Singer-songwriter Wilber Pan is rumoured to be dating Doris Lai, who was previously romantically-linked to Jay Chou


American-born Taiwanese-based singer Wilber Pan has been rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actress-model Doris Lai after she posted a photo of a credit card bill of US$6,728.48 (approximately S$8,436) last Saturday on Instagram with Wilber being the cardholder.

Wilber has recently ended promotional activities for his latest album Crown & Clown and returned to the States for a rest. The photo posted by Doris had the caption 'thank you NY' and the location on the bill was at a pub in New York ' Up & Down.

She first uploaded the original bill but realised his name was revealed. It was deleted immediately and she uploaded another one with a heart over his name. She deleted the second photo later as well.

Doris clarified through her manager last Saturday that she did meet Wilber in New York.

'Our mutual friend got married in the States, so we met at the banquet. There were about 20 of us at the pub. Wilber foot the bill in advance and it was split among the rest of us.'

The 30-year-old also explained she wanted to avoid questions on her relationship status and causing any inconvenience to Wilber, so she deleted the photos.

Doris insisted they were good friends and emphasised she is currently single. She added, 'Wilber and I have been friends for a long time. I even supported him at a variety show during his album release. If we were dating, how can we appear on the same show together?'

Wilber's manager did not respond to the rumours.

The singer, who has debuted for 13 years, had previously been said to be dating Bebe Yang, the heiress of a construction company, for three years.

Bebe was even photographed entering and leaving Wilber's apartment ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Ladies' Code RiSe passed away yesterday morning (Sept 7), four days after being involved in a fellow member Eunbi.The 23-year-old sustained severe head injuries and underwent over 11 hours of surgery on the day of the accident. Her surgery was halted due to dangerously low blood pressure; she passed away without regaining consciousness.

Polaris, their label, stated in a press release that her parents and agency officials were by her side when she passed.  Prior to her death, fans and fellow celebrities alike tweeted their well-wishes for her to regain consciousness.

The label stated, 'RiSe drew her final breath even though every attempt at surgery and treatment was attempted after (RiSe) sustained serious head injuries during the accident that occurred in the early morning of September 3.'

Eunbi's funeral was held on September 5 and was attended by members Ashley and Zuny despite their injuries. Sojung was unable to attend as her injuries were more severe and she underwent surgery for her facial fractures on the day of the funeral.

Despite family and friends' efforts to keep the news from Sojung, the 21-year-old reportedly found out about Eunbi's death before the surgery.

RiSe's wake is being held at the Korea University Anam Hospital until September 9, which is where Eunbi's was also held. An outpouring of grief from celebrities has followed the unfortunate news, with stars such as Yoo Jae Suk attending the wake.

There has been no official word from the police on further details on the accident.



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Taiwanese singer-host Eddy Ou, commonly known as Ou Di, has reportedly married his girlfriend from Chongqing, Zheng Yun Can, at the Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau on August 29.

Ou Di shared through his management that they will hold their banquet either within this year or early next year as both of them are currently busy with work. The newlyweds will also not be going on any honeymoon trips as Ou Di is currently filming in Shanghai.

The parents of the 35-year-old have not met their new daughter-in-law, who is not from showbiz, and he will bring her to meet them in Taiwan once her visa is ready.

Ou Di wrote on Weibo previously: 'If you found someone who can make you grow (as a person), he or she is the right one.'

Last Saturday (Sept 6), he posted a photo of a Tiffany & Co. diamond ring and shared: 'After years of roaming around, I am glad that I will finally be forming my own family.'

Fellow entertainer Woo Gwa (Hu Gua) gave his well wishes to Ou Di, 'I hope they can be happy. When Ou Di told me on his birthday (in July) that he is getting married this year, I didn't think he was serious but now, he has really done it.'

Ou Di's debut partner, Show Luo, whom he formed the then-pop duo Romeo with, also congratulated him, 'I haven't received the invitation but I'm very happy for him to be able to find someone to live the rest of his life with.'



