Kary Ng may be joining Paco Wong's company

Sunday August 31, 2014 Hong Kong

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Rumour has it that Hong Kong singer Kary Ng is currently negotiating her contract and may be moving from Universal Music Group to Paco Wong's Sun Entertainment Culture.


According to Wenweipo News, the singer, who participated in the Metro 23 concert on 28 August, recently stated, "Indeed, my contract is expiring next January, and I am currently in negotiation. As to what my decision would be, it's not yet convenient to tell."


"All I can say is that I have my goals and there is a lot for me to think about," said Kary.


Since she is considered a senior at Universal Music Group, many are speculating about her position in Sun Entertainment if she decides to join the company, as it already boasts big female stars such as Stephy Tang and Fiona Sit.


To this, Kary said, "Being a senior in a company is just a title. I am more interested in developing my music."


"I want to expand my music to mainland China and launch a Mandarin album," she added. "But I still want to stay in Hong Kong for more than a year, so I won't be so hasty as to release a Mandarin album."

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Sunday August 31, 2014 Hong Kong

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Hong Kong singers Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan have recently denied reports saying that they are holding a concert together in mainland China next year, according to Mingpao News.


Previously, unknown sources released an information online saying that several mainland companies are bringing the two Cantopop giants to mainland China for a duo concert in 2015.


However, Eason clarified through his manager that there is no truth to the reports.


His manager stated that in order to avoid fans from being cheated, any information about Eason's future performances and concert tours will be announced by the management company or its official website.


Jacky's manager also reiterated that no such concert has been agreed upon, and hoped that fans will not be easily influenced by such reports.

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The actor held a press conference in Beijing after his release to apologise for his misdeeds


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was released from detention this morning (Aug 29), two weeks after being busted for smoking marijuana. His parents arrived at the detention facility half an hour before he was due to be released, where a large media crowd had gathered to catch a glimpse of the star.

Upon his release at midnight, he was whisked off to his Beijing hotel in a squad car, where reporters awaited his arrival. The large group of media reportedly ambushed Kai once he disembarked, where he is said to have hurled vulgarities at them and was pulled away by his security team before the situation got out of hand.

At 2.30pm, the actor held a press conference to apologise for his misdeeds, which was also attended by his boss Angie Chai and his parents. Breaking into tears soon after speaking into the microphone, the visibly emotional 23-year-old started, 'I did wrong; there's no explanation, no reason nor excuse. I was plain wrong.'

He continued, 'I was very fortunate to have been given so many chances and everyone has been very supportive of me throughout my career but I never realised that my success doesn't just belong to me, it belongs to everyone who loves and supports me.'

Kai added, 'The trust that everyone had in me ' directors, fellow actors, crew and so on has been broken and I can only say that I'm sorry to them and I never thought I would feel so upset because of the consequences of my actions on them. ('¦) To the fans who have supported me, I've disappointed you and I've done wrong. I'm definitely in the wrong and did something illegal; never emulate my actions.'



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Taiwanese super girl group S.H.E recently wrapped up their encore concert in Taipei, where they announced that member Selina will be holding a solo concert soon. Looks like fans have more to look forward to now as the 31-year-old has declared that she is in the midst of recording her first solo album.

Selina revealed that she will be releasing her first solo effort at the end of October and posted on her micro-blog, 'I always get a cold whenever it comes to recording periods and my voice ends up really nasally in the songs. This time, it's even worse.'

According to reports, she has been coughing for close to two months and has tried remedies from both the East and West in a bid to recover. There was a period of time in which she was worried that there would be long-term effects to her voice but she has recovered since then.

She shared yesterday (Aug 28), 'I'm thankfully feeling a lot better and it's time to enter the recording studio! (My) colleagues hid in the studio to give me a surprise and even game me these My Melody dolls so that I won't be alone during recording ~ How thoughtful! I hope that it will be smooth sailing from now!'


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The three-day grand wedding of Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee and girlfriend Fan Jiang had cost at least HK$5million (approximately S$800,000). The amount reportedly included the air tickets and accommodation of over 100 guests who attended the wedding.

However, insiders revealed it was not the case and guests had to pay for it out of their own pockets.

The couple had arranged accommodation at the 6-star Alila Villas Uluwatu hotel in Bali which costs HK$5,000 (approximately S$800) per night.

Kenny did not specify on the wedding invitation whether air tickets and accommodation will be provided. It was only until a month before the occasion that he requested guests to pay for them, but they were too embarrassed to pull out of the wedding then.

Guests had to fork out at least HK$20,000 (approximately S$3,000) in total, excluding the congratulatory 'ang bao' money for the couple, causing much displeasure. Hong Kong model-host Kadhy Chow even chose to stay at another hotel to show her unhappiness.

Responding to this issue, Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang supported Kenny's decision, 'Of course (the guests had to pay), how do you expect the couple to pay for everyone? There were so many people who attended, they will be broke.'

Alan Tam said, 'Why does it matter? Those who went are all part of us and to bask in the joyful atmosphere. Although Kenny has made a comeback, he still has to take care of his family expenses. Why should we be calculative? We do not have to care about what others write about.'

Tony Leung also showed his disapproval and said, 'This is a joyous occasion, please don't make such comments.'




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The mother of three collapsed due to giddiness while filming variety show Here Comes Kangxi


Dee Hsu, the host of Taiwanese variety show Here Comes Kangxi, collapsed suddenly on Wednesday when filming the programme due to giddiness. The 36-year-old was believed to have begun filming from noon till evening when she felt uncomfortable and fell to the ground in spasms.

The production unit was in shock and cancelled the recording of the show. The incident led to rumours of the mother of three expecting a fourth baby, but her manager denied those speculations.

