Odeon has claimed that it is selling one Fifty Shades of Grey ticket every seven seconds.

The film - which is released on Friday (February 13) - is set to become the most pre-booked movie in the cinema chain's history.

The highly-anticipated erotic thriller is based on the novel by EL James and stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Odeon's Commercial Director Andy Edge said: "We're ready for this Valentine's weekend to be the biggest on record, and we're taking huge steps to ensure our guests have a great experience watching Fifty Shades of Grey, or any of the other great films we'll be showing that weekend.

"Guests should book early to avoid disappointment!"

The chain is also preparing 75,000kg of popcorn, 125,000 litres of ice cream, 450,000 litres of soft drinks and 29,000 hot dogs to meet demand over the film's opening weekend.

It was recently announced that Fifty Shades of Grey will be shown on IMAX screens across the US when it is released later this week.

B&Q is also expecting an increase in sales of products such as rope, cable ties and tape following the release of Fifty Shades of Grey.


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Disney's Cinderella will receive a worldwide IMAX release.

Walt Disney Studios announced today (February 10) that the live-action fairytale epic will be screened on giant IMAX screens beginning on March 13 in the US and March 27 in the UK.

The IMAX release will be simultaneous in cinemas all across the world, the studio has confirmed.

IMAX executive Greg Foster announced the deal: "Based on the timeless classic, Cinderella now is a visually breathtaking live-action gem from the hugely talented [director] Kenneth Branagh, with whom we're thrilled to partner again, as well as the wonderful team at Disney.

"Having been fortunate to see the movie several weeks ago, we believe Cinderella will resonate with movie-goers from around the globe, and we can't wait to share it with IMAX audiences worldwide."

Sir Kenneth Branagh's new adaptation of the classic story casts Downton Abbey's Lily James as 'Ella' and Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden as her Prince Charming.

Their blossoming romance is threatened by Ella's vengeful stepmother Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) and her wicked stepsisters (Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera).

This version of Cinderella will be largely based on the 1950s animated classic, with Aline Brosh McKenna and Chris Weitz adapting it for the screen.

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David Ayer has hinted at several potential Suicide Squad plot points on Twitter.

Ayer will direct the DC Comics adaptation, which unites super-villains Deadshot (Will Smith), Rick Flag and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) on a mission of redemption.

Suicide Squad will also feature Jared Leto as iconic DC Comics villain The Joker and Margot Robbie as his sidekick/love interest Harley Quinn.

Ayer has made a series of cryptic tweets over the last week, hinting at the overall storyline and Harley Quinn's motives for joining the Suicide Squad.

"The case of Harley Quinn: Her madness defines her. Is she mad because of WHO she loves or because she loves him so much? #skwad," the director tweeted.

Ayer followed with a pair of tweets about whether Suicide Squad will adhere to the DC Comics canon.

"The eternal question: To canon, or not to canon? ;-)," he initially wrote, before sharing a photo of the comics along with the caption: "Canon #skwad - The DC universe is too rich to go very far astray."

Tom Hardy was initially cast as Suicide Squad leader Rick Flag, although he has since dropped out.

Warner Bros is apparently eyeing Jon Bernthal and Joel Edgerton to replace Hardy, while Viola Davis will portray government operative Amanda Waller and Cara Delevingne will play Enchantress.

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Spider-Man is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe under a new deal between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios.

The move will allow Spider-Man to appear alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and others in future films.

The character will appear in an unspecified Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, while Marvel's Kevin Feige will produce the next Spider-Man with Amy Pascal, due to hit cinemas on July 28, 2017.

US reports suggest that Andrew Garfield will not reprise his role as the character.

Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films.

To accommodate for the movie, Disney - which owns Marvel Studios - has rescheduled some of its Marvel titles, including Thor: Ragnorak from July 28, 2017 to November 3, 2017 and Black Panther from November 3, 2017 to July 6, 2018.

Inhumans has also been shifted to summer 2019 and Captain Marvel moves to November 2018.

Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger said: "Spider-Man is one of Marvel's great characters, beloved around the world.

"We're thrilled to work with Sony Pictures to bring the iconic web-slinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which opens up fantastic new opportunities for storytelling and franchise building."

Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman and CEO Michael Lynton added: "We always want to collaborate with the best and most successful filmmakers to grow our franchises and develop our characters.

"Marvel, Kevin Feige and Amy, who helped orchestrate this deal, are the perfect team to help produce the next chapter of Spider-Man. This is the right decision for the franchise, for our business, for Marvel, and for the fans."

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StudioCanal has confirmed plans to work on a sequel to Paddington.

Studio chairman-CEO Olivier Courson said that talks have begun with producer David Heyman to work on a follow-up to last year's film.