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20140910fp01.jpgcourtesy of
The Wong Jing directed Lunar New Year film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON) added Carina Lau Ka Ling to the commercial and critical hit. In the film Fat Gor and Ka Ling played a couple in a love hate relationship.

Among the 2014 Lunar New Year film, the Wong Jing directed, Andrew Lau Wai Keung produced, Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung starred FROM VEGAS TO MACAU won both word of mouth and box office. Director Wong Jing immediately planned a sequel FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2, adding Lau Ka Ling, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Shawn Yue Man Lok to join the cast and shooting on location in China, Macau and Thailand. FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2's story followed the first film with an all new story. Cheung Ka Fai would play an accounting and computer expert, as well as the father of WHERE ARE YOU GOING, DAD's Angela Wang Shiling. Ka Ling and Fat Gor had a romantic adventure and even a 3 minute long kiss scene.

For the kiss on the beach scene, Fat Gor and Ka Ling flew to Thailand. In the story old flames Chow Yun Fat and Lau Ka Ling ran into each other again. As Cheung Ka Fai took his daughter to find his wife, Chow Yun Fat and Lau Ka Ling waited for him on a remote island and even shared a kiss by the water. Reportedly, producer Lau Wai Keung prepared a bottle of expensive champagne as prop. Ka Ling appreciated it so much then she drank it all at once. Fat Gor only had a few a mouthful or two. Fat Gor talked about the three kiss scenes ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Monday September 8, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang recently clarified the issue about the photo of her driving a car that she had previously published online.

On 4 September, the singer shared a photo of her learning how to drive a car on Weibo, saying, "It's raining and I am driving on the road for the first time. My heart is beating really fast!"


The photo, however, received quite a backlash from Netizens, claiming that G.E.M. may have broken the law and risked others' safety by taking photos while driving.


However, according to On CC News, the singer recently clarified the issue, saying that her driving instructor was with her at the time and had allowed her to take photos.


"I was at the red light when I took the photo [...]. I asked [my driving instructor] if I could take a picture since I stopped at the red light, and he said yes," the singer explained.


G.E.M. also stated that she had read the safety manual at Hong Kong's Transport Department, which specified that the driver can use a mobile phone when the car is parked or not moving.


However, according to a lawyer contacted by the news portal, there is a different interpretation about the stated rule in the safety guidelines. Though she was at the red light, there is possibility that the traffic ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Monday September 8, 2014 Hong Kong







 TVB actress Mandy Wong recently revealed that she will be playing a courtesan in TVB's upcoming big-budget series, "Cheung Po Tsai".


As reported on On CC News, the actress, who attended a skincare brand event in Lai Chi Kok on 6 September, revealed that the role will be one of the most challenging roles she has ever taken and that she has been making her own research about the character in her free time.


"The scriptwriter said that my role as a brothel courtesan will have a character development and growth throughout the series. Therefore, I have been watching a lot of film about courtesans to fully understand the character," said Mandy.


One of the films that she has watched for reference was the 2005 movie "Memoirs of a Geisha", starring Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li.


Meanwhile, when asked about her plans for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mandy said that she will be spending her break with her family.


As to her marriage plans, Mandy replied, "I haven't thought about it. I hope to focus on my work for the time being."

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Monday September 8, 2014 Hong Kong







Ten months after their pre-wedding celebration in Thailand's Koh Samui last year, Cantopop singer Yumiko Cheng and husband Andy Leung finally held their wedding banquet in Hong Kong last week.


According to Hong Kong's On CC News, the couple celebrated their union in a larger traditional Chinese banquet at the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel on 4 September, with star-studded guests including Nicholas Tse, Chin Ka Lok and wife, Angela Tong, Sherman Chung, Cally Kwong, Deep Ng, Patrick Tse, Cheung Tat Ming, and Jade Kwan.


Yumiko was also accompanied by her bridesmaids, including celebrities Joey Yung, Charlene Choi, and Gillian Chung, who all wore matching pink dresses, while husband Andy arrived at the event with his groomsmen that include Edmond Leung, Wilfred Lau, and Sam Lee.


