Wednesday August 13, 2014 Hong Kong






While Lily Ho has been telling everybody about her breakup with Hinson Chou only two weeks since they announced their relationship, the actor himself seemed to be oblivious about the separation.


According to HK Channel, the actor, who was contacted for response on the subject of the breakup, asked to seek clarification first before responding to it.


When asked if it was Lily who initiated the breakup, he replied, "It doesn't matter. We intended to do so anyway."


He also denied that the photos of them kissing at a furniture shop was the reason for the short-lived romance and said he will not discuss the reason.


"But we will continue being friends," he said.

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Wednesday August 13, 2014 Hong Kong






 It has only been two weeks since Lily Ho and Hinson Chou announced their relationship but it seemed that two weeks was enough for the couple to finally called it quits.


As reported on Mingpao News, a few days after the couple were seen locking lips at a furniture store, Lily revealed that she and the actor are no longer an item.


"As an artiste, I should be more careful about my behaviour in public," said Lily, who seemed to refer to the photos of them kissing.


She added, "I should know when to say no but I don't know how since I never experienced it before. My parents reprimanded me for the incident and I realised that I was also at fault."


The actress also denied that they broke up due to TVB's pressure and insisted that the two of them are still friends.

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Niki Chow won't make public appearance with boyfriend

Wednesday August 13, 2014 Hong Kong







 Hong Kong actress Niki Chow, who has been dating Chinese actor Jeremy Tsui since late last year, stated that she prefers not to attend events as a couple like most celebrities would do.


According to Mingpao News, the actress, who attended a fashion event recently, stated that there is no point of attending promotional events as a couple, as the two of them did not play lovers in their drama "The Virtuous Queen Han", where they first met each other.


"Plus, I am not the kind of person who likes to share my private life in public," she said.


Niki also denied receiving any offer to play a couple with Jeremy in film and drama. "I may consider it if the script is good and the price is right. But we may have conflicts."


"On second thought, I think I may not do it," she added.

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Sammi Cheng's concert ticketing issues cause displeasure

Wednesday August 13, 2014 Hong Kong







It has been five years since Sammi opened her last world tour and fans have been highly anticipating her upcoming year-end show, the 2014 "Touch Mi" Concert.


However, the excitement was quickly dampened when the server for the online credit card priority booking service for Sammi's seven shows froze, while the hotline phone booking system was also delayed due to the sheer amount of demands.


Several fans complained that they tried to get through the ticketing system the whole day to no avail, while some said that they had to wait two hours on the phone before they eventually succeeded.


The ticketing issue reportedly has also sparked the emergence of ticket scalpers who are selling the tickets at a higher price. Several fans complained that these scalpers are taking advantage of desperate fans by hiking the original price from HKD 680 (approximately USD 88) to a whopping HKD 1,700 (USD 219).


In response to the booking issue, Sammi's manager Guo Qihua acknowledged the situation and said that while the priority credit card payment system is almost sold out, the tickets are still officially on sale.


On the subject of ticket scalpers, Guo said, "I hope that fans would be patient and not resort to buying from these scalpers."

Meanwhile, Sammi thanked her fans for the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Mandopop superstar Jay Chou and his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan are reportedly on a beach vacation at the moment, as part of the latter's 21st birthday celebrations. Rumours are rife that the multi-hyphenate is planning to propose during this holiday.

Throughout their three-year relationship, Jay has brought Hannah overseas on various important occasions. The couple was previously spotted in Europe, United States and Japan.

At an event in June, Jay promised to marry his girlfriend before turning 36 next January, sparking rumours that wedding preparations are underway. According to Taiwanese media, Hannah was so impressed by reknowned photographer Liang Su, who was also Vivian Hsu's wedding photographer, during a recent assignment that she hired his services for her own matrimonial photoshoot.

However, Liang Su has denied the claim while Hannah's company refused to comment on the artiste's personal affairs.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jay's fans, who had openly opposed to the relationship at first, have come to accept Hannah as their 'sister-in-law'. Some even expressed well wishes on the actress' birthday while others created composite wedding photos of the two.

Sources also revealed that Hannah earned the likes of Jay's mother with her good culinary skills and caring nature. Besides managing her boyfriend's diet, the actress-model would also regularly pack food for her future mother-in-law when she goes out, a virtue which allegedly did not go unnoticed by Jay.




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The actor-director has clarified that he will remain in the industry despite his mother's recent death


Hong Kong American actor Daniel Wu has stepped forward to clear the air about previous rumours that he will be leaving showbiz. Earlier this May, the filial son returned to the U.S. with his wife, Lisa and daughter, Raven presumably to spend time with his mother after she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The father of one not only gave up his talent management agency Revolution, he also stopped attending promotional activities of the movies he had starred in.

However, his mother passed away shortly after in late May. After holding her funeral in the U.S., Daniel has not returned to Hong Kong since.

He had reportedly planned for one-year-old Raven to receive education in the U.S., and was said to be leaving the entertainment industry to keep his 80-year-old father company.

