Aimee Chan: “Acting is My Love”

Monday July 21, 2014 Hong Kong

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Taking a break from caring for her son, Aimee Chan attended a function for a health foods research company the other day. Since giving birth in December, the 33-year-old TVB actress has been taking a hiatus from her acting career to care for her seven month-old son, Aiden Joshua Chan.

Aimee shared that Aiden has begun eating solid food. She is very cautious when it comes to feeding him. “It’s going into his stomach after all, and it’s his first time eating actual food. Kids do not digest food as well as adults, so I have to be extra careful. I’m also afraid that he might be allergic to some foods, and he won’t be able to communicate that to us, so we have to take things step by step.” Before feeding Aiden, Aimee would always try the food herself first. Asked if Aimee has had any “failed” food tests, she said, “Yes! Aiden hates avocados! I really like avocados myself. I would eat one every day, but he doesn’t seem to like it.” Fortunately, Aiden does not have any known food allergies yet.

Will Aimee let other people feed Aiden? “I think it’s good to that,” she said. “It’s beneficial for babies as young as Aiden to meet more people so he can learn to not be afraid of strangers and not be too shy. It’s good for his development.” On the topic about eating healthful foods, Aimee said it is critical for everyone to be very meticulous about what they eat to prevent toxins from entering the body. “If our bodies just keep accumulating toxins, we’re going to eventually get poisoned to death! Just as kids, adults should also be very careful.”

Aimee: “I Love Acting”

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The Hong Kong singer-actor and his wife made their first public appearance since tying the knot


After registering their marriage in Las Vegas on Jul 12, Hong Kong singer-actor Leo Ku and his wife Lorraine Chan made their first public appearance together at the opening ceremony of a bakery, co-owned by the newlyweds, last weekend.

Leo's manager, Mani Fok as well as his celebrity friends including Vivian Chow, Kathy Yuen, Sherman Chung and Michelle Wai also turned up to support Leo's new venture.

During the event, Leo proudly showed off the wedding band on his left hand. Responding to the crowd's cheer for him to kiss his wife, the 41-year-old blissfully planted three pecks on Lorraine's forehead.

Due to his packed schedule for the rest of 2014, the couple will hold their wedding dinner next year.

As for baby-making plans, Leo said that they would 'leave it to heaven'. When someone in the crowd shouted '[make babies] at turbo speed', the singer-actor laughed in reply: 'Rocket speed!'




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Emotions ran high at S.H.E's encore concert last Saturday, as the trio recalled their 13-year journey


S.H.E has been in the music scene for almost 13 years, since they released their first album on September 11, 2001. With the anniversary drawing near, all three members got extremely emotional at the 2GETHER 4EVER CONCERT in Kaohsiung last Saturday.

Hebe Tien revealed her feelings by saying ' feel like crying' while Ella Chen added: ' never thought that it would take so many years for us to be able to hold a concert in Kaohsiung.' Selina ended off by saying, 'My youth is S.H.E.'

While they were belting their hearts out on stage, Selina Jen expressed her hopes that the songs would bring up the fans' memories of S.H.E: 'Maybe you will remember who once attended a fan sign with you; who you went to a concert with?'

Ella took a trip down memory lane as well, as she performed Rene Lai's 'Hou Lai' during her solo stage. This was the very song that she had sung in the finals for the 'Universal Talent and Beauty Girl Contest' in 2000. Although she was eventually eliminated, that competition gave rise to the S.H.E of today.

She choked up as she sang the song, saying, ' feel like crying a little because I'm moved; there are many emotions coming to me. This is a song that is very important to me; it paved the way to my journey.'

As for Hebe, the chic singer maintained her usual performance style, leaving the stage immediately after her solo song without interacting with the fans.

Afterwards, Selina took off a part of her skirt on stage, transforming her outfit into a tight mini dress within one second. She laughingly said, 'Now that [the condition of] my body is getting better and ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Aimee Chan claimed that she will bring her three cats home once she stops breastfeeding


Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan was recently chided by angry netizens after she revealed that that she gave away her three cats ' that she had been raising for six years ' to a friend after her pregnancy.

