_16MB011_.jpg_16MB012_.jpgWhen asked if she has forgiven her husband, Lee Sinjie smiled in response while holding her husband's arm even tighter_16MB008_.jpgThey take a taxi back to the hotel_16mb301.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
Last night 8PM Oxide Pang Shun was spotted at Ocean Terminal. He went to a cosmetic counter alone, seemingly wanting to buy skincare product for his wife but was unable to. Actually Angelica Lee Sinjie was waiting for her husband far away by the railing. She looked fragile but in decent spirit. They held hands in the shopping center. First they visited sporting goods store. When Pang Shun went to the restroom, Lee Sinjie was used to waiting for him. Then they went to the bakery for bread. Pang Shun carried several bags with one hand and his wife with the other. Some pedestrians recognized Pang Shun. Some stared and some housewives did not hold back as they loudly say, "Man Slut!" They did not seem affected. Sinjie happily left the shopping center with Pang Shun to the taxi stand.

Lee Sinjie was surprised to see reporters and immediately retreated next to Pang Shun. They knew that they could not avoid the camera so they took wider strides. She did not respond to reporters' questions. In the end Lee Sinjie was asked if she has forgiven her husband. She smiled as a response. When they went to the taxi stand they still caught attention. Pang Shun said with some frustration, "That's enough! We are taking a taxi, there are so many people!" They went to wait for a taxi and ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Tuesday July 15, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: MingPao
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After dating for over 20 years, actor-singer Leo Ku and his girlfriend Lorraine, who is also his assistant, will finally tie the knot at the end of this year. Leo posted the wedding pictures in weibo, saying "From 1994 when my first record was out, you have been there looking after me and my work. From now on, let me look after you well". His fans are thrilled with his message. Hins Cheung said "Congratutions Leo and Lorraine!" Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) also sent him a message "I have seen how you both went through all these years, regardless of the stormy weather, you still have each other. I give you 100,000 praises for your love and sincerity. Hope you both find happiness!" Mani Fok added "To stay together for so many years is not easy, I hope you can continue to be together until you grow old. "

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Tuesday July 15, 2014 Hong Kong

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Of the current actresses at TVB, Tavia Yeung is the only one who has received all of the company’s awards in order, including Most Improved Actress, Best Supporting Actress, My Favorite Female Character, and finally, Best Actress. Rather than having the recognition signal a break from work, Tavia sees it as motivation to strive on. Each year, she only continues to work her hardest and make the best out of her new roles.

Receiving awards may be satisfying, but Tavia believes it is the meaning behind these awards that matter. She expressed, “The most important thing is getting the approval of others within this industry and the support from my fans. If you win an award and others are saying you don’t deserve it, then you might as well not win! People must look forward instead of glancing back at how successful they were in the past. I believe trying my best is giving myself a chance.”

A hardworking attitude comes as second nature for Tavia, as she hardly ever stops thinking about work. Even during long-term breaks, she contemplates attending shows or filming advertisements. Agreeing she is a workaholic, Tavia joked, “I always think I’m like a machine that just can’t stop running.” Despite having portrayed diverse characters, Tavia’s wish is to star in a true comedy. Usually engaged in dramatic or dark storylines, she hopes to film a relaxing drama that will have viewers laugh instead of cry. Currently busy filming for Eye in the Sky, Tavia revealed her role does somewhat fulfill her wish to be lighthearted and comical. “There are relaxing portions, since I’m a slovenly homebody private investigator. Filming has been fun and not as tedious!”

A Relationship is Between a Couple, Not the Public

Although it is an open secret, Tavia ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Carman Lee talks about the 2003 'drugging scandal' that still haunts her today


Hong Kong actress Carman Lee recently made a comeback after retiring from showbiz for  nine years. Unfortunately, her return was tainted when a 'drugging incident' involving her resurfaced.

Recently, a netizen revealed on Weibo that a well-known actor currently filming at the Hengdian World Studios had bought a drug for male use on July 2, and even attached a screenshot of the correspondence between said actor and the drug seller. Although this piece of news has not been verified, it brought up a 'drugging incident' that occurred in Hengdian in 2003.

Rumour has it that while filming the drama Wu Dang in 2003, Carman had run into a band of criminals who blew drugging mist into the drama's production team's four hotel rooms, causing everyone to fall into a deep slumber and allowing the robbers to get away with whatever they took.

When the media approached Carman for confirmation of this incident, she appeared to still be haunted by the ordeal: 'It was 9am in the morning on that day; I was the first to wake up, feeling pain all over my body. was dizzy, just as if I had eaten flu medicine. I wanted to wake the assistant next to me, but really didn't have the strength, so I continued sleeping.'

'At around 12pm, I realised that the hotel staff was in the room, preparing to clean up. was very baffled, because my room door was locked from the inside, and put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. [When] I asked her how she got in, she stammered and couldn't answer, so I warned her not to do it again. However, did not find anything weird with the room at that time,' ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Ella Chen, member of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, unabashedly told the media she loves sending nude photos of herself to her husband, Alvin Lai. At a fitness endorsement event in Taiwan yesterday, the 33-year-old showed off her toned legs and biceps in a body-hugging workout outfit.

The singer, who married in 2012, even put on a sexy dance, flaunting her curvaceous butt - the results of her work out ' much to the envy of all who were present.

In addition, she confessed to conducting a 'naked body check' in the mirror every morning when she wakes up, and loves sending pictures of herself in the buff to her Malaysian husband, whom she claims 'loves every inch of her'.

Ella does not have to lift a finger to tempt him and cheekily said, 'I am too attractive to him!'

