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TVB actor Wayne Lai recently shared his experience of working together for the first time with movie star, Anthony Wong, in the upcoming series, "Lord of Shanghai", and said that the actor likened his performance to Francis Ng's.


According to On CC News, the actor, who recently attended the wrap up banquet for his other series, "Trade Wars", revealed that he has been studying the works of his seniors Kent Tong and Anthony Wong in the past diligently, in order to understand their performance methods.


"I have a crazy character and Anthony said that I acted like Francis Ng," the 50-year-old star enthused. "He told me I should pay copyright fees to Francis."


Asked if he's not comfortable being compared to the "Triumph in the Skies" star, Wayne replied, "Francis is good too. They are all great actors."


Previously, Anthony made a statement saying that his small screen comeback is similar to a professional high jumper being made to jump rope. It was interpreted by many to be the actor's criticism against TVB's lack of space for artistes' development.


Asked to comment on the statement, Wayne said that he understands Anthony's words differently.


"Anthony has no need to jump higher. He is already good at everything he does, so a TV drama is nothing to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Rumour has it that Kelly Chen's husband is having an affair with Japanese actress Ayase Haruka.


Yet another celebrity marriage is rumoured to be on the rocks, as Hong Kong diva Kelly Chen's husband, businessman Alex Lau, is reportedly cheating on her with Japanese actress Ayase Haruka.

Kelly, 41, has been in a happy relationship with Alex for 16 years. The couple married in 2008, and currently enjoy an idyllic life with their two sons.

However, news broke yesterday that Alex was spotted having French cuisine with Haruka at a gathering. Although there were a lot of other people present, the two behaved intimately, sharing a menu and looking at each other tenderly. They spoke in soft tones, and Alex purportedly even seemed unwilling when Haruka had to leave ' sparking rumours that their relationship is not as simple as it seems.

Last Thursday, Kelly was spotted wearing a mask and looking much plumper at the Hong Kong Society of Professional Medical Care's Medical Laboratory at Cheung Sha Wan. The laboratory specialises in pregnancy and pre-wedding body checkups, leading to speculations that Kelly is trying to give birth to a daughter in order to win back her husband's heart.

When reporters contacted Kelly about the rumours, she replied, 'You can tell that the angle of the photo [taken of me] is bad. I don't suspect him (Alex) at all; it's just a friend's birthday party. I definitely believe in my husband.'


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Netizens photographed and uploaded pictures of the former F4 (now JVKV) member and a Chinese model kissing


Last Saturday, the 35-year-old singer-actor finally admitted to a new relationship, since his separation from Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin in 2011.

Before dawn this morning, netizens uploaded two intimate pictures of Ken Zhu and his new girlfriend with a congratulatory message, 'Congratulations Ken and Xinyu, be together and love each other courageously'.

Ken's manager, however, refuted claims that the woman pictured was Chinese model-actress Jiang Xinyu, and clarified, 'The woman in the photos is Ken's ex-girlfriend who cannot be named since they have already gone separate ways.'

Ken, on the other hand, confessed to his new relationship on Saturday, although he did not reveal the identity of his girlfriend. He kept things cryptic and simply praised her for being 'a nice person,' and asked for the public to give them some 'privacy.'

This piece of news received varied reactions from netizens - some feel that Ken is dating this unnamed lady because she looked similar to Kelly and others suspect he is dating her because of her rich background.

The singer-actor, who recently announced to dissolve his fanclub, has been posting ambiguous statuses online, such as 'an uncle falling in love with a princess' and 'to become a knight to protect her,' and is, undoubtedly, in love.



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The 39-year-old actress reveals plans to wed her beau and aim for a baby next year


Zhou Xun will finally crystallise her plan to marry her beau, American actor Archie Kao, at the end of the year. The 39-year-old actress posted pictures of their recent trips to Paris, Dubai, Yunnan temple as well as experience with the pandas in Chengdu.

The couple have also met each other's' parents to discuss marriage plans and aim to have a baby next year. The pair, who have been dating for more than a year, will register their marriage in Beijing before holding the ceremony overseas.

According to sources, the actress will be reducing her workload in the next few months to prepare for her wedding and has been rejecting movie offers. At present, Zhou Xun wishes to spend more time with Archie but will make an exception if she comes across an interesting script. Though the wedding and starting a family are Zhou Xun's priority, she emphasised that will not give up acting after marriage or childbirth.

The actress, famous for her role in the Painted Skin movie series, will showcase her singing talent at a charity event for children with special needs in Hangzhou this Wednesday. Her fiancé, who intends to focus on developing his career in China, will also show his support for her at the event where she is rumoured to announce her marriage plans.

There was no response from Zhou Xun's agency with regards to the confirmed date of the announcement.


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Korea’s leading girl group Girls’ Generation wrapped up their third Japanese tour on Sunday in Tokyo, according to their agency SM Entertainment yesterday.

The tour, which started on April 26 in Fukuoka, included six more stops in the country’s major cities - Kobe, Nagoya and Osaka - where they performed 17 concerts that saw some 200,000 local fans. The last leg of the tour was held in Tokyo from Friday to Sunday, with each performance lasting three hours. The group’s nine girls performed up to 28 songs, covering their hit tracks like “Gee,” “I Got a Boy” and “Mr. Mr.” During the concert, the girls also gave a live performance of “Indestructible,” a new ballad that will be included in the group’s upcoming Japanese album “The Best,” to be released on July 23.

