Tuesday August 26, 2014 Hong Kong

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After 17 years of relationship, Kenny Bee finally marries girlfriend Fan Jiang in a luxurious celebration held at the Alila Villas Uluwatu Hotel on 25 August.


As reported on Mingpao News, Fan Jiang revealed that she was extremely touched after saying "I do", while Kenny thanked his guests for coming and celebrating the meaningful occasion with them, especially to his best men Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, Alex To and Nick Cheung, who all opted to wear white suit along with him.


Aside from a minute of fireworks show and speeches made by good friends including Alan Tam, Nick Cheung and Rosamund Kwan, the couple's daughter Chung Yee also sang two songs dedicated to her parents.


The 61-year-old actor said, "The wedding is just not about the two of us but a celebration for the entire family. I mean, even my wife's veil was designed by our daughter Chung Yee."


Kenny revealed that the decision to get married came when their daughter told them that she is the only one among her friends who doesn't have her parents' wedding photo at home.


"We thought about it and then slowly planned it. It turned out a very happy event, and I am truly grateful and happy," he added.


The happy star also gave away red ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Tuesday August 26, 2014 Hong Kong

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Yumiko Cheng and husband, makeup artist Andy Leung, will finally be holding their long overdue Hong Kong wedding banquet next month.


As reported on Mingpao News, the couple, who held their pre-wedding party in Koh Samui, Thailand in November last year, is expected to invite their family members, relatives and friends in Shanghai to the banquet, aside from those who were not able to join them at the pre-wedding event, including Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung and Twins.


Yumiko revealed that they originally planned to hold the wedding earlier this year, but had difficulties preparing for the wedding due to their busy schedule.


Though the location of the event has yet to be announced, it was reported that Albert Yeung, the Chairman of Yumiko's management company EEG will be sponsoring the banquet.


The 32-year-old Cantopop singer has dated the 40-year-old makeup artist for nine years before the latter proposed to her in 2012, after a tragic accident in Thailand left her in a two-day coma.

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Husband Blackie Chen had misunderstood the meaning of artificial insemination and gave the wrong information


It was a blunder on husband Blackie Chen's part ' he and his wife, Christine Fan, had conceived naturally, contrary to what Blackie had said about undergoing artificial insemination.

Christine had announced her pregnancy on social media on Sunday and there were hearsay that the couple had gone through artificial insemination to conceive twins, to which Blackie had even confirmed.

However, 38-year-old Christine clarified it was 'artificial' only because she had consumed ovulation pills and used injections to stimulate ovulation so that her chances of getting pregnant will be increased.

It was said that the singer took her first injection in May before injecting Blackie's semen into her, but she failed to conceive.

Christine then underwent the process a second time in June, receiving more than 10 injections, before the doctor confirmed the presence of eggs and encouraged the couple to give it another try, and she successfully conceived.

The doctor explained that artificial insemination is the process whereby the sperm of the male is selected and injected into the oviduct where the eggs travel along. Although Christine ovulated with the help of medicine, it is still considered a natural process.


In addition, Blackie's grandmother was overjoyed when she heard that her grand-daughter-in-law is pregnant. His brother already has children, so the elder always told Blackie, 'My greatest wish is to see you have children.'

The loving husband also revealed he will travel to 'as far as Kaohsiung to buy whatever my wife craves for.'


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The Chinese artiste's weight loss worried his mother, Lin Feng-jiao, who is currently in Hong Kong


Hong Kong star Jackie Chan's only son, Jaycee Chan, has since been detained for 11 days following his arrest two weeks ago for doing drugs with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko.

The 31-year-old, who has admitted to be taking drugs for eight years, did not know the severity of his offence when his lawyer visited him in the detention centre the first time.

But when his lawyer visited a second time yesterday, Jaycee looked visibly haggard and lost three kilograms from 65 kg. He appeared lost and helpless, holding back his tears and putting on a brave front.

As Jaycee was in possession of marijuiana and implicated others into using them, the longest he could be detained is 37 days and jailed for up to four years. He is not to see any family or friends before the trial.

Jackie is reportedly still in Beijing searching for a solution to help his son while his wife, Lin Feng-jiao, stayed in Hong Kong and gets updates on Jaycee through the lawyer.



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The two rumoured lovers attended Hong Kong actor's wedding celebrations in Bali and were teased to be practicing for their own


Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao attended Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee's wedding celebration party last Saturday and the ceremony yesterday in Bali with rumoured beau Elroy Cheo. They were even teased to be going through the ceremony as a form of practice for their own wedding, to which Elva shyly denied.

It was her birthday on Sunday and Elroy was said to have celebrated the occasion for her in Bali as well, gifting her a branded coat worth NT$200,000 (approximately S$8,200) with a caring message: 'You can wear this when you are at work.'

He is also preparing another present at the moment but Elva has no idea what it is, and there are guesses that it may be jewellery such as a ring.

The 35-year-old, who had previously expressed her support for ex-boyfriend Kai Ko in the face of his drug case, reportedly toured Bali with him in 2012 after her birthday too.




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The Taiwanese singer and husband Blackie Chen opted for that as the former was under too much pressure to conceive naturally


Celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen are finally parents after tying the knot three years ago. They shared the good news on Facebook on Sunday and nicknamed their twins 'Big Panda' and 'Small Panda'.

Christine revealed through her record label Linfair Records that she only knew of her pregnancy when she went to the hospital for a check-up after slipping in the toilet. The doctor told her she only had an eight-percent chance of conceiving twins at her age of 38, and the singer joked, 'The fall was hard, but miraculous.'

