Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun repeatedly denied allegations that he was in a relationship with a model.

Lee’s refutation came during a closed-door court hearing on a blackmailing case on Monday, which lasted nearly three hours.

It was the second trial hearing on the scandal involving Lee, model Lee Ji-yeon and girl group GLAM member Dahee. Earlier, Lee sued the two women, claiming that they demanded 5 billion won ($4.7 million) in return for not disclosing a videotape of him having a lewd conversation with them.

During the second hearing, Lee confronted the two women for the first time since the case was brought to the police in August. He did not attend the first hearing. According to news reports, the actor denied model Lee’s allegations that the two were in a relationship.

When the model defendant presented one of their KakaoTalk conversations to prove that they were in a relationship, the actor reportedly struck back, saying, “It was a joke” and “I do not recall.”

After attending the hearing, the actor left the courtroom with a horde of news reporters and photographers waiting outside. Upon leaving the courtroom, the actor said, “I have been truthful and sincere about my witnesses at the court, and will wait for the court’s decision accordingly.”

The blackmailing scandal became known to the public when actor Lee turned to the police on Aug. 28. Model Lee and singer Dahee, aged 24 and 20, respectively, were arrested by the police on Sept. 1 and attended the first court hearing on Oct. 16.

The scandal broke out nearly 15 months after actor Lee married actress Lee Min-jung in August 2013.

KPOP Herald

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Nam Tae-hyun, a member of the new boy group Winner, apologized to his fans for speaking impolitely during a concert that took place on Nov. 22.

“I was talking to our fans as if I were talking to my friends, but if my comments offended some in the audience, I really apologize for it,” said Nam through online news outlet TV Report.

Winner participated in the concert “GS & Concert 2014” as one of the guests.

After the five-member boy group finished its performance, Kang Seung-yoon, the front man of the group, began to talk but his voice couldn’t be heard above the rooting fans.

That was when Nam told the audience, “He is talking” but he didn’t use honorific language.

“I wanted my fans to feel close to me, but I think I was wrong back then.”

Having started out in August, Winner debuted in the music scene with the title track “Empty.”

The boy group just finished its Japan tour and is working on its next album.

JoongAng Daily

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Actor Ji Sung and his actress wife Lee Bo-young are going to become parents.

According to Namoo Actors, Ji’s agency, “Ji is really excited to start a family.”

The two got married last September after seven years of dating. Lee is reportedly 10 weeks pregnant.

Both Ji and Lee led prolific acting careers even after they got married.

Ji starred in the drama series “Secret Love” last year and the film “Confession” this year.

Lee reached new heights after she appeared in the hit drama series “I Can Hear Your Voice” last year.

Lee has been taking some time off after “God’s Gift - 14 Days” came to an end in April.

The actress’s due date is around July.

JoongAng Daily

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Korea’s drama fans should remember Kim Sam-soon, a pastry chef from the 2005 MBC drama “My Lovely Sam-soon,” which won the hearts of many viewers for its frank and humorous depiction of older, unmarried women in Korea.

Screenwriter Kim Do-woo, who was behind the drama, will once again introduce another beguiling character, Illi, the lead female in the upcoming tvN drama “Righteous Love” who gets caught up in a scandalous love triangle with her husband and another man.

Kim teamed up with drama producer Han Ji-seung from 2006’s “Alone in Love.” Han is known for his stylish visuals and delicate emotional portrayals.

The famed duo said that they wanted to tell a story about love, but one that people haven’t heard before.

“I wanted to talk about an unconventional romance,” said Kim during a press conference for the drama at Times Square on Nov. 19 in Yeongdeungpo District.

“I didn’t consider my drama to be about unrighteous affairs but just wanted to offer something different to the viewers ... And then I thought if I gave a rom-com spin to the subject matter, it would be unlike any previous dramas.”

