Friday October 10, 2014 Hong Kong

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Singer Kay Tse appeared in TVB City to record a programme. When being interviewed, Kay revealed that she would be filming a TVB series for the first time next year, even becoming a hot vampire: "Matched a half year of time in order to make it happen. (Filming a series for the first time?) Yes. I really like to act as a vampire...also pretty and has supernatural powers. I always use telekinesis to turn off the light at home; in the end, Louis Cheung would go turn it off". When asked whether she would feel nervous, she immediately revealed having trauma toward being on wires: "Nervous because it would hurt a lot when being on wires. When filming an ad, the wires were strapped on too tightly, causing me to throw up...very afraid!" She said that she will begin kung fu practice in November, and will begin filming the series in February.

Son Wants to Body Swap

When asked whether she would learn from husband Louis, who has been filming series, she immediately praised her husband: "He said he would consider [teaching me]. I really admire his wit when he is acting...really captivates me to watch!" When asked whether acting as a vampire would frighten her son, Kay said, "When I was pregnant, I kept watching vampire films, so my son also likes [them]. If I portray a vampire, he would really worship me. He is very funny...always hopes to have the ability to body swap".

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Carina Lau to appear in Jolin Tsai's MV

Friday October 10, 2014 Hong Kong








Fans of both award-winning actress Carina Lau and Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai will finally get to see the unlikely duo together soon.


As reported on Epoch Times, Jolin has invited the "Bends" actress to star in her new music video. The actress was recently seen arriving at a heavily-guarded production studio in Taiwan, and stayed up until midnight before Jolin was spotted leaving the studio in a black vehicle.


Impressed with Jolin's musical talent, Carina reportedly did not request for any remuneration for her guest appearance, though her accommodation, flight ticket, and make-up were sponsored by Jolin's agency.


The singer's manager has also confirmed Carina's guest appearance but declined to talk in detail about the content.


Meanwhile, according to Tencent Entertainment, the singer recently talked about Carina's collaboration on her music video, and enthused, "Carina is my favourite actress and I was extremely nervous when I met her. I was also embarrassed as I was gawking at her."


"I love her femininity and she exudes confidence. I am very honoured to be able to cooperate with her," she said.


Jolin also revealed that she loves Carina's performance in "Days of Being Wild" the most.

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 TVB actress Kate Tsui has laughed off rumours saying that Samantha Ko has now overshadowed her in TVB due to the latter's alleged relationship with TVB major shareholder, Charles Chan.


As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who was linked to the Shell King in the past, was rumoured to have rose to her position as one of TVB's most sought after actresses due to his influence.


However, while speaking to the media at an event organised by beauty and health brand SaSa, Kate dismissed the rumours and said, "Maybe I am targeted with such rumours because I have a new series ["Tomorrow is Another Day"] airing."


"It has been two years since I last heard the rumours, but it seemed like it has not left me at all!" the actress joked.


Kate also denied feeling angry with the rumours, saying that she will not dwell on them and will just let it fizzle.


In regards to the reports saying that she has lost her star power as Chan is now focusing on Samantha, Kate joked, "I never had any power in TVB, so how can I lose it? It's not fair for us. Actresses work hard to get where we are, and to prove ourselves. Why deny us this? Samantha is a hardworking actress. I hope that the rumours will die down eventually."

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Friday October 10, 2014 Hong Kong







Luxury Swiss watch brand, Richard Mille, has created another limited edition watch in collaboration with action star Jackie Chan.


According to Forbes, the company recently released the new 'Tourbillon RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon - Jackie Chan' watch, which features a hand-engraved solid gold phoenix and dragon on the dial.


The new edition reportedly focuses on the two mythical creatures due to their strong symbolic meaning of benevolence, integrity, morality, wisdom and honesty in the Chinese culture, and their amalgamation with the mechanical movement of the watch suggests wealth and power.


Richard Mille will produce two limited edition versions, with one in 18k rose gold, and the other in 18k white gold. Only 15 pieces will be released in total, with prices starting from USD 733,578.


This is the third time the company collaborates with the "CZ12" star.

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1010-00282-100b1.jpg?t=1412959605198Wong Jing already has a script in mind to work with Yuen Biao again 1010-00282-100b2.jpg?t=1412959548692Yuen Biao says that Ronald Cheng and Philip Ng can play both comedy and action1010-00282-100b3.jpg?t=1412959499206Yuen Biao says that the film is worth braving the cold and the late nights for
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Wong Jing and Yuen Biao's first collaboration had so much chemistry that they have already planned for a "reunion" on the big screen next year. He even said that his "stamp collection dream" has already been completed. For their "first time" they were confident and would not eliminate the possibility of a sequel.

As for "first collaboration in 40 years", their new film SIFU VS. VAMPIRES (TIN SI DAU GEUNG SI), Wong Jing and Yuen Biao were both just as excited and had chemistry. The shoot took place in the dead of winter. Also they often had to work through the night. Yuen Biao felt it was worth all the hardship. "Actually making a movie would definitely be tough, with a lot of late night shoots and rain in between. However they added to the atmosphere. Honestly in comparison with the earlier vampire films, this time the scale was truly a lot grander." In the film he "crossed paths" with the younger generation like Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Philip Ng Won Lung. Yuen Biao had nothing but praise for them and even said that the latter's kung fu was indeed decent.

