_14mb707.jpgChapman To has no idea that Malaysia is Andy Lau's turf
courtesy of mingpao.com
Chapman To Man Chak invested in a film production company in Malaysia. Earlier he announced the the horror comedy THE HAUNTED COP SHOP (MAN GWAI CHAI GUOON) and even boldly said that his first film investment will definitely star him, because he was a representative figure in comedy. At the same time, he and Anthony Wong Chau Sun will work together on another "prison" ghost film. He will only produce and Wong Chau Sun will star. He said that if they will both star, salaries will be too much.

Ah Jat did not found out about "Malaysian son in law" Andy Lau Tak Wa's film production company there until the Malaysian media told him. He said that he did not know it was his turf, but his company was so small that he did not dare to suggest collaboration with Wa Jai. When asked about the "boycott", Ah Jat said, "Speaking of boycott, I have the most experience. Actually I also hope to have other news of my own, like disorderly behavior, wife beating or other rumors. In th end I had none. Actually this news has been talked about from the beginning to the end of the year. I kept responding (yawn), it truly is very dull."


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20141214fp05.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com1214-00282-017b1.jpg?t=1418590027376Simon Yam and Charlene Choi have a large age difference1214-00282-017b2.jpg?t=1418590024050
1214-00282-017b3.jpg?t=1418589995683Ah Sa has to focus on her emotionally complex performance1214-00282-017b4.jpg?t=1418589934191Simon Yam has nothing but praise for Charlene Choi's translation, even making him blush
courtesy of on.cc_14MB703.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
The Herman Yau Lai To directed, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Simon Yam Tat Wa starred film SARA (CHOR GEI) will open in April 2015. Ah Sa had her biggest challenge of her film career in this film, as she and Yam Tat Wa had a passionate love scene. Brother Wa had nothing but praise for her performance. The film poster yesterday was also unveiled. Ah Sa was soaking in a sea of blood, which was rather mysterious. The photo was shot on the set. Because in the story Ah Sa attempted suicide, she was in her own blood. During the shoot director Yau Lai To already felt that the scene was full of beauty and took a few photos. He never imagined that later they could be used for the poster.

Ah Sa said that she was in the tub for almost two hours that day, all of her skin was soften. She said that this time was already her bath limit for the entire year, which she spent all on one day. Before that day she was almost topless, during the shoot the set was cleared for her convenience. She was very pleased with the photo and thought it was worth all the trouble.


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Producer Wong Wai Sing: We will not drop Sire Ma!

Saturday December 13, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/producer-wong-wai-sing-not-drop-sire-ma-081100209.html






Producer Wong Wai Sing, who has cast troubled actress Sire Ma in his new series "With or Without You", recently stated that he will not drop her from the production despite the recent issue.


Sire recently revealed that she has involved the police in a matter of numerous online threats and harassments she received online that called for her withdrawal from the industry.


Aside from the actress herself, her harassers also threatened to bother her fans and people who continue to support her as well.


When asked about the threats, Wong stated that the production will continue on despite the issue.


"Sire's character is important in the drama, and she has already done filming half of her parts. We will not switch actresses," said Wong.


The producer also said that he is not worried about Sire's safety while working outdoor, saying, "The outdoor scenes are filmed on the company's property. If someone wants to attack her, they will not be able to enter the area anyway." Meanwhile, TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming, also expressed his support for the actress and commended her method of handling the issue.


"With Or Without You" also co-stars Bobby Au Yeung, Joey Meng, Harriet Yeung, and Jacqueline Wong.

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_13MC005_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
Chapman To Man Chak might have been blacklisted in the Mainland market, his great Southeast Asian film dream remained. Ah Jat yesterday announced on facebook that he formed a film company, DREAM MOON, in Malaysia. "I have been planning in Malaysia for awhile. Today I officially announce that my film company in Malaysia, Dream Moon, has officially been formed. This is the first step of director Cheng Kin Kwok and my great Southeast Asian film dream." Ah Jat's friends and fans all liked the idea and congratulated him on breaking out of Hong Kong. Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying earlier encouraged Hong Kong young people to look for development opportunities outside Hong Kong. Some joked, "You indeed listened to the Chief Executive!"


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_13MC015_.jpgSong Hye-Kyo says that not only Huang Xiaoming is friendly, Takeshi Kanshiro is also very nice_13MC002_.jpgBowie Lam, Song Hye-Kyo, John Woo, Tong Dawei
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed film THE CROSSING I (TAI PING LUN: LUEN SAI FAU SUN) yesterday held a press conference in Macau then a premiere at night. Director Ng Yu Sum appeared with lead actress Song Hye-Kyo, Tong Dawei and Bowie Lam Bo Yi. Ng Yu Sum revealed that he added his pursuit of his wife from his youth in the film, which turned into Huang Xiaoming and Song Hye-Kyo's dance scene. Song Hye-Kyo said that she benefited a lot from working with Director Woo and thanked co-star Huang Xiaoming for taking care of her.

This was Director Woo's first time directing a romance. During the shoot he tripped on a cable and was hospitalized, but actually the actors had it worse than he did because in part II the sinking scene had to be shot in a big pool. This film was divided into two parts, its production cost passed 300 million yuan RMB. Luckily many actors only took half their rate so it was not as severe as RED CLIFF (CHET BIK). Hitomi Kuroki did not take a salary at all and guest starred. He said, "Many actors only took the salary for one film, but because the shoot took a year they turned down other jobs. I am very appreciative."