The synopsis roughly follows the coming-of-age story of the innocent and optimistic Illi (Lee Si-young), who marries her high school teacher Hee-tae (Uhm Tae-woong), whom she had crush on years ago.

However, while leading a stable married life, first love strikes again when she meets Joon (Lee Soo-hyuk), an alluring young carpenter.

Illi is confused by her attraction to both her loving husband and the charming young man.

Han, who has been searching for the right script for eight years, said “Righteous Love” caught his attention because it contained several opportunities to test his skills of dealing with sensitive subjects.

“I had to go through some challenges with this drama because if I didn’t do it perfectly, it ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Singer BoA will make her big screen debut in Korea in an action comedy. She previously appeared in the Hollywood movie "Make Your Move."

"Big Match" revolves around a martial arts star who tries to save his brother kidnapped by a villain named Ace.

In preparation for the film, BoA went to an action school and practiced boxing with male lead Lee Jung-jae, as she had to perform wild driving scenes.

At a press event for the movie in early November, BoA said she chose the film because she was attracted to her role. "I liked the strong character and wanted to perform stunts. It wasn't an easy decision, but I decided to give it a try."

"Although BoA is known for her flamboyance and girlishness as a famous young singer across Asia, I wanted to show her ordinariness and toughness in the film," the movie's director Choi Ho said.

"Big Match" is scheduled to hit theaters in December. Among the star-studded cast are Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Seong-min, Ra Mi-ran, Son Ho-joon and Choi Woo-sik.

Chosun Ilbo

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Chinese officials have pushed back the release in China of the Korean costume epic "Roaring Currents" to Dec. 12, the anniversary of the Nanjing massacre by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

The film, a rousing account of the astonishing victory over Japanese invaders by Admiral Yi Sun-shin, will open at 3,000 theaters across China on the eve of the anniversary, which is to be celebrated as a national holiday from this year.

Distributor CJ China on Tuesday said the subject of the film and the state of China-Japan relations made a late-November release date seem more appropriate, but Chinese officials wanted to push the date back.

Industry sources say Chinese officials may be hoping that moviegoers will be able to gain some sense of vindication in the face of Japanese atrocities by watching "Roaring Currents."

Chinese media reported the premiere date has changed to coincide with the start of school vacation.

"Roaring Currents" is the biggest blockbuster in Korean cinema history and drew more than 17 million viewers.

Chosun Ilbo

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1125-00282-036b1.jpg?t=1416894632650courtesy of on.cc_25MI008_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
The film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI)'s actors including Pakho Chau and Rose Chan Ka Wun two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event. Pakho said that next year he will make even more movies, with romance, comedy and Lunar New Year films. He said, "Every character is a challenge. My acting experience is still thin, I will do my homework. I watched many of my favorite (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi film, sometimes when I thought of lines from Sing Yeh's films I would laugh." He also pointed out that comedy was harder to play than romance. Was he worried that his performance would not be funny? He said, "I would trust the director, like in the film GUILTY (SEI FEI) I had to be completely naked and curse so I left everything to the director." As for his colleague Shiga Lin Si Nga's relationship, he congratulated her but they rarely talked about personal lives.

Chan Ka Wun was supposedly dating Michael Wai Chi Ho. She denied the rumor. "We are just friends. When I go to dinner with a group of people, others would always call the men around me boyfriends. I am only 22, how can I be dating him for as many years as written. I don't understand it. Now I have to focus on work. If I have to choose a boyfriend I would choose someone like Pakho Chau in the film, a guy who can make me change." She pointed out that she went to many audience appreciation events at the cinemas and discovered that teachers bringing students to the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1125-00282-057b1.jpg?t=1416894405800courtesy of on.cc_25MC004_.jpgSammo Hung is very pleased with how hard work his disciple Eddie Peng is _25MC005_.jpgEddie Peng kowtows to Sammo Hung to officially become his disciple
courtesy of mingpao.com
The film RISE OF THE LEGEND (WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG) earlier promoted in Shanghai. Sammo Hung Kam Bo announced that he has accepted Eddie Peng Yu-Yen as a disciple. Peng Yu-Yen privately called Hung Kam Bo god father. Hung Kam Bo said, "Not just with action, for any scene that I have, how the cell motivate every punch and kick I would speak to him. He is a very hard working young man. Because he is willing to work he achieves 90%, this point is very amazing, I am very pleased." Peng Yu-Yen said that in a fight scene in the fire, the set was hot and exhausting, before the shoot he kept practicing in hopes of completing it successfully. He was afraid that he would disappoint the elders with any bad take.


