VERNON , N.J., April 7 (UPI) -- A New Jersey teen was suspended from his middle school for doing something with his pencil other than taking notes.

Seventh-grader Ethan Chaplin, a student at Glen Meadow Middle School, claims he was suspended for twirling his pencil during math class. "He's making gun motions, send him to juvie,” another student reportedly yelled during class.

The school ordered Chaplin to undergo a physical and psychological evaluation and suspended him.

"I'm absolutely livid," his father, Michael Chaplin, told News 12. "I think it's gross misconduct at its finest. They took something so minimal and took it so far over the edge."

Michael told Infowars about what Ethan went through during the five-hour evaluation.

“The child was stripped, had to give blood samples (which caused him to pass out) and urine samples for of all things drug testing,” Michael said. “Then four hours later a social worker spoke to him for five minutes and cleared him. Then an actual doctor came in and said the state was 100 percent incorrect in their procedure and this would not get him back in school.”

According to Vernon Schools Superintendent Charles Maranzano, he was just following school policy. "We never know what's percolating in the minds of children," Maranzano said. "And when they demonstrate behaviors that raise red flags, we must do our duty."

Ethan still doesn’t know when he will be allowed to return to school.


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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 7 (UPI) -- A budget carrier from Southeast Asia has apologized for a blurb in its in-flight magazine that promised customers their “captain is well prepared to ensure your plane will never get lost.”

AirAsia has issued an apology and pulled copies of the Travel 3Sixty magazine after people became offended due to the blurb’s unintended reference to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The paragraph in the magazine read: “Pilot training in AirAsia is continuous and very thorough. Rest assured that your captain is well prepared to ensure your plane will never get lost.”

Very disappointed with @AirAsia @aireenomar. Distasteful blurb in your in-flight mag.
— adlina (@adlinaazhar) April 5, 2014

The airline maintains the magazine had gone to the printer long before flight MH370 went missing on March 8.

"With deep regret and remorse I would like to sincerely apologize for any offense caused by the Pilot's Perspective article in the latest issue of Travel 3Sixty magazine,” AirAsia executive chairman Datuk Kamarudin Meranun said in a statement to the Independent.

"As a monthly contributor, Capt Lim prepared all of his articles months in advance before the magazine goes to print. Unintentionally and regrettably, the current issue carry an article that discuss about GPS and Radar, which was printed a month before its issue date. We are removing the magazine from all of our flights on all AirAsia aircraft immediately. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends of the recent aviation incident."

Meranun said disciplinary action would be taken against the magazine’s editorial team.

"This is a truly difficult time for the nation and words cannot describe how I ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Crews trying to locate the whereabouts of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have been unable to relocate signals consistent with those emitted by cockpit voice and flight data recorders that were picked up by Chinese and Australian ships over the weekend, the former Australian official in charge of coordinating the search said Tuesday.

Angus Houston told reporters that sound locating equipment on board the Ocean Shield has picked up no trace of the signals since they were first heard late Saturday and early Sunday.

Time may have already run out to find the devices, whose locator beacons have a battery life of about a month. Tuesday marks one month since the plane vanished. Once the beacons blink off, locating the black boxes in such deep water would be an immensely difficult, if not impossible, task.

"There have been no further contacts with any transmission and we need to continue (searching) for several days right up to the point at which there's absolutely no doubt that the batteries will have expired," Houston said.

If, by that point, the U.S. Navy listening equipment being towed behind the Ocean Shield has failed to pick up any signals, a sub on board the ship will be deployed to try and chart out any debris on the sea floor. If the sub maps out a debris field, the crew will replace the sonar system with a camera unit to photograph any wreckage.

Houston's comments contradicted an earlier statement from Australia's acting prime minister, Warren Truss, who said search crews would launch the Bluefin 21 autonomous sub on Tuesday.

The towed pinger locator detected late Saturday and early Sunday two distinct, long-lasting sounds underwater that are consistent with the pings from an aircraft's "black boxes" -- the flight data and ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A court stenographer is accused of ignoring trial details and instead repeatedly typing "I hate my job".