Revealing plans for a baby late next year after putting off pregnancy, she said the couple has already bought a small puppy to practice looking after a child.


Photo by HIM International Music


Photo by HIM International Music


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When netizens spotted Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming with girlfriend Angelababy during their trip to Maldives, rumours swirled that the 36-year-old had booked an underwater restaurant at Anantara Kihavah Villas resort for his wedding proposal.

The two, who have been dating since 2010, have been continuously plagued with marriage rumours and were even reported to have secretly registered for marriage in 2012, but it all turned out to be nothing more than hearsay.

The model-turned-actress was introduced to Xiaoming's parents in 2013 and seemed to have grown close to them, gave her a black Lamborghini convertible as a birthday gift this year.

When approached, the couple's managers declined to comment on Xiaoming's upcoming 'proposal' in Maldives until the actor cleared the air on Weibo.

'Lately, I have not been filming but my life has been written like a drama by others. And I, as the male lead, cannot even imagine it. This trip to Maldives was to bring my parents on a holiday, not to propose! I have never proposed before either. Filming will begin for me in August and I want to bring my parents to more places. Maybe because I'm getting old, I feel like there is too little time for my family. Perhaps the best gift in this world is spending time together.'

There have been speculations that Xiaoming had plans to propose yesterday (July 14) but changed his mind after the secret was leaked.



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Kenny Bee and his long-time girlfriend, Fan Jiang, are currently preparing for their wedding


Hong Kong veteran actor Kenny Bee and his girlfriend of 17 years, Fan Jiang, are purportedly getting married in Bali next month.

Although Kenny, 61, and Fan Jiang, 42, already have two daughters together, they have never gotten married. Fan Jiang has never cared about her marital status, but the couple's children, 9-year-old Chung Yee and 4-year-old Chung Kwok, have been pushing their parents to tie the knot.

Last year, Kenny finally made his move and popped the question, but the wedding has yet to happen.

That won't be the case for long, as an insider has revealed that Kenny and Fan Jiang have been preparing for their wedding, and will get married in Bali next month.

More than a hundred friends and family have been invited to a grand party ' which costs a 7-figure sum in Hong Kong dollars ' a day before the wedding. Chung Yee and Chung Kwok will be the flower girls, and Kenny's children from his previous marriage with former actress Teresa Cheung, Nicholas and Chloe Bee, will also be there to give their blessings to their father.

According to an insider, Fan Jiang has already started sending invitations to her family and friends since returning to Hong Kong from Paris last week, informing them about her upcoming nuptials. However, she still hopes to keep the affair low-key, and is unwilling to reveal too many details to outsiders.

She was also spotted at a bridal dress fitting with Chloe and a female friend on Saturday. Her figure had slimmed down tremendously, leading to speculation that she had deliberately lost weight for her big day.

After more than an hour in the bridal boutique, the trio parted ways and Fan Jiang headed to the Mid-Levels, where her ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0715-00282-033b1.jpg?t=1405364423284courtesy of on.cc
If you and your other half break up, would you still keep the gift of love from him or her? If you are unwilling to throw it out, or you are afraid that it would upset your new love, you are welcome to store this love leftover item in our Break Up Mini Storage. We definitely will properly store it for you and provide viewings for other clients to truly achieve a world of sympathy in which all the lovers of the world would cry together.


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_15MC011_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0715-00282-030b1.jpg?t=1405364713802Checkley Sin yesterday held a press conference to discuss the contract issue0715-00282-030b2.jpg?t=1405364710697Checkley Sin and Dennis To's master disciple relationship ended two years ago
courtesy of on.cc
Martial art actor Dennis To Yu-Hang was rumored to have filed a lawsuit against his management company National Arts for owed salary in order to seek a contract termination. Two days ago however he published an apology in the newspaper. Aside from extremely regretting the "pursuit" for his salary he also denied that National Arts turned down jobs without his permission. He even immediately ceased all lawsuit against National Arts and was willing to compensate for any damage the matter has caused National Arts.

Yesterday National Arts' chief Checkley Sin Kwok Lam held a press conference at the company. He denied deducing To Yu Hang's salary and turning down jobs for him, then he had to make the clarification. He even revealed that To Yu Hang after advice from a friend has stopped himself in time. He also made a 7 figure compensation to National Arts thus he would not "counter sue". He said, "Actually if he wanted to terminate the contract, with reasonable conditions all he has to do is ask. He doesn't need to be like this. I believe that others have misguided him."

As for turning down jobs, Sin Kwok Lam pointed out that To Yu Hang was the one who turned them down and said that he has veered "off course" in the past two years. He said that National Arts is a publicly traded company, normally contract termination would require compensation. Yet since the matter have developed to this point, he ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0715-00282-025b1.jpg?t=1405365137908Prudence Liew and Karena Ng0715-00282-025b2.jpg?t=1405365134770courtesy of on.cc
Karena Ng Chin Yu earlier worked on her new film WHERE ARE YOU? (WONG KA YUN) with good actress Prudence Liew Mei Kwan at Central. Due to the heat, despite the late night shoot Chin Yu BB with her shoulder length hair had no expression under the heat of the spotlights and kept sweating.

Chin Yu and Liew Mei Kwan in a scene chatted on the street, then Liew Mei Kwan handed her a guitar. They clicked and rapidly completed the scene. After the director yelled cut, Chin Yu BB could not wait to remove her jacket and then watch the playback of the performance with Liew Mei Kwan. Then after everyone discussed the details of the shoot, Chin Yu BB who almost collapsed from the heat immediately boarded a vehicle to rest in air conditioning.


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