For the advancement of web dramas, Jang Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin appeared in Love Cell for free.

Love Cell, which caught attention for its star cast of Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, 4minute′s Nam Ji Hyun, Baek Sung Hyun and more, is gathering interest once again ahead of its release on November 3.

Love Cell includes the main cast of Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, Nam Ji Hyun, and Baek Sung Hyun, as well as the supporting cast of Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Oh Kwang Rok, Ryu Seung Soo, and more. The drama is about an unemployed man, who is determined to revive his dying love cells with an extraordinary romance, particularly with a top star.

Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, and other actors agreed to appear in the drama with no guarantee to help development the web drama market. The senior actors also helped to lead their juniors, creating a good working environment on set.

With such a great cast and plot line, Love Cell, which is taking on a refreshing challenge, is raising anticipation of whether or not it will be create a new milestone for the genre of web dramas.

Hearing about the upcoming web drama, netizens commented, "Oh~ Only a week left until Love Cell,," "From the webtoon to the web drama, I can′t wait for Love Cell," "This is the first time I′ve anticipated a web drama," and "Who knew you could see all of those stars with one click."

Love Cell is based on the popular webtoon released from July 2010 to March 2012. It is a fantasy, romantic comedy about a ′love cell′ cat that looks like a human, Navi (Kim Yoo Jung,) teaching Ma Dae Choong (Park Sung Ho), who has never dated, about love, particularly with ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The new male soloist of SM has been unveiled.

On October 27, SM Entertainment unveiled through its Facebook, Weibo, and Twitter, announcing that its next male soloist will be Super Junior-M′s Zhoumi.

On October 31, Zhoumi will be releasing his first mini album Rewind through music sites in Korea as well as China′s Baidu Music. He will be promoting in both Korea and China, raising the anticipation of global fans.

With his tall height, great singing and dance skills, Zhoumi has already gained popularity in Asia through his activities in Super Junior-M.

Acting as the MC for MBC Music and Youku′s Strongest Group and SBS MTV and Tudou′s The Show, Zhoumi has been active in both Korea and China.

Zhoumi′s first mini album Rewind will be released offline on November 3.


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According to many local news reports, actor Park Si-hoo will star in the melodramatic movie “Saranghuae,” which roughly translates into “after love.”

It will be the actor’s first Korean film in two years. His last was “Confession of Murder,” which was released here in 2012.

Park’s new film attracted investment from China and Japan, largely due to Park’s popularity in China.

When he was absent from the Korean entertainment scene, Park pursued acting in China. He appeared in Chinese film “Fragrance” last August. The film opened at 3,800 theaters across China.

The shooting of “Saranghuae” will begin next month in both Korea and China.

Actress Yoon Eun-hye has been cast as Park’s fictional love interest.

Park, 36, attempted to return to the Korean film scene earlier this year but couldn’t because of sour public opinion.

The actor has kept a low profile after he was accused of rape last year by a 22-year-old woman. The charges were later dropped.

JoongAng Daily

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Girl group 2NE1 said yesterday that the group would not take part in any end-of-year music festival, even though it released its second studio album in February and stayed on top of many music charts with the title track from the album earlier this year.

“It is an honor for a musician to be invited to a music festival, but we politely declined all the offers because we think it is time for [2NE1] to keep a low profile,” said an official from YG Entertainment.

Park Bom, a member of the girl group, announced her temporary departure from music in June when news came out that she reportedly took illegal prescription drugs four years ago.

“We’re focusing on CL’s debut in the United States these days,” said YG.

CL is the lead vocalist of the four-member group.

JoongAng Daily

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Sulli, a member of the girl group f(x), will return to the entertainment scene after a three-month absence.

According to SM Entertainment, the girl group’s agency, Sulli will show up to a press event for “Fashion King,” the film adaptation of a popular webtoon in which she plays the lead role.

In July, Sulli announced her temporary departure from the entertainment industry after paparazzi photos were released of her and Choi Ja of Dynamic Duo on a date around Mount Namsan, central Seoul.

“Sulli is extremely tired of malicious comments and rumors [about the photos of her and Choi] and said she wanted to take a break for a while,” SM said at the time.

