Hong Kong actress Christine Kuo is recently reported to be on close terms with Lam Kin Ming, a 76-year-old businessman who is also the President of Eastern Salon Football Team that plays in the First Division of the Hong Kong Football League.

After successfully shedding pounds which resulted from a thyroid condition last year, Christine resumed work duties and will be heading to Brazil to report on the World Cup next month.

In preparation for the big project, TVB arranged Christine to meet up and interact with professional football players in the Hong Kong league, including Eastern Salon Football Team.

Although the actress did not show much interest in the players, she was seen getting chummy with Kin Ming and even followed him to the team's training sessions. According to media reports, the billionaire, who has married and divorced twice, is in the pink of health despite his age and is especially fond of women who are fleshy.

When asked on her relationship with Kin Ming, Christine declared that she would like to 'get closer'¯ with him. 'When it comes to choosing boyfriends, it is better to choose a matured man,'¯ she claimed.


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Actor Yeon Jung Hoon and actress Han Ga In are finally becoming parents after ten years of marriage. One source said on April 21, 2014, "Actress Han Ga In recently got pregnant. As the news of the baby comes after long years of marriage without a child, both Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In, and the families are very happy at the news. However, as the nation is crying for the ferry disaster, the news of the new baby has been shared only with the family members and close friends." Actress Han Ga In's agency B H Entertainment also confirmed the news of Han Ga In's pregnancy. A spokesperson from B H Entertainment said, "I heard from Han Ga In that she is pregnant. We do not even know how old the baby is yet." In related news, actor Yeon Jung Hoon and actress Han Ga In filmed the drama "Yellow Handkerchief" together in 2003, and married in 2005 after two years of dating.


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Singer and actor Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, is rumored to be joining the drama “Indian Summer” (working title), according to local media yesterday.

“Rain was recently offered a part in the drama, but nothing has been settled yet,” said his agency, Cube Entertainment.

“Indian Summer” is produced by Lee Hyung-min, who worked with Rain 11 years ago on the KBS drama “Sang-doo, Let’s Go to School!” The broadcaster for “Indian Summer” has not been decided yet.

The drama is said to be a tragic love story about wounded people from very different backgrounds.

Rain is currently in China to shoot Gao Xixi’s new film “Hong Yan Lu Shui,” which is scheduled to be released in Korea on Nov. 11.

“Indian Summer” is set to begin shooting in June.

JoongAng Daily

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Andy Lee from pioneering K-pop group Shinhwa sparked controversy among fans due to his plans to hold a fan meeting in China, according to local reports yesterday.

Yesterday his agency, TOP Media, announced the event would be held on May 17 in China, while being careful to deny it was an “official” comeback. “

The event was arranged due to the requests of local fans,” TOP Media said.

But with Korea still reeling from the Sewol ferry disaster, many criticized the star for announcing the event now.

Andy has been under the microscope since getting embroiled in an illegal gambling scandal last year.

Making the current criticism sharper was the perception that Andy was breaking a promise to return with Shinhwa for their new album later this year.

The agency later emphasized that the May meeting would be a “one-time event” and was something that “had been considered since long before the Sewol disaster.”

JoongAng Daily

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Despite many other young actors that have risen in the past year or so challenging Lee Min-ho's spot at the top, the "Boys Over Flowers" star is still #1 in most people's eyes in Asia.

According to a recent survey conducted by a Taiwanese media source, Lee placed #1 for the 2014 Asian Male God. This is especially noteworthy as he beat out tough contenders like Kris of EXO and Kim Soo-hyun from the blow-out drama "You Who Came From The Stars".

The company that conducted this survey explained that to be considered a "male god", you needed to not only have the looks and physique, but you needed talent and skills to set you apart, as well as a gentle amiable nature.

Lee garnered 10 million votes, clinching the top honors. In second place was EXO's Kris with 9.99 million votes, and then Kim Soo-hyun in third with 9.96 million votes.

Fellow EXO members Tao and Lay also made the top 10, at 4th place with 9.94 million votes and 10th place with 7.46 million votes, respectively.

KBS Global

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TAIPEI: Taiwan model-actress Lin Chiling has denied recent tabloid reports which claimed that she had gone to a hospital to freeze nine of her eggs, just in case she has trouble conceiving when she is older.

The tabloid reports had claimed that she visited a Doctor Wu, who is an expert on the matter.

But Lin, who turns 40 in November, said these reports are completely false.

“This is really funny. I don’t know this Doctor Wu. I’ve never seen him or heard of him or visited him before.

“I don’t know how these reports came about,” said Lin at a promotional event on Saturday.

However, Lin said she thinks freezing her eggs is “quite a good idea” and “is worth considering in the future”.

She went on to add that the media is more concerned about her ability to have children than her own mother.

When asked about her thoughts on motherhood, Lin said she is looking forward to it, but still hasn’t found Mr Right yet.

