0901-00282-025b1.jpg?t=1409587845784Joey Yung praises Cheung Yiu Wing for radiating positive energy in music0901-00282-025b2.jpg?t=1409587827011Mayday calls Cheung Yiu Wing a star maker0901-00282-025b3.jpg?t=1409587816433Eliza Chan and Anthony Lun0901-00282-025b4.jpg?t=1409587804998
0901-00282-025b5.jpg?t=14095878021370901-00282-026b1.jpg?t=1409587723760Kelly Chen signals to security for help
courtesy of on.cc20140901fp05.jpg20140901fp06.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_01MC019_.jpgKelly Chen sentimentally remembers Cheung Yiu Wing already organizing her concert in the second year of her career._01MC015_.jpgA male fan holds onto Kelly Chen and she cries for help!_01MC012_.jpgJacky Cheung is reminded of Cheung Yiu Wing every time he is at the Hong Kong Coliseum_01MC016_.jpgJoey Yung suggests erecting a Cheung Yiu Wing statue outside the Hong Kong Coliseum_01MC011_.jpgIn light of Cheung Yiu Wing's family feud, some read more into Susanna Kwan's performance CAN'T BE SAID_01MC010_.jpgSally Yeh thinks that Cheung Yiu Wing watched her performance as he always did_01MC022_.jpgEdmond Leung and William So perform, Leung even has a wardrobe malfunction from it_01MC013_.jpgMayday brings the show to its climax_01MC101.jpgKary Ng and Mr. says Cheung Yiu Wing fulfills the Hong Kong Coliseum dream for younger artists like them_01MC102.jpgCheung Yiu Wing's first wife Law Kwai Chu, Mustache Kong, Deborah Li and Chan Suk Fun pose with the seat that has been reserved for Cheung Yiu Wing
courtesy of mingpao.com
Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Joey Yung Cho ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_01MI001_.jpgAlways responding with "no comment" to rumors, Louis Koo is dragged away by his manager as soon as Sammi was mentioned, stunning even Charmaine Sheh_01MI003_.jpgJulian Cheung says that his wife is an outsider and has no power to affect the story arrangements_01MI002_.jpgSammi Cheng denies that Andy Hui is afraid that she and Louis Koo will be linked in rumors again
courtesy of mingpao.com
The film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) not only had the television series' "Sam Gor" Francis Ng Chun Yu and "Cool Demon" Julian Cheung Chi Lam but also added hunk Louis Koo Tin Lok, hotties Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Charmaine Sheh Si Man. The cast already made the film rather attractive. From just a glimpse of this team, Sammi and Goo Jai's old rumor and another ancient rumor couple Cheung Chi Lam and Ah Sheh, the gossip topics already won out. Unexpectedly the story came with mismatches of Sammi with Sam Gor and Goo Jai and Amber Kuo......

On the day of the production start, although Sammi and Chilam both denied that their other halves (Andy Hui Chi On and Anita Yuen Wing Yi) have objected to pairing with past rumored partners Goo Jai and Ah Sheh and that day they graciously posed for photos together, actually the two rumored couples truly ahd no scene together. Ah Sheh and Chi Lam would be unable to continue their RETURN OF THE CUCKOO romance from 14 years ago. Chilam pointed out that the rumor dragged in his family, as his wife Yuen Wing Yi was helplessly blamed. How could an outside influence the story arrangement?

Sammi at the event also denied On ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0901-00282-001b1.jpg?t=1409588845236A steady performance wins Veronica Shiu the crown0901-00282-001b2.jpg?t=1409588841994Katherine Ho surprises many by landing in the final 30901-00282-001b3.jpg?t=1409588802469Erin Wong comes in second despite her questionable qualifications0901-00282-001b4.jpg?t=1409588799506
0901-00282-001b5.jpg?t=1409588772499Sofiee Ng is a favorite but does not land in the final 30901-00282-001b6.jpg?t=1409588735685Star judges Nat Chan, Joey Yung, Carol Cheng, Eric Tsang0901-00282-001b7.jpg?t=1409588724416
0901-00282-002b2.jpg?t=14095886772700901-00282-002b3.jpg?t=1409588645602Sammi Cheung0901-00282-003b1.jpg?t=1409588554371Linna Huynh is the latest to arrive for the pageant and has light make up and a confident smile0901-00282-004b1.jpg?t=1409588327663Wong Cho Nam0901-00282-005b1.jpg?t=1409588259870Miss Photogenic judge Natalie Tong does not mind appearing with old flame Amigo Choi0901-00282-006b1.jpg?t=1409587946315CK Leung kisses up and suffers jabs from Eric Tsang0901-00282-006b2.jpg?t=1409587943116Eric Tsang
courtesy of on.cc20140901fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_01MH015_.jpg24 year old Veronica Shiu (center) overwhelmingly wins Miss Hong Kong.  Second runner up is Katherine Ho (left) and first runner up is Erin Wong_01MHh.jpgMiss Hong Kong Veronica Shiu_01MH013_.jpgSecond runner up Erin Wong_01MH012_.jpgSecond runner up Katherine Ho _01MH010_.jpgFavorite contestant 3 Linna Huynh does not even land in the top three_01MH014_.jpgAudience voting shows Veronica Shiu leaving everyone else in the dust_01MH009_.jpgSome online calls the use of fur cruel (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The singer held his wedding at a 6-star hotel and sang 'Marry Me Today' with his bride