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1125-00282-045b4.jpg?t=14168945745901125-00282-045b5.jpg?t=1416894570675courtesy of on.cc_25MC007_.jpgAndy Lau is the surprise guest award presenter in Malaysia.  According to Malaysian media, he even secretly brings his wife and daughter to the event.  Last night only Wa Jai returned to Hong Kong.

_25MC008_.jpgWa Jai personally goes to Malaysia to present awards to Law Lan and Lau Kong, which made them very happy and touched_25mc201.jpgTavia Yeung and Law Chung Him return to Hong Kong on the same flight but deliberately exit through different gates.  Law Chung Him denies that he proposed as career comes first, while Tavia Yeung says that she needs her parents' approval to wed.  She will tell everyone when she does_25MC010_.jpgRoger Kwok wins the Malaysia Best Actor for the third time, however he is only 50% confident about the TVB Anniversary Award_25MC011_.jpgCharmaine Sheh won Best Actress in Singapore and Malaysia, her chances should be rather high._25MC009_.jpgRoger Kwok and Charmaine Sheh
courtesy of mingpao.com
Andy Lau Tak Wa two nights ago appeared in Malaysia to attend the TVB Malaysia Astro Awards 2014. Wa Jai was a guest presenter as he presented "Starlight Achievement Awards" to Lau Kong and Helena Law Lan to thunderous applause from the audience.

The trio later spoke with Cable Entertainment. Wa Jai said that the event earlier contacted him in hopes that he would record a video. Yet he felt if he personally appeared, he and they would be happier. In addition he has ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1125-00282-002b1.jpg?t=14168959858011125-00282-004b1.jpg?t=1416895936071Charlene Choi suggests for Raymond Lam to take the co-workers to dinner1125-00282-004b2.jpg?t=1416895932701Michael Miu1125-00282-004b3.jpg?t=1416895921842Niki Chow laments that she only played sister to Raymond Fung1125-00282-004b4.jpg?t=1416895917910Sandra Ng
courtesy of on.cc_25maz1.jpgEmperor big sister Joey Yung welcomes Raymond Lam_25MA004_.jpgExecutive Ng Yu presents a calligraphy to Raymond Lam_25MA002_.jpgRaymond Lam arrives in a Lamborghini_25MA003_.jpgDirectors Alan Mak, Derek Kwok, Yuen Woo Ping, Benny Chan, John Shum and Felix
Chong welcome Raymond Lam_25MA007_.jpgTelevision series producers Lau Ka Ho and Mui Siu Wai_25MA017_.jpgStephen Chan congratulated Raymond Lam on "switching clubs" _25MA006_.jpgBoss Albert Yeung
courtesy of mingpao.com20141125fp01.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com
Raymond Lam Fung officially joins Emperor Entertainment. Last night a press conference was held. Aside from boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing and executives Mani Fok Man Hei, Ng Yu and Albert Lee, Emperor's top star Joey Yung Cho Yi even presented a giant balloon that read "LF X EEG" to him. Yeung Sau Sing even invited directors Yuen Woo Ping, Benny Chan Muk Sing, Derek Kwok Chi Kin and Felix Chong Man Kei to show support for Lam Fung's film development.

Stephen Chan Chi Wan was the host yesterday. Friends like Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Charlene Choi Cheuk ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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