An Ohio high school student has already been jailed and kicked out of school for having a pocket knife in his car, and now he fears he could lose his dream of serving in the Army.

Jordan Wiser, a student at Ashtabula County Technical School in Jefferson, is finishing up his senior year from home after school officials searched his car in December and found the folding knife and an Airsoft gun. School officials called police, who charged him with illegal conveyance of a weapon onto a school ground based on the three-inch knife.

“I declined to allow them to search myself or my car and that I wanted to talk to my lawyer or my father,” Wiser told “They told me it wasn’t an option.”

Wiser, an EMT trainee who hopes to become both a police officer and a soldier, spent 13 days in the Ashtabula County Jail following the incident. The knife, which Wiser said is part of his first responder's kit and can be used for slicing an accident victim's seatbelt, was found tucked inside his EMT medical vest in the trunk of the car. The Airsoft gun, which fires non-lethal pellets, was not illegal and was used by Wiser in a shooting club he belongs to, he said.

School officials told that possession of the pocket knife was a violation of the school’s zero tolerance policy for bringing weapons on campus and that based on a message he posted on an online forum, they had probable cause to search Wiser and his car. They also insisted Wiser consented to the search.

“When we asked, he had said, 'okay,'" school Superintendent Jerome Brockway said.

Brockway said the district is obliged to motion for expulsion once a student is found ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The United States and its European allies are expected to announce sanctions against Russia Monday after Crimea's election chief announced that just under 97 percent of voters in the region supported leaving Ukraine and becoming a Russian province in a referendum held Sunday.

Mikhail Malyshev said in a televised news conference that the final tally of voters in favor of joining Russia was 96.77 percent. The announcement was merely confirmation of what had been expected once the referendum was announced by the region's parliament earlier this month

Later Monday, the Crimean parliament voted to formally declare its independence from Ukraine. In the same resolution, it said that all Ukrainian state property on the territory of the Black Sea peninsula will be nationalized and become the property of the Crimean Republic. A delegation of Crimean lawmakers is set to travel to Moscow Monday for negotiations on how to proceed further. Russian lawmakers have suggested that formally annexing Crimea is just a matter of time. Crimean lawmakers have also asked the United Nations and other nations to recognize it.

The election had been denounced as illegal and destabilizing by the U.S., the European Union, and the interim Ukrainian government. The vote offered residents of the strategic Black Sea peninsula the choice of seeking annexation by Russia or remaining in Ukraine with greater autonomy.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Monday that he was confident that the 28 E.U. member nations would reach agreement Monday on which Russian officials to hit with sanctions, which would possibly include asset freezes and visa restrictions. Hague also hinted that more measures could be taken at a summit of E.U. leaders due to begin Thursday.

President Obama spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the vote, and the White House said it ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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March. 14 (UPI) -- A Los Angeles man who allegedly offered to shoot someone in exchange for 100 retweets and then post the results on Twitter was arrested when police were able to trace the account back to his home.

Dakkari Dijon McAnuff was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of making criminal threats.

A tweet from the @StillDMC account, which has since been taken down, showed a picture of a rifle pointed down at a street accompanied by a caption reading, “100 [retweets] and I’ll shoot someone walking.”

When police arrived at the 20-year-old’s home, they discovered an air rifle.

He was being held on $50,000 bail and either posted it, or got access to the Internet in jail.


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BEIJING – A fight between two food stall owners at a market in southern China on Friday left five people hacked to death and one person fatally shot by police, authorities said.

A man named Hebir Turdi slashed and killed another man, Memet Abla, at the market in Changsha, the official Xinhua News Agency said. As he ran away, Turdi stabbed four more people before he was shot dead by police, it said.

Two of the four people died at the scene and the two others died in a hospital, police said in a statement.

The killings came two weeks after 29 people were killed and 140 others wounded in a knife attack blamed on ethnic Muslim Uighur separatists at the Kunming train station, initially raising concerns that the latest violence was politically motivated. Unlike the Kunming attack, Friday's violence appeared to stem from a personal dispute.

The identity of the food stall owners was not immediately clear. A witness who gave only his surname, Chen, said the stand operators were Uighurs selling flatbread. Online news reports posted early Friday that said they were Uighurs were later removed.

But the violence in Changsha had people on edge even in Chengdu, a city 750 miles west of it, where dozens of shoppers at a busy mall fled in a panic because of false rumors of a knifing spree that were circulating online, Chengdu police said.

"Because of the incident that happened in Changsha, people started to panic and ran. But actually, nothing happened," a Chengdu police official surnamed Xiang said.

Fox News

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March. 12 (UPI) -- Before he died at the age of 80 on Sunday, Walter George Bruhl, Jr., of Newark, Del., took the time to write his own obituary.

His grandson, Sam Bruhl, posted the lengthy piece on Reddit on Monday and it has been making its way across the Internet ever since.

The obituary utilizes some fill-in-the-blank sections and also alludes to Bruhl’s wife now being able “to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink.”

Bruhl’s relatives only found out about the self-penned obituary after his death.

Here it is in full:

“Walter George Bruhl Jr of Newark and Dewey Beach DE is a dead person, he is no more, he is bereft of life, he is deceased, he has wrung down the curtain and gone to join the choir invisible, he has expired and gone to meet his maker.