Although Aimee, 33, expressed that her actions stemmed out of worry that her child would contract asthma after inhaling cat fur, she was slammed for being irresponsible and disrespectful towards life; a renowned veterinarian even called her selfish and ignorant.

Yesterday, the actress tried to clarify matters while attending an event. She claimed that in reality, the reason why she gave her cats away to her friend was not because of her son, but her allergy to cats.

She had been taking anti-histamines for the past six years just so she could continue raising her pet felines, but that's no longer possible: 'Because I'm breastfeeding now, I can't eat medicine. If I eat medicine, they will enter my breast milk and affect the baby when he drinks my milk.'

Aimee confidently added that once the baby stops breastfeeding, she will immediately bring the cats back home, as she feels that keeping a pet and maintaining a marriage is one and the same ' a lifelong responsibility. She also emphasised that she never once thought of abandoning her cats.


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S.H.E member Selina will not undergo surgery to remove scars from her burn injuries as it is 'too painful'


After an accidental explosion on-set while filming for musical drama I Have a Date with Spring in 2010, the 32-year-old was left with burn scars on most parts of her body.

Although she has recovered well, her scars and taut skin around her knees and ankles has restricted her movements, especially when she does vigorous activities like dancing. During her solo performance at S.H.E's encore concert in Kaohsiung last Saturday, she substituted her usual energetic and sexy dance moves with simple and graceful hand movements and dance poses.

'I am unable to stand up and squat down quickly. Sexy half squats are definitely out of the question. My original moves in Miss Universe required me to bend down, but I realised my left ankle could not take it,' said the singer, who is married for three years.

Selina paid a visit to a plastic surgeon to remove the scars on her chin through laser treatment in February, but the process was too painful, she confessed she would never to do it again.

At the celebration party after the concert, the cheerful lady explained that she will not remove her scars via surgery. 'I will not consider surgery, although the doctor said if I feel inconvenienced, I can undergo surgery to loosen the skin. I don't feel the need and am satisfied with my ability to dance now.'

After completing a 10-km marathon last month, Selina revealed her ambition to take part in a triathlon, but is fearful the distance will take a toll on her. The cheeky one wistfully hoped for the distance to be reduced by half and said, 'Life is wonderful when one has dreams'.


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Sina Entertainment Interview – Francis Ng loves to madly kiss his son Feynman while he sleeps


Source:  Sina Star ‘RenWuZhi’ Magazine, Volume 59


Article originally published 7/8/2014


Translation:  llwy12






Anthony Wong (黃秋生) once assessed his good friend Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in this manner:  “He is truly ‘Wong Yeuk Si (黃藥師)’ [the character from Jin Yong’s novel Legend of the Condor Heroes] – every move he makes is strange , odd, mysterious…you never know what his next move will be!”


Recently, Francis Ng demonstrated one of those ‘strange’ moves!   Personality-wise, Francis is known for being proudly aloof and socially awkward, dislikes conforming to society’s norms, and absolutely loathes constant public exposure– yet ironically, he chooses to participate in a wildly popular TV program that publicly ‘exposes’ him to millions of television viewers every week:  the second season of Mainland China’s highly rated reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿).  Not only that…even more ‘strange’ is the fact that Francis -- who has always been extremely low key when it comes to his family and tries to fiercely protect his son Feynman Ng from the prying eyes of the Media as much as possible -- decided to take everyone by surprise and put his son into the spotlight as well by participating in the program with him.


In preparation for this interview, our reporter had diligently reviewed many of Francis’ past interviews with various media outlets, hoping to understand what to expect when Francis walks in the door.  Of course, the result is unexpected:   Francis saunters carefreely into the room, carrying a small bag on his back, holding a water cup, wearing framed glasses that complemented his casual, playful look.  According to the Where Are We Going, Dad 2 production crew, that’s how Francis is like in real life – basically, he’s a big kid at heart.