SIFU's script actually already took shape over ten years ago. The "Sifu" that Wong Jing and Yuen Biao this time "created" this time was neither invincible nor excelled in everything. Fortunately he was ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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With reports that EXO member Lu Hanhas filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract, SM Entertainment has responded that it will be taking action as the lawsuit was carried out for personal gain.

On October 10, SM Entertainment stated through a press release, "We found out that Lu Han filed a lawsuit through the law firm today," and "We plan on calmly taking action aggressively and multilaterally."

"He expressed that he wanted to focus on personal activities in China rather than EXO group promotions, with his health as an issue, and we were in the process of discussing future plans when we were caught off guard at the sudden lawsuit," said SM Entertainment.

"However, similar to Kris′ case, seeing that he chose to file a lawsuit with the same law firm in the same manner in a situation where a lawsuit was not necessary, we came to the conclusion that the lawsuit was filed, disregarding the activities of the group and the interests of all involved parties, including the company, in order to put priority on his personal gain."

"We also see that there is some de facto power existing around him," stated SM. "Regarding this situation, we plan on actively and multilaterally taking action in a calm manner with our overseas partners including those in China and legal experts."

SM reassured that there will be no issues with EXO promotions from here on.

"EXO promotions will continue with no problem from this point onward."

Meanwhile, Lu Han filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment at the Seoul Central District Office on October 10 to terminate his contract. The law firm, Hankyul, will be in charge of the suit. The law firm was also in charge of EXO′s former member, Kris (Wu Yi Fan)′s case in May.

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It’s been revealed that EXO’s Lu Han has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract.

Lu Han filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in the early mornings of October 10 at the Seoul Central District Court to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

Lu Han′s recent absense in concerts abroad had raised suspicion amongst the fans, but the agency stated then that Lu Han was absent due to headaches, insomnia, and dizziness.

It′s also been revealed that Hankyul, the law firm in charge of Lu Han′s case, is the same law firm that took care of Kris′ case against SM Entertainment in May.


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Thursday October 9, 2014 Hong Kong







 Hong Kong actress Adrian Wong recently expressed her delight with the news that HKTV has found its platform for broadcast.


As reported on HK Channel, the actress, who has filmed several dramas with the company before its TV license application was inexplicably rejected by the Communications Authority, expressed her eagerness to finally show the audience her performance.


"I have filmed several variety shows before and I am very excited. It has been two years!" she said. "If the shows can be broadcasted in November, I will be able to show people my performances."


The actress revealed that she had already filmed three dramas with the company, including "My Mother is a Black Rose" with Kara Hui, and "Brain Detective" with her father, Felix Wong.


When asked which drama she would prefer to be broadcasted first, Adrian replied, "Of course the one with my dad!"

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Thursday October 9, 2014 Hong Kong







 Actress Samantha Ko recently expressed her frustration with the ongoing rumours about her connection with TVB shareholder, Charles Chan, On CC News reports.


First, Hong Kong tabloid, Next Magazine claimed that the actress had received a lot of material gifts from her relationship with Charles Chan. It also alleged that her designer clothes and luxury car were all provided by Chan, and that it was the ITC Corp Chairman who helped Samantha to score Wong Jing's new movie, "From Vegas to Macau 2".


On TVB's entertainment show, "Scoop" recently, the actress expressed her anger with the tabloid's report, saying that while such rumours had surfaced before, she felt that the tabloid had gone too far this time around.


Samantha also stressed that she is not acquainted with Charles Chan, and she never had the opportunity to greet him at any TVB events.


She clarified that her designer wear are mostly sponsored by fashion brands, and she has no luxury car as it was reported.


Samantha was especially fed-up with rumours saying that Chan helped her secured a role in Wong Jing's movie, saying that she went to the audition like everybody else and won the part through her own effort.


The actress revealed that she will be meeting with TVB's legal department to seek consultation ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Actor Cha Seung-won was cleared of libel charges as the biological father of his stepson Cha No-ah dropped the case, the actor’s agency said on Wednesday.

According to YG Entertainment, No-ah’s biological father, only identified by his surname Cho, dropped his 100 million won ($931,000) lawsuit against the action movie star, after the actor issued an official apology.

Cha apologized for telling a “white lie” about his stepson No-ah, a professional gamer, by alleging they were biologically related.

“My wife and I admit that we told a bit of a lie for No-ah,” the embattled 44-year-old father of the 22-year-old told local sports daily Sports Dong-a. “Our apologies to everyone. We could not tell everything as it was. We ask for your understanding,” he added.

The controversy stemmed from a book of essays by the actor’s wife, Lee Soo-jin, that was published in 1999. Some parts about bringing up No-ah, such as the portrayal of Cha Seung-won and Lee together watching the squirming baby turning over for the first time, turned out to be totally made up; No-ah was already 3 years old when his mother married the actor.

“The kid did not know (that he was not blood-related). … I am doing alright ― I am making it through without emotional breakdowns,” the actor was quoted as saying.

Recently, the actor’s family has been dealing with No-ah being prosecuted for drug abuse and facing sexual assault charges.

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