Wednesday April 22, 2015 Hong Kong






Last week, Ella Koon (官恩娜) announced that she was pregnant. Yesterday, she wore high-heeled shoes to attend an event and expressed that she needed to pay attention to her current diet and uncomfortable to get pregnant initially. Ella said: "Very good for this week and I feel like being myself again, but, felt uncomfortable earlier. I did not puke that badly before and resembled to taking a roller coaster ride for three months, and unable to get off the ride. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I held onto my husband and said: "Help, it is very hard for me but feel better now."

Ella Koon disclosed that she hoped to give birth to a baby daughter and said: "Because I wish to give birth to best friend as my relationship with my mother is very close. But, I am very happy regardless of boy or girl. Healthy is the most important."

Source: Ming Pao (HK)
Translated by: Admin @ Asian E-News Portal

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Wednesday April 22, 2015 Hong Kong



image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg     Earlier, Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) acted as coffee assistant in the famous series, Triumph in the Skies 2 (衝上雲霄II) and became popular instantly. However, due to strong newcomers such as Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Moon Lau (劉佩玥) and others who were heavily groomed by TVB and her disappearance from Hong Kong market for some time, Kelly's popularity dropped drastically. A few days ago, Kelly did not wear any make-up in the street and ate a thirty dollars fishball noodles.

Crowded when eating

Around 7pm in the evening,  Kelly appeared in Causeway Bay without any make-up and nobody recognised her even when she was using her phone for five minutes. A middle-aged woman walked towards a nearby noodles shop and stood outside, while Kelly walked into the shop alone as it was crowded. The woman then went shopping by herself.

Did not care about her image

The anxious Kelly sat near the entrance and did not bother about the environment and being recognised. She glanced at the menu and ordered a bowl of noodles without any beverages. Apparently, Kelly did not bother about her image and finished eating within 15 minutes, and made the payment quickly.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

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Wednesday April 22, 2015 Hong Kong



image.jpg image.jpg     Samantha Ko (高海寧) was promoting the sitcom, Come Home Love in an old folks home and she made the elderly happy by distributing presents.

Recently, Samantha bought the property successfully and promoted to an owner. She expressed that she depended on herself and her parents felt happy for her: "I joined the company for seven years and had been saving since then. I always wished to buy property and my wish is finally granted this year. I am elated. (Buy another property after that?) I will try to increase my income and save money, as I need to pay for the instalment of my property now." When asked if she was in a hurry to find her Mr Right in order to relieve her financial burden, Samantha replied she had no thoughts of it now and believed she had satisfaction by depending on herself. She added she was too excited and suffered insomnia for the past few days, but already found Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) as her tenant.

Kayi Cheung expressed she wished to buy property too but too expensive in Hong Kong and planned to save money first. When asked if chipping in equalled to buying property, Kayi said: "I will be tenant first." When mentioned Come Home Love (愛) was ending soon, both expressed they will miss it and had already filmed up to 780 episodes, and the relationship between colleagues were good. Kayi hoped to film another sitcom: "I love to film sitcom as less location shoots and burning midnight oil." Samantha then interrupted: "The salary for sitcom is stable too and able to buy property." She also disclosed she will be filming a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Source: Wacow @ Blog163 
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Smooth Talker - 以和為貴 (EPS 11-15) - 25 PTS (Peaking at 27 PTS)

Romantic Repertoire - 水髮胭脂 (EPS 11-15) - 24 PTS (Peaking at 27 PTS)

Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 745-749) - 23 PTS 

Variety Shows 
34th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony - 第三十四屆香港電影金像獎頒獎典禮 - 23 PTS (Peaking at 26 PTS)

Telling Maria 3 - 最佳男主角 - 20 PTS

Scoop - 東張西望 - 18 PTS

What's Daddy 2 - 萬里尋爸2 - 10 PTS

(Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)