After the concert, Yu-ri posted two selfies on her Instagram account, along with a caption stating that the Japanese concert tour will be an “unforgettable memory.”

JoongAng Daily

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Singer-actress Yoo-na from leading K-pop group Girls’ Generation turned down the female lead role in the Korean adaptation of the famous Japanese manga series “Nodame Cantabile,” according to an exclusive report yesterday by local online news outlet Star News.

Instead, the 24-year-old actress has confirmed that she will appear in the Chinese-Korean rom-com “Goodbye Ani” (working title). Industry insiders said yesterday that Yoo-na declined the offer to play Noda, the drama’s female lead. Its production company is Group8.

With the strongest candidate to play Noda turning down the offer, Korean actress Shim Eun-kyung is once again being considered for the role. She also declined the offer earlier this month.

“Nothing has changed since the first talks for ‘Nodame Cantabile’ were initiated,” said Shim’s agency BH Entertainment. “Shim’s schedule may have changed, but still, it will be hard for her to appear in the film.”

“Nodame Cantabile” is a classical music-inspired drama based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Tomoko Ninomiya. It was also made into a drama in Japan and featured popular actors Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi in its lead roles. The drama became an instant hit and was later adapted into an animation, computer games and more.

JoongAng Daily

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Park Bom, from the girl group 2NE1, will tentatively not attend shooting for the SBS reality show “Roommate,” on which she is a regular cast member, according to local reports yesterday.

Park didn’t show up on Saturday at scheduled “Roommate” filming sites, and many industry insiders say that she will leave the program for good. The 30-year-old singer was embroiled in a drug scandal early this month for allegedly smuggling 80 amphetamine pills - a drug that is illegal in Korea - four years ago from the United States into Korea.

It is said that her mother and grandmother were sending her the drugs, which are legal via prescription in the United States.

Right after the news broke, Yang Hyun-seok, the head of Park’s agency YG Entertainment, strongly refuted the rumor, saying that Park didn’t know at the time that amphetamines were illegal in Korea and that no parent would deliver drugs to their children. However, suspicions still remain.

Park is currently in Japan for 2NE1’s concerts there, but will not meet up with the members of “Roommate,” who also left for Japan on Saturday to shoot the program.

JoongAng Daily

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It was belatedly revealed that actress Kang So-ra was involved in a car accident early this month, according to local reports yesterday.

“It was just a minor collision,” her agency Will Entertainment told local reporters yesterday. “It wasn’t that serious, but she is currently wearing a cast on her neck.”

The agency added that despite Kang’s accident, shooting for recently finished SBS drama “Doctor Stranger” was completed without any schedule adjustment.

Kang reportedly kicked off filming for the drama’s Chinese movie adaptation from Friday. The feature-length film will open in Chinese theaters by the end of this year. It is reported that the movie will not differ much from the drama version as it includes the original cast, Lee Jong-suk, Park Hae-jin and Kang.

JoongAng Daily

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It has been 11 years since actor Kwon Sang-woo, 37, and actress Choi Ji-woo, 39, became "hallyu" stars after their SBS TV sleeper hit "Stairways to Heaven" in 2003. Tugging at people's heartstrings, their tragic love story averaged over 40 percent ratings.

Aiming to repeat the success, Kwon and Choi will co-star in the new SBS drama, "Temptation," which will air from Monday.

At a press conference introducing their new work, the two showed mutual respect. "Choi taught me a lot about being an actor when we were shooting Stairways to Heaven," Kwon said at SBS broadcasting headquarters in Mokdong, western Seoul, Thursday.

"Though she was already a top star at the time, Choi was an example of modesty, and I expect that things will go well with her this time, too," he added.

Choi said that she had great synergy with Kwon this time, too. "I didn't have much time to prepare for this drama, but shooting went well because but he and I have excellent chemistry."

The 20-part melodrama portrays a tragic love story between Cha Seok-hoon (Kwon), a married, struggling businessman, and Yoo Se-young (Choi), a successful CEO who lends him money.

"My character is a cool-headed working woman, putting a higher value on work than love. But that changes after meeting Cha," Choi said.

Viewers will be watching to see if "Temptation" will make up for the failures Kwon and Choi have had in their previous dramas.

Choi, best known for her 2002 romance drama "Winter Sonata," suffered from low ratings in last year's "Suspicious Housekeeper," a remake version of 2011 hit Japanese drama, "I Am Mita, Your Housekeeper." Kwon portrayed a doctor in the medical drama "Medical Top Team" last year, a huge ratings flop.

"I don't feel pressured to compensate for past flops. I always think that my new work will ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Actors Hwang Bo-ra and Cha Hyun-woo yesterday confirmed their romantic relationship, according to local reports.

Multiple industry insiders said that Hwang and Cha, whose real name is Kim Young-hoon, first met at a church and have been dating for a year now.

“Based on their shared religious beliefs, the two are dating just like any other couple,” said a local report. “As both of them are in their 30s, they are taking the relationship seriously.”

In June, Hwang signed an exclusive contract with Fantagio - where Cha is working - and the two are said to be balancing work and love more easily than before.

Actress Hwang, 31, debuted in 2003 and became popular after she played a quirky-looking character in a ramyeon commercial in 2008, followed by appearances in dramas such as “Rainbow Romance” and “Cunning Single Lady.” Cha, 34, who is the son of late actor Kim Yong-geon and a younger brother of actor Ha Jung-woo, made his debut in a music duo in 1997 and has been acting since the early 2000s.

JoongAng Daily

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