Friday April 11, 2014 Hong Kong

TVB comedy actor Wong Cho Lam has dismissed rumours saying that he has been employing illegal mainland workers for the production of "Inbound Troubles 2".

Previously, a source alleged that the actor-turned-producer had hired illegal workers for the production company after the employees were heard conversing in Mandarin after leaving a meeting that was held with Wong himself.

Wong recently released a statement through his lawyer to declare the accusation as baseless and that it has damaged his reputation. He also stated that he has the rights to take legal action against those who have slandered him.

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview with On CC, Wong said that it was a grave accusation that serves to tarnish his good name as well as the reputation of his production team.

"Such accusations can lead to an investigation by the Immigration Authority," said the actor.

Wong also admitted that the issue has been bothering him the whole time, though added that he has nothing to hide and will be pursuing the matter.

When asked if he knows the person who had made theallegations, Wong replied, "I have no idea. But my guess is someone from the entertainment industry who just wants to hurt their own kind."

Wong said that it was not the first time such a thing has happened to him since he became a producer, and expressed hope that the accuser will stop disturbing his peace.

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Friday April 11, 2014 Hong Kong

Despite mainland Netizens' threat of boycotting him and his movies due to his support of Taiwanese protesters, Hong Kong actor Chapman To can now let out a sigh of relief, as his new movie "The Naked Ambition 3D" was able to make HKD 7 million (approx. USD 902,713) at the box office in only five days.

According to Mingpao, while speaking to the media at an event celebrating the success of the movie alongside co-stars Candy Yuen, Derek Tsang and others, Chapman expressed his hopes that the movie will be able to exceed the record made by his previous film, "Vulgaria", which made HKD 32 million (USD 4.13 million) during its release.

"But right now I hope it will break HKD 10 million. It will be quite difficult, since there are so many Hollywood blockbusters showing at the same time," said the actor.

In regards to "The Midnight After", which was released at the same time, Chapman said, "To me, the movie is more like a friend than a rival. We are both Hong Kong films and should support each other, though as the lead actor, I have to answer to the shareholders!"

When asked what he would do if the movie does break "Vulgaria's" record, Chapman replied, "I will do nothing. But I would suggest that our producer, Louis Koo give us bonuses instead, like how Keanu Reeves did for the stunt team when "The Matrix" did well. Our Louis Koo is generous indeed!"

As for the third instalment of the "Naked Ambition" franchise, Chapman said that the movie will begin filming in October.

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Friday April 11, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: The Sun
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Elena Kong revealed that she agreed with TVB and had warned her colleagues to be careful when answer the phone, and she right. "The company is right to remind people to be careful when answering phone calls. Nowadays, my boy friend picks up the phone first when it rings. Although I agree to eat salted fish when thirsty, and they can report about me not wearing make up etc, I don't care. But if they use me to attack other people, this is absolutely not acceptable. Earlier when I was not feeling well, the company treated me well, gave me time to rest. I went back to work when I was better. Even when I was filming "Line Walker", they juggled their schedule according to my health status. I don't have to do a lot of motion scenes, it was supposed to be is a good thing, but the media turned the fact upside down, they shouldn't do that. I have to clear this up now."

Talking about some PAs complaint that TVB, Elena Kong said she doesn't think working for TVB is hard work, it depends how you look at it as every one has different opinion about hard work. She added "I cant's speak for other artists, but I treat the PAs well, we get on well together like colleagues, we are like a family, play and work together, there is no difference!"

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HKTV makes fresh bid for licence, offering fewer channels and more investment

Source: SCMP

Hong Kong Television Network has gone into battle again for a free-to-air television licence, with a new plan costing six times as much as its previous one but providing just a quarter as many channels.

Meanwhile, HKTV is continuing its fight to launch a mobile TV service on two fronts. It is taking the government to court for a "contradictory" stance on its earlier blocked proposal and seeking approval to use a transmission standard billed as the world's most advanced for the service.

The company chaired by Ricky Wong Wai-kay also said it was axing 207 jobs in the face of a legal battle that could last up to two years.

The latest moves by the mercurial entrepreneur come after he was controversially denied a free-to-air licence last year and then was told his proposed mobile TV service would fall foul of the regulators.

HKTV has put up a new free-to-air proposal with just three channels - Cantonese, English and 24-hour news - compared to the previous 12, with an investment of HK3.4 billion over six years, six times the earlier figure.

It said it had submitted the new application "in order to provide TV service in the regime that government deems to be legal".

It is also seeking a judicial review of the government's response to its proposal for a mobile service. This was stymied when the government said its use of the same format as that of the two existing free-to-air broadcasters, TVB and ATV - terrestrial multimedia broadcast - could breach the Broadcasting Ordinance.

Out of court, the station is ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The Hong Kong actor openly addressed the media during his rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung's birthday bash

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung celebrated her 30th birthday on Wednesday, and invited many celebrity friends to her party. Her rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng, whom she is said to be dating since 2007, appeared as the host of the party and gave media interviews, sparking speculations that he is finally going public with their relationship.

