Actress Park Shin-hye, star of the SBS drama “The Heirs,” met her fans in Chongqing and Shenzhen, China, on Aug. 2 and 3.

Park has held fan meets in Shanghai before, but this was the first time she has held her Asia tour, “2014 Story of Angel,” in Chongqing and Shenzhen, according to Park’s agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment.

During the fan meets, Park sang five songs, including “Lovely Day,” part of the original soundtrack, “You’re Beautiful” and “My Dear,” which Park’s brother, Park Shin-won, composed. Park’s fans sang along with her when she started to sing “Story” from the drama “The Heirs.”

Park will meet with her fans in Changsha and Beijing on Aug. 9 and 10, and will continue on to Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

JoongAng Daily

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Exo’s official website was offline yesterday due to excessive traffic because the boy group was recruiting members for its fan club.

The band’s agency, SM Entertainment, started recruiting at noon yesterday for the global club Exo-L - a shortened version of “Exo-Love.”

Fans from across the world tried to access the website in order to file their application but were soon unable to access the site.

To make it easier for fans to find information about the group, the agency is operating a mobile application and will also provide a mobile membership card with an individual barcode for members to take part in group chats or access the group’s official schedule.

Exo is currently traveling around Asia for its first solo concert tour, “Exo From Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet.”

JoongAng Daily

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Red Velvet, a new four-member girl group, swept major online music charts as soon as their debut single "Happiness" was released at noon on Monday.

The song highlights different characteristics of the four members who captivated viewers with their rhythmical and energetic dance moves during their TV debut last week.

Chosun Ilbo

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Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao's new music video hits nearly 1.42 million views on the same day of release


Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao released the music video for her new song 'Shut Up and Kiss Me' on Monday and it garnered nearly 1.42 million views within a day. Many suspect that the views for the music video was digitally manipulated because it took Mandopop divas A-Mei and Jolin Tsai a week or two to accumulate that many views for their previous releases.

When Elva's song was compared to A-Mei's 'Tiao Jin Lai' and Cyndi Wang's 'Baby Boy' which were released last month, 'Shut Up and Kiss Me' had only 1,000 likes as compared to 7,000 and 11,000 likes garnered respectively on the two songs, of which both have surpassed the one million mark in views.

In response to suspicions on the inflated viewership numbers, Elva's record label, Sony, explained, 'We have invested heavily in advertisers this time to boost the number of views. We're happy to get such attention.'

Sony splurged approximately S$160,000 to promote her MV on certain websites where it will pop up automatically, leading to many netizens clicking on it unintentionally.

The 34-year-old, who will release her new album on the 22nd this month, could not hide her joy when she was told of the news at an event on Tuesday. She even did a psychological test on the spot and chose 'forehead' as where she would want to kiss her lover the most, making her 'the simple lover'.

Although she acknowledged the results, she preferred kissing her partner on their neck and shoulder as she feels it is romantic. Elva also revealed to have given her met his mother at his birthday party.



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Taiwanese Japanese artiste Makiyo was earlier rumoured to be marrying her new boyfriend, 'Winnie Man', in order to improve her mother's fortune, as there is a Chinese superstition that holding an auspicious event in the family can drive away illness and bad luck. Although that was quickly refuted by her mother, Makiyo was recently romantically linked to yet another man, billionaire tycoon Frank Lin.

On July 27, Makiyo was spotted with merchandise from the Japanese animation (anime) One Piece as she entered a black luxury sedan. Her driver was none other than Frank Lin, the younger brother of the Chairman of Goldsun Development & Construction Co Ltd., Vincent Lin.

Makiyo alighted from the car twice to pick up their takeaways before the two headed to a mansion. After spending five hours in the building together, Frank finally sent Makiyo home at around midnight.

As they said their goodbyes, Makiyo reportedly seemed very unwilling to let her companion leave. According to Taiwanese media reports, the 30-year-old had also displayed the same reluctance when she was sent home by Frank on July 17, even turning back while leaving to wave goodbye to him.

