“The Ultimate Addiction” Reaches 50 Million Hits
Thursday June 12, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Jaynestars
Image: Credit to Appledaily
Translated by R.E.D. @ www.asianeu.net/forums

Filming in Mainland China, Bosco Wong missed earlier promotions for currently airing TVB drama The Ultimate Addiction. Recently completing his Mainland drama, he now has more free time to help out with promotions. He appeared at the Shanghai TV Festival yesterday to promote the drama with co-stars Kate Tsui and Ben Wong.

Bosco portrays a ruthless CEO in The Ultimate Addiction, which centers on human greed in the cut-throat world of Hong Kong’s financial sector. The role was a new challenge for the 33-year-old actor. “[The drama] has been getting great reactions. So far, it has reached over 50 million views online.” In its first week of broadcast, the drama averaged 27 ratings points and peaked at 28 points. Bosco joked that if ratings increase, his costar Kate would have to reveal more skin.

Kate interjected, “What? I already revealed a lot of skin for my weight loss commercial. I also revealed my back in the drama. If ratings do get better, I’ll just ask the producer to air an extended scene of my bare back.” “Oh, if that’s the case then I’ll reveal my chest,” said Bosco. Even without further skin exposure from the stars at promotional events, The Ultimate Addiction features titillating scenes ahead. Nancy Wu forces a kiss on Kate, who flashes her nude body before Nancy while pretending to be a lesbian. In a bedroom scene with Bosco, Nancy will strip down to a black bra while trying to seduce her husband.

NOTE: There may be a mistake in the article regarding the first week ratings. First week ratings were reported to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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After Cheating, Oxide Pang Unable to Gain Back Angelica Lee’s Trust
Thursday June 12, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Jaynestars
Image: On.cc/Eastweek.com/fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net

Oxide Pang and Angelica Lee’s marriage has been scarred since the 48-year-old director was caught cheating on his wife with 26-year-old model, Liddy Li. Although Oxide issued an official apology and Angelica seemingly forgave him in their joint public statement, a close source revealed he is still unable to gain back his wife’s trust.

Two weeks ago, when Angelica checked into a hospital in Malaysia due to stomach acid pain, Oxide ignored his wife’s distress and busied himself with his cell phone instead. The couple had little interaction towards each other, apparently still trying to mend the broken shards of a marriage which was tested by Oxide’s infidelity. Although Angelica’s father was upset at Oxide for cheating twice in their relationship, the Lee family has forgiven Oxide for his mistakes. In a sour mood, Oxide refused to answer questions regarding his current relationship with Angelica, suggesting the situation has not taken a positive turn. He only muttered they are on “okay” terms and “I want to cool down and calm myself.” Oxide emphasized he never provided Liddy with a sum of money after they were caught cheating, nor did he promise to divorce Angelica and marry Liddy, as reports indicated. Although he had a chat with his daughter in Malaysia, Oxide refused to share her opinions on his infidelity. Currently, Oxide is in Beijing for a meeting and will head to Taiwan in August to shoot a new movie. The source added, “It’s a big problem that won’t be solved in just a few days. Oxide must work very hard to earn his ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Wednesday June 11, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/andy-hui-sammi-cheng-send-funeral-flowers-husband-035300603.html

Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui has once again denied marriage rumours, which sparked this time around after he and Sammi Cheng presented flowers for his brother's funeral as a married couple.

As reported on Mingpao, the media recently published another rumour of their secret marriage when Andy, whose brother passed away last month, recently presented flowers at his funeral with the message, "From your younger brother Andy and sister-in-law, Sammi".

At the funeral, Sammi was spotted wearing a wedding band, strengthening the media's belief that the two had already secretly tied the knot.

However, Andy dismissed the rumours yet again while he had the chance to speak to the media.

"I've talked about this many times. But all I can say is that our two families are already treating us as husband and wife. Thus, we decided to write it that way on the flowers in hopes that my brother would be happy and pleased to receive these flowers," said Andy.

