YG Entertainment revealed a poster for singer and rapper Psy’s end-of-year concerts yesterday through its official website.

The shows part of “All Night Stand 2014” have been organized by the “Gangnam Style” singer annually since 2003.

This year, the concert series will be held from Dec. 19 to 21, and on Christmas Eve, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Bangyi-dong, Songpa District, southeastern Seoul.

In concert, Psy gives energetic performances in which he sings his hit songs and even dares to imitate girl groups. Psy’s “All Night Stand” is one of the best-selling tours of the year’s end.

Last December, Psy’s year-end shows attracted 60,000 people over the course of five concerts.

“I always prepare the concert as if I serve customers,” wrote Psy through a notice that was uploaded yesterday onto YG’s official website. “This time, I will prepare the concert with the mind of a daughter-in-law who serves her father-in-law.”

Tickets go on sale Thursday at noon on Interpark.

JoongAng Daily

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K-pop boy group SHINee will perform at the Tokyo Dome on March 14 and 15 in Japan, according to SM Entertainment.

It is the first solo dome concert in Japan for the five-member boy group since they debuted there in 2011. The Tokyo Dome concert will be the finale of the boy group’s ongoing Japan tour.

The group began its Japan tour on Sept. 28, which comprises 30 concerts in 20 Japanese cities. It ends on Dec. 14.

For the Tokyo Dome concert, SHINee will sing hits from its recent third studio album that was released in Japan in September. The group will also release its 11th mini-album on March 11 for Japanese fans.

JoongAng Daily

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A pop-up store dedicated to Taeyang of Big Bang and Epik High opened on the fourth floor of Lotte World Tower yesterday, according to YG Entertainment.

The pop-up store, which will remain open until Nov. 12, has limited-edition LPs of Taeyang’s solo album “Rise” along with a best-of compilation. It will also sell other goods such as glow sticks, mufflers, bandanas, snapbacks and shirts that all bear the logo of his “Rise” album.

These goods were initially available at Taeyang’s solo concert held early last month, but most of the items sold out. Autographed copies of hip-hop trio Epik High’s eighth studio album will be also put up for sale at the pop-up store.

Pop-up stores, which open for a limited period of time, are important sources of income for the nation’s entertainment agencies.

When Girls’ Generation released a new album early last year, SM opened a pop-up store in Myeong-dong, central Seoul, and it earned 630 million won ($605,000) in sales over 12 days, hawking goods bearing the girl group’s name and logo.

Epik High, which has returned to the music scene after a two-year break, will hold a concert for three days from Nov. 14 to 16 at the Samsung Blue Square in Yongsan, central Seoul. The group will then move to other cities such as Daegu, Incheon and Busan later this month for solo concerts.

JoongAng Daily

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Hip-hop group Epik High shared its thoughts on the comments claiming that their music changed since joining YG Entertainment.

Epik High released 8th full length album Shoebox on October 21, making a comeback in two years since releasing 7th full length album 99 in October, 2012.

The new title song Happen Ending has ranked number one on major music sites for a week as of October 27 and the other tracks also ranked in top ten spots, proving that the past two years were not wasted and were meaningful.

In an interview with Newsen on October 27, Tablo shared on returning to the fans in two years.

He said, “I’m shockingly happy. As we released numerous albums for the past 11 years, there were moments where we felt happy by ourselves but this is the first time where we felt happiness and wondered, ‘What is this?’ It’s a bit shocking.”

“I really didn’t expect a result like this. The company or the people around us also didn’t expect this. It’s not easy for a song, let alone many songs from an album, to be loved these days, but I’m so grateful that it happened to us. The reason I said it’s shocking is because when people ask us, ‘What happened to you guys?’ we answer, ‘We don’t know. What is this?’ I still can’t believe that we brought out such a great response.”

Tukutz revealed that he nonsensically smiles at the positive comments that exceed his expectations.

Tukutz said, “I smile for no reason. Because I’m so happy. It’s been too long since I was this happy.”