Paddington has earned more than $200 million to date at the global box office making it the highest grossing family film released by a non-US studio.

Speaking to Digital Spy at last night's BAFTAs, Paddington director Paul King hinted that a follow-up will likely draw from one of author Michael Bond's novels.

"We'd love to do another one, there's lots of Paddington books and source material," he said. "He a great character to write for and direct so I'd love to do more. I really hope we can make it happen."

Courson told Variety of StudioCanal's plans: "We have to be selective, work with strong brands, top talent, take the time we need.

"Obviously, the result on Paddington is a strong incentive to us and the partners on the movie to work on a sequel, and a strong incentive for StudioCanal to continue in this area (of ambitious family movies)."

He added that the studio is considering releasing "one or two" big family films per year.

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Jaguar Land Rover has announced its continued partnership with James Bond.

Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will feature in Spectre, the upcoming 24th instalment of the spy film series.
"Among the vehicles to feature in Spectre will be the Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR and Defender Big Foot.

The C-X75 will feature in a car chase through the city of Rome alongside Bond's Aston Martin DB10. The Spectre production team were recently refused permission to film the sequence in the streets of Rome over fears of damage to historical monuments.

Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations John Edwards said: "This is an exciting partnership for Jaguar Land Rover and an opportunity to demonstrate the fantastic capabilities of the Special Operations team."

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The Lego Movie team have said that Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island will deliver "the craziest song performance at the Oscars" when they take to the stage with 'Everything is Awesome' later this month.

Speaking to Digital Spy at the BAFTAs red carpet last night (February 8), directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and producer Dan Lin also revealed details on 2018's The Lego Movie 2 and the Batman spinoff with Will Arnett.

The trio quipped that the animated Batman outing will further explore Batman's singing skills and "take full advantage of the world of Gotham".

Hit play on the video above to find out more on The Lego Movie 2 and how they feel about BAFTA as opposed to the AMPAS following their Oscars snub.

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McDonald's will not stand in the way of an upcoming biopic following the origins of the fast-food company.

Michael Keaton is in early talks to play Ray Kroc in the film, who - according to the movie's script - cheated two hamburger stand owners out of a potential $200 million, The Hollywood Reporter states.

The film, written by Robert Siegel, follows salesman Kroc as he meets the stand owners called Mac and Dick McDonald.

Per the script, as he persuades the brothers to franchise their business, he eventually takes the name McDonald's from them and pretends to have made it up himself.

Director of media relations for McDonald's Lisa McComb said: "Ray Kroc's story is compelling, so we're not surprised Hollywood wants to dramatise it for the big screen.

"The historical facts of his journey to success are in his autobiography and other non-fictional accounts of McDonald's."

Kroc, who died in 1984, previously wrote about the making of the company in his 1977 autobiography Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's - including an account of how he reneged on a handshake agreement to pay the McDonald brothers a 1.9% royalty fee, after he bought the company from them in 1961 for $2.7 million.

John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr Banks, The Blind Side) is reportedly in line to direct the upcoming drama.

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Rose Byrne will be reprising her role as Moira MacTaggert in X-Men: Apocalypse.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she will join Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm, who will also be reintroduced into the franchise.

Apocalypse writer Simon Kinberg said she will have a significant role in the film.

"We ended First Class with Charles having wiped portions of her memory of her experience with the X-Men. They are, essentially, strangers to her when she meets them."

He also teased a possible Professor X plot.

"It's certainly a rich relationship that we started to dig into in First Class and would like to mine more in this one."

Although details about the film are being kept under wraps, Kinberg did say the film will mark the end of an arc for the main characters in the franchise.

"This movie is the completion of the first arcs of Charles, Eric, Raven, and Hank, who are essentially our main characters," he explains.

"They're such young actors and young characters, so there's a lot more story to tell. But as a first phase of their lives, there is this feeling of closure by the end of the movie."

X-Men: Apocalypse will be released on May 27, 2016.

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Robbie Coltrane was taken to hospital after falling ill on a flight on Thursday (January 29).

The actor had been travelling from London to Orlando to attend a special Harry Potter celebration event.

However, on arrival in the US the actor - who played Hagrid in the Potter movies - was taken to a local hospital, where he is now resting.

His agent has confirmed that he is "fine" and is expected to be discharged in the coming days.

Warner Bros commented: "Robbie took ill last night and is getting the rest he needs to feel better. We are sorry he cannot be with us this weekend and look forward to seeing him up and about soon."

Coltrane was due to join Michael Gambon, James Phelps and Evanna Lynch for the annual 'A Celebration of Harry Potter event' at Universal Resort Orlando this weekend.

The 64-year-old joined his fellow cast members at the launch of the expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction in July last year.

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