Makiyo responded to the rumours through her manager: 'Both of them (Frank and Makiyo) are anime fans, and are new friends who got to know each other through a mutual friend.'

On the other hand, Frank's assistant refused to answer any queries about his boss' private life, claiming that it had nothing to do with the company's operations.

The 35-year-old businessman is a highly sought after bachelor with NT$200 billion (approximately S$8.2 billion) in assets. He also holds many important positions in various companies ' he is the Chairman of Babyboss City Ltd., Vice-President of Taiwan Secom Co., and the Vice-Chairman of TransAsia Airways.



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_07MB001_.jpg_07MB002_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com20140807fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0807-00282-055b1.jpg?t=1407372854299
0807-00282-055b3.jpg?t=14073728060820807-00282-055b4.jpg?t=1407372753774courtesy of on.cc
Carina Lau Ka Ling last night attended a certain diamond jewelry brand's 85th anniversary. Ka Ling just finished the Thailand location shoot of Wong Jing's new film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2) with Chow Yun Fat. They even had an intimate kiss scene. She joked that it was child's play, even with Fat Soh on the set she did not feel awkward. Instead it was very hard to make this type of scenes with close friends, she stated that she and Wai Jai would have a hard time being intimate on camera.

She revealed that she was on location in Thailand for a week. Later they will shoot in Hong Kong and Macau. Ka Ling said that working with Fat Gor has been a pleasure. They talked about the past and the future. Fat Gor also hoped that they would work together more. Ka Ling also said, "Fat Gor is very nice and has a superstar presence! We complimented on how fit we were, he took selfies with everyone he saw and everyone loved him!" Sh also admitted that her friends claimed that they came to visit her on the set but actually they wanted to visit Fat Gor. Did Fat Gor share any fitness advice? Ka Ling said, "Fat Gor taught me to hike and eat more in the afternoon, but with all my events at all it would be hard to watch when ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_07MC004_.jpg_07MC002_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com20140807fp07.jpg20140807fp08.jpgCoffee Lam
courtesy of singtao.com0807-00282-036b1.jpg?t=1407373053187Fiona Sit arrives around the same time as Khalil Fong0807-00282-036b2.jpg?t=1407373050145Wallace Chung and Fiona Sit are confident about the film's box office
courtesy of on.cc
The Barbara Wong Chun Chun directed GIRLS two nights ago held a Hong Kong premiere at the Kowloon Bay Exhibition Center. Leads Wallace Chung Han Leung, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, director Wong Chun Chun and the film music creative director Mark Lui Chung Tak attended. Many industry insiders like Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Soler, Melvin Wong Kam Sun and his son Wesley Wong Hoi Kit, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Coffee Lam Chin Yu attended. The film after 4 days in release in the Mainland broke 100 million yuan RMB already.

As the lead actress Fiona said that many friends wanted to watch the film. She was very confident in this film. In the film Fiona took the initiative and chased guys. Sh said that this was the biggest breakthrough in her career. The director went online for research to teach her how to get a guy. She admitted that in real life she has never chased a guy. In addition she had to seduce someone, so everyone wanted to see her other side. She admitted that as she grew up, she became more and more protective of herself and found men hard to trust. Earlier in Tianjin a pregnant woman caught her cheating husband at the cinema watching this film with his mistress and chased him with a hammer. She admitted that she was surprised but believed that this ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_07MB005_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com20140807fp05.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0807-00282-025b1.jpg?t=1407373279713Lawrence Cheng, He Haopeng, Ekin Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Ivana Wong
courtesy of on.cc
The Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui directed film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) earlier held a promotional event in Foshan. Actors Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and He Haopeng attended. Although the temperature reached 37 degrees, the passion of over 400 fans was not lessen. At the event Wong Yuen Chi sang the film theme song NEVER SAY BREAK UP AGAIN. The host asked how she would handle the post break up left over items. She joked that in the past she would torch them in a blaze, but now she has the "break up mini storage". The event took place on Qixi Festival, and everyone played games with the audience to test their chemistry.

Later, Ekin transformed into a great lover and presented roses to his on screen girlfriend Chau Sau Na and buddy Wong Yuen Chi. Brother Peng also received cool sunglasses from Brother Tan, symbolizing that he would become more and more famous after making BREAK UP 100. Then they boldly set off for their audience appreciation journey at many Foshan cinemas. After the event, Ekin complained to Brother Tan, "I am jealous that Wong Yuen Chi can sing on the stage!" Sister Na admitted that she has never seen such a large crowd and she too wanted to sing on the stage. Now she is waiting for Ekin to write a song for her. Brother Tan suggested a duet for Sister Na and Ekin and even asked Sister Na to sing a few bars. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0807-00282-022b1.jpg?t=1407375013882Shawn Dou asks Wang Luodan out while Eddie Peng is sleeping0807-00282-022b2.jpg?t=1407374990056Shawn Dou and Eddie Peng are not only cycling but also romantic rivals0807-00282-022b3.jpg?t=1407374971456Director Dante Lam studies the script with his actors0807-00282-022b4.jpg?t=1407374949222Carlos Chan gives a thumbs up online0807-00282-022b5.jpg?t=1407374946362Carlos Chan
courtesy of on.cc
Emperor artist Carlos Chan Ka Lok while working on the Emperor Motion Picture TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) in Taichung had an accident, was hospitalized and operated on. Currently he is still at the hospital. Th film yesterday continued its shoot as usual in Taichung. Mainland actors Shawn Dou Xiao and Wang Luodan worked on a dramatic scene at a soy milk shop. Dou Xiao said, "In the film (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen and I are romantic rivals. I secretly asked Wang Luodan out to breakfast while he was sleeping. My character didn't know how to tell jokes and thus had to read about how to win over a girl. Peng Yu-Yen and I will even use different tricks to get the girl."

Has Dou Xiao fought a guy for a girl? He joked, "I often don't have too much of a challenge, usually I win. (Do you have any trick to get the girl?) Girls take the initiative and come to me. I am more than self confident, but I am just joking."

Dou Xiao said that in real life he had no trick to win over a girl. He felt that as long as he found a suitable mate, the girl would not need to be win over. Was he someone romantic who sent flowers? He ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_07ME001_.jpgPhilip Chan invests 80 million on Michael Hui's new film_07ME002_.jpgJeana Ho_07ME003_.jpgWai Ying Hung is willing to give Philip Chan a friendly discount
courtesy of mingpao.com0807-00282-017b1.jpg?t=1407373742464Jeana Ho who has been single for years wants to meet a rich kid0807-00282-017b2.jpg?t=1407373733428Philip Chan's Grand Olympic Group will open with Michael Hui's DA FU
courtesy of on.cc
Philip Chan Yun Kin, Michael Hui Koon Man, Kara Hui (Wai Ying Hung) and Jeana Ho Pui Yu yesterday attended a film company press conference in Guangzhou. Michael even signed with the company to write and direct the comedy DA FU (BEATING TIGER) as the company's first shot.

Michael revealed that he has not directed in 18 years because he has not run into a script that he liked. This time he finally could fulfill his directing dream again. He said, "The lead actor has to be handsome, a good actor and has a sense of humor. I feel Gum Sing Mo (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is very suitable. (Sean) Lau Ching Wan, (Louis) Koo TIn Lok and Huang Bo can be considered as well; as for actresses I want to invite Angelababy."

As the company chief, Philip said that the company will invest 800 million yuan to make movies over two or three years. Michael's film will have an 80 million yuan investment, he hoped its release would bring 250 million yuan. In addition, Siu Hung said that she has known Philip for years and would not mind giving him a discount.


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