Their satisfaction on the album is 100%. The Epik High members worked on the album for the past two years, promising each other they should not release the album until they are 100% satisfied with it.

Tablo said, “I’m 100% ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Zhou Mi, a Chinese member of Super Junior M, released his first solo mini-album yesterday, according to SM Entertainment.

“Rewind” has eight tracks, all of which were released on both Korean and Chinese music websites yesterday.

Of the eight songs, the title track “Rewind” and another track, “Why,” are sung in both Korean and Chinese.

Chinese members of other SM groups also collaborated on Zhou Mi’s first solo album while Tao of Exo and Victoria of f(x) featured on two tracks.

Super Junior M is a subgroup of Super Junior. It consists of Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryewook, Kyuhyun, who are all regular members of Super Junior, with an additional two members, Henry and Zhou Mi.

The spin-off group was created to target the Chinese music market.

JoongAng Daily

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Short web dramas are changing the local entertainment scene.

As part of “snack culture,” a newly coined term that refers to easy-to-consume web content, Internet dramas were first produced for promotional purposes by private companies.

These videos ranging between six to 10 episodes with a running time of five to 20 minutes are only available through sites such as YouTube or social networking portals.

Riding on the popularity of short drama series, A-list production companies and major entertainment agencies are jumping into the ring to create these mini-dramas.

Naver, the country’s largest web portal, which claims nearly 70 percent of the market share, has opened a segment for web dramas under its TV Cast service.

And even K-pop groups are appearing in these brand-new dramas, using them as stepping-stones to help them transition into acting careers.

Min-ah of Girl’s Day and Ji-yoon of 4Minute both recently appeared in an Internet drama.

More than 20 new web shows have poured in since last February. Of these, “After School Luck or Not” and “Aftermath” are two that proved the potential of the phenomenon, becoming the next big thing in the mobile content market.

Centering on the story of an after-school club with five handsome high school boys, the fantasy-romance drama begins with a scene in which an introverted girl is invited to join their inner circle. She receives an invitation delivered by a dove and visits the club without hesitation because “she has never been invited to anything by anyone.”

A sense of kitsch flows from the drama’s very first scene when the production team of “After School Luck or Not” uses a shoddy plastic bird instead of an actual dove.

The 12-episode drama was originally produced in order to promote five rookie actors, but its popularity shot up - earning an unprecedented 10 million views on Chinese website Sohu.com.

U.S.-based streaming site ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1102-00282-019b1.jpg?t=1414914373463courtesy of on.cc_02MC005_.jpgStephen Au still has a TVB contract but he has been taking time off to work outside_02MF004_.jpgQueenie Chu has no problem with daring scenes as long as they are not selling sex or nudity_02MF005_.jpgCecilia Yip says she was very brave, with a love scene with Leslie Cheung in her first film
courtesy of mingpao.com
Cecilia Yip Tung, Queenie Chu Wai Man, Anthony Chan Yau, Stephen Au Kam Tong and Susan Shaw Yam Yam yesterday attended a "Film Descendant Talk". Two time Hong Kong Film Award winning Best Actress Yip Tung has already been in the business for over 30 years. She admitted that she thought about if she would be able to teach, but she worried that she lacked the patience and never went through any actual acting training. Over the years that she has been in the business, she received help from many people. Thus she attended this forum and shared her personal acting experience as a contribution to society.

Speaking of her daring performance in NOMAD (LIT FOR CHING CHUN), she said that as a new comer, she completely was all courage. She said, "At the time I felt that actors were only tools of the director, so whatever the director wanted I had to coordinate as much as I could. In addition bed scenes were very natural, so at the time I wasn't resistant against performing. I was just very scared. Because I was under age, I had to spend a long time to convince and hypnotize myself. I also asked some film elders for their opinions. The most important was my ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1102-00282-029b1.jpg?t=1414914315812courtesy of on.cc_02MF003_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
Tiffany Hsu and director Chen Hung-Yi came to Hong Kong to promote their film DESIGN 7 LOVE. Two nights ago they even attended the film screening together. Nominated for the Golden Horse Best New Performer Award, she joked that she was the most experienced new actor. Although the director had confidence in her, she did not have any confidence in winning. Because she had to rush back to work in Taiwan, Tiffany Hsu could only stay one night. Speaking of her character, she revealed that she played a sly "fox fairy" who specialized in benefiting men to make them do things for her. She admitted that this performance was a lot of fun. Did she have anyone like that in her life? She said, "Of course, but I don't pay attention to them. (Does your boyfriend Ethan Juan have this type of girl around him?) You would have to ask him yourself, but I believe he probably doesn't."

