_16ME007_.jpgWong Yau Nam, Charlene Choi and Anthony Wong in GANGSTER PAY DAY
Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin starred in the film GANGSTER PAY DAY (DAI CHA FAN) after being invited to be the Busan International Film Festival closing film earlier was invited to participate in the San Diego Asian Film Festival as well. The film's subject was the decline of the mob, through which the Hong Kong community transition phenomena were on display. The Hong Kong audience could relate. The film also starred Chan Wai Man, Ng Chi Hung, Joe Cheung Tung Cho and others. The event praised that this film was very moving and full of Hong Kong nostalgia; director Lee Po Cheung hoped that the film would be able to provide foreign viewers more understanding of Hong Kong.


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20140916fp06.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_16MB004_.jpgNick Cheung feels that success is not from talk but from action
courtesy of mingpao.com
The Oscar documentary award winner Ruby Yang directed documentary about the transformation of underperforming students, MY VOICE MY LIFE, will be released next month. This group of young people who never gave up on themselves moved Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Deanie Ip Tak Han, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Johnnie To Kei Fung, Fruit Chan Gor, Jan Lamb Hoi Fung and Sammy.

Cheung Ka Fai sentimentally felt that when you made a mistake, it was not important if anyone would help. The most important was doing your part well.


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0916-00282-009b1.jpg?t=1410829420480Barbie Liu wins the "daring talent" award0916-00282-009b2.jpg?t=1410829403473
0916-00282-009b3.jpg?t=14108293827290916-00282-009b4.jpg?t=1410829374988Wilson Chin (center) and Stephen Chow0916-00282-009b5.jpg?t=14108293196513 Sun Jialing successfully advances0916-00282-009b6.jpg?t=1410829270717Yuanli Ruoxin has a wardrobe malfunction but wins the popularity award0916-00282-009b7.jpg?t=1410829246499Some candidates dance oddly0916-00282-009b8.jpg?t=1410829243528Linah Matsuoka rolls on the floor0916-00282-010b1.jpg?t=1410829048882Lam Tsz Chung0916-00282-011b1.jpg?t=1410828966836courtesy of on.cc20140916fp02.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_16mb201.jpgLinah Matsuoka turns into a mermaid_16MB017_.jpgBarbie Liu does not advance into the round of six_16MB022_.jpgStephen Chow personally presents the creativity award to Barbie Liu_16mb202.jpgKabby Hui_16mb203.jpgRainky Wai does not advance_16MB023_.jpgCandidates give their all to advance
courtesy of mingpao.com
Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) last night held its film casting final in Shenzhen. The 13 candidates fought for a chance to advance. They had to pass live acting tests, wear sexy mermaid costumes to make sexy poses, and remove their makeup to display their actual look. Sing Yeh personally watched the girls perform and did not seem to be affected by Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung's blasts. Linah Matsuoka and Kabby Hui Nga Ting successfully moved on to the round of six. Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu) and Rainky Wai Yu Yui did not, but Ha Wai Yu received the creativity award from Sing Yeh. She took all the risks during her performance, showing ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0916-00282-016b1.jpg?t=1410829557979Connie Man claims to be the sexiest Chau Heung in history, with multiple bath scenes in her new film0916-00282-016b2.jpg?t=14108295553450916-00282-016b3.jpg?t=1410829510434Connie Man says that she has no limit on how sexy she can be, completely depending on the audience reaction
courtesy of on.cc
Connie Man Hoi Ling recently signed with director Wong Jing. After becoming a "Jing Girl" she naturally does not lack the opportunity to show off her figure. She in the upcoming film release FLIRTING IN THE AIR (TONG BAK FU ji CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) played Chau Heung, with many wet and back baring scenes. She stole more spotlight than lead actress DaDa Chan Jing.

Connie believed that she was the "sexiest Chau Heung in history" because she had many bathing scenes. She said that before hand she was rather nervous. "After Brother Jing's detailed explanation, during the shoot I actually got into the character more. In addition being naked while bathing was very reasonable. It wasn't a bed scene yet. However I asked my parents for permission so they would not be surprised when they would watch." As the new "Jing Girl", Connie admitted that she had some pressure. Luckily Brother Jing praised her as a mix of Best Actresses Anita Yuen Wing Yi and Cecilia Yip Tung. Connie was surprised. "I really admired them, both are Best Actresses with both acting and appearance. Len Len is just outstanding with comedy and tragedy. Yip Tung has a lot of personality and charm. I see them as my goal!"

Did she have any sexy restriction this time? Connie said that it would depend on the audience ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Monday September 15, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/bernice-liu-denies-relationship-rumours-060000291.html






Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu recently dismissed rumours saying that she is dating Fala Chen's ex-boyfriend, Daniel Sit.


As reported on On CC News, previously, rumours of romance between the two sparked when Bernice was spotted having dinner with the Neway heir at mutual friend Stefan Wong's A La Maison restaurant.


The actress, who has been unlucky in love since breaking up with TVB's Moses Chan, reportedly spent hours with Daniel before leaving the premise at 2am.


However, while speaking to the media at an event recently, Bernice said that it was not the case at all.


"I am still single right now. Daniel and I have known each other for a long time and we're only friends," she said.


Bernice also denied any awkwardness with the businessman after the rumours were published, and said that there will be no chance of development between the two of them.


In regard to former rumoured boyfriend, French sommelier Jean-Charles Cazes, Bernice said that the rumours were false as well.