When asked about his current state, Andy said that it is time for him to continue living and return to work.

"We all have to learn how to face such difficulties in life and I have learned to find peace in grief. If I continue with my life with a positive attitude, I believe my late brother will be happier for me," said the singer.

He also expressed his gratitude towards Sammi, who gave him her full support while he was still in mourning.

"I felt that our love is everlasting," he said.

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Wednesday June 11, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/priscilla-wong-sexually-harassed-english-footballers-053600217.html

TVB actress and host, Priscilla Wong recently denied being sexually harassed by English footballers on the latest episode of her sports programme, "Pilgrimage to Football Meccas".

According to Hong Kong's On CC News, Netizens recently expressed their concern for the actress, after watching the 19th episode of the programme, whereby Priscilla and co-host, Tony Hung travelled to Manchester to visit the Old Trafford Stadium.

While playing football with the Village Manchester FC, Priscilla scored a goal and was quickly surrounded by other players who then pinned her down in celebration of her success. Several Netizens alleged that some of the players may have taken advantage of her and groped her chest.

However, Priscilla was quick to dispel the harassment allegations. Speaking to the media at a function recently, she revealed that Village Manchester FC is a team consisting of gay footballers and that playing with them felt like spending time with a group of sisters.

"I didn't feel like I was violated at all, but I did protect my chest," said the actress.

Priscilla also complimented the team for being very friendly and took good care of her while they were filming the episode.

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Wednesday June 11, 2014 Hong Kong

Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung recently revealed that while he is no football fanatic, he would still watch the World Cup, though he prefers doing it alone.

As reported on Takungpao, the actor, who made an appearance at a football promotional event in Causeway Bay with actress Annie Liu on 8 June, stated that he has no intention to gather his friends at his house in order to watch the World Cup together.

"I am lonely by nature. I'd rather enjoy it on my own, though sometimes I would call friends halfway through the game. Sometimes, my wife would watch it with me if she can't sleep. But my daughter is still too young to appreciate it," said Nick.

When asked of his favourite team, Nick said that he supports Germany, but since Netizens recently said that he and Argentinian player, Lionel Messi resemble each other in terms of their height and nose size, Nick joked that his fans will certainly support Argentina instead.

"I don't think we look similar, but we do have a similarity. Messi is a football star who sells his talents and not his looks. Just like me!" Nick enthused.

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Source: KuangaiTVB
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniniverse.net

[u]Dramas [/u]
The Ultimate Addiction - 點金勝手 (EPS 01-05) - 22 PTS (Peaking at 26 PTS)

Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 525-529) - 22 PTS

Journey to the West - 西遊記 (EPS 26-30) - 21 PTS (Peaking at 23 PTS)

[u]Variety Shows [/u]
Eating Well with Madam Wong - 吾淑吾食 - 22 PTS

The Conquerors - 快樂聯盟 - 20 PTS

Pilgrimage to Football Meccas - 走過足球聖地 - 17 PTS

Dinner Confidential - 燭光晚餐 - 15 PTS

(Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)

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Wednesday June 11, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: MingPao
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Michael Miu and others appeared at the Shanghai TV Festival to attend the "TVB Family 2014 Programme Recommendation Press Conference", promoting for TVB dramas "Line Walker" and "The Ultimate Addiction". Kate Tsui grasped the cameras' attention with a waist-revealing outfit, and even revealed that there will be a scene where she reveals her back in the drama. Charmaine Sheh wore a long dress, which had less of an advantage, but with her "big sister" aura, she was still very popular. Bosco Wong appeared for the first time to promote the drama "The Ultimate Addiction", and expressed that if ratings are good, he will reveal his chest, and even pulled Nancy Wu into it and said she should reveal her butt.

