kong to Taiwan and spent Mid-Autumn Festival together. However, Sunny clarified she was there to settle her personal matters and took the opportunity to explore Taiwan, not to meet his parents as 'they are overseas'.

In addition, Zhang Li revealed in a recent interview, 'My mum likes Sunny's shy personality. Sometimes I cannot even differentiate if I'm really in love or it's just for show.'

Sunny, who admitted through his manager that he and Zhang Li have good impressions of each other, also shared, 'I feel comfortable around Zhang Li. The more I know her, the more I like her.'

In another interview with a magazine, the 31-year-old said, 'I am already past the age to have fun. It's time to find someone to love and settle down.'




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The Taiwanese singer's rumoured beau wore the same shirt which she had previously worn


Following rumours of Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao and rumoured beau Elroy Cheo semi-cohabitating, new word has been going around that Elroy recently spent the night at her place when he was spotted by sharp-eyed fans wearing the same shirt that Elva had previously worn.

Last Friday, the two attended the opening of Playhouse restaurant which Elva's manager had invested in. Elroy wore a Givenchy T-shirt to the event and Elva had the exact same piece too.

Netizens speculated, 'He must have spent the night at her house and had no (presentable) clothes to wear in the morning, so he wore hers.'

Elva's manager refuted the rumours, then clarified that she had bought the shirt a year ago and Elroy, being a fashionista, must have bought himself one too.



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