This film gathered actors from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Director Woo gave everyone even screen time and they had a very pleasant collaboration without any displeasure. With translators on the set, they had ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Friday December 12, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums



5ywb50.jpg 34pjnf8.jpg 2qnzf36.jpg


After Sire Ma was involved in her recent "relationship" scandals, she rested for a while and recently returned back to work. Unfortunately, recently, she began receiving threats online, with netizens saying they would expose Sire and another artistes' conversion, involving some sexual topics and blackmailed her to leave the entertainment industry. Sire Ma stated that all of it is fabricated and what the person is doing is considered threatening already, so she has called the police for help. 

Artiste Sire Ma was involved in a scandal with Mainland female producer, Wang Zi Qi and rich societal figure, Laura. The situation went on for a long time, and as time passed, the news had died down and Sire was also able to return back to filming. However, recently, she received threats online and decided to call the police for help last night. 

Ron Ng dismisses the rumours as nonsense

According to sources, Sire Ma has been disturbed by anonymous netizens' messages on Weibo. In the beginning, Sire did not want to blow up the situation and handled it herself; however recently the messages were getting worse. Apparently, the netizens expressed that they would expose her and another artiste's Weibo private conversation, with sexual contents and even said the sexual conversation had mentioned Ron Ng. They used this to blackmail her to leave the entertainment industry. Sire Ma felt that the situation involved fabrication, and their comments are also imposed with threats; therefore feeling the seriousness of the situation, she decided to call the police. Late night yesterday, she wrote on Weibo: "In the past few days, I have been receiving threatening and disturbing messages from different Weibo accounts, and threatening to expose fake and fabricated ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Film director Yoo Ha revealed Friday that he had some initial concerns when he cast hallyu star Lee Min-ho for his latest movie “Gangnam 1970.”

Speaking in a news conference for the promotion of the action noir movie, Yoo said his first impression of Lee was “cheesy” at best.

“I saw him star in the drama ‘The Heirs,’ and I found him cheesy,” the director said, driving the crowd into laughter.

In “Gangnam 1970,” Lee plays Kim Jong-dae, who spends his childhood in an orphanage and join the gangsters. But Yoo said he did not find the “prince charming” actor suitable for playing a street rat.

“He was too good looking. Actors need some sort of empty room (to suit many roles), but he looked too much like a manga character,” Yoo said.

The movie director then pointed out that Lee could give a huge impact by showing himself making a dramatic change in image.

Starring Lee and actor Kim Rae-won, “Gangnam 1970” portrays the two young men’s desire for money and friendship in Seoul’s Gangnam district in the 1970s, when the region began changing due to a boom in real estate investment.

The action movie will launch on Jan. 21.

KPOP Herald

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EXO ranked seventh on Billboard’s year-end World Albums Artists Chart, the best ranking for a K-pop group.

The 10-member idol group reached the traditional music milestone with its second EP “Overdose,” which was released in May in both Korean and Chinese.

The album’s Korean version reached No. 129 in Billboard 200 Chart, topping Heatseekers Album Chart.

Early this month, the group swept four prizes including Best Artists of the Year during the 2014 MAMA in Hong Kong.

K-pop girl group 2NE1 recorded K-pop’s second-best ranking, debuting at No. 9 on the same chart.

Meanwhile, rapper Psy was included on several Billboard year-end charts for the third consecutive year thanks to his 2012 mega-hit “Gangnam Style.”

KPOP Herald

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Kyuhyun, a member of K-pop band Super Junior, said he recently opened a large guesthouse in Myeong-dong, central Seoul, during the talk show “Radio Star” on Wednesday.

Kyuhyun, who was the host of the talk show, said, “My parents and sister are staying there, and there are about 60 rooms.”

Kangnam, a member of boy group M.I.B, who was one of the guests on the show for the day, said that the guest house “has a front yard and there is this place where you can sing a song. I really liked that place.”

Kim Gura, who was hosting the talk show with Kyuhyun, added: “He invested all the money he earned over the past 10 years into the guest house along with some loans from the bank.”

The guest house is operated by Kyuhyun’s parents.

After debuting in 2005 as a member of Super Junior, the 26-year-old singer recently released a solo album.

JoongAng Daily

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Lee Chang-min, of four-member K-pop boy band 2AM, has one more thing to add to his resume other than singer and musical actor.

According to Sohae College, located in Gunsan, North Jeolla, the 28-year-old singer was employed as a part-time professor of the practical music department.

The college said on Friday in a press release, “We think highly of his vocals and he is also responsible. We expect him to talk about success to our students.”

He will begin his teaching job next year.

Lee is one of the most competent vocalists in the music scene. Even before his debut, he worked as a vocal trainer for a long time.

Having started out in 2008 as a vocalist in the K-pop quartet, Lee has been performing as part of 2AM and as a member of male duo Homme.

Apart from his singing career, Lee has also appeared on reality TV shows such as “Law of the Jungle” and “God of Eating’s Road.”

He has been involved in musicals such as “La Cage aux Folles” and “The Three Musketeers.”

Lee is busy these days as he is scheduled to hold two-day concerts at Sejong University on Dec. 23 and 24 as part of Homme. The shows will be the first to be performed by the K-pop male duo.

JoongAng Daily

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