He drifted off this mortal coil on _____________ at __________ at his home in ________. His spirit was released from his worn out shell of a body and is now exploring the universe.

He was surrounded by his loving wife of ______ years, Helene Sellers Bruhl, who will now be able to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink, his two sons, their wives, and his four grandchildren. Walt was preceded in death by his tonsils and adenoids in 1935, a spinal disc in 1974, a large piece of his thyroid gland in 1988, and his prostate on March 27th 2000.

He was born in Phila. PA on April 20th 1933 at 10:38 ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – A Minnesota high school wrestler won over the crowd with a hug that came away from the mat — and after a loss.

Instead of getting upset when he lost the 120-pound title match in the Class 3A tournament, Blaine High School sophomore Malik Stewart went over to his opponent’s dad — who is dying of cancer — and gave him a hug. The crowd at the Xcel Energy Center loved it.

"He won," Stewart said of opponent Mitchell McKee. "He was pretty proud, and his dad was pretty proud. So I went over there and I shook his hand, embraced him a little bit, and told him to stay strong and everybody loves him."

"I got a little teary because I lost the match, and I knew the hard times he was going through," Stewart added. "The crowd went wild and I heard a couple people say after I did it - that was pretty classy - but I just did it straight from the heart."

Stewart lost his own father to a heart attack when he was just 7 years old. He said he was just doing the right thing.

McKee, a St. Michael Albertville High School sophomore, told KARE-TV that he wanted to win the tournament for his father, who has just months to live. He pinned Stewart around 1:22 into the face-off in the match earlier this month.

"It was a big match for him and to be able to hug my dad like that and not be mad and storm off like a lot of kids do," said McKee. "Really respectful."

When it was McKee's turn to hug his dad, people in the crowd cried, stood and clapped.

Josh Prokosch, Blaine's head ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Two people were killed and 23 others were injured when a suspected drunk driver fleeing arrest drove his car through temporary barricades and into a crowd of people leaving a musical performance at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Tex., police said early Thursday.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told a news conference that a man and a woman were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, which happened at around 12:30 a.m. Acevedo said the two people who died were on a moped that the motorist hit along with pedestrians who were leaving a club where a concert had been held. Neither victim's identity was released.

Acevedo said that of the 23 people injured, five were critically hurt. Austin Police Lt. Brian Moon told the Associated Press that most who were transported to local hospitals had minor injuries.

The chief said that the driver, who has not been identified, will be charged with two counts of capital murder in connection with the deaths, as well as 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle. Acevedo said the man also struck a cab before jumping out of his car and trying to flee on foot. Officers shocked him with a stun gun and took him into custody.

South by Southwest, an overlapping set of music, film, and emerging technology festivals, has been held in Austin every year since 1987, and traditionally draws thousands of people to the Texas capital.

The street was full of concert-goers just minutes before the tragedy, but officials had moved some people onto the sidewalk due to the presence of a fire lane.

"We had a large crowd," Acevedo said. "I just thank God that a lot of the folks had already been pushed on the sidewalk or ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A 'missing' woman on holiday in Iceland managed to unwittingly join a search party looking for herself.

It happened after a tourist group traveling by bus to the volcanic Eldgja canyon made a pit stop near the canyon park.

The woman in question went inside to freshen up and change her clothes at the rest stop, and when she came back "her busmates didn't recognise her".

Word spread among the group of a missing passenger, and the woman didn't recognise the description of herself.

A 50-person search party - including the 'missing' woman - was soon canvassing the area, and the coast guard was mobilising to deploy a search party of its own.

It wasn't until 3am that someone finally figured out that the missing woman was actually in the search party, albeit in different clothes, and the search was called off.


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A judge in the Cayman Islands fined a Louisiana man $600 on Tuesday for forcing a Delta Air Lines flight to make an emergency landing after he got into a drunken argument with his wife aboard the plane on their anniversary.

Michael Foret, 33, was escorted from a Delta Air Lines plane by police when it landed in the Cayman Islands on Sunday night. The flight was traveling from Atlanta en route to Costa Rica.

His wife remained aboard the plane and continued traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica, police said.

On Tuesday, Foret, who had been held in police custody, appeared before a Cayman Islands judge, his lawyer, Ben Tonner, said. Foret was fined for disruptive behavior aboard a commercial flight, he said.

It was the second time in recent weeks that Delta reportedly performed an emergency landing because of drunken behavior by a passenger.

A Delta flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City on February 7 was diverted due to an unruly female passenger who was described by officials as intoxicated.


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Police in Germany said a father is facing charges for allowing his 3-year-old daughter to ride a motorbike with a top speed of about 40 mph.

Police said an officer spotted the girl driving the "pocket bike" Sunday afternoon in Tuttlingen and the officer noted the girl "did not possess a valid driving license" and the bike was not registered for use on the road, reported Tuesday.

"It was an incident that would be more likely attributed to an adolescent or adult, not a 3-year-old," police said.

Investigators said the girl's 22-year-old father was standing nearby and had been teaching the girl how to operate the bike.

"The father did not realize that a bad accident would have happened if the girl had just given it a little bit more throttle," police said.

Police seized the bike and the father was charged with breaching insurance laws and licensing regulations.


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