Charmaine Sheh will return to film for TVB in October

Raymond Lam was originally on the attendee list, but because he hurt his hip, he was unable to attend. TVB Executive Au Wai Lam, Virginia Lok and other artistes attended, attracting more than a hundred fans at the venue, and even arranged many security guards to keep procedure in order. The atmosphere was very lively. There was a glass boards on site, so fans crouched on the floor to secretly watch. Charmaine Sheh expressed that she only knew her "Line Walker" partner, Raymond Lam wouldn't be attending because of a hip injury when she was getting her make up done. She said that she will contact him and ask how he is later on. With only her and Michael Miu as representatives, will she asked Raymond to treat them to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Eliza Sam Injures Knee While Filming “Hot Madam”
Wednesday June 11, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Jaynestars
Image: On.cc
Edited by: R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/

Filming for new movie, Hot Madam is currently well underway in Malaysia’s scorching heat. Directed by Wilson Chin, the female-oriented cast features Eliza Sam, Joyce Cheng, Cathryn Lee, Wong Pui Man, Jacky Choi, and Jeana Ho. The group possesses professional work ethics and did not ask for stunt doubles despite their numerous action sequences. However, almost all the actresses suffered from at least one injury.

During a fight scene, Eliza Sam accidentally lost balance and plunged to the ground. She bumped her knees on the hard cement and was unable to stand up due to the severe pain. Eliza was immediately rushed to the hospital for an X-ray scan, and fortunately, she did not break any bones. Director Chin proved to be extremely caring towards the cast members and ensured Eliza’s knee was properly taken care of before she resumed filming.

Cathryn Lee, who is the junior apprentice of popular pianist, Li Yundi, earlier filmed a scene near a water dam. During the process, an oyster shell cut her thigh. Although her wound was bleeding, she continued to film and refused to take a break. Exhibiting a professional attitude, Cathryn chose not to cancel her followup scenes and quickly changed into her next set of clothes to carry on with her work.

Hoping to achieve a perfectly fit body to match her onscreen character, Jacky Choi, the winner of the 2012 Miss Chinese Melbourne Pageant, was determined to do a series of inverted stretches every day. Joyce Cheng helped look after her ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Sharon Chan was "set up" by netizens of having an affair with Man Wai Hung
Wednesday June 11, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: MingPao
Translated and edited by R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/

"Long leg Goddess" Sharon Chan's popularity has been on the rise and she is heavily promoted by TVB; but rumor has it, because she wanted to be in the first lead, she has an affair with Man Wai Hung, the producer. It was reported that Man Wai Hung is now separated from his wife and the children and they are seeking a divorce because of her. When Virginia Lok heard about the rumor, she laughed it off. Man Wai Hung was asked by the reporter if this rumor is true, he replied "No!" On a separate note, Sharon has a boy friend called William and they have been together for nearly 10 years. Sharon considers him as her future husband and they plan to get married this year!

Yesterday, the reporter got hold of Man Wai Hung and Sharon. When asked about the rumor, Sharon said she would not reply to nonsense rumors, she said it four times and when reporter asked Man Wai Hung if the rumor is true, he simply replied "NO!"

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Taiwanese actress Joe Chen, who has always sported a demure and sweet demeanour, was recently photographed smoking at the dinner table, dashing the perfect image some fans and netizens have had of her.

She is recently starring as an air stewardess in Shanghainese drama Marry a Man to Live, and had posted on Weibo photos of herself dressed in her air stewardess uniform. Her sweet and elegant photos have received much praise from netizens.

But what shocked fans and netizens alike was when her photos of her smoking appeared online and went viral. She was seen wearing a cap and black sweater, with a cigarette visibly wedged between her fingers.

Distressed netizens began to lament that their good impression of her has been tainted. Some of the comments included: 'She doesn't seem to be so perfect in my eyes now'¯, 'this damages her pure and sweet image'¯ and 'you're no longer my goddess'¯.

But others defended her, retorting: 'If purity and innocence can be judged by smoking, the judge must be really immature.'¯

Some also added: 'It's very normal, as long as she's not taking drugs, it's okay! I still like Joe very much.'¯


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