After the birthday girl arrived at the restaurant with good friend and fellow actor Lai Lok Yi, Philip appeared with Andy On and Christine Kuo an hour later. Despite his late appearance, Philip appeared to be host of the event and even did interviews with the media at the entrance of the restaurant.

'I'm here to attend Linda's birthday party,' he said.

When he was asked if his presence can be taken as a sign that he is going public with his relationship, Philip was taken aback by the question. As he was too stunned to reply, Andy, who was standing behind him, replied: 'We are just here to attend a friend's party.'

Reporters continued to ask what birthday gift he has prepared for Linda, but gave an evasive reply and made his way back to the restaurant. 'I'm very happy that it's Linda's birthday today, and we can have a gathering with so many friends. Thank you everyone,' he said.

The guests left at around 2am in the morning, and when Philip left with Andy, they were in such good spirits that they even made a 'peace' sign when they saw the media.

Linda subsequently emerged from the restaurant with her manager. When asked about her birthday wishes, she merely replied: 'I wish ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The Hong Kong stars jokingly explain that birthday boy Jackie Chan already has everything

Jackie Chan held his 60th birthday bash last night, to which many big-name celebrities were invited, such as Stephen Fung, Jacky Cheung, Miriam Yeung and her husband, Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang.

Both Eric and Jacky revealed jokingly that they could not give Jackie anything, because he already has everything.

'There's nothing else he needs!' Eric answered when queried by reporters. 'We can only come here and have a beer.'

'So many friends also asked, what should they wear to the party? I told them, don't wear anything lah!' he added with a laugh.

Eric revealed that Jacky was slated to perform at the party, which was said to include a buffet and steamboat, and that there were more than 10 tables and a lucky draw prepared for guests. 'He (Jackie) even took out a few motorbikes, electric cars, a branded watch and a camera,' he said.

When Jacky arrived, he told reporters that he did not know what to get Jackie either, as he even has his own private jet.

When singer Tan Yonglun arrived, he happily told the media that he was going to dedicate Jackie a song, which was most likely Jackie favourite ' Wakin Chau's classic song 'Friends'.


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Veteran Hong Kong actor Ng Man-tat, who was once Stephen Chow's golden partner, was recently hospitalised after feeling severely unwell. The 62-year-old was diagnosed with heart failure caused by a bacterial infection. His condition was reportedly so serious that he had to be transferred to the ICU (intensive care unit) at one point.

Fortunately, Man-tat's condition stabilised after one week of treatment at the hospital and he has since been recuperating at home.

The actor's ill-health is believed to have resulted from his hectic schedule and lack of rest. Though Man-tat recently caught a cold while filming in China, he plunged straight into promotional work for his new movie Overheard 3, after returning to Hong Kong.

According to media reports, Man-tat agreed to star in this Hong Kong film after 16 years, because of the lucrative offer and suitable schedule. His fans were elated when he took up a role in another Hong Kong movie Aberdeen, which happened to commence filming at the same time.


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The conservative Hong Kong actress fears the psychological impact of too-early gender education

Although many Western parents have caught on to the trend of bathing in the buff with their young children to educate them about the birds and the bees, Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis fears that doing so may affect the psychological wellbeing of her three-year-old son.

The discussion was sparked after Michelle posted a photo of herself playing in the bathtub with her son Jayden, while wearing a bikini.

When Michelle arrived at a horse racing press conference recently and was asked about the photo, she said with a smile that her son had requested to play in the water with her.

She was then asked if she would consider following the trend and bathing in the buff with her son, to which she replied: 'If I don't wear a bikini, it would affect him psychologically. Plus, children talk about everything. If I don't wear anything, he would tell his friends.'

Michelle added that ultimately, she feels that there are differences between men and women, and she cannot accept bathing in the buff with her son.

She confessed that the photo was not taken by her husband, business tycoon Julian Hui, but was instead taken by her maid. 'She took it better than my husband would,' she added.


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan accepted BACCARAT magazine interview. In July He will go to New Zealand for CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON 2 (NGOR FU CHONG LUNG 2), which is also the month that his family planned a vacation. Chi Tan's heart belonged to his family. He wanted to be a good father and decided to go with his family to New Zealand, including his 10 year old daughter and 7 year old son. He will work with Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) on CROUCHING 2, with Yuen Woo Ping as its director. Chi Tan last year formed the Super Hero film company. Its first film will start production in September and will be a modern action film. He will be the film boss, action director and actor.


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Eric Tsang presents a birthday cake to Jackie Chan

A microphone logo hits Eric Tsang
Albert Yeung

Carlo Ng, Astrid Chan, Alex Lee represent Performing Artist Guild to present birthday buns to the mediacourtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comJackie Chan celebrates his birthday from Beijing to Shanghai to Hong Kong with plenty of blessingsReporters surround Eric TsangOutside Shaw Studio stands cardboard Jackie ChanWong Hung Sau and Nat Chan say hiEric Tsang does a dangerous interview in the middle of the street!Karen MokJanet Chow and Timmy Hung (article cut to save bandwidth)

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