“I really want to have children. I have said this hundreds, thousands of times so I think Heaven should have heard it by now... I’m on a rather tight schedule!” Lin said with a laugh.


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As the nation mourns the loss of lives in the Sewol ferry disaster that happened five days ago, celebrities in and out of Korea are donating to help the rescue process and relief efforts.

Actor Song Seung-heon donated 100 million won, or about $96,300, to the Salvation Army, to help out the victims of the ferry.

“Song made a donation without giving notice to the agency,” said a representative at Better Ent, his management company, yesterday. “We realize that he donated such money on his own to support the victims.”

British singer Connie Talbot, who will hold a concert in Korea on April 27, also announced Saturday through her Twitter account that she would donate all the profits from her concert to relief efforts.

Other Korean celebrities, including actor On Joo-wan and baseball player Ryu Hyun-jin of the Los Angeles Dodgers, also made donations.

“I am willing to go there myself and participate as a volunteer for the victims,” said On. “I am sorry that I can’t be of more help.”

JoongAng Daily

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Chen Daoming, Gong LiGong Li, "New Mou Girls" Zhang Huiwen, Zhang Yimou and Yan Ni
courtesy of mingpao.com
The Zhang Yimou directed COMING HOME yesterday held a Beijing press conference, leads Gong Li and Chen Daoming appeared. New generation "Mou Girl" Zhang Huiwen also became the focus. Everyone praised how well maintained the 49 year old Gong Li was. As for outside claim that the new Mou Girl had shades of Gong Li, Gong Li protected her and said, "I saw shades of me back then." Before Gong Li finished, Chen Daoming already denied that Zhang Huiwen and shades of Gong Li, which made Gong Li add, "I don't know how to dance. Huiwen is a great young actress. Although she didn't have any performance training, she is a great actress with a lot of potential."

Chen Daoming in the film played Zhang Huiwen's father. He praised this new Mou Girl as very spirited but drastically different from Gong Li. He said, "I can see shades of others on anyone. Mou Girl is only a concept and can't be cloned. Generation after generation of actresses can't be cloned either." Zhang Yimou said that he chose the current Beijing Dance Academy student Zhang Huiwen to perform. He said that after half a year of recruitment he finally found something that resembled that era in her eyes. In addition she could dance, so he thought she was suitable.

The film has already been scheduled for a May 16 release. Zhang Yimou even described the performance of Best Actress Gong Li and Actor Chen Daoming ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Jiang Yiyan
courtesy of on.ccDerek Yee finally confirms the casting but many are disappointedTsui Hark is completely focusedLin Gengxin practices with a sword
courtesy of mingpao.com
Derek Yee Tung Sing remakes the film that he starred in at age of 19 and made him an overnight sensation, DEATH DUEL (SAM SIU YEH DIK GIM). The casting for the lead role has always been the focus of attention; earlier Louis Koo Tin Lok, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Ko Chen-Tung and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan have been rumored, with Mainland actor Lin Gengxin as Yen Shih-San and Angelababy as Candy Yu On On's Hsiao Li. Earlier the film began production in Hengdian and the cast was finally unveiled. Lin Gengxin played the lead role Third Master Chi instead of Yen Shih-San, which Peter Ho Yun Tung would play. Jiang Yiyan and Jiang Mengjie would also perform. However who would play Hsiao Li has not been announced yet. After the cast was unveiled, many were disappointed. Viewers were not optimistic and some in the media even criticized the cast for lacking star power.

Siu Bo was upset and responded online. Siu Bo pointed out that producer Tsui Hark and he were the first and second lead. "When I returned late at night and saw the comments I was surprised, they had praises, conflicts, debates, thunder on a sunny day, crying and screaming. If Tsui Hark and I working together still needs big stars to be able to make you waste your ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Real Ting takes his wife Miriam Yeung and their son outsideMiriam Yeung catches Shawn Yue off guardShawn Yue checks if Miriam Yeung's back is all wet
courtesy of mingpao.com
The 33rd Hong Kong Film Award earlier came to an end. LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING)'s Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Shawn Yue Man Lok arrived together. Busy working out lately, Chin Wa has returned to form. She wore 7 inch heels with a yellow evening gown, when she turned around she showed off her back. Chin Wa said, "Today is hot, my back is all wet from walking!" Yue Man Lok responded with exaggeration and immediately became "Jimmy possessed" as he jokingly asked Chin Wa, "What did you say is all wet? Be careful with what you say! I am all wet, today I have a wet look. My head is all wet!"

Chin Wa after becoming a mother became more daring with her words. She and Yue Man Lok began a category III dialogue. "I said the back! Which head are you talking about? A person can have many heads!" Yue Man Lok's jaw dropped as he was caught off guard. Chin Wa laughed and said, "You read too much in that! I was asking if it was the shoulders and the knees?" Their conversation could not help but remind people of their films LOVE IN A PUFF and LOVE IN THE BUFF. Both films were very successful. Director Pang Ho Cheung earlier said that ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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