45-year-old David Tao finally married his girlfriend Penny Jiang yesterday in a grand affair that cost him NT$6million (approximately S$250,000). The lovebirds tied the knot at a church ceremony in morning followed by a 55-table banquet at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei last night.


The ceremony was hosted by Taiwanese-American actor David Wu and featured photos from their loving proposal in Palawan, Philippines. Penny walked down the aisle hand in hand with her father and David's mother was the marriage officiant.


Taiwanese host Chang Hsiao-yen specially wore a bow tie to represent David's deceased father Tao Dawei and gave her congratulatory speech to the newlyweds. In addition, singer Jam Hsiao gave them his blessings through his song 'Love',and the couple sang 'Marry Me'in a tear-jerking duet.


The newly-weds met the media before their wedding dinner and Penny wore a black gown designed by Vera Wang worth NT$240,000 (approximately S$10,000). David even kissed Penny on the cheek and posed for the cameras.


The singer revealed both of them have agreed on trying for a child after his concert ends this year and David's mother hopes the couple will bear her two grandchildren in future.


David Tao holds secret wedding in the Philippines?
David Tao is getting hitched




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Mandopop bigwigs were part of the star-studded guest list at David Tao's wedding


Taiwanese singer David Tao and wife Penny (Jiang Pei Rong) threw a 55-table wedding banquet at six-star hotel Mandarin Oriental Taipei last night. The star-studded event was graced by A-list celebrities including Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao, Lee Hom and wife Lee Jinglei, who made her first public appearance since she gave birth in July.

Although Lee Hom and Jinglei did not accept interviews at the wedding, the couple happily posed for photos. Dressed in a black suit, JJ Lin said that he has never met the bride previously. 'Congratulations, David! I wish the newlyweds eternal love and I hope he will continue to contribute the music industry after getting married!' he quipped.

As Jay was in Shenzhen, China for a concert on Saturday, he rushed to the hotel from the airport after his flight back to Taipei was delayed. While speaking to reporters, the multi-hyphenate revealed that he had sent a text message to David, in case he could not make it in time for the wedding. 'I wrote: 'If your kids think that you are too strict [in teaching music] in future, they can come and learn from me!'' he laughed.

Jam, who was seated at the same table as his seniors, shared that he became good friends with David after Beijing TV's reality singing contest China Best Voice. Not only did the 30-year-old agreed to be the wedding singer, he presented the couple with a teacup set from luxury brand Hermès.

'I heard that Penny doesn't drink. David should drink lesser and enjoy some tea with his wife occasionally,' explained Jam, who also claimed that watching his buddy tie the knot makes him want to settle down too.

'Should I ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The Taiwanese actor, who was detained for 14 days for using marijuana, expressed deeply regret over his actions


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who was arrested in China last month for using marijuana, held a public apology in Beijing last Friday following his release. He returned to Taiwan on Saturday and held a similar public apology.

During the press conference, Kai apologised repeatedly for disappointing those who supported him and promised to 'change for the better'. He also admitted to feeling lost and said that he had entertained thoughts of quitting showbiz during his two-week detention.

His manager, Angie Chai, told the media she was heartbroken when the first thing she heard from him after his release was, 'What do I do now? I cannot work for the company anymore.'

When asked about his detention, the 23-year-old confessed to not being able to sleep in peace. He had to get up at six in the morning for lessons and shared a room with eight other people. The actor did not receive any special treatment and said, 'Those who shared the room with me do not know who I am.'

The star, who shot to fame for his role in romance flick You're The Apple Of My Eye, was accused of putting on a show when he cried profusely at an earlier press conference in Beijing. But Kai said it was not for show and no scripts were written.

As for previous news on China's media industry banning him for two years, both Kai and Angie clarified they have not received any ruling to date. Although there have been several pull-outs from advertisers, the actor has garnered support from many others too.