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_22MC007_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0422-00282-045b1.jpg?t=1429653309539Gregory Wong is the one who ends up getting naked in bed scenes with Ashina Kwok0422-00282-045b2.jpg?t=14296532893470422-00282-045b3.jpg?t=1429653256707Justin Cheung gets rough with Ashina Kwok0422-00282-045b4.jpg?t=1429653253143Coffee Lam has a bathroom "gathering" with Gregory Wong
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Gregory Wong Chung Hiu in his new film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI) had bed scenes with Ashina Kwok Yik Yui and Coffee Lam Chin Yu. Wong Chung Yiu only wore a nude sock in his bed scene with Ashina. He explained why he was the one with the sexy performance instead of Ashina. "Girls have a lot of restrictions and she is still new. Very naturally the nudity is handed to me. Luckily at the time I have a sock, I wasn't completely naked."

Ashina was not embarrassed to be in the bed scene with the "naked" Wong Chung Hiu. She even praised him. "He is very professional, in addition everyone has taken safety precautions. We had no real contact with important areas on the body. The entire process was pleasant." Tougher for her was the rape scene with Justin Cheung Kin Sing. "In one scene Cheung Kin Sing pushed me down, my knees hit the floor and I had to crawl all over. When I got home I realized that my knees were bruised."

In addition, Wong Chung Hiu even had bathroom "gathering" scene with Coffee. As the star of the news item Coffee admitted that she minded. "It's been awhile, I have already completely left ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0422-00282-036b1.jpg?t=1429653769801courtesy of
Director Jeff Lau Chun Wai will direct the final chapter of CHINESE ODYSSEY. A Mainland report claimed that Stephen Chow Sing Chi will not participate this time, but the cast will remain strong with Karen Mok Man Wai, Han Geng, Lin Chiling, Twins, William Chan Wai Ting, Wu Jing and He Jiong. The film reportedly is already in preparation and will start production in August. Mok Man Wai's assistant said, "We've had very initial contact, but nothing has been confirmed." Twins' manager Mani Fok Man Hei has already denied the rumor.


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_23mb406.jpgThe actors look intense in their arm wrestling contest_23MB010_.jpgNick Cheung congratulates Chang Chen on becoming a father and welcomes him back to the team
courtesy of mingpao.com20150423fp06.jpgcourtesy of
Director Sunny Luk Kim Ching and Longman Leung Lok Man yesterday led HELIOS (CHET DOH) actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Chang Chen, Ji Jin-Hee, Choi Si-Won, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Wang Xueqi and Feng Wenjuan attended the press conference in Beijing to promote the film. Although Song God Jacky Cheung Hok Yau did not appear, he shot a video in advance to cheer on the team. The hunks even arm wrestled on the spot, which was very funny.

About Hok Yau's absence, Ka Fai joked, "'Gor Gor' Cheung Hok Yau didn't come because we are saving cost for the film company. It's enough just for One of us to be here." Hok Yau also called Ka Fai Little Brother in the video. He said, "I am sorry that I am unable to attend the press conference with the team, but I send 'Little Brother" Cheung Ka Fai." Ka Fai joked, "We are brothers from different fathers and mothers, actually I respect Hok Yau very much. He is a thinker. Aside from singing, I also appreciate Hok Yau's personal accomplishments."

New father Chang Chen earlier took his paternity leave to be with his wife. Now he has returned to the team to assist with the promotion and immediately became the interview focus. How did it feel to be a father? He said, "Someone said that after a man becomes a father he would radiate another feeling, he would become gentle. The me in the film wouldn't ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_23MC005_.jpg_23MC006_.jpgJanet Chow, TJ and Timmy Hung
courtesy of mingpao.com0423-00282-023b1.jpg?t=1429740234209courtesy of
Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Patrick Tse Yin earlier appeared on the TVB program TELLING MARIA. Tse Yin mentioned that when his daughter Jennifer Tse Ting Ting was six, he had a sterilization operation behind his then wife Deborah Li's back and did not tell her until much later.