Yesterday, the 39-year-old dispelled all related rumours through Weibo: 'Thank you all for your concern towards what happened to my family earlier, everything is back on track now. I hereby wish to correct previous mistakes made in some media reports. I love acting and directing, and have never thought of leaving the industry. I will continue to work hard, thank you for all your support!'


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Hong Kong veteran singer-actor Alan Tam and his mistress, Wendy Chu, were recently spotted dining with a friend together.

The couple can be often seen attending dinner functions, playing badminton together, or at family outings with their son, Tam Hiu Fung.

Earlier, Alan and Wendy were seen enjoying dinner with a friend in Central Hong Kong. Wendy was seated in a corner and left with their friend first. When Alan spotted the reporters while he was leaving later, he even playfully waved at the camera.

The 63-year-old has been maintaining a clandestine relationship with Wendy for twenty years. He secretly married his wife, Sally Yeung, in 1981 ' the marriage was only discovered in 1993, when Alan's name appeared on Sally's deceased father's obituary.

However, the star fell in love with his fan, Wendy, soon after that. Although the latter even bore him a son, Tam Hiu Fung, Alan only revealed of mother-and-son's existence when his father passed away in 2006.

In recent years, Sally has been devoted to Buddhism and rarely appears in public. On the contrary, Wendy has taken over Sally's spot at Alan's side, and is receiving an increasing amount of respect and adoration from him.


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Ruco Chan and Linda Chung’s “All That is Bitter is Sweet” will premiere on September 8

Tuesday August 12, 2014 Hong Kong

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Ruco Chan attended an event for "Sport Viva" in Tsuen Wan City Walk yesterday. Talking about his new series "All That is Bitter is Sweet" which will be airing on September 8, Ruco spoke about his special feelings on filming the new drama, "Since my debut ten years ago, I only did two Republic-era dramas, 'Love in a Miracle' under ATV and 'All That is Bitter is Sweet' is the second period drama."

Ruco took the opportunity to clear the rumour that he had plastic surgery. He explained his face appeared bloated while filming due to the fact that he had to submerge in sea water, fresh water, and even lake water 4-5 times during filming, even though the temperature was as low as 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. Ruco said that he had filmed underwater scenes when the weather in Hong Kong was at its coldest and he has bloated after getting sick and having water retention. He is also rumoured to be dating Linda Chung. In response to these rumors, Ruco stated that he and Linda are only friends and they are work colleagues as well.

"All That is Bitter is Sweet" is a 30-episode series, co-starring Linda Chung, Raymond Wong and Natalie Tong. Linda plays a rich girl whose family runs a large pharmaceutical business. Linda is the first pharmacist in China. She and Natalie are best friends, but later become love rivals. Linda-Ruco-Raymond-Natalie will be involved in a love square. "All that is Bitter is Sweet" will premiere on September 8.

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The trio expressed affection for one another and even announced 'good news is on the way' for Hebe


Taiwanese girl group S.H.E gave it their all at their second 2GETHER 4EVER concert at the Taipei Arena two days ago, as 'we don't know when the next concert will be'. Breaking out in song and dance, the three ladies displayed their affections and even openly smooched one another in front of everyone.

For their last concert night, they invited their senior and fellow label mate Taiwanese rock duo Power Station as guest singers. Selina and Ella, who are now happily married, even played matchmaker for Hebe and Power Station's You Chiu-hsing since they are both dog-lovers and share the same quiet personality.

Thereafter, the two added that good news was on the way for S.H.E, but made it clear that they 'are not pregnant.' To prove their point, Ella did a split on the spot and Selina rubbed her tummy.

The 'good news,' according to the members, turned out to be Hebe's upcoming solo concert, to which the 31-year-old joked, 'Yeah so unlucky (to hold a concert without them).'

Selina, who completed a 10-km marathon in June after recovering from her burn injuries, expressed her desire to be Hebe's back-up singer while Ella unabashedly recommended Hebe to invite her as guest performer.




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The father and son are living apart and have not travelled overseas together for 29 years


Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse, who is currently hosting a Chinese food travelogue Chef Nic, had invited his father Patrick Tse and Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen onto the latest episode of the show.

The episode which aired last Saturday showed the trio having a heart-to-heart talk in Spain around an outdoor fire.

Nicholas confessed, 'I have always wanted an older sister since young, an older sister should be able to take good care of people. They (My parents) feel that I don't dote on my younger sister enough, I only see her a few times a year'¦'

The actor's father immediately continued, 'I rarely see you either, we're really not close to each other.' He went on to reveal that Nicholas had studied overseas since young and focused on his career after returning to Hong Kong.

Both father and son have been living apart in recent years and have not travelled overseas together for 29 years.

Michelle was in disbelief after hearing their confessions and suggested Nicholas to go on an annual overseas trip with Patrick, which the 33-year-old promised to do so starting next year.

The actor-singer also shared his thoughts on his divorce with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung in 2011. Saying that he has truly followed his father's footsteps, Nicholas explained, 'He entered showbiz at a young age, I did too; he divorced quickly, so did I.'

78-year-old Patrick sheds tears as he expressed worry for his grandsons Lucas and Quintus Tse, adding, 'I feel so upset thinking about how Nicholas can reunite with his sons only for a short while before leaving them.'




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