It was believed that Christine's weak body took a toll on her during the pregnancy where she had serious morning sickness and even bled severely during her sixth week. She has since put on three kilograms in order to provide sufficient nutrients for 'the pandas'.

However, there were rumours that the couple had undergone artificial insemination to get pregnant, to which Blackie admitted.

He said, 'Christine was under great pressure before she got pregnant due to public concern and the fact that her female friends are already expecting. We have worked very hard before succeeding.'

The two wanted to have children before they get older and do not wish to reveal too many details, 'we just want to share our joy.'

In addition, Christine will be releasing her new album this year and will proceed with recording as usual, but the exact release date will depend on the mother-to-be's health.



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Actor Kim Woo Bin suffered a knee injury on the set of his film "Twenty."

The injury was serious enough to halt filming on Aug. 24 and the actor was taken to the emergency room at Jungbuk Hospital in Jeonju. At the hospital he was examined for about an hour and his exam included an MRI scan of his left knee.

The scans showed that the ligaments and cartilage in his knee were damaged but no information was released as to the severity of his injury. Knee ligaments can be sprained or torn. Also, some part of the ligament can tear or the whole ligament can tear through completely, requiring surgery. His injury must not have been that severe, as he was not scheduled for surgery. But even minor knee injuries can affect a person's ability to walk properly and take months to heal.

Not only Kim Woo Bin did have to halt filming and he could not attend a press conference the next day that was hosted by the Jeonju Film Commission.

Kim Woo Bin is the latest in a series of k-celebs to sustain injuries on set. JYJ's Park Yoochun sustained a similar injury when he tore a shoulder ligament while filming an action scene in the drama "Three Days."

According C-JES Entertainment, Park Yoochun complained about pain for a week before going to the hospital. An MRI revealed a tear and he was told it would take about three months to heal.

Park Yoochun chose not to drop out of "Three Days" and the production company worked to adjust his filming schedule.

To recover and reduce complications, Kim Woo Bin will have to limit his movements and he must rest his injured knee. He will likely also face few months of recovery time.

"Twenty" is a film about three 20-something friends.  Kim Woo ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A day after Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East disputed the assault charges filed against him by a woman claiming to be his girlfriend, some texts have emerged to support her claims.

The Dispatch gathered some texts between the singer and actor and the woman who says she dated him.

The woman claimed that she dated the singer for the past two years but the day after the news broke, Key East said the couple had merely been friends for two years and only recently begun dating. However Dispatch photos show the two embracing in April 2012 and texts exchanged between them in 2013 indicate they were having a relationship.

The texts allegedly say such things as "I love you," "I miss you," "Don't break up with me" and "Let's live together."

Apparently the two had relationship problems early on because he texted her saying things such as "I will do better" and "Don't break up with me."

The woman, referred to as 'A," told the police that she was assaulted twice, once in May and again July. The second argument led to a fractured rib, which she supported with a doctor's note. Key East said that the two did have a physical fight in May but that she hurt her rib fooling around and that there was no second fight.

A text that she supposedly sent to him at the time noted that she had bruises all over her body.

"I have no reason to be beaten," she texted and according to the Dispatch article he admitted some guilt. If the texts are genuine, he said that he did not know why he hurt her.

"I am sorry that you were bruised and hurt," he reportedly texted. "I don't know why I did this to you."

If the texts are true, say netizens, the couple was ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Prior to the release of their much-awaited album, Tae-yeon, Tiffany and Seo-hyun of Girls’ Generation’s subunit Taetiseo will reveal parts of their day-to-day lives through a reality TV show.

Starting Tuesday, the three girls will appear in “The Taetiseo” on cable channel On Style, which is operated by CJ E&M.

“We wanted to make our comeback special by starring in a reality show,” said Tiffany during a press conference held last week at CJ E&M’s headquarters in Sangam-dong, northwestern Seoul. “First, audiences will get to see more about our everyday life, and then get to see our lives as entertainers toward the latter part of the show.”

There is also a chance that the group’s new album will be released through the program, according to its chief producer, Kim Ji-wook. The group has released only one album so far, “Twinkle,” in 2012, so fans are anxiously waiting to hear the band’s new songs.

The program is a quasi-sequel to the channel’s “Jessica & Krystal,” a reality show that featured siblings Jessica from Girls’ Generation and Krystal of f(x), which are both affiliated with SM Entertainment. After the show was well received, more artists from the agency decided to take part in reality shows.

Tae-yeon said that the members of Taetiseo have known one another for more than 10 years, so they feel like family - sisters, to be exact.

“Instead of showing anything big, the program will be all about us being natural,” said Tae-yeon.

“Since there might be some people who don’t know Taetiseo because we only released an album once, we wanted to focus more on showing a humane side rather than the professional side on stage.”

For the youngest member, Seo-hyun, filming the show was a little liberating.

“It was fun to go to an amusement park through the reality show and embellish myself ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Actor So Ji-sub, the star of KBS drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” will finally meet with local fans after traveling overseas for two months.

The actor started his fan meet “So Ji Sub 1st Asia Tour” in June in Taiwan and then went to Kobe and Yokohama in Japan the following month.

The actor met with fans in more countries, including Thailand last month and Hong Kong, China and Singapore earlier this month. He went to six countries in total.

Tickets to many of his meets sold out before the star set foot in those countries. Many people who couldn’t get tickets gathered at airports or outside venues to catch a glimpse of the star.

So will have two fan meets in Korea this weekend for local fans. He will be at Chung-ang University on Friday and Yonsei University on Saturday.

JoongAng Daily

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