Hung Kam Bo talked about film. He said that he went to work in the U.S. because he did not like the bad habits of making Hong Kong films, like overly accommodating actors and ignoring film quality!

He also talked about his wives. His former wife was Korean. He said that at first he was not confident about the long distance relationship. Later due to work he met Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung). She took care of his children from his previous marriage for him. He appreciated Go Lai Hung's complete contributions. His son Timmy Hung Tin ming and Janet Chow Ka Wai wed and had his grandson TJ Hung Tai Yan. Hung Kam Bo was very pleased that Hung Tin Ming was able to give a lot of time to take care of his family.

In the Seven Little Fortunes Hung Kam Bo was the closest to Jackie Chan. He discussed their childhood training experience and the side of Jackie Chan that few knew about. He also shared the first time he met Bruce Lee due to a film, how they met each other due to a fight and working together on ENTER THE DRAGON.

Hung Tin Ming yesterday posted a series of his son Hung Tai Yan's cute photos. "Several months ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_23MA016_.jpgTVB'S THE GREED OF MEN father and son Damien Lau (right) and Sean Lau (left) reunite_23MA014_.jpg
_23MA013_.jpg_23MA023_.jpgReal Ting and Miriam Yeung arrives in his white Porsche_23MA022_.jpgLo Hoi Pang has no car so he takes the tram, but he forgets to get off until the stop after.  When he arrives he is huffing and puffing._23MA024_.jpgGordon Lam_23MA017_.jpgSammi Cheng insists on drinking as she has to perform in Genting tomorrow_23MA018_.jpgAndy Hui arrives after the rehearsal_23ma401.jpgAnthony Wong, Louis Koo_23ma402.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com20150423fp01.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0423-00282-003b1.jpg?t=1429740473480Sean Lau and Amy Kwok0423-00282-003b2.jpg?t=1429740470694Damien Lau0423-00282-050b1.jpg?t=1429739223215Johnnie To raises a glass to toast his 60th birthday0423-00282-050b2.jpg?t=1429739184411Richie Jen and Kam Kwok Leung raise a glass to Johnnie To (center)0423-00282-050b3.jpg?t=1429739144662Mini Kung, Timmy Hung, Stephanie Che and Eddie Cheung give away red eggs on behalf of the birthday boy.0423-00282-050b4.jpg?t=1429739141901Maggie Siu brings gifts0423-00282-050b5.jpg?t=1429739088410Gordon Lam helplessly says "sorry" after being blasted for his Hong Kong Film Award hosting performance0423-00282-050b6.jpg?t=1429739072985Louis Koo0423-00282-050b7.jpg?t=1429739070022Anthony Wong
courtesy of
Director Johnnie To Kei Fung turns 60 this year. Last night he held a birthday party at the Amigo restaurant in Happy Valley. The restaurant was decorated with gold balloons in ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0423-00282-032b1.jpg?t=1429747842538Grace Cheung0423-00282-032b2.jpg?t=1429747599389courtesy of on.cc_23MA008_.jpgcourtesy of
Singer Hins Cheung King Hin two nights ago attended the Audi sponsored film premiere of THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Grace Cheung Ka Ying attended as well.

Cheung King Hin's friend Ivana Wong Yuen Chi won two awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards. He said that he congratulated her. "Comedy is one of her strong suits. She is very outstanding in a lot of areas. Very soon she will have a chance to win Best Actress." Will Hin Jai perform in a comedy? He said, "I have no bottom line. I will make an art film soon, no lead actress. In it I will take a group of children to a competition." He also said that he would meet with Ivana and revealed that before the award show she already said that she had to buy a pretty dress for her award.

As for his mentor Anthony Wong Chau Sun's speech going viral online, Hin Jai praised how great it was and said that if next year he could vote for the host he would definitely vote for Wong Chau Sun. He said, "I sent him a text message to praise how amazing he was. He is very quick witted, temperamental, has quite a stage presence. If he is with (Dayo) Wong Tze Wah they definitely would be very entertaining."


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