Kai has not finalised plans for a comeback and will lie low for ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The singer fought hard for the bouquet toss at Kenny Bee's wedding and revealed his wish to get married underwater


Asia's dancing king Show Luo attended Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee's wedding last Monday and jumped above those who were lining up for the bouquet toss to 'claim the grand prize'.

When asked if he planned on getting married, the singer-actor laughed, 'The bouquet toss is like a competition to me, so I cannot lose. There were so many children who are just a little over 10 years old, it is too early for them (to get married), so I grabbed the bouquet.'

But Show has already started dreaming about his wedding. 'I hope it'd be as grand as a Hollywood wedding. I used to think about holding it at the Taipei Arena, but now, I think an underwater wedding will be pretty cool with my guests all in oxygen masks.'

His manager immediately rebutted, 'How can you say 'I do' when nothing can be heard underwater? You still have to use hand gestures.'

Last Saturday, the 35-year-old held an autograph session-cum-sale event for his new DVD, Over The Limit Puzzle Live Tour DVD and his new book, Dream Puzzle, which was released last month.

Over The Limit Puzzle Live Tour DVD sold more than 50,000 copies in less than a month, and Dream Puzzle was the best seller of blogshops and Kingstone bookstores.

He said, 'Without you, I will not be able to complete my dream puzzle. This event was postponed after the Kaohsiung gas leak explosions. Although there are fewer reports of the incident now, we should still show our care to those in Kaohsiung.'

To express his appreciation for his fans, Show has reportedly forked out NT$100,000 (approximately S$4,100) for 11 mist fans and 1000 bottles of ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Kary Ng may be joining Paco Wong's company

Sunday August 31, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/kary-ng-may-joining-paco-wongs-company-012800009.html






Rumour has it that Hong Kong singer Kary Ng is currently negotiating her contract and may be moving from Universal Music Group to Paco Wong's Sun Entertainment Culture.


According to Wenweipo News, the singer, who participated in the Metro 23 concert on 28 August, recently stated, "Indeed, my contract is expiring next January, and I am currently in negotiation. As to what my decision would be, it's not yet convenient to tell."


"All I can say is that I have my goals and there is a lot for me to think about," said Kary.


Since she is considered a senior at Universal Music Group, many are speculating about her position in Sun Entertainment if she decides to join the company, as it already boasts big female stars such as Stephy Tang and Fiona Sit.


To this, Kary said, "Being a senior in a company is just a title. I am more interested in developing my music."


"I want to expand my music to mainland China and launch a Mandarin album," she added. "But I still want to stay in Hong Kong for more than a year, so I won't be so hasty as to release a Mandarin album."

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Sunday August 31, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/eason-chan-jacky-cheung-deny-holding-concert-together-013100559.html






Hong Kong singers Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan have recently denied reports saying that they are holding a concert together in mainland China next year, according to Mingpao News.


Previously, unknown sources released an information online saying that several mainland companies are bringing the two Cantopop giants to mainland China for a duo concert in 2015.


However, Eason clarified through his manager that there is no truth to the reports.


His manager stated that in order to avoid fans from being cheated, any information about Eason's future performances and concert tours will be announced by the management company or its official website.


Jacky's manager also reiterated that no such concert has been agreed upon, and hoped that fans will not be easily influenced by such reports.

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The actor held a press conference in Beijing after his release to apologise for his misdeeds


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was released from detention this morning (Aug 29), two weeks after being busted for smoking marijuana. His parents arrived at the detention facility half an hour before he was due to be released, where a large media crowd had gathered to catch a glimpse of the star.

Upon his release at midnight, he was whisked off to his Beijing hotel in a squad car, where reporters awaited his arrival. The large group of media reportedly ambushed Kai once he disembarked, where he is said to have hurled vulgarities at them and was pulled away by his security team before the situation got out of hand.

At 2.30pm, the actor held a press conference to apologise for his misdeeds, which was also attended by his boss Angie Chai and his parents. Breaking into tears soon after speaking into the microphone, the visibly emotional 23-year-old started, 'I did wrong; there's no explanation, no reason nor excuse. I was plain wrong.'

He continued, 'I was very fortunate to have been given so many chances and everyone has been very supportive of me throughout my career but I never realised that my success doesn't just belong to me, it belongs to everyone who loves and supports me.'

Kai added, 'The trust that everyone had in me ' directors, fellow actors, crew and so on has been broken and I can only say that I'm sorry to them and I never thought I would feel so upset because of the consequences of my actions on them. ('¦) To the fans who have supported me, I've disappointed you and I've done wrong. I'm definitely in the wrong and did something illegal; never emulate my actions.'



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