Since the couple has yet to officially register their marriage, they did not wear wedding bands, though Yumiko still flashed her four-carat diamond engagement ring.


Asked about their baby plans, Yumiko and husband revealed that they have no immediate plans for children and want to spend more time with each other for the time being.


The singer also expressed her gratitude towards EEG Chairman Albert Yeung, who generously paid a part of the banquet.

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Tony Hung Substitutes for Raymond Wong in "Cheung Po Tsai"

Monday September 8, 2014 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @






Raymond Wong, who has been diagnosed with Behçet's disease, is currently resting in a hospital; the role in the new series "Cheung Po Tsai" will be substituted by Tony Hung. Tony appeared in TVB City in costume to work, revealing having received executive Catherine Tsang's notification earlier: "I don't have any series...just took a vacation leave to go travelling with a New Zealand friend. (You were chosen?) Actually, the company has many people. Perhaps I have Cheung Po Tsai's qualities. The company is also very good...waiting for me to finish advertisement filming before shaving my head. This series is also a grand production. A special effects set has been built on set". Tony said that he is currently working hard on looking at the script...will officially film in the middle of the month. Later, will go with the crew to Hengdian for location filming. He laughingly said, "Already expect to sever ties with all my close relatives during these four months".

Hopes to Create Sparks with Grace Chan

Regarding have many scenes with Grace Chan, Tony frankly said that the seniors have all greatly praised Grace's performance as being not bad...hopes for the both of them to work hard and to create sparks. Regarding having to sacrifice his vacation for the new series, Tony expressed that it did not matter: "I just lost the money for the plane ticket and the hotel, but a challenging role is hard to come by. For me, gained from it". Producer Leung Choi Yuen expressed that he would be paying close attention to the progress of Raymond's recovery, and also greatly praised Tony for being optimistic and professional. He also said that Tony and ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_09MA001_.jpgMrs. Heung is upset that Charles Heung is harmed _09MA002_.jpgIs it easier for Stephen Chow to express himself on film?_09MA017_.jpgMrs. Heung reveals that Stephen Chow wanted Cecilia Cheung to shave her head and wait for work, otherwise she would have to pay 3.5 million in compensation
courtesy of mingpao.com0909-00282-028b1.jpg?t=1410209429442Daneil Lam criticizes Sing Yeh for never keeping other people's feeling in mind0909-00282-028b2.jpg?t=1410209387176Reportedly Cecilia Cheung while working on SHAOLIN SOCCER faced pressure from Stephen Chow
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Recently an article titled WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HATE STEPHEN CHOW SING CHI? spread like wild fire online. It was published on messaging platform called "Art Western District". The article was 50,000 words long, telling in detail Chow Sing Chi's childhood life, performing art career and romantic experience. It also clarified his grudges and misunderstandings with industry insiders of the years; however the articled pointed out that due to his frequent collaborator Charles Heung Wa Keung's mob background, his immigration application to Canada was rejected. Mrs. Heung Tiffany Chen Lan was extremely upset and publicly blasted Chow Sing Chi. Mrs. Heung said, "I am not afraid of crossing him, I have to reveal his true face."

The article was published as early as April this year online. A self proclaimed experienced Chow Sing Chi fan wrote it. he pointed out that fans were as similar with Chow Sing Chi's work as the back of their hands, but few knew about him personally. In addition with his low profile he rarely explained himself. Thus this writer claimed to attempt to collect information about Sing Yeh and shared it in the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_09ma202.jpg_09ma203.jpg_09MA026_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0909-00282-013b1.jpg?t=1410213945714courtesy of
Koni Lui Wai Yi last night through social media announced good news that her son has been born, weighing at 8.888 pounds. Lui Wai Yi revealed that he arrived through a natural birth on August 14 and was named Anton. Wai Yi said, "His head is very big, looks just like Papa. His smart ass expressions are like me. His arms and legs are long."

Wai Yi revealed that she was in level ten pain for 25 hours before the birth. She lost a lot of blood and she was exhausted afterward. She also said that her son had six to eight meals daily. Her husband has taken time off to take care of him with her.


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