At least ten convictions could be overturned after stenographer Daniel Kochanski failed to deliver transcripts that New York judges were expecting.

US media have compared his meltdown to film The Shining in which Jack Nicholson's character repeatedly types 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

Among the botched records is the transcript of the 2010 mortgage-fraud trial of broker Aaron Hand, 42, who was also convicted of trying to hire a hit man to murder a witness.

"It should have been questions and answers - instead it was gibberish," a source told the New York Times.

"He hit random keys or wrote, "I hate my job. I hate my job", over and over."

Mr Kochanski was fired and arrested after his notes came to light.

Judges have summoned witnesses to a series of 'reconstruction hearings', where they will try to remember what was said at the original trials.

Mr Kochanski, 43, told the New York Post: "I never typed gibberish. I always did my job 100 per cent.

"I was let go because of substance abuse. I'm in recovery. July will be one year I'm clean."


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NEW YORK, April 4 (UPI) -- The Department of Health closed Dominique Ansel Bakery, the famous creators of the Cronut, in New York's SoHo neighborhood for a "severe mouse infestation."

The move was made after health officials investigated a video from a customer to the bakery, showing a mouse scurrying across the floor of the bakery as employees kneaded dough and prepared orders behind the counter.

“The establishment was closed by the Department because of a severe mouse infestation that requires professional pest control services,” said a spokesperson from the New York City Health Department.

According to Dominique Ansel patron Cody Pickrodt, the mouse "ran all over the place in plain view for a good 20 seconds" before he started shooting the video. Pickrodt said that the employees seemed to be cognizant of the mouse but continued to work. Local publication Gothamist posted the video of the mouse Thursday night.

"As a small one-shop bakery, we often feel like we're being looked at under a tremendous microscope. The news was dramatically sensationalized. A lot of time people don't see the larger ramifications of their actions and how a tiny video of a mouse running across the screen for 3 seconds can cause harm and damages to an honest, small business that people's livelihood depends on," read an official statement from the bakery.

Cronuts are a croissant-doughnut pastry invented and trademarked by Dominique Ansel, and when baked for the first time last year, the Cronuts created a sensation. Limited production led to long lines outside the bakery, and even a black market with people selling the $5 Cronuts for up to $100 each.


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A nine-month-old Pakistani boy sat on his father’s lap, sucking on a bottle during a court appearance where he and at least 30 others were charged with attempted murder.

Little Muhammad Mosa Khan was also charged with threatening police and interfering in state affairs at a Pakistan court Thursday. Khan and others in the group were booked following a police raid to catch suspected gas thieves in the city of Lahore, The Times of India reported.

Police say the suspects tried to kill security officers by throwing stones at them. But Khan’s father, Ahmed—who is also accused-- says the crowd was protesting an electricity shortage.

Ahmed claims police created a fake case against him, his son and others in the group and urged authorities to drop the charges. "Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality," Ahmed said.

Judge Rafaqat Ali first directed police to record the child’s statement, then when he realized his age, granted him bail and adjourned the case until April 12. The judge could not dismiss the case as it’s not under his jurisdiction.

Senior Superintendent of Police Rana Jabbar said there was a misunderstanding that led police to book the minor in the case. The assistant superintendent who filed the charges against the infant has been suspended.

Fox News

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A powerful magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck in the Pacific off Chile's northern region on Tuesday, killing at least five people, causing landslides and setting off a small tsunami, leading authorities to order an evacuation.

Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo attributed the five deaths to heart attacks or being crushed. In the city of Arica, the mayor reported some minor injuries and said some homes made of adobe were destroyed.

About 300 inmates escaped from a women's prison in the city of Iquique, and officials said Chile's military was sending a planeload of special forces to guard against looting.

The quake shook modern buildings in nearby Peru and in Bolivia's high altitude capital of La Paz.

"We have asked citizens to evacuate the entire coast ... there is no serious damage to houses ... there have been no people hurt," said home office minister Mahmud Aleuy, Reuters reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey initially reported the quake at 8.0, but later upgraded the magnitude. It said the quake struck 61 miles northwest of the Chilean city of Iquique at 8:46 p.m., hitting a region that has been rocked by numerous quakes over the past two weeks.