Rumors that Sulli and Choi are in a relationship have surfaced often, but the two have not officially commented on the news reports or paparazzi photos.

Sulli’s new film will hit theaters nationwide on Nov. 6.

JoongAng Daily

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The mega hit drama "You Who Came From The Stars" received an award at the Tokyo Drama Awards on October 23rd.

According to reports, the male lead actor Kim Soo-hyun was given the "Best Actor In Asia" award at the ceremony. The drama itself also received the "Special Awards For Foreign Drama" award.

While Kim was in Japan to pick up the award, he also made an appearance walking down the green carpet at the simultaneously ongoing Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for the opening on October 23rd.

The TIFF will be running from October 23rd to the 31st.

KBS Global

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20141028fp07.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_28MB007_.jpg_28MB008_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com1028-00282-026b1.jpg?t=1414438678889courtesy of on.cc
Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Louis Koo Tin Lok reunited in the film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2). Goo Jai after telling Chin Wa a secret that no one knew about him went on one knee and proposed. Chin Wa tearfully agreed. Actually Goo Jai after the successful proposal shared a kiss with Chin Wa, but it was cut out. Yesterday the "vanished" kiss scene appeared.

Chin Wa admitted that she rarely made kiss scenes in her film career. Working with Goo Jai this time, she only needed one or two takes before the director accepted it; she also said that at the time the shoot was near its end and everyone was already in character. In addition while working on To Sir (Director Johnnie To Kei Fung)'s film she had to be 140% alert. She was already very familiar with her character's emotions. The film's pace was very fast and she did not have the time to enjoy the scene.

Which one was her favorite kiss? Chin Wa answered without any hesitation, "My son, every time I see her little mouth I couldn't help but kiss him a few times." As for the best kiss with a man, Chin Wa said that of course it was with her husband. Speaking of the kiss scene being cut, Chin Wa and Goo Jai both did not know.


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20141028fp01.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_28MC014_.jpg
_28MC015_.jpg_28MC016_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com1028-00282-025b1.jpg?t=1414438881529Charlie Yeung cannot stop laughing at Donnie Yen's jokes1028-00282-025b2.jpg?t=14144388480961028-00282-025b3.jpg?t=1414438829027Donnie Yen jokes that he treats his wife like a partner on flights1028-00282-025b5.jpg?t=1414438809588Louis Fan
courtesy of on.cc
The film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) held its premiere last night. In attendance were "the Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Bai Bing, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Joey Yung Cho Yi. Earlier Chi Tan went to New Zealand, London, Vancouver, Hainan and other locations, and his wife went along to some of them like a romantic vacation. Yet he and his children were rarely together. Since he was in Hong Kong for one day he would pick them up at school.

This time in KUNG he fought against 17 people by himself. Was it his new record? He said that in an earlier costume film he fought against several hundred on horseback alone. He revealed that lately he has been in negotiation for the Hollywood film NOODLE MAN. After completing CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON 2 he already had many offers from foreign producers. The soonest he will start work will be March next year after he finished IP MAN 3, his co-stars will include Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. This film will be proudced by PULP FICTION producer Michael Shamberg. He looked forward to learning from the two Best ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20141026fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_26MB017_.jpg
_26MB002_.jpgEmme Wong would like to have a child after two years_26MB004_.jpgCherrie Ying, Emme Wong, Yumiko Cheng_26MB016_.jpg_26MB015_.jpgEmme Wong throws the bouquet high in the air and her sister catches it_26MB005_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com1026-00282-061b1.jpg?t=1414267535054
1026-00282-061b2.jpg?t=14142675149031026-00282-061b3.jpg?t=1414267511704courtesy of on.cc


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_26MF010_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com1026-00282-011b1.jpg?t=14142677110221026-00282-011b2.jpg?t=1414267707905Elanne Kong, Adason Lo
courtesy of on.cc
Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam yesterday attended a Causeway Bay Halloween event. She revealed that lately she has been busy with her film I LOVE FAREHAM in Xiamen with Mike He. After the event she had to rush back to Xiamen to continue the shoot. She felt that she might have a fever and the flu. The film will be done by mid November, later she will have two Mainland films in negotiation.


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