Speaking of her Golden Horse nomination, Tiffany Hsu said, "I am the most experienced new actor. Of course I am happy that I was nominated for my first film. It is a huge encouragement. (If you win would you get married?) I will worry about it if I win. I guessed that everyone would ask that, probably not. I wouldn't decide to get married due to work performance. They should be separate."


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20141102fp03.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com1102-00282-007b1.jpg?t=1414914510718
1102-00282-007b3.jpg?t=14149144716051102-00282-007b4.jpg?t=1414914468245courtesy of on.cc_02MB001_.jpgJessica C. says her costume is inspired by Angelina Jolie's MALEFICENT_02MB003_.jpgXanadu originally wants to dress up as a cop but she is afraid of being attacked at Central_02MB002_.jpgCandy Yuen_02MB005_.jpgYumi Wan and Gloria Wong_02MB004_.jpgAndy Tien is FIST OF NORTH STAR'S Kenshiro, while Philip Ng seems to be THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS' JACK SKELLINGTON
courtesy of mingpao.com
Jessica C. two nights ago with Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Philip Ng Won Lung and Candy Yuen Ka Man dressed up in costumes to attend the ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB (SI SING) Halloween party. JC dressed up as Angelina Jolie's MALEFICENT. She was not afraid of being taking advantage of in the sexy costume because she had two strong men to protect her.

On Chi Kit dressed up as the popular 80s manga FIST OF NORTH STAR character Kenshiro and showed off his muscles. Ng Won Lung put some effort into his look. He not only went online to learn how to apply the makeup and also spent two hours to turn himself into the Disney character Jack Skellington. Revealing that he was interested in someone lately, On Chi Kit was asked if he invited her to the party. He said, "No. I don't want to say too much now, I just want a drink soon. (Do you want to keep your love life low key?) Yes!" When asked if his friend Ng Won Lung ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Millions of Malaysians will be the first to tune in to dramas produced by HKTV, as a major television station in the Southeast Asian country will air shows a day ahead of the online station's launch in the city.


Malaysian station Astro has signed a deal with HKTV to broadcast and distribute Cantonese-language dramas produced by the station from November 18 on the Astro Shuang Xing channel, it was announced yesterday.


Astro, which has pay-television, radio, publications and digital media interests, is broadcast to 4.2 million households, 60 per cent of Malaysian homes.


HKTV dramas will also be available across Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia as Astro also owns the rights for these regions.


Choo Chi Han, vice-president of Astro's Chinese customer business, said the introduction of the HKTV dramas would enrich the content of Astro, which operates 172 television channels.


He said the shows would also be offered in its on-demand television service and on other devices under its on-the-go service.


According to Malaysian government statistics, Malaysia had a total population of 28.6 million in 2010, of whom 22 per cent were ethnically Chinese.


Chinese-language content, primarily Hong Kong entertainment shows, play a key role, Choo said in previous interviews.


Hong Kong free-to-air giant TVB, which celebrates its 47th anniversary on November 19 - the same day that HKTV launches its interactive entertainment and shopping platform in the city - has a strong presence in Malaysia. Astro carries TVB's Classic, Entertainment News, Xing He and TVBS Asia channels.


HKTV declined to reveal the value of the deal but said it has 22 drama titles ready. HKTV spends an average of HK$1 million to produce each drama episode.


The 22 titles include crime thriller Borderline, which had one episode debut on YouTube, and The Election, a political drama about murky goings-on in a chief ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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