She explained it was due to fatigue after Dee brought her daughters for a 10-day vacation. Dee returned to Taiwan on Tuesday and was still suffering from jet leg. In addition, she started work immediately, worked the entire day and was tired.

Her manager added, 'Dee Hsu had already felt faint when she stepped into the studio. She probably did not eat dinner and had low blood sugar that day, so filming was cancelled.'

Dee Hsu, who is alright now, went home to rest without seeing the doctor as she did not have any schedules yesterday.


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0831-00282-035b1.jpg?t=1409494046628Yuanyuan admits that she is planning a wedding with Mark Chao0831-00282-035b2.jpg?t=1409494032625Albert Yeung toasts the stars for box office success0831-00282-035b3.jpg?t=14094940052560831-00282-035b4.jpg?t=1409494001854courtesy of on.cc20140831fp05.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_31MC021_.jpgDeborah Li, Nicholas Tse, Patrick Tse and Jennifer Tse celebrate as a family_31MC020_.jpgGao Yuanyuan, Nicholas Tse
courtesy of mingpao.com
The Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Gao Yuanyuan starred BUT ALWAYS (YUT SUN YUT SAI) last night held its Hong Kong premiere. Guests included Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Si Nga, Marie Zhuge and Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi). Ting Fung in the past dozen days or so have been promoting all over and just returned from Chengdu. Later he will have to continue his promotional journey. Was he confident about the box office for his first romantic film? He said that he never thought about the box office, he only did his own part. Yet if the box office would be good would he never make another action film? He said, "This one is even harder than fighting, I think I wouldn't!"

With Mid Autumn on the way, Ting Fung due to work would not be able to be with his children. Yet earlier on his birthday he saw them. Did they give him any present? He said no present because they knew that was not Papa's style. As for cutting his cake with a cleaver, he joked that he just happened to be in the kitchen. Speaking of the new comer Alice Li (Luo Si) being involved in the "Fong Tung" drug incident, Ting Fung said that ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0831-00282-025b1.jpg?t=14094949213600831-00282-025b2.jpg?t=1409494918224Reporters surround Ko Chen-Tung upon his Taiwan arrival
courtesy of on.cc20140831fp01.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_31MA004_.jpg_31MA015_.jpgKo Chen-Tung calls Jaycee Chan kind and they will remain friends_31MA007_.jpgAngie Chai and Ko Chen-Tung_31MA006_.jpgThe Taipei press conference
courtesy of mingpao.com
Ko Chen-Tung was under administrative detention for 14 days for the suspicion of drug use in Beijing. Two days ago after his release he immediately held a press conference to apologize with his parents and manager Angie Chai. They arrived in Taiwan early in the morning on a red eye flight. Yesterday afternoon he held another press conference in Taipei, but this time his parents did not accompany him. Only his manager did. He again publicly apologized for the incident and said that he has made a wrong example, frequently saying, "I am very sorry". However he did not cry again.

Yesterday the Taipei press conference took place, over 100 media outlets covered the event. However the scale was smaller than the Beijing press conference. The atmosphere was more relaxed. Ko Chen-Tung appeared in white as he did the day before, but he was more emotionally stable. He no longer sobbed, but he still did not dare to directly look at the media. Angie Chai choked up as soon as she began with an apology to the media for her poor handling.

Ko Chen-Tung solemnly said, "Friends in the media how are you. Since the incident started, thank you for all your effort and concern. I must clearly state again that I am very sorry and apologetic. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20140831fp02.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0831-00282-045b1.jpg?t=1409494733732
0831-00282-045b5.jpg?t=14094946383330831-00282-045b6.jpg?t=1409494634563Second clan son in law Tang Wai Yip filed for Yiu Wing Entertainment bankruptcy
courtesy of on.cc_31MC012_.jpgSammi Cheng opens the shows with BEAUTIFUL FOR LIFE_31MC013_.jpgJoey Yung bids Cheung Yiu Wing farewell_31MC014_.jpgCheung Yiu Wing_31MC015_.jpgA seat is saved for Cheung Yiu Wing, with a bottle of cola with his last name.  His first wife Law Kwai Chu is seated next to him._31MC016_.jpgThe event continuously displays Cheung Yiu Wing's photos with various singers_31MC019_.jpgJacky Cheung laments the bankruptcy order on Yiu Wing Entertainment_31MC017_.jpgJenny Tseng thanks Cheung Yiu Wing for bringing her into the Hong Kong Coliseum
courtesy of mingpao.com
The two show "Father of Concerts Yiu Wing Hong Kong Coliseum Show" opened last night. Stars who have worked with Cheung Yiu Wing like Mayday, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), Jenny Tseng, William So Wing Hong, the Grasshoppers and others perform to salute Uncle Yiu Wing. The show was sold out. In the audience were Deborah Li and her husband Mustache Kong, and Uncle Yiu Wing's wife. The event also saved Uncle Yiu Wing a seat under the control room, with a bottle of cola that was labeled Cheung at the seat.

Last night the show opened with a video introduction of Uncle ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Saturday August 30, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/janet-choi-neither-drinks-smokes-211000686.html






 Miss Hong Kong 2014 contestant number 12, Janet Choi recently dismissed rumours saying that she smokes and drinks.


According to Mingpao, while speaking to the media at a jewellery competition segment of the pageant, Janet confessed to being sensitive to alcohol.


"Sometimes when I go to friends' birthday parties, they will serve alcohol. But I would stay away," said Janet.


In regard to smoking, Janet simply said, "I don't. I am not a smoker."


The beauty queen also addressed rumours saying she had an affair with a married man, which drove his wife to suicide.


Janet said, "I have been dating my boyfriend Zhan Sheng for six years. He has never been married."

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