The quake was so strong that the shaking experienced in Bolivia's capital about 290 miles away was the equivalent of a 4.5-magnitude tremor, authorities there said.

At least eight strong aftershocks followed in the first few hours, including a 6.2 tremor. More aftershocks and even a larger quake could not be ruled out, said seismologist Mario Pardo at the University of Chile.

Some roads in northern Chile were blocked by landslides, causing traffic jams among people leaving the coast.

Chile's national emergency office said there were initial reports of landslides partially ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A man swept out to sea by seven-foot waves during an oceanside baptismal ceremony in California on Sunday remained missing a day later as hopes faded he would be found alive, officials said on Monday.

U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Adam Stanton said three men were initially washed away by the surf while performing the religious ceremony, held on the shore of the Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve in the small Santa Barbara County city of Guadalupe.

Two of the men were able swim back to shore without injuries, but the third man, whom authorities have not named, was still lost on Monday afternoon, according to a statement by the Santa Barbara Fire Department.

The missing man had been helping to perform a baptism in association with the Jesus Christ Light of the Sky church, which holds similar events two or three times a year, according to local newspaper the Santa Maria Times.

Some 25 people, mostly Spanish-speaking, attended the event, the paper said.

Pastor Maurigro Cervantes told Fox News-affiliate KCOY TV that he was one of the three men conducting the baptism when big waves began to roll in and pulled his cousin out to sea.

"I tried to take him ... but he was heavy and then another big wave come and took him," Cervantes said.

Search helicopters and boats joined in the rescue effort for the missing man all day on Sunday, Santa Barbara Fire Department Captain David Sadecki said.

By Monday afternoon, the Coast Guard had called off its air search without finding the man. Local officials with rescue watercraft remained in the area, Sadecki said.


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April 1 (UPI) -- A Mexican teenager has been accused of brutally killing her best friend after she posted naked selfies of the two girls posing together on Facebook.

According to police, Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, 16, allegedly stabbed 16-year-old Anel Baez 65 times during a fatal attack on March 19.

Authorities believe that Gutierrez wanted to get back at Baez for posting the "humiliating" photos. When Baez asked Gutierrez to come to her home in Guamúchil in an effort to mend fences, her “sister” allegedly went to use the bathroom but instead grabbed a kitchen knife and carried out the killing.

Gutierrez had been using Twitter to make threats to Baez prior to the alleged murder, according to Notus. "It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times," Gutierrez allegedly wrote on a now-deleted account.

After the deed was done, she allegedly wrote, “I am an [expletive]" and "OMG I did" (sic). The Twitter account was deleted March 21.

She initially escaped, but was arrested while attending Baez's funeral and is expected to be charged with murder later this week.

If convicted, Gutierrez may only have to serve seven years in jail because she is considered to be a juvenile under Mexican law, the New York Daily News reports.


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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Malaysian police investigation into the pilots of the missing Malaysian jet might turn up nothing, the force's chief said Wednesday, while the head of the international search effort also acknowledged that an air hunt to spot wreckage on the surface of the southern Indian Ocean was not certain of success.

The statements underscored the lack of knowledge authorities have about what happened on Flight 370 and where it may have ended, and point to a scenario that becomes more likely with every passing day -- that the fate of the Boeing 777 its 239 passengers and crew might remain a mystery forever.

The plane disappeared March 8 on a flight to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur after its transponders, which make the plane visible to commercial radar, were shut off. Military radar picked it up the jet just under an hour later, on the other side of the Malay peninsula. Authorities say until then its "movements were consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane" but have not ruled out anything, including mechanical error.

Police are investigating the pilots and crews for any evidence suggesting they may have hijacked or sabotaged the plane. The backgrounds of the passengers, two-thirds of whom were from China, have been checked by local and international investigators and nothing suspicious has been found.

"Investigations may go on and on and on. We have to clear every little thing," Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters in Kuala Lumpur. "At the end of the investigations, we may not even know the real cause. We may not even know the reason for this incident."

Police are also investigating the cargo and the food served on the plane to eliminate possible poisoning of passengers and crew, he ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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