Given his personality, many people were interested in knowing ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Chrissie Chau: Bath is good after breakup!

Sunday July 20, 2014 Hong Kong







Like her character in new romantic comedy, "Break Up 100", Chrissie Chau believes that a good bath is necessary after a breakup, according to Mingpao News.


The actress was referring to one of the scenes in the new Lawrence Cheng movie, where her character takes constant bath and special body care as she doesn't want to feel dry after her breakup.


The actress, who appeared at an award presentation recently, said, "I take baths every day, but I do feel that bathing after a breakup is a symbolic gesture of starting anew."


"Bathing could be a complete cleansing ritual to move on to something better," she added.


Speaking about her own single status, Chrissie said that she has yet to find the right man, especially with her current hectic promotional schedule.


"I may look for a boyfriend again after the promotion. Just like the movie, I think I need to look forward to it after my 100th breakup," she joked.

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Sunday July 20, 2014 Hong Kong







 TVB actress Elena Kong loves her white poodle, Teddy Boy, so much that it even got a role in her previous series, "The Ultimate Addiction". But according to the actress, acting is not the only thing they do together.


"I would bring my dog on my movie dates as well," says the actress, who has been dating animal-loving boyfriend, Vincent Ng, for more than 8 years, according to Hong Kong's On CC News.


The actress, who made an appearance at a recording of an animal charity TV programme recently, disclosed, "I would put my dog in my bag to bring him inside the theatre and would take him out after the lights are out."


However, Elena stressed that Teddy Boy has never been a bad dog inside the movie halls and has never been afraid of the sound effects and visuals.


She said, "He is really good and wouldn't make any noise. We've watched a movie about dogs before and it went well. He didn't have much of a reaction."


Asked if it's against the rules to bring a pet in, Elena replied, "The rule doesn't mention anything about it. But I also try my best to keep it discreet. I would always buy the seats at the end of the theatre."


Elena also expressed ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_20mf701.jpgChoi Wing Cheong is described as a quiet giant_20MF007_.jpgA screen keeps the media out of the hall_20mf702.jpgStanley Kwan and Andrew Lau remember Choi Wing Cheong_20mf703.jpgWong Jing sees Choi Wing Cheong as a mentor_20mf704.jpgJohnny Mak looks solemn_20MF015_.jpgMichael Hui says Choi Wing Cheong loved film very much_20MF008_.jpgMabel Cheung, Alex Law, Claudie Chung_20MF005_.jpgGigi Lai's husband Ma Ting Keung_20MF011_.jpgChoi Wing Cheong supported the production of COMRADES ALMOST A LOVE STORY_20MF012_.jpgONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA is a classic Golden Harvest film series
courtesy of mingpao.com0720-00282-036b1.jpg?t=1405806925006Choi Wing Cheong, Jackie Chan0720-00282-036b2.jpg?t=1405806921822Wong Jing
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One of the Golden Harvest three giants Choi Wing Cheong, originally named Choi Duk Sun, choked during a meal on June 25th and passed away the next day at the age of 77. His family yesterday began his funeral services at the Universal Funeral Home, with the funeral starting at 11AM this morning. The ceremony was Buddhist. The family followed Choi Wing Cheong's low key manner in life and blocked the entrance with screens.

Choi Wing Cheong's hall was decorated simply in all white. Two couplets hang before the hall, "Sharp eye for heroes and talent for 50 years, sharp operation of film art to explore a new world" and "Kindness protects the ceremonial hall, thousands of fates let go without a care gold tower leads to the lotus pool". Next to the hall words from Coi ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0720-00282-027b1.jpg?t=1405807994968courtesy of
I prefer to write city love stories like PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN)'s woman in her prime Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SUET OI NEI)'s self criticizing Hong Kong woman Fiona Sit Hoi Kei. This time I asked Chrissie Chau Sau Na to play a Hong Kong woman who loves to maintain her relationship with "break ups". The film had a lot of emotional scenes for her to play.

On this night, this monologue, I witnessed a "real" actor's birth.


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