"I don't look for any distinct quality in a partner. I'll let nature take its course," she added.


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Raymond Lam denies dodging TVB's layoffs

Monday September 15, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/raymond-lam-denies-dodging-tvbs-layoffs-061200141.html






 While rumours are rife that TVB has been laying off artistes and freezing their salaries, former TVB top star Raymond Lam denied that he had dodged a bullet as he left the company before the cuts were made.


According to Mingpao News, the actor, who appeared at a promotional event for his new series "Line Walker" recently, stated, "I will not get that kind of treatment after more than a decade of relationship with TVB. The company was good to me and it would never do that."


In response to the cuts made by TVB, Raymond said that every company has its own policy.


"As an actor, I have always put my job as an actor first and won't worry about company matters," said Raymond.


However, the actor also admitted that unlike in the past where he knew everybody, it seemed that there are now too many new faces in the company.


"But I won't worry about my old colleagues. They won't be retrenched because of their seniority. An actor's decades of experience cannot be replaced easily," he said.

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Andy Lau: I never said Stephen Chow isn't a friend!

Monday September 15, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/andy-lau-never-said-stephen-chow-isnt-friend-233400751.html






Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau recently clarified reports of his supposed soured relationship with his "Tricky Brains" co-star, Stephen Chow.


According to a report on HK Top Ten, previously, Charles Heung's wife and producer Tiffany Chen, who declared war against Stephen for a previously published article that reportedly tainted her husband's reputation, revealed to the media that Andy had long denounced his friendship with the actor-turned-filmmaker due to creative differences.


Speaking to the media at the press conference of "My Voice My Life" in Causeway Bay recently, Andy stated that he is not familiar with Stephen in the first place, as they never had the opportunity to get to know each other very well while working together.


"I never said that he is not a friend. I only said that Mr. [Charles] Heung was, is, and will forever be a good friend and a good employer. Perhaps I didn't express myself clearly and Mrs. Heung misunderstood me," Andy clarified.


In response to reports saying that Stephen only offered him HKD 1.2 million for a movie, Andy said that it was nothing but a rumour.


"I was approached to make a movie with him, but I turned down the offer when we could not reach an agreement," he said, though declined to explain what part of the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Monday September 15, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/fred-cheng-apologises-lesley-chiang-233500115.html






 TVB actor-turned-singer Fred Cheng recently expressed his apology to Lesley Chiang for the cheating rumours that have been plaguing them since his victory at the "Voice of Stars" competition last year.


According to Mingpao News, the singer, who appeared at CRHK for a radio interview recently, talked about the rumours of romance with Lesley Chiang, as well as his alleged affairs with Grace Wong, Sophia Wong, and Sisley Choi.


Fred admitted that though the rumours have no major negative impact on him, he felt sorry for the four girls, especially Lesley.


"The girls are my good friends, and none of them are dating me. Furthermore, Lesley is my best friend who has always supported me," he said.


"I have to apologise to each and every one of them if they are affected by the rumours," he added. "I am a traditional man and I believe it is my duty to protect them from being hurt."

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Veronica Shiu, Reigning Miss Hong Kong is Vitasoy heiress

Monday September 115, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/reigning-miss-hong-kong-vitasoy-heiress-233700574.html






 The recently crowned Miss Hong Kong, Veronica Shiu, dismissed speculations that she won the competition due to her grandfather's influence.


As reported on Singtao Daily, the beauty queen, who beat other contestants with 150,000 votes, was recently revealed to be the granddaughter of Shiu Wai Ming – one of the founders of the popular beverage brand, Vitasoy.


Reportedly, the beverage giant has been involved in an advertising partnership with TVB for a long while, and thus sparked speculations as to how Veronica was able to beat online favourite, Sofiee Ng. The relationship between the company and Vitasoy was also confirmed by TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming.


However, Veronica stressed that her grandfather's wealth has nothing to do with her winning the crown.


"My grandfather didn't do anything to help me. Everybody saw how I performed that night, and I won based on my own ability. The pageant staff and other contestants didn't even know who my grandfather is," said Veronica.


She also revealed to have not known about Vitasoy's partnership with TVB, and said that her grandfather only gave her his spiritual support.

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The superstar is said to be trying every means available to fight for an acquittal


Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan continue to hog headlines even after a month after being two-week stint but Jaycee remains in detention even after 31 days.

After getting arrested on August 14, marijuana was uncovered at Jaycee's home and he admitted to providing a location for others to smoke it. He has also admitted to smoking marijuana for the past eight years.

Although no official word has been given on Jaycee's situation, insiders say that he is likely to be sentenced mid-September and will likely face a jail term.

His parents, superstar Jackie Chan and Lin Feng Jiao are reportedly trying all means to get their son acquitted. Jaycee faces a maximum imprisonment of three years if convicted of his crimes.

The worried parents have only been able to speak to their son through their lawyer, the latter whom has met Jaycee thrice. He shared that Jaycee is facing the consequences with a calm heart and has asked after both his parents and Kai.

The parents have explained that they will respect the final decision made by the courts but are unable to give up on their son. They are said to have been anxiously holding meetings with lawyers in Beijing to build a case for Jaycee.

An insider revealed that despite their best efforts, the two may be facing an uphill task as China has announced war against corruption and drug-related offences this year. Jackie has since returned to his busy schedule